Page 168: Making An Entrance
Making An Entrance
Summary: Alek makes an entrance in Stonebridge amongst beautiful ladies. And Gedeon.
Date: 01/01/289
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Tower Hall
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
1st day of the 1st month, 289 AL

In the aftermath of the attack by the Ironmen, Tordane Tower has become a busy place. Those injured in the attack have been in and out, and there are messengers and townsfolk moving through the halls for meetings of strategy or even just a feeling of safety. That means a great deal more work for the servants, of course, and Senna has been doing her best to keep up with everything. She's managed to attach herself to the Maester's staff for the moment, which allows her to focus her efforts on things like medical and writing supplies, and explains why she has claimed a small table in the hall with various herbs from the kitchens spread over it.

The side door to the garden has been opened and the area is being used as a secondary housing for thoes who are not as injured. Most of the levies are there and have been kept busy with fortifying and preparing resistance to what might come next. Isolde for her part has been gathering what she can from the village, riding with a small group of guards and is now returning to bring with wagons with supplies as had been requested. The Lady dismounts and moves for the garden, handing off the reins from her horse and she pauses a moment, touching her stomach as she grows a little dizzy. Letting herself stabilize, she wets her lips and heads inside the tower proper.

She had picked a most wonderful time it would seem to visit Stonebridge, sent by her father to see to a few minor issues with the recent trade agreement. However, in light of recent events that is the furthest thing from the young woman's mind. As she descends the stairs, she pauses with but two of the steps left, biting her lower lip and looking about the hall at the hustle and bustle of trying to make the best of what certainly is a situation of uneasiness. Careful and methodical steps take her across the hall, sidestepping a quick moving courier with a soft gasp. Her steps find her at the table where Senna resides and her voice softly inquires, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Senna glances up at the offer, a quick glance enough to establish the rank of the lady standing before her. She sinks into a brief curtsey, then looks back to the herbs and spices spread over the table. "I was just sorting through these for things with medicinal value, my lady," she explains. "My own supplies are usually sufficient for the usual bumbs and scrapes in the town, but I've a feeling we're going to need something more than that in the coming weeks."

With the guard now attending the shift of supplies and the wagons, Isolde is left to be able to return to the slowly establishing order at the ground level of the tower. She catches the interaction between Senna and the Lady Emylie. "I am sorry we have run out of rooms, my lady. I hope you do not mind sharing with the Lady Lorna." She smiles pleasantly enough and wipes a hand to her brow. "I thought some tea my do well, I can summon for some to be brought for us…" This us seems to include the Mistress as well.

The reply from Senna brings forth a soft smile and a light touch on the shoulder from the young Erenford, "Your assistance is most dutifully noted my friend. However, I do feel you are correct. The amount wounded will quickly use up what supplies it appears we all have. Something will have to be done to secure more to be sure." At the sound of Isolde's voice, Emylie turns and inclines her head to the young lady, "M'lady. Some tea would most certainly be appreciated." She folds her hands before her and then adds in a demure tone, "I do not mind at all sharing a room with anyone. I have no right to be picky and petty in light of all that has occured. I am just thankful that we found some moderate success."

"The things that grow in this area and are in season would normally be easy enough to come by," Senna shakes her head slightly. "But with the threat of reavers hanging about, I find myself markedly disinclined to go hunting them." She looks to Isolde then, moving the herbs to one side of the table and drawing up a chair. "Please sit, m'lady," she invites. "I can find some tea." She pauses, lips quirking as she reaches for a bundle from the table. "Chamomile, perhaps?"

"That would work well…" Isolde nods her head to Senna and than looks to the younger lady, smiling faintly. "Moderate success. We shall endeavor to have that again when the time comes. If there is an eagerness to seek out herbs in the flood fields to the north, it should be relatively safe. If we are out of them, mistress, I can have guards brought about and sent with to gather as quickly as possible." She nods her head to that, "Tea can wait if there is a pressing need for something."

Emylie nods to the two women, agreement in her actions and words, "It would appear that the priority is to see to the well being of the wounded. If the possibility to secure more medicinal herbs is there, then it would make sense that the steps need to be taken to see to it as M'lady suggests. Has there been a proper inventory done of other supplies such as food and water?" It is apparent that the young woman is unware if such things have already been done or not, but at the same time seems to know what she speaks of.

"There were relatively few injuries, given what happened, m'ladies," Senna informs the pair. "We've plenty for what we're dealing with at the moment, but should we find outselves with more men or greater injuries, we might start to fall short. For now, though, our injured have been seen to. I've plenty of time to see to tea," she assures with a small smile, slipping away to do so.

A faint nod and furrow of her brow is given to Senna before Isolde is turning to regard Lady Emylie. She offers a faint smile though her attention is drawn to those that are about her, still being seen to or having bandages changed. "In either case, I am sure we can begin to gather and figure what we need and send out a small group within the day to gather what is needed. We may very well have a few midwifes from the town able to go with as well with a promise to allow them in the tower to help with the wounded. I fear we do not have the capability to shelter much as I would like." She then hesitates and adds after, "It is nice to have your aid though, Lady Emylie."

Emylie exhales softly and looks about the hall, her eyes then falling back to Lady Isolde with a comforting smile, "I only wish I could do more. However, perhaps I can. I must send word to my father that I am okay, no doubt that he will eventually get word of the attack and be worried about my well being." A finger moves to lightly tap her lip and then adds, "It may not do any good, but I could request more supplies to be sent down river, he would surly do so."

"We can see if there is a raven that can be afforded you, but I am not certain if there is any to be spared. In either case, I would welcome you to compose a letter. I have parchment and a quill in my room you are welcome to and we will speak with the maester to ascertain the need for a raven, if not there may be a rider to be had. Though I think that less likely, so make your wording concise for the raven, my lady." She says and than looks to those still being treated. "We were lucky this round, though I dare say with news from other attacks happening, we can not expect to remain untouched for long. So doing things now is prudent, especially preparing. With some tea we shall discuss with Mistress Senna what can be done about the herbs and may be most needed."

Senna returns with the tea after a few moments, the tray bearing all of the necessary accoutrements as well. "If you're thinking of a foraging party, m'lady, might I suggest speaking with Ser Rygar about the possibility of escort? It would be difficult for the tower if we lost not only the defenders but the potential healers who might travel with such a party."

Emylie inclines her head with a soft smile, "You do me a great service M'lady, the faster I can inform my father of my well being, the better. In any case, it would be beneficial to have supplies sent forth and perhaps some more guards. If I ask, I assure you my father will comply." Her attention then turns to Senna and smiles as she takes a cup of the tea, holding it between both hands, and not yet sipping, "I thank you. And you are more than correct, it would certainly be best to have such healers under full escort, who knows when another assault may occur, and losing our healers would be most detrimental indeed."

As the tea arrives, Isolde takes her own cup and thanks the mistress. Sipping at it, she falls to silence for a moment, thinking over the drink. "As long as there is one with knowledge of what needs to be gathered, they can effectively show and instruct those not otherwise informed. This could be done by any then, and it would keep our healers here." She sips again at the tea and smiles faintly. "Of course taking any forces from the defense will be passed by both my husband and goodcousin." She nods her head to Senna and taps a finger to the mug. "I do hope we can oblige your letter, Lady Emylie. Again, that is something the maester will have to ascertain. We will do all we can so that your father is put at ease."

"If you'd like, my lady, I can bring a letter to the maester so it doesn't slip his attention," Senna offers with a small smile. "I seem to have found myself conscipted into his service for the time being." Not that she seems the least bit upset about that.

A slow sip is taken from the tea and she speaks fro over the rim, "You are both too kind. Here I am but a new arrival and am treated so well. I shall draft the letter when I have a moment, and then deliver it to you Mistress." Another sip, this time a bit longer and she exhales after swallowing. It is then that the Nayland Guard assigned then approaches the yonung lady, a bow given to Lady Isolde, "M'lady." Emylie turns his attention to the Guard she has come somewhat famliar with and inquires, "Have you news for me Alaric?" The guard inclines his head and then speaks, "Yes M'lady. I thought you would like to know that a rider came in this morning. Your father had received word of the recent attack and a group of Knights from Erenfor are en route." The lady manages a soft smile and even reaches out to lightly touch the Guard's shoulder, turning to the two women, "This is good news indeed. Thank you Alaric."

"Of course. It is the least we can do…" Isolde says, "Small comforts in times like these." These that hopefully will not be seen again. A nod is given to Senna and than as the guard approachs, a curious look is offered him. When the new is shared, her smile renews. "Excellent news indeed, we shall watch for them and I will see about gathering more supplies for the arriving knights. Stonebridge will be glad of the help that has been sent. Mistress Delacourt…" She intones and looks to her. "Would you have a moment to discuss what is possibly needed amongst the stocks of herbs so that I can prepare a list for the lord Rygar. It may due to have an idea of the time we need to alott for such actions should they be taken."

"Of course, my lady," Senna nods to Isolde, moving to the side of the table with the herbs to unearth a few sheets of parchment. "I've started a list of what we have and what we need. Or what I'd be more comfortable if we had, at least. Mostly it's things to guard against infection or treat the fevers that come from infection. I'm afraid most battle wounds are fairly simple affairs. Either they can be stitched together, or they can't."

Tea still in hand, Isolde moves to get a look at the list that has been started. "I have a few in my trunk in my rooms, but nearly what you will most likely need." Her gaze narrows as she looks over the list and studies the names. "It doesn't seem like the task will be overly momentous, especially if we have a group to head out early in the morning tomorrow and see to the task for most of the day. It would be best to get them all in one go that way we are not having to venture forth more than needed…" She worries her lower lip and than nods her head. "If you would complete your list, I will speak with Ser Rygar to see what can be spared for the task."

Emylie rmeained in quiet conversation with the Nayland uard assigned to her for a moment longer, softer whispers and an occasional nod. It is only as he begins to depart that her words are audibly heard, "It would appear I may be sharing a room with M'lady Lorna. You may find me there." The Guard gives a bow and an nod and exits the hall. It is then she turns her attention back to the two women, "Your craft Mistress is an enviable one. I wish I possessed the knowledge to assist people such as you." A sip of the tea and words now spoken find their way to Isolde, "M'lady, I shall be blunt…it is not in my nature to be otherwise. If they attack again, do you think we can hold?"

"It is a hard-earned skill, m'lady, and not a gentle one, either," Senna answers Emylie with a faint smile. "But often needful all the same." She pauses to top off the tea cups, unobtrusive, before nodding to Isolde. "I'll see it finished shortly, m'lady. I'll speak with the Maester and see if there's anything he'd add to it."

"My thanks, Mistress Delacourt, for your aid." Isolde returns and offers a smile before giving a look to Emylie. "If we face a number the same as we had last time, we will hold. Should there be a greater number, perhaps not. We have a few injured, but hopefully your knights shall arrive before another attack, their aid will be invaluable. We can only make preparations and hope that they are not prepared for a heavier attack against our men."

"I am not sure I would have the stomach for it Mistress. It pains me deeply to see people suffering, you are in a noble profession to be sure. Your service is invaluable. When this is all said and done, I should wish you to come to Heronhurst.' Her finger taps lightly on the side of the tea cup, nod given to Isolde in response to her reply, "It is my hope that they do arrive in time. The Knights of Erenford are stalwart and brave. However, I would suspect that the Freys, Charltons and Haighs would also be sending assistance as well. We will need them all."

"Or else retreat to the Mire," Senna says quietly, more to herself than to the ladies. "Though the bridge is of too much tactical importance to leave it undefended." Without seeming to really think about it, she shifts the herbs into distinct groups, tying like ones together with pieces of twine as she attends to the ladies.

"They may send help, they may not. ANd if they do we must hope they reach us in time, Lady Emylie. We have not had any sightings of any more ships on the river, but they could still come by foot which would answer for their delay in joining the first force." She mentions over her tea. Isolde looks to Senna, her eyes darkening some. "It is best we hold them here or they would divide us. There is a common threat amongst the houses now and we all must see to each other or be overrun. If Stonebridge is lost, it means the Crossing shall be challenged next and it will make reaching the Roost harder. Falling back to the Mire would only delay more fighting."

Emylie sets her tea cup down upon the tray idly reaches down to pick up one of the bundled herbs, smelling it and twirling the bundle slowly in her fingers. She seems to have no reason for doing so, barring it seems to be doe absentmindedly. Her words are more firm, yet at the same time they harbor a sense of false hope, "Stonebridge will not fall. Erenford will not allow it. What is to stop them from continuing on a days march to Heronhurst. No. We will hold. As long as it takes we will hold."

Senna smiles faintly to Isolde. "My apologies, my lady," she murmurs. "When my father was called to the King's forces during the Rebellion, there was nowhere for me to go, and so I went with him. After a few years of soldiers camps, I'm afraid I find the prospect of a nigh-unassailable castle decidedly more appealing than waiting for the Ironborn."

"I do not fault you that…I would wish we had higher walls about us rather than the naked ones of this very tower, but we have what we have. If they take Stonebridge, they will eventually take the Mire or put the Mire undersiege and supplies would run thin. In any case, our best bet is to gather forces here, stop them and than move to aid the other houses about us. We all know this is not over. As you said, the bridge must be protected." She offers a faint smile before glancing to Lady Emylie. "I am certain they will. We will hope as well that the other houses who can spare the aid will be willing to send such stalwart knights as those of Erenford."

The band of herbs is set ginerly back onto the table and the Lady's hands move to fold across her abdomen, "There is a certain sense of unity when one's homeland is in dire need. Everyone seems to put their differences aside for the moment and join a common cause. The people of our lands depend on us for their safety and that of their families. And yes, when we defend the Bridge. Our job is not done, our aid must spread to the others in need. " Her eyes fall to Senna and her head tilts to the side, a strand of hair falling before her eye, "We all shall have a part in our eventual victory."

"Eventual victory would be good, my ladies," Senna says with a brief, crooked smile. Nimble fingers see to the tying of the herbs without much attention from the maid. "Thankfully, we have both experienced knights and a well-trained populace here. It gives us an excellent advantage in defense."

"Thankfully." Isolde echoes a little softer of Senna's words and than touches Emylies arm as she finishes her tea. "Well in any case. You are rather positive in outlook. Best to keep that tune." She adds and than sets her cup down to rub at her neck. "Why don't I show you to the parchment and ink so that you may make up a letter anyways. Sending word and updates is a good thought to do and if the raven is to head that way, no reason that your short missive should not go with."

The young Erenford woman offers a smile to Senna, her words almost melodic in their delivery, "Yes thankfully indeed. We have held once. Reinforcements are in route, at least from Erenford. We must all do what we can to keep the people calm. Even if we are afraid, not allow them to see it. " She raises a finger to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and looks to Isolde, "Of course…a quick missive to my father would be prudent at this time. I am sure my mother has not slept since hearing word of the attacks."

Lorna had excused herself from service earlier in the day to attend an errand, but having since dispatched it, she is now free to return to Isolde's service once more. She appears in the common room, having shed her outdoor gear, in a sturdy gown that is well made, but not meant for fanciful events. Her ever faithful wolfhound companion is at her side, keeping pace as she enters.

Senna takes the opportunity to top off Isolde's cup once it's set down, hardly pausing from organizing the herbs. "My lady," she murmurs as Lorna approaches, dipping into a brief curtsey. "Tea?" It's offered with a small smile, and she already has a cup ready.

Isolde pauses upon seeing Lorna enter and she smiles warmly. "Lady Lorna…we have Lady Emylie here with us. We missed her arrival because of our current predicament. I do hope you do not mind sharing your room with her? I fear we have run out of places for everyone and we have had more visitor in the past month. Lady Emylie Erenford this is Lady Lorna Frey." She motions and then looks to Senna as her tea is refilled. She smiles warmly and nods her head in silent thanks before she looks to the two.

"I don't mind at all. Welcome, Lady Emylie. And thank you Mistress Senna, I'd love a cup. Are we putting together herb packets for the maester who's marching with the men?" Lorna asks, moving to join the ladies. She does seem to be checking if any of the others appear discomfited by Stormer's presence, however.

Attnetion directed to the newly arriving Lady and Emylie offers an incline of her head and an ever so subtle, albeit not necessary curtsey, "Lady Lorna. I have heard little about you, but what I have heard has been nothing but positive." Her eyes drift to the dog and she raises a brow ever so slightly, " I see you have a dog. A lovely creature indeed. Not that I am afraid of such things, but it does not bite does it?"

If there is one thing that Alek can do besides drink and kill things, it is certainly make an entrance. The fast clatter of horse hooves on cobblestone gives warning of the approach of a war horse, a black, sleek courser that pounds into the courtyard outside. If anyone happens to chance a look outside of a window, the man astride is alone, bare steel still in his hand as he throws his cloak back and shoves it surely into its sheath. It does not follow long before he strides through the doors into the entrance hall, a boyish grin touching at his lips as Alek glances back before sweeping the room with a look.

"Marching with the men?" Senna echoes, quirking a brow at Lorna as she pours. "I was doing an inventory and preparing the more common uses, but I hadn't heard we were sending the maester with the men." She looks up sharply at the sound of hooves, but when she sees the rider, concern fades to a faint, crooked smile.

The mention of a Maester marching as well does not seem to register with Isolde either and she looks Senna before hearing the hooves. Her head turns a little but instead she gazes down at Lorna's companion, the dog of new interest as the Lady Emylie seems to be a bit nervous around him. "I am sure he does not bite….at least not hard." She grins a little over her refreshed tea and than blinks as Alek comes sweep in to the tower proper. This man she does not know and she shifts, straightening as she eyes his rather open expression.

"Excuse me, ser…" She assumes so by the way he is armed, "Is there something you need?"

Isolde's words capture his attention, but in the way his gaze lingers on Senna, there is something of promise, wicked dark in those grey-green eyes that are still bright from adrenaline. Alek is circumspect as he turns to Isolde, bowing in one graceful, careless gesture. "I have come ahead of Ser Anton at the news of raids of Ironborn. He rides with his men, and they shall need rooms and provisions," he answers.

"It was something Ser Gedeon had mentioned, but I don't really know for certain." Lorna admits to Senna as she moves to accept the tea. Isolde gets an impish grin before noting, "All animals bite, my lady, however Stormer is very well trained. She's very sweet tempered, save for when she's on the hunt or thinks those she protects are threatened." The animal moves with her, being, well, a wolfhound. "I can send her to the kennels if you feel uncomfortable, my lady." This to Emylie, and then she too is turning toward Alek in inquiry.

"Ser Alek Coope, m'lady," Senna murmurs to Isolde. "Of Oldstones." There's a flicker of a smile for the knight, though it's hardly beyond what's appropriate for the arrival of an experienced knight in the middle of an invasion.

Horse hooves. A man with a sword. A grand entry and the eyes of the Lady of Erenford are taken to the doorway, however her words are for Lorna, "Oh no need for that. I am sure we will get along just fine…I hope." She offers the Lady a smile and then her eyes drift back to the arriving man and his request, a softly murmured, "Rooms and provisions. Do we even have such a thing available M'lady Isolde?'

The look offered to Senna is not lost on Isolde and the lady lets her eyes flicker a moment to the mistress before returning to Alek as he bows. The news he brings from Oldstones draws a brow lifting upward. "It is good to hear then, that your lord has not been attacked thus far. We will be glad of his aid." She says respectfully and she nods her head to Senna. "My thanks for bringing such word, Ser Alek. I fear though, as the Lady Emylie has voiced in question, that we may have little room to afford, though we will certainly do what we can for those knights arriving. There will be a room for his lordship, but I can not promise much else at present. There will be accomodations, though not of great standing for those beneath his colors here. Food and drink shall be provided, of course." She adds. "The provisions are not a worry, it is the space within the tower." She smiles warmly. "Would you care for something to drink, Ser Alek, for your ride?"

"A skin of wine. Rum if you have it," Alek replies with his own warmth of courtesy and charm to his words as his attention lingers on the Lady Isolde, moving to take her hand with the brush of soft fingers and a polite kiss. "I thank you, my lady, in the place of His Lord Anton. You are very kind." He also turns to bow towards the Lady Lorna as well, a boyish thing still full of energy. "Being in such a presence of beauty makes a man need to drown his senses with something, before they burn from such brightness."

Senna's lips quirk once more at Alek's praise of the ladies, a faint roll of her eyes for Isolde's benefit while he's busy with Lorna. "I'll see to it, my lady," she murmurs, stepping away from the herbs to disappear into the kitchens for a moment.

Lorna inclines her head to Alek politely as she moves to take up a seat. "How may I help?" she asks of Isolde, gesturing toward the herbs Senna has had to temporarily abandon. "I'd like to help if I may, or put me to another task as it please you, my lady." Upon her taking a seat, the dog moves to lay nearby, yawning hugely and showing off fiercesome teeth before putting her head down.

Emylie cannot help but hide a grin at the compliments spewed forward by the arriving Knight, her brow raised. Her eyes go to Isolde a moment as she softly adds, her voice soft and well spoken, "I shall assist in arranging the proper dispersement and re-location of rations in anticipation of their arrive M'lady."

Having spent much of the day outside, either helping or simply watching, Gedeon drifts back into the Tower and noon comes and begins to go again. He pauses as he finds himself amid a cluster of ladies, though his brows lift and he smiles brightly when he notices the man amid them. "Alek!" he exclaims with a laugh. "Well, if you aren't a sight for sore eyes, Ser."

"Rum….that I do not think we have. But wine…" The kiss and flourish is received with a raised brow and she can not help the faint smirk that colors her lips Isolde dips her head. "Best to receive an ally in good faith than to turn him away. Be welcome…" She gives a look to Senna and catches the eye roll which has the Lady of STonebridge smirking a bit more over her cup of tea, sipping it once Ser Alek has moved on to fancying the other ladies of the tower. She looks from Lorna to the herbs and nods her head. "The Mistress is making a list of things we may need to …forage for before another attack. But that has yet to be cleared with the Captain-at-arms or my goodcousin, so for now, I think we shall be doing just fine. Maybe you can help me come up with a few more rooms magically for our new guests arriving. Erenford and Valentin knights appear to be arriving to aid our fight."

"I heard you got yourself in a spot of trouble, Ged, and came to bail you out yet again," Alek answers with dry humor as he turns sharply at the voice, a smirk slipping crookedly in familiar habit across his lips. He strides forward nevertheless to clasp a hand to the man's arm in greeting. "You don't look like they roughed you up much."

"I would be glad of any help Lady Emylie. The rations so far have been brought in but with more arriving, we will need to go head out to the smallfolk again to requisition more." Though Isolde's gaze lifts to the entrance of Gedeon and her smile remains but seems to not reach her eyes as much. The two know each other and this allows Isolde to look back to her companions.

Senna starts to emerge from the kitchens with Alek's wine, only to see Gedeon arrived as well. There's a brief pause as she retrieves another glass, then returns to the pair, pouring as she walks. "No rum in the kitchens, I'm afraid, Ser Coope," she informs Alek. "But we've wine aplenty. And the less-expensive vintages have been marked for medical use, so it's a bit nicer than it might otherwise be. Wine, Ser Rivers?" she offers Gedeon as well."

A soft smile is given with an incline of her head to Isolde, as the young Lady of Erenford turns her attention to the speaking men. It is not often she has seen Knights aside from those of Erenford and they seem to have piqued her curiosity. Her eyes drift to Lorna and the dog, her head tilting to the side as she regards the animal. Her words are once again to Isolde as she idly inquires, "How goes the morale of your people?"

Lorna's eyes flit between Isolde and Gedeon, her lips pursing thoughtfully before she bows her head and schools her expression. Once she's got it under control she lifts her gaze and asks, "A warm room and a good bed are valuable to a man on the move to war. I would imagine that the knights are sensible and realize we cannot create rooms where we have none. Hopefully they don't mind sharing; it will surely be less hardship than they may yet have to face." She then leans over and if Isolde allows, murmurs something more soft.

"If we find that more are arriving, we shall set up tents in the tourney field. The garden is already being used to store provisions within its walls. I just wish we had more room for all of Stonebridge, but we must make certain those defending are seen to first." She smiles to Emylie and her question. "I think the victory over the first invaders has given them hope. Many have returned to their crafts and shops." She explains but stills as Lorna leans in to speak to her. There is hesitation and she nods, "We may very well…I will speak to my lord husband.." She smiles warmly to Lorna. "But that would offer more room and I am certain brothers would not be disinclined to offer room as well. I will speak with Ser Riordan."

"Ah, not much. A cut across the chest, but the kindly ladies of the house saw to it well." Gedeon pauses to turn and offer those ladies a bow. "Afternoon, ladies, forgive my poor manners." As Lady Lorna speaks he adds with a nod, "This is war time, my lady. As you say, we only expect to make do with what is available. We are none of us here for sport." Glancing back to Ser Alek, he asks, a bit more somberly, "And what news of Lord Ser Valentin? Will he rally Oldstones to march here?"

"He marches behind. I rode ahead to provide advance notice for whatever preparations need be made," is all Alek says, dismissive and careless with his words where he turns to accept the wine with a curved smirk and the brush of subtle fingers over Senna's in the movement. "Thank you, mistress. I will savor it all the more for the knowledge."

Emylie moves to tuck a strand of hair back from her face, nodding to Isolde's reply about the people of her lands, "With your permission later M'lady, might I walk amongst the shops. It does much for them to see us out and about. A sense of comfort and normalcy."

Senna's lips quirk at Alek's words, despite the demure dip of her chin. "Aye, Ser," she murmurs, moving toward Gedeon and casting a critical eye over his shoulder, as if she can see the cut through his clothing. "Wine, Ser Rivers?" she offers. "It should ease a bit of the stiffness from the stitching."

Lorna leans forward and down a bit to scratch between Stormer's ears. "I might have not heard," she admits, "But how many knights are we expecting to arrive?" That would help them figure out the numbers, rooms-wise. Stormer lets out a pleased chuff and rises, heading over to Gedeon, and thus earning a wry look from her mistress.

At Emylie's request, she hesitates. "Lady Emylie, I would prefer you stay near the tower, if you do go anywhere though you must have your guards with you. We do not know what to expect and I would not wish you to be caught to the south and exposed away from us. You must understand my concern." She touches her arm lightly as she looks over to Gedeon a moment before Lorna draws her attention. "Ser ALek did not say how many of the Valentin knights are on their way, and we do not have a number for the Erenford." She looks to Emylie with that. "Correct, milady?"

The wound is not, at the very least, bleeding through the shirt. Gedeon nods, satisfied for Alek's distracted answer before he blinks over at Senna. "Ah, no thank you mistress. But, I'd have a bit of water, if you please." He smirks as the large dog comes over and earns a ruffling of her ears from the blond knight. "You know," he muses, "put a saddle on you, I expect someone could ride you into battle."

Alek almost snorts on his wine as he drinks it, the lady's question drawing something of a sheepish, charming smile to his lips. "I present my sword, as a matter of course, and Lord Ser Anton will join us with men, but we have no other knights sworn to our banners," he drawls dryly. "We have gathered roughly 50 bowmen, however, to harry the Ironborn with."

"Of course, Ser," Senna dips her chin to Gedeon, setting the tray of wine on the table and pausing to top off the tea for the ladies before she moves back toward the kitchen.

Lorna seems to be pondering the space problem whilst everyone moves about and tucks. Stormer however, seems quite approving of Gedeon, there's a lick to his hand as she leans into being petted. When Lorna does come out of her reverie, she inquires, "Might the bowmen be able to keep to their tents? They'd have little trouble keeping well fed and warm despite the weather." She then adds, "If there's cause to travel the Stone Walk, if it pleases Lady Isolde, then we could attend with you." This is offered to Emylie.

Lorna ammends quickly, "We, meaning Stormer and I."

Emylie inclines her head in a nod of agreement and softly replies to Isolde, "Of Course M'lady. Your words are the inevitable truth. It is safer for us to remain within the walls of the Tower. She reaches for her tea cup and takes a small sip, "As for the number of Knights you can expect from Erenford, well I would suspect my father would send as many as he could. Afterall, the fight is here. Allowing the fight to reach Heronhurst would not be something he would wish. You can expect an ample contingent." She looks her eyes to Lorna and the dog, a smile given, "Perhaps when we are sure that the threat is gone, we shall walk the streets and meet its people M'lady."

"So, in short, Lord Ser Anton sent all his knights," Gedeon agrees with a wry smile. He says to Lorna, "I do not think the men will protest sleeping in tents, my lady. Only station them where they might reach the walls quickly to do their duty should they be needed."

Alek's remark draws Isolde's attention and she looks him over. "We are glad of any help…" Though it seems she wonders why he road ahead. She smiles all the while and than looks to Lorna. "Yes, it will have to be so. Tents will be brought out for them if they have none. The tourney grounds are far enough north and in the open that no one will think to attack troops there." Her gaze shifts to Emylie and she nods. "We will make certain there is room. Hopefully if the Mire is not under attack, they will move to help secure the bridge and keep the ironborn off the river. I am certain we will succeed if we receive the help from those further inland from us." She hesitates, setting down her tea even though it has been replenished recently. "If the Lady Emylie did wish to still see the town, you could ride with me now. It is best to gather more provisions since we are expecting more aid shortly."

Senna returns from the kitchen after a moment with water for Gedeon, delivering it with a brief curtsey. "Please remember to stop by the Maester or one of the other healers later this evening, Ser Rivers," she adds as she delivers it. "The bandage should be changed, and the wound inspected for possible infection."

For the pretty ladies, obviously. Alek's gaze follows after the retreating Senna, perhaps appreciating the view since he does not look after her where she returns. Instead, he drinks deeply from the wine, offering a warmly murmured, "I find myself with naught to do until my lord arrives, as it is, if you are in need of an escort. I do have quite the reputation with a blade to commend me."

Lorna has many a brother, the look on Alek's face as he watches Senna depart is one she's seen many times, and it amuses her greatly. She doesn't outright laugh, though. At Senna's words however, she opens her mouth, thinks the better of it, and sips her tea.

Emylie catches the words spoken by Alek and raises a brow, a smile coming to her face as she eyes him carefully, "There is no doubt in my mind that you could protect me from any threat Ser. However, who might protect me from you?" It is obvious her words are spoken in jest.

"Thank you," Gedeon murmurs. He takes the tiniest sip of water, letting it sit in his mouth a moment before swallowing it down. He nods to Senna for his instructions, even as he waits before he drinks anything further. "Thank you, mistress. I shall."

Senna presses her lips together tightly at Emylie's words, doing her best not to laugh out loud. Instead, she focuses on topping off Alek's glass with wine.

"Why, that would be Stormer and I, Lady." Lorna is quick to quip gayly in answer to Emylie's question.

A laugh catches in a rumble in Alek's chest, the break of a grin crooked in his expression where he eyes Emylie with renewed interest. "I take it you will not accept my honor as a knight?" he questions wryly, the glint of amusement dancing in grey eyes as he studies the lady in turn.

As Alek offers to escort them, Isolde hesitates and than nods. "We would be glad of your presence. I shall gather Ser Wayland and a few others so that we can get another wagon fitted for the arrival of more men to the defense." But there is a laugh as she turns for what is said by Lady Emylie before she exits the tower to see to getting the horses tacked and ready for the the small contigent to gather more provisions.

Emylie allows a finger to lightly tap her lower lip a few times as her eyes turn to Lorna and the dog, "You are most welcome to accompany, afterall, I need to get to know my roomate better afterall." Her eyes slide back to Alek and she narrows her eyes in almost a dissecting manner, "Your honor as a Knight is accepted Ser. It is my duty as a Lady to do so. I would feel most safe with a man who likes to keep his hand on his sword."

Gedeon only smiles faintly for the banter that flies about. Satisfied the drink he holds probably won't kill him, he has a more generous swallow of water. "Keeping his sword in hand is something of which Ser Alek has a mastery," Gedeon agrees somberly.

"Any man who calls himself a knight should likely hold such as a virtue, yes?" Lorna inquires to the two knights present.

And it just keeps coming. Senna quietly gathers some of the tea supplies, as it seems the ladies might be about finished with it. It also gives her good reason to duck her head, which mostly hides her smile.

"Well, I would rather keep it other places, but that is not proper talk in the presence of such beautiful ladies," Alek murmurs warmly, his gaze sliding almost with a weight over Emylie without concern for such dissection. He lifts his cup in a gesture, drinking deeply.

Emylie inclines her hand in acceptance of his reply, but will she let it slide. She takes a sip of her own tea and lowers the mug adding softly, "So to see the true Ser Alek…we must all be ugly and unwanted?" She simply shrugs and hides a smile in her tea cup.

Oh, goodness. Lorna's eyes drift faintly ceilingward before she notes quietly, "It's a mistake to equate beautiful with good. Or with delicate."

Gedeon arches a brow, glancing from the women back to Alek. He's quiet, simply sipping his water.

"I could tell you that you are, if you like, but I do my best not to lie so as not to blemish my honor, my lady," Alek drawls wryly, inclining in a flourished, graceful bow to Emylie with a teasing, crooked smile. "Though, truth be told, it is that you are ladies that stays my tongue more than how appealing you are."

"Mmm. Witnessed," Senna murmurs after Alek's words, turning a brief flicker of a smile on the ladies. With a last glance and an arched brow for the knight, amused, she gathers the various trays to return them to the kitchens.

A smile comes to her face and her words are spoken plainly and without any sarcasm or wit, "And that Ser Alek…is the most honorable and truthful thing you have spoken all evening. Such honor is valued."

The conversation has taken a turn that allows Lorna to rise and smile faintly at Emylie, moving over to where her hound is demanding Gedeon's affection. "She's taken a liking to you." Lorna notes quietly. "If she becomes a bother, do let me know."

"If she becomes a bother, I'll stop petting her," Gedeon says, shoulders moving to lift in a shrug. Except he winces a little instead, the gash on his chest not so keen to be pulled.

Alek glances after the departing woman, though he takes the shift of Lady Lorna and Senna to himself draw closer to Emylie to continue such conversation with a warmed, "If only such honor was valued as highly as it should be, but I find that many people do not see it as graciously." He pauses, gaze falling down on that smile of Emylie's before he adds slowly, thoughtfully, "You are even more lovely when you smile, Lady Emylie."

Emylie does not often blush, but the words from the knight cause the slightest tinge of pink to flush to her cheeks as she inclines her head, "I thank you Ser Alek. I do like to smile and I would be most disapointed if in doing so it caused me to be less appealing." She raises her tea to take a sip and then adds with a tilt of her head, "So tell me Ser Alek…can you stop the Ironborn?"

"Fair enough." Lady Lorna replies equably. "Oh - don't strain those stitches. I'm too terribly proud of them." She's not altogether serious of course, though she notes, "I've learned a great deal from Mistress Senna these past few days."

"I'll be more careful, my lady," Gedeon agrees, smirking, "if only because I'm very fond of my skin staying stuck together." He nods a bit as Lorna speaks on. "That's good to hear. We'll need all the healing skill that can be managed, with war at the gate."

"And all of the swords as well, Ged," Alek intersperses into the other conversation with a familiar smirk of his own, amusement in the curve of his lips. "By myself, my lady? At least half." His gaze dances over the color to Emylie's skin, mimicking her gesture with his own wine glass. "Perhaps this time I may win a lordship with such a war, if only so I can be blessed to belong in such a presence as yours."

After a few moments, Senna returns to the group, quietly gathering some of the herbs into a basket, now that they've all been neatly sorted. She doesn't seem inclined to follow around on a trip into town. Not when there are lovely castle walls to be had here.

Emylie takes another sip of the tea and lowers the cup to the tray, "Half is good. That will suffice Ser Alek. And I do wish you luck in earning yourself a Lordship. Yet, it would appear a Lordship is not necessary for you to be in my presence. I have yet to walk away." She glances to the others and adds, "Were we to secure provisions?"

The horses have been gathered a few more men at arms to help rally the smallfolks should they need it to gather the supplies, Isolde enters back into the tower with a look to the gathered group. She hesitates as the color of Emylie's face is rather noticeable and slowly she looks over at the men and finally Lorna. "There are horses ready for those that wish to accompany the ride to the town to gather for the incoming men."

"All the swords," Gedeon agrees blandly for Alek's words. "Pointed at Ironborn, ideally."

Alek's words are a quiet murmur, almost below his breath where he answers Emylie with a warm, "And if one was to say that they wanted to pay court from my position to a lady such as yourself? A Lordship would certainly be necessary, in such a hypothetical situation." But as the others gather for the impending trip, he straightens and finishes off his wine, flashing a smile towards the Lady Isolde. "I am at your command."

"I'm game." says Lorna quickly, perhaps almost too eagerly. She cocks a curious glance at Gedeon, perhaps in silent inquiry as to his venturing forth as well. But the querying look doesn't linger long, as she turns to Isolde again.

Emylie nods her head and moves to step towards the travelling contingent, adding to him as she does, "Yes, a Lordship would be necessary. And a Lordship you wish to attain. Let us hope your sword is as sharp and well used as your tongue." She smiles and then says to the group, "Shall we prepare for the arrival?"

Waiting for them to gather and finish drinks, Isolde smiles to Lorna a moment, especially at the quick decisiveness. "Good." She intones and than to Ser Alek. "It seems you have been enjoying the attentions of the ladies visiting us. I should hope that you have been thoroughly entertained thus far. It seems as well there should be no wont for conversation during our excursion. I am sorry it will be brief, but I do not wish the ladies to be gone long from the tower itself." She nods to Emylie as she dips back out, leading the others to the readied mounts with the other men at arms and knights waiting for them already.

"I think I shall remain here," Gedeon answers for the query. "I wish to refrain from undoing the Lady Frey's good work. I'll leave Ser Alex to do the lifting in my stead."

"Do you not always?" Alek replies in good-natured humor with the flash of straight white teeth in a boyish grin for his longtime friend, but he moves to leave with the ladies, sword still strapped to his side.