Page 371: Making a Profit
Making a Profit.
Summary: A host of Mallister and Roost nobles invade Stonbridge, and are immediately captivated by the pretty baubles on sale.
Date: 27/7/2012
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Town Square, Stonebridge
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
Fri Jul 27, 289

Another humid day is slowly baking it's way toward sunset as the long mid-afternoon shadows sweep across the land, shadows that are barely stirred by the weight of the moisture in the air or the barest hint of a breeze that breathes the promise of a cooler evening. The small party of Mallister armsmen escorting Ser Martyn and Lady Nedra along with - and most happily as the presence for it made the road all the nicer for the company - lady Meredith reaches Stonebridge by mid-afternoon without trouble or fuss along the road. Nedra's mare, Jinx, has been particularly well behaved, no tricks for the poor stable lads who had to saddle the prankster mare, and no attempts to toss her rider into the nearest dusty ditch (which HAS happened, just not today) has the Mallister lady in fine spirits, despite nearly baking to death in the mourning colors of her house that only serve to absorb the heat of the day until her face is more than a bit pink and she is fanning herself lightly with a hand-held fan that maintains the black shade from head to toe.

As far as merchant stalls went, the set up was undoubtedly a simple one. A plate carpented together from rough made wooden boards had been covered with a bit of cloth, then propped up on a pair of barrels to bring the merchandice up in a height made to gaze at. The old tent fabric stretched out on a wobbly looking frame provided a bit of shade from the summer sun, as well as some less certain protection against the possibility of rain. All kinds of cheap and somewhat less cheap baubles covered the stretch of material on view, catching the gleam of sunlight with polished shine and scintillating ripples of colour. There were ribbons in various colours, sharp pointed needles of fish bone and metal both - the thick and the thin and the hooked variants of every size, for every goodwoman or noblewoman's need -, combs in bone and combs in wood, from the simplest barebone gift a man might give his slattern on the side to a beautifully worked pieces of art. Hair pins, too, a few of foreign looking design.

In a few boxes nearby were pots and pans, and cheese grates and the like. Rough made but sturdy. Kitchen knives, and some meat choppers. Oil cloth and sharpening stones. A few belts, too. A wandering trader's treasure of trinkets and common items.

It was the trinkets that seemed to get the most traction among his customers, though, the pretty baubles that made a girl look fine. To those with money, he produced small pottery jars with fine scents, but only to those with money, and wouldn't even let the kitchen went have as much as a sniff, for all she poured her doe eyes at him with the skill of a well trained flirt.

A trader's stall, but the man behind it looked less of a trader than a brigand. Lean and hard, a sword on his hip, a cool calculating intelligence in eyes long since scrubbed clean of any inconvenient hint of morality. No matter if he smiled and laughed with his customers, not a hint of that natural charisma managed to land so much as a hint of warmth in his eyes. At the sound of horse's hooves, he turned his head and let a considering appraisal wash over the approaching nobles and their retinue.

Humid but warm, an interesting dichotomy for Lady in Grey who is also known as Meredith. She is on her fine light grey horse whose is coat is darker from his sweat. His brand marking his pedigree can be seen today on his haunches. A veil covers her face and hair to protect her from the sun and she sits tall and proud in the saddle. She is moving just behind the group at her own pace. She turns her head from side to side as she keeps an eye on what is around her. Spotting the man with the sword and the others who are on horseback she brings her horse to a halt.

A nap out of the way in their cheap corner of the hayloft at the Inn, small Master Copperfells rubs his eyes and follows after his Momma. A yawn nearly splits the two-year old's mouth in two. A fist grips Penelope's dress as she moves calmly down the road towards the market place. "Just a little bit Quint darling" her dainty hands lightly brush the top of his tow head "I need to speak with one of the merchants, and then I will get us a bite to eat yes?" The teenager's free hand gentle massages the side of her swollen belly as if to ease some pain.

A trip back to Stonebridge. It is a place she knows well, but with her personal Guard unable to make the trip due to some less than enticing food served at the Inn back at the Roost, it appears that Lady Emylie has gone ahead and found herself a replacement. Sitting atop a roan colored horse, and looking somwaht uncomortable with every unsteady step is the Lady, beside her is a Pale Grey horse, white for the most part with darker grey spots. It's rider is dressed in black and doing his best to stay beside the Lady of Erenford. As they approach she offers a nod and a smile to the gathered crowd, murmuring softly to her horse, "Thats a good boy…steady now." She looks over to her escort, exhaling softly, "Lord Terrick…I don't think he likes me."

He's here, Martyn is. Looking around a bit quietly, he looks a bit thoughtful as he watches the surroundings at the moment. If he wanted to be on this trip or not, who knows, but someone needs to make sure Nedra stays out of trouble, right? He's keeping quiet, and in the background for the moment.

Justin is himself a pretty good horseman, his pale dappled grey gelding quiet compared to lady Emylie's less steady mount. Indeed dressed in black, though not like a man of the Night's Watch, he wears hints of his house colors with full chain and steel breastplate beneath his surcoat. With Justin's helm removed and secured to his saddle now that they have arrived in Stonebridge, he moves his horse quietly along where ever it is that lady Emylie has a mind to go. Justin's own voice is low, "If you relax, he'll be more likely to relax. On the way back I suggest you sing to him. You did mention something about singing, did you not? Works wonders for an edgy horse." He strokes the grey's pale neck, his riding gloves still covering his own hands.

Walking slowly and head covered by a thin material, Lady Jocelyn makes her way back into Stonebridge. Iulia, her ladies maid walks beside her carrying a bow and a small bag of cloth wrapped arrows. They both seem to have been enjoying the sunny, if not humid, day.
The small smile on Jocelyn's lips contribute to whatever murmurs she is speaking quietly to her maid. Head turned toward her and even a laugh spills out drifting further than her speech. As they reach closer to the center of the square, horses and sounds of a crowd of people causes the young woman to turn and look interested. Her eyebrows raise delightedly, "Vistors."
A sweep of her hand draws the thin cloth from the top of her head, allowing it to gather around her neck. Pulling hair out that the cloth might drape over the front of her body. Jocelyn glances from face to face, a look of surprises washes over her face at the look of some present, but its quickly wiped away. "Good day." the greeting is called out only when she is close enough to be heard.

"Fine necklaces, combs from Tyrosh an' Myr. Needles an' thumblers. Scents o' Rose, Daisies, Camamel, Violets an' more. Make yer intended sigh with pleasure as he catches a sniff o' yer passin'!" Gerry's voice slung out with a power to it, rich and masculine, and pitched to cut through noise. A talent a man learned after the din of battle. "All kinds o' coloured ribbons. Tell yer beloved lass it matches her eyes an' made ye think o' her!" He didn't directly solicit the nobles, so much as the whole square, but before they'd arrived he'd been perfectly happy just leaning back against the nearby building with lazy feline indifference. Promise of nobles' coin could stirr any kind of trader into action, like the scent of fresh fish to the local cat.

"Yer knife or sword gettin' rusty an' dull? No more! Getchu a proper oilcloth or stone, an' make sure there ain't none of tha' trouble when ye need a sharp edge."

At the welcome site of the market, and all the wares that are on display, the tiniest bit of anticipation blooms to life and Nedra is mindful to rest one hand on the small coin pouch at her side even as the rest of the Mallister escort are sorting themselves out and determining which lucky souls gets to take the horses to the nearest stable and which ones get to stick with the ladies. Lucky or unlucky, perhaps, on the toss of a coin. And while that is being discussed Nedra brings Jinx to a halt and slides down out of the saddle and stands for a moment, waiting for her equilibrium to realign to the solid ground, solid ground she's very very fond of. She hands the reins to the armsmen who appears at her side and takes a moment to murmur a few words of praise to Jinx before the mare is led away.
Both hands lift to smooth her hair back from her face, the fan already tucked into one slim pocket of her gown as she stares with eyes that are perhaps a bit wide at the wares and trinkets, odds and ends, goods and spices on display. She looks up first at the gray clad Lady, "My goodness, this is such a change from the market at the Roost, isn't it Lady Meredith?" she says, trying to keep her voice soft but she's young enough to find the contrast rather eye popping. A glance sent to her cousin Martyn and the look upon his face is enough to remind her that she's supposed to stay out of trouble and she prudently tucks her hands behind her back, fingers clasped together for a moment and a smile of well-behaved cheerfulness is adopted. "Come now, cousin, I promise not to get into trouble," she just HAS to say it aloud to, doesn't she? And she turns the same smile towards Lady Emylie and Lord Justin as they're arriving before spotting Lady Jocelyn, the sight of which makes a more genuine and less 'I promise to stay out of trouble' smile form upon her face. "Lady Jocelyn! How delightful too see you!" she declares as she steps forward to offer a curtsy to the lady Jocelyn, "A lovely day, is it not?" is wondered aloud as she straightens.

"Master Quintan Copperfells!" comes Penelope's scolding cry as the toddler darts off towards a simple stand that contains a wide variety of this and that which sparkle in the afternoon sun. Running is out of the question, but the pregnant young woman makes a good effort as she gives chase and snatches his wrist up. "Absolutely not! No touch! What do you say!" her tawny gold head inclines towards the 'merchant'.

Caught before he is able to properly examine the pretty things, Quintan glances up at his mother. A squall is stopped in its tracks as he notes the narrowed eyes and the small boy turns to look at the vendor. A bit of a nudge and he gives a little bow, "I sworrwy. Pwetty" he points the free chubby fist at a cheep little bit of glass.

A dip of her knee, unable to go quite as low as she wishes, Penelope gives a bashful smile to Gerry and murmers "I apologize. I will ensure he does not disturb you or your wares." Awkwardly she rises and glances down at her child, "We need to see the wool merchant darling. Not this…we can't afford this right now. Soon though…I am sure."

Moving her grey closer into the town square, Meredith bringing the horse to a halt she dismounts. Once the horse is down she dismounts carefully and from her saddle where a spear could be placed is a cane. She takes the cane and the horses reins which are now over his head. "Good boy Hope." She says as she strokes his neck and offers him love. Her voice is warm and gentle. "Very good boy," she continues to stroke his neck. She grows quiet as she looks at the others who gathered, behind the veil she watches and listens to the venders hawk their wares. She then moves towards the inn and out of the scene.

"Sing to the horse? He wants me to sing to the horse?" A raised brow is given to the Knight beside Lady Erenford and she casually shrugs, gripping the reins a bit tighter and shifting her weight a bit, "If you say so." A soft lull can be heard from atop the horse as she grows closer to those gathered, the words apparently made up, "Oh little horsey hear my plight, atop your back here..I don't feel right. Please be kind to this little lass…I really don't want to fall on my…" She shoots her glance up when she sees the wares, the song stopping as her horse has walked closer to the Merchant, "Oooh thats pretty…." She looks to Justin, "Can you make him lay down so I can get off?" She seems serious in her request.

"Good," Martyn remarks to Nedra, perhaps sounding a bit more grumpy than he is at the moment. Looking between the others present, he offers a bit of a nod, but otherwise keeping quiet for now. Just looking out for any potential trouble. He's armored up for the trip, but tried to keep it as low-key as possible. Dismounting from Miramis, he hands over the reins to his squire Xander, who leads the beast off now.

A winter pale gaze was drawn away from the nobles, to catch that little toddler's approach with a narrowing of the eyes, as if he'd more than a little experience witht he way kids might just pawn something pretty if they had it in their mind. Usually it didn't take more than one warning look from Gerry to make any kind of kid have better ideas. Then came the mother after, and he transformed a beginning frown into an easy smile. Lips pealed back within his dark beard, a handsome reveal of pearly white teeth shining out from within. He looked Penelope over consideringly with perhaps just a touch more directness than was absolutely polite, but it wasn't any kind of lewd.

"Ain't no crime in lookin'," he told her, even if he'd looked a moment ago as if it had been. "Nothin' gives a boy incentives te earn his keep as knowin' there's things out there he wants te buy." From mother to child, to mother again. "Well. When ye gots coin, then. Tho' I take trade, too, iffen ye gots somethin' te fuckin' catch me eye." With a languid shrug he turned his attentions away from the pair.

"M'Lady, aye," he said, knuckling his forhead to Emylie and showing the subservience expected of a common born to a high lady. The humility of his posture didn't quite match the way he looked the woman and her escort over, though.

The call from the merchant close by distracts Jocelyn enough that her head is turning and she looks toward Gerry and his site of goods. He was starting to draw people, or at least children from the look of Penelope and the little ones with her. Glancing briefly over the wares to see if any of it is new.
But then her greeting is returned and she looks toward Nedra. All smiles to see the woman. "Lady Nedra!" Stepping up to greet her, lowering herself into a curtsey. "Its so good to see you. I'm all surprise and excited to see you here in Stonebridge. I hope you are well."
Flickering her eyes to Meredith and then to Martyn, Another curtsey of greeting is offered to them. "You are all most welcome." Thats Jocelyn, miss welcome committee herself. Though the murmur of a Terrick name has her searching and then landing on the face os Justin, considering him a moment before turning back to to Nedra and those around her.
A step further brings her closer to Nedra and she tries her best to be discreet, but she asks, "Is the Lady there singing to her horse?"

Overhearing lady Nedra, Justin turns his head, "Aye, but the Roost's market used to be quite a draw, our craftsmen noted for many a fine finished wear and smithing in the Cape. When those who have survived aren't tied up in the toil to rebuild, you will see it spring back to life, lady Nedra." His baritone sounds confident of this, looking forward to that return. Emylie's words draw Justin's attention back to her, noting her tightening grip, "You are supposed to relax in order for it to work. The singing is really for yourself."

Wait, that is odd. A woman making her horse lay /down/ in the square to dismount. The Terrick looks ascance at that and no sooner has Justin noted it than the young Erenford woman asks him to make her horse do the same. Justin laughs, "I can likely train him, but assuming he's not already trained to do so upon cue, I don't think it's wise lady Emylie." Not here and now with stalls and people close. Shifting his posture, Justin throws a leg over and dismounts with ease. He turns and puts a hand up to gently take her horse's bridle to hold him, "I will see that he stands quietly while you dismount so you may peruse the market."

"I know not Master." Penelope replies politely, "I am a clothier and dressmaker. If you…" her words fade as the nobles gather. Dipping her head and giving a low curtsy, she murmers "m'ladies…m'lords" Some sort of subtle gesture encourages her small son to give his best bow. As she and little Quintain straighten, the young woman begins to ease away from the large group of nobility, the ornately embroidered hem of her gown swirling as she does so. She finds it difficult to move on though as her son's attention has found a focus in all of the horses. Eyes widening he just ohhhsss quietly. Trying to discreetly maintain a proper distance from her betters, the mother smiles and says quietly "One day Quint…I promise. For now, you can take good care of Tupper…then when you are older, we will get you a proper horse."

"I couldn't say for sure," Nedra murmurs in return to the one woman welcoming committee in the form of Lady Jocelyn, "but.. I must say, if it works, then it's something anyone who can carry a tune should try," she suggests with a hint of a smile that makes her eyes sparkle with just a touch of mischievous amusement. She glances after the grey clad Lady, a bit perplexed at the abrupt departure but doesn't put voice to the question, after all - why ask when sometimes it pays to just wait and see. She lifts her attention again to Justin and nods, "I believe you speak the truth of what the future will bring, Lord Justin," said in a tone of quiet confidence before she turns slightly and smiles up at Emylie. "Don't worry, he won't let the horse trample you, it'd be the worst sort of bad form," she adds, a bit of teasing amusement in her voice to hopefully help lighten the tension she can see in the way Emylie is sitting upon the horse. Another wary eye is sent toward Martyn, sensing a bit of grumpiness on his part, before she turns around ever so slowly again, trying to decide where to start first. "You know, cousin, you should look for a necklace or maybe some hair pins to go with the brooch you found for Muirenn," she suggests, knowing the best way to lighten his mood is to distract him with things that boggle his mind. She draws a deep breath, shoulders squaring slightly, glances to Jocelyn with a smile: "So much to choose from!" even as she casts a glance back at everyone on display and feels her fingertips itch ever so slightly with the desire to start hunting for treasure.

OKay. Reigns steadied. Good enough." The Lady Erenford takes a breath and slowly slips down from the horse, her feet hitting the earth as she reaches out to lightly pat the horses nose, "Thank you.." She makes her way around the front of the horse and offers a polite curtsey to the Knight holding the reigns, "And thank you." It is obvious that her attention has now been drawn to the jewelry being sold, her eyes perusing it slowly, "All of this is so lovely. " She makes sure she leaves room for the other perusers, looking back to Justin a moment, "What do you think Lord Terrick? What would draw attention to me?"

"Goods from all over te known world, m'Lords n'n Ladies," Gerry told the nobles, still owning a distinctly obedient posture, even if it was starting to fade around the edges as his old fighter's pride slipped right back when he wasn't holding it tightly in check. "Westerlin' metalwork, wouldn't ye know it. Outta Lannisport, it is. See how fine 'em work this here bronze," because he wasn't the kind of trader who carried silver or gold. Or any kind of precious gems. Glass and polished amber was the most fancy. There was only a small section of the goods meant to cater to the higher end, too. Gerry was quick to get them out, from a special wooden box all of their own, his quick artisan's fingers making a flourish as he opened it up. Inside were a couple of beautiful combs of bone and wood, carved into fantasticl creatures, as well as an intricate brooch, knots inverted and turned on more knots, and a few neclases made with polished amber stones that seemed to glow as the light touched them.

"Fer such a lovely set o' hair," he told Emylie, "ye aughta have somethin' jus' as beautiful te take care o' it, no?"

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Nedra's words. "Hmm? Perhaps… I will have to see what they've got here," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Not looking to the wares of the traders yet, though. Keeping his attention on their surroundings for now.

Yes, Jerold Terrick's son holds the reins of both horses as he studies the trader, Gerry. The voices of the women around him are music enough for they sound happy for the most part. Justin looks over the wares from where he stands, giving the others room to shop, but he does not step up himself. The Sheriff is more interested in watching those who move around them, wary of pick pockets and assessing the general feel of Stonebridge since he had been here last. Justin's own demeanor is quiet, patient, observing. And while he is young and not very experienced yet in the ways of women, even he can sense when Emylie opens a yawning trap before his feet. Pale grey eyes are drawn back to her, then to the gleaming amber brooch the merchant offers towards her. "Lovely as jewels might be, I think you need only the barest of sun or moonlight to touch you to draw a man's eye, lady Emylie." For all it sounds flowery, it's Justin's honest answer, his voice kept low. "You draw the light better than a well cut stone."

After the murmur from Nedra flicks Emylie a glance and smiles. Nodding slowly and then stepping to follow the Noble Ladies over to the merchants table. "Master Taken." she greets the merchant dryly, bowing her head to him.
Its Penelope's greeting that takesn her attention next. "Mistress." she greets the unknown women. "Did I hear you speak of a dressmaker?" The idea of having a new dress would excite any female. Also, who couldnt use a new dress? I mean, really?
Penelope's young son is taking into consideration. A soft spot warms on the young Nayland Ladies face as she smiles at the boy and kneels to his level. "Good day, young man. Do you like the horses, then? Any particular one you fancy the most?"

Nedra is easily drawn forward by the words of the merchant, the bit of a flourish has her leaning forward with interest obvious in her gaze, "Oh Martyn, look at these!" she suggests, "maybe something that'll go with Muirenn's eyes?" she wonders. "Do you have anything with green quartz or something of a shade of green?" she asks with a glance up from the display to the merchant again. But it's Jocelyn's words that tug the most at Nedra's attention, turning slightly in fact so that she can gaze at the young woman who speaks of dress making skills, her eyes lowering to spot the young boy as well, "Did you say dress making or seamstress or both?" she asks, hope evident in her tone of voice.

With a subtle tug on her son's hand, Penelope murmers "Come Quintan. Lets go.." Her head lifts and she gives a low curtsy as she is addressed, lowering her head she says politely "Yes m'lady. I lately ply'd my craft in Seagard." Precariously, her weight is a bit off balance, but she maintains her respectful posture. Lifting her face she gives a shy smile to Nedra as well to Jocelyn, "Both m'ladies. I do mending, but I also work with my clients to fashion delights in silk, wool, and linen."

Understanding of the situation is beyond the two-year old Quintan. Pointing a finger towards the largest gelding he says with the utmost seriousness "Dat one!"5r

Emylie allows a quiet smirk to come to her lips upon hearing the flattery from the Knight. She politely inclines her head to the Merchant, "A lovely brooch as it may be, my escort claims it would do little to enhance my allure. I need something that will allow me to be noticed on a cloudy day or a moonless night." Her eyes scan the wares once more and she pauses on a silver braclet of sorts, a tiny silver bell hanging upon it in the less expensive section, "Lord Terrick…what do you think of this?" She even asks the other woman looking over the wares, "Be honest?" Words spoken now to the Merchant, "May I see that?" She points to it.

Justin allows the horses' reins to slip through his gloved hands slightly that he might take a step closer. He tilts his head over to try and see the silver bracelet and noticing the tiny bell that chimes softly, he actually smiles, "Ah yes, I think that suits you better, lady Emylie. Color, understated elegance, and the barest hint of music."

Gerry sent Penelope a sharp glance out of the corner of his eye as she started to draw the attentions of the nobles who had moments before been gazing over -his- goods. Damn capricious creatures were the high born, always fluttering from thing to thing like mindless and unknowable butterflies. The smile remained on his lips, though, as he cocked his head into a thoughtful angle, eying up Nedra and Martyn both. "There's these here hair pins," he told them, drawing one out and letting the ligth bounce off the greenstone adorment on it, which was set in a firefly motif made from twisted bronze wire. "Or these ribbons, ye might like. Ah! Here ye go, too. A lovely purse innit?" Embroderied and with a bronze clasp made to look like vines coming together. "A fair match fer a lovely girl, iffen I dare say so meself."

When Emylie picked up the little foot bangle he made a little cough, because it hadn't been amongst the items he'd offered to show the nobles. MOstly because it was a different sort of clientel who usually wanted that sort of jewelery.. which wasnt generally visible on a noble girl with a proper dress on her. He scratched at his beard. "High craftmanship, tha'. Real popular in Lannisport." Yep, he'd seen a few.

Greyish eyes widen dramaticly as the little two year old points out to the large gelding. "Oh my! You have fine taste for a little man." Jocelyns face is warm and filled with friendly expression and smile to the little boy. "Would you wish to see it?" she asks.
After the question is asked, Jocelyn looks up to the Mother, Penelope. "That is, if its alright with you? He seems very intrested and I'm sure it wouldnt not be so much trouble for a little introduction between horse and boy." Then Nedra asks her own question, ones she had been sidetracked by.
Standing up to her full height, "I've been meaning to have new dress made. A couple actually. I need a formal gown and another day dress." Her words about Seagard have her pausing, "Fittings would prove difficult. Perhaps."

Martyn blinks a bit at Nedra's words, and moves forward a little bit to look at the wares at the moment. "Which ones were you thinking about?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, but otherwise remains quiet as he watches the wares and listens to the merchant.

Gerry also bobbed his head and said: "M'Lady Jocelyn. Always happy te see a favorite customer return, both iffen ye want somethin' more, or jus' fer yer lovely company."

A brow is raised at the words spoken by the merchant, trying to get the full effect of his words, her comment however for Justin, "I belive you are right Lord Terrick. Understated elegance and a hint of music." She holds it in her hand a moment and jinlges it lightly, "I once knew a cat that kept eating the birds that frequented its garden. The owners put a bell on it to alarm the birds, thus saving their life." She nods but once and lets out a subtle and barely audible word, "Meow." Her following words are louder, "I'll take it…"

"Oh that is lovely," Nedra says, the first glimpse of the firefly hair pin fairly captures her interest without competition in that moment. "Do you have just the one?" she asks, finally tugging her eyes away from the way the light bounces off the greenstone adornment. "And Martyn, just think, tomorrow Muirenn will be able to wear such pretty ribbons," she's really no help at ALL when it comes to encouraging him to save his coin.

"You are too kind m'lady. I am sure he would very much like to see the horse." The curtsy can only be maintained a moment more before the pregnant Penelope must straighten else risk a fall. Straighten she does, though her demeanor remains respectful. "No my lady. I am no longer in Seagard, I am….in between towns. I am looking for a place establish a new shop. I am staying in Stonebridge for now so perhaps we might discuss a new gown another day?" Her cheeks flush as she tries to move away from Gerry's stall, not having wished to draw custom away.

As it happens, Justin has never been to Lannisport. That is probably just as well. The Terrick takes notice of the Nayland among them when Gerry speaks her name, glancing towards her himself. He inclines his head politely, "Lady Jocelyn, a pleasure to see you." Justin briefly studies the tawney haired woman with the small child who's dress is very nicely made and eye catching, before he returns his attention to Emylie. A dark brow is arched, birds of course upon his sword and dagger pommels as well as tooled into the leather of his belt and arm guards - the Eagles of House. Justin's mouth twists wryly, "Kittens should be careful what birds they seek to stalk, for sometimes they might find themselves the hunted." But, he gives a nod of approval for her choice, amused by it.

The grey gelding shakes his head and blows out his nostrels, rattling his bit. Justin glances to his horse and then looks past the merchant's stall to see if there is a water trough near by. Yes, there is one over there. To give the others a bit of room for their shopping, he leads both of the horses aside to water them while he waits. Probably wiser if he doesn't partake in catty word play anyway.

"A real good choice, m'Lady," Gerry said to Emylie, flashing a smile at both her and her present protector. "Would ye want me te pack it up fer ye, or jus' take it as is? Ain't no extra price fer it." He also gave her a price, which was only about fifty percent markup for her being a noble, and didn't even show a hint of embarassement for it either. Infact he added: "A cut price, jus' fer ye havin' such a sharp eye fer quality goods."

The sinewy stallkeeper didn't seem to have any trouble keeping track of everybody, though, quick to reply to Nedra and Martyn as well. "Aye, it's a set o' three I got meself," told them, nudging his sword a little out of the way as he leaned over his booth to pick up the other two, which he'd been holding in reserve. All were almost identical. He held them out for Nedra in his palm. It was a strong hand, for all its long fingered grace, with rough callouses in the places a man got them for working weapons. Sword and spear and bow and knife. To Martyn he produced a series of ribbons, of all kinds of colour, including green ones. Some were embroidered, too, others just plain.

The Merchant recieves a look from Jocelyn. She lifts a single brow, using her name to try and draw purchases from the rest of the Nobles and surrounding peoples. She should not have put it past him really. A thin smile is offered in Gerry's direction briefly, choosing not to make comment and just inclining her head.
To the Penelope she says, "I'd very much like to discuss with you some styles and perhaps have a thing or two made, if you have the time." considering the others around and the blush she reiceived from Gerry's words, Jocelyn decides to suggest. "Perhaps we can set a time soon. And I'll show your little boy here the horses. Perhaps have him sit on one with the help of stable hand."
The greeting coming from a man voice as Jocelyn turning her head, flicker of surprise shows in her eyes before she curtsies to the Terrick. "Ser Justin." She lowers her head as she says the name, and when it comes up again she continues. "and a pleasure it is to see you too, My Lord. I hope the day finds you well?"
Emylie pages: She has a good merchant skill could she try to sense the markup?

"Well, it would depend on the cost, of course," Martyn replies to Nedra, looking between the various wares for a few moments now. Frowning a little bit as he does, it's rather clear he's like a fish out of the water or something, dealing with these kinds of things.

Emylie eyes the merchant when he states the price, and something does not sit well with the young woman from Erenford, "I shall take it as it is. Would not wish to trouble you in wrapping it up." She lets a small smile form on her lips as she leans into murmur to him, "I bet I would pay half if I was not in a fancy dress and without title no?"

"I am at your disposal m'lady." Penelope gives another curtsy as she deftly captures up the toddler. With a duck of her head, the gold hair veils her face and the petite dressmaker backs away from the crowd of nobility that has gathered in the market. Murmering softly into her son's ear, "Come my little man, lets go see the wool dealer and then a bit of dinner. If you are good, we shall go see the boats aye?" And the demure teenager loses herself in the crowd.

Brennart comes walking into the Town Square having left for the Roost but changed his mind and had returned for now, but he spots somebody he recognizes and walks up behind his sister as she's making a purchase, "Sister dearest… I expected you to have been at the Roost still, decided on a shopping trip to spend some more of father's money?" He grins as he gives his sister a quick hug, "I'd heard there was a good seamstress that'd taken root here at Stonebridge, have you heard anything of her?"

"Would ye like some advice, m'Lord?" Gerry offered oh so helpfully to Martyn, wearing a smile that said they were old friends and him just there to offer the very best of assistance. "After a while visitin' lords' keeps an' watchin' the ladies choose an' pick, ye get a sense o' wha' most o' 'em like. Is it fer a young'n, wife, bethroted? Sister? Jus' a dear friend? I've got somethin' te suit 'em all, an' nothin' makes a man more happy than when he's allowed te hear the happy squeal o' a girl he loves, when she gets somethin' she ain't expectin'. Happy surprises, m'Lord, puts a smile on a girl's face ain't noone aughta put a price on. This one perhaps?" He held up a lovely embrodiered green ribbon, which just happened to be the most expensive one he had. Coincidences!

While letting Martyn have alook at it, he gave Emylie a shrewd glance as she leaned in to murmur her words, looking her straight in the eye for a long moment. Even if it wasn't strictly his place to do so. At least he didnt lean back at her, though. "Heh. Perhaps, m'Lady," he responded just as quietly. "But then I'd have to mark up me costs fer the likes o' them," his head nodding in Penelope and her son's direction. "An' that jus' would break me heart. A man's gotta make a profit, ye know, an' I've got meself a scrawny kid te feed."

Jocelyn gains a smile from Justin, "Aye, it is nice to get back to Stonebridge for a brief visit, and the weather is fair, lady Jocelyn." He stands a bit aside from the merchant's stall and lets both his own horse and Emylie's to drink. Likely her handmaiden, or Septa, whatever womanfolk who trail about her will take the same cue to water their own horses as well, unless they are equally enamored of Gerry's baubles. Justin mostly watches the crowd though his gaze drifts back to keeping tabs on lady Emylie since he was asked to be her escort. There by he sees her brother walk up, "Ho, Ser Brennart." Justin greets by way of raising a gloved hand slightly, long leather reins laced through it. He himself is garbed in chainmail for the traveling upon the road from the Roost.

Emylie offers a warm smile back to the Merchant, it was clear it was not her intention to call him out with the intent of paying any less, "I understand fully how it works Sir. Which is why I am going to offer you double. Not my money anyhow. I deserve such. All the money they spend on my brothers and their fancy shiny swords, armor and beasts." She goes to reach for her money to pay for the anklet when she is besieged by her brother's embrace, "Brennart! How did things go with father, was he in a good mood like I told you?" She ponders her inquiry and then replies with a careless shrug, "He won't miss it… and as for the Seamtress…I have heard there is one present here, but the name to the face has eluded me thus far." She peers over at Justin and then adds, "Don't worry about my travels. Lord Terrick saw to my well being when Alaric came down with something that he described as: Oh my…its coming out everywhere."

Nedra had been silent, at length, in a extended moment of contemplation. It's bad enough that the man has ONE of the pins she finds so enchanting, but to have three of them? How could she possibly buy just the one? Worse, how could she justify buying all three. Unless… Her eyes narrow ever so subtly at the thought that's taking hold and lifts her eyes from the pensive studying of the pins and listens while Emylie and the merchant begin the opening steps of the price negotiating. She smiles at the surprise and obvious affection in Emylie's greeting of Brennart and waits her turn to try to barter down the price - what ever it is - for the pins. "The ribbons would be for his sister," she says, trying to be helpful.

"Well, I'm actually not looking to buy anything just yet," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause, shrugging a little bit. "Just looking at the various things for the moment. He pauses at Nedra's words, but doesn't say anything else for now.

Brennart blinks… "You need to get yourself a better guard. Perhaps we can assign Ser Holden as your knight protector while you're out traveling?" He gives Justin a little bow, "Thank you for seeing to my sister's well being it is appreciated and the kindness won't go forgotten." He chuckles as he look at the merchant and blinks, "I do believe I keep running into you, teaching archery, swearing at mules. I might have to see about getting you a position on my household staff, but I do believe you have a young daughter as well…" He glances back at the other nobles and gives them bows, "And sister I'm sure he'll notice if you don't spend some of his money, he does tend to dote on you a great deal."

After the small conversation with Justin, Jocelyn perhaps would have said something else, but then his was leading the horses away and she debated about speaking to him further.
Still being somewhat close to the merchant, she hears the words of Lady Emylie, turning her head. Regarding the woman, then the merchant and then the woman again. A very small smile forms on her lips, but she averts her eyes from them after that.
"Ser Brennart." Jocelyn says widening her smile of greeting, before she looks to see where he is heading. The greeting between Lady. Sister? Ah. Oh. Again she changes direction and looks to her maid. The poor woman was still holding the bow and arrows in her arms. "Iulia, I'm sorry. You should go return those to the Tower so you are not holding them so in the heat. I'll stay beside Lady Nedra. You'll need not worry about me." Besides that she was surrounded by other Septa and Servants.
Walking up to stand beside Nedra. Peering towards the items that they are considering buying. The hair pins get a look, "I just purchased a ribbon here myself, just yesterday. I'm hoping that dressmaker might be able to make me a gown to match. It was the most delightly ruby color."

The horses watered, Justin ties them there by the trough where they are more out of the way and won't crowd anyone around the merchant's stall. Keeping half an eye on them, the Sheriff of Terrick's Roost walks back the short distance to give Brennart a smile with about half of his mouth, "My pleasure, I assure you, Ser. The lady Emylie could hardly be allowed to travel the road to Stonebridge without proper escort with the bandit troubles we've had. She's been entertaining and no trouble. Ser Kamron had strongly urged only a few days ago that we needed to come here for no other reason than to enjoy a few days to relax away from our regular duties." Where is /that/ Mallister anyway? Justin stands relaxed, tugging off his riding gloves to tuck them into his belt.

"Yer too kind, m'Lady," Gerry told Emylie, knuckling his forhead with respectful gratitude of her generosity. Quick to take her coin, too, when the moment came for the transaction, and ensure that it vanished from sight like it had never existed. Him looking just as poor as he had before. "May the gods blessy ye," humble and thankful in words, even if he was still looking at the Erenford Lady without too much of either.

He glanced away, and back towards Martyn and Nedra. "Ah, well. Iffen ye change yer mind, I'm here most days. Ain't gonna find nothin' better at me prices, honest word." He paused, considered. "Sister was it? Ah, I suppose tha' shows it then." Showed why he was being so damnable cheap, when he should've been emptying his pockets and spreading his coin around to make his family happy. Not that Gerry -said- as much, but the message was there in his slight shrug and thoughtfully scratched beard. "How aboutchu then, m'Lady Beaut'?" He asked Nedra. "Them's some fine pieces , those. Too beautiful by far fer me te be willin' te sell them te anyone who ain't be their worth. But ye most certainly are. Would ye like te try one on? I've got meself a mirror her, jus' fer tha' sake." The polished metal kind, small but practical, and pulled out from among his things. He angled it towards Nedra.

"Oh. Aye, got meself a kid, I do." To Brennart.

Her eyes scan her brother as if she is going to pounce, and then she does, "As much as I find Ser Holden completely adequate in insuring my well being, I must contest that Lord Terrick has done so equally as well. I am in one piece…in good spirits and he taught me how to sing to a horse. Well he did not sing to the horse persay. That was more me..I am not sure if he has a singing voice to be honest…I am heiring on the side of /no." Another shrug is given as she turns to complete the transaction, a soft smirk at his parting words, "You're going to be rich…open a theatre?" A subtle stab?

Nedra smiles at Jocelyn and says, "Stick with us, Lady Jocelyn, we'll keep you in good company," she promises with a firm nod, "and I'm sure we'll keep you in good cheer as well," she adds with another quick grin. At Jocelyn's words about ribbons Nedra is almost side trackec but the pins just tug her right on back. She accepts one of the pins and lifts it slightly, watching the light play across it but shakes her head at the offer of the mirror, "It's quite beautiful, I think a mirror would only make it all the harder to resist," and she holds the pin delicately between her hands. "All three of them, what sort of price as you looking for?" she asks, her tone a bit wary - healthy wariness in fact is a good thing. "And I was wondering.. by any chance do you take purchase orders?"

Justin lifts a brow at Emylie paying too much for the 'bracelet' but it's none of his affair. Nevermind his empty stomach and lack of coin himself. He has newly refitted armour though that he's never worn before so he's hardly lacking in all things. Amusement lights Justin's pale eyes, "I'm told I have an excellant singing voice. However, it isn't precisely a skill I've had training in, nor sufficient practice - outside of the occational drinking establishment, lady Emylie." Those usually not being the sort of songs fit for a lady's refined hearing anyway.

Brennart chuckles and nods, "Yes yes, I just meant to replace your current guardsman, father could use him back at the keep to train up the new men at arms… And we could use some fresh blood there as well…" He pauses, "Maybe not fresh but some new vetran blood in there." He glances back at the merchant then at Emylie "Actually sister, from what I saw riding through the other day he's a good shot with the bow, I've been thinkinga bout hiring an archery tutor… Or just making him become my squire." He smirks and nods to the man before he glances back at Justin, "A bit of relaxation is always a good thing although I'm not heading back to the Roost with the news I wanted although I do believe that Ser Kell has already informed you all?"

"I'll keep that in mind," Martyn offers to the merchant, before he takes a few steps awy from the stall, shaking his head a little bit. "Why…?" he mutters under his breath, grimacing a little now.

"Ah yes," replies the Terrick knight to Brennart, "Actually, Ser Kell's news was very timely and warmly received, both." Justin gives a glance around to others presant before he adds low in volume, "This isn't the place to discuss it, we are keenly interested, Ser. I'm happy to brief you in private, if you like." It's an invitation, if wanted.

Emylie /ohhhs/ as her brother explain the guard situation and switch, "But I love Alaric. He can hardly keep up with me, he is going deaf and he sleeps really really soundly. Alas, it had to end sometime." She turns her eyes to Justin and then smiles, "Is that so? Then I shall like to hear you sing some time. No doubt those songs they sing late at night at the Inn in the Roost. SO very clever they are. Do you know, /The wandering Wwnch?" Whoa. Reverse. She shoots a glance to her brother quickly stating, "I don't know that one. Nope. Birds and flowers, all I sing about."

"You've always placed me in good cheer and good company, Lady Nedra." Jocelyn agrees. "I've no doubt that will continue on today as well." Lady Jocelyn's maid rushes off to the Tower, wanting to reach it quickly and return to the side of her Lady just as quickly. "Do you intend to stay long in Stonebridge, Lady Nedra? Or have you just come for a shopping trip?"
Brennart's words, him being close enough as they were at the same merchant stand, draw the Lady's attention. Gerry Taken? Giving a side long glance at Gerry and then back to Brennart. "I..could recommend a archery instructure if you are interested, Ser Brennart. I could make some inquires." Just trying to be helpful. Thats what she was doing. Mmhmm.

"Oh I once knew a girl from on Pyke, the lovest skirts she did hike. For a pull on 'er hair, all her charms she did share…," Singing comes Catryn, her footsteps quiet as she drifts from cobble to cobble with a nimble grace that goes well with the lithe frame. In naught but a pair of well used leathers and a man's oversized tunic, were it not for the wild mass of shoulder length blond hair, the creature could have passed for a boy. But that hair gives her away as decidedly feminine. However, she doesn't go to join the crowd. An from the look of them, she doesn't finish her song, either. Instead, like a bird, she takes perch on a crate that's near enough to give her a good view of the business that Gerry is going, but not close enough to be roped into workin'. She can't right now, obviously because the tankard in her hand just isn't empty yet.

"Hardly, m'Lady," Gerry sighed sadly in Emylie's direction. "These be tough times." He shook his head, and even had the gall to pretend to be hurt at her accusation that he was an actor worthy of a theatre. Of course beneath all that hurt hid the hint of a sly smile, crooked and bent and right evil, curling along the corner of his lips as he dippd his head low to shield it from view. He busied himself putting the ribbons back in place, the finer ones vanishing into a box to keep them, while the others were left outside on the table so that the smallfolk and the nobles' servants might have a view of them. No reason to risk getting the good stuff dirty when they were likely out of those people's price range.

He turned his attentions back at Nedra, offering up the metal mirror once more, not that she had to take it. Just look at it and see. Lean in, turn your head a little, admire that beautiful pin! So sang the siren's lure of that bit of reflective surface. "Oh, them's some o' my best ones. Lemme see.." He gave her a price that was, like Emylie's, at least half again what they'd sold for it she hadn't been a noble, and again he made it seem as if he was giving her a deal. Smiling, too, a handsome-roguish smile that suggested she trust him. Even if his eyes said she shouldnt. "But perhaps.. Jus' because they look so fine on ye.. I'll cut it by a copper!" Which was a pittence in comparason.

His eyes took to Brennart, a bit of a considering frown on his face. "If ye tell me where te find ye, M'Lord, I'd be happy to hear that out, if yer makin' an honest offer."

"An', aye. I take orders. What I ain't got, I got contacts te get me." Gerry also said to Nedra. Because he would've.

Brennart nods, "I'll be around Stonebridge for a bit and then heading off towards either the Roost or back to Heronhurst not sure which direction just yet but if I don't let my Master at Arms try and teach me first he will be greatly insulted. But after he fails I'll be heading back to the Roost or here to Stonebridge to seek out another instructor." He nods towards Ser Justin, "Perhaps a more private location to discuss this then m'lord?"

Nedra lifts one of the pins and tucks it into the side of her hair just above her left ear and turns her head slightly to the side, angling her head to see the bit of her reflection that the mirror allows before drawing a deep breath and settling her attention again upon the merchant. "All three.. but only.." and she doesn't have the horse trading skill to argue for a lower price but she does have a goal in mind, "if you can keep your eye out for something else for me, perhaps? I need some canvasses suitable for painting on, preferably in as close to white or pale as possible on wood that's already been treated for water," she says, her tone of voice hopeful. "Have you run across anything like that, per chance?"

She is being left alone a moment, and she kneels down gracefully to put the anklet around her ankle. Giving that often barefoot (but not now) foot a little shake, the soft ring can be heard, "Worth every coin of father's money."

Martyn just keeps on looking around for the moment, moving a bit further away from the merchant's stall. Looking over in the direction of the stables, a bit thoughtfull for now.

There is a nod for Brennart, "I do not have coin enough for the inn, here. I will be staying elsewhere, but we can walk where you will along the outskirts of town were we are unlikely to be bothered." Justin offers, unless Brennart himself has a better suggestion. The Terrick keeps some of his attention on their horses, lest someone try to steal from them. His helm is tied to his saddle along with his bow and quiver, and Catlyn has the look of someone who might notice a costly steel helm tied only but a leather strap. "I'll get the horses." Justin stops to watch Emylie kneel to set the 'bracelet' to her ankle and he for a moment looks surprised that she wasn't going to wear it on her arm. Rather than say anything, he turns to get her horse as well as his own.

Gerry gave a bob in acknowledgement of Brennart's words, as good an oppertunity as any a sellsword could hope for. Especially one who could easily be confused with a bandit if one met him on the road somewhere.

"A fair deal, m'Ladyship," came a murmur as Nedra capitulated to his prices, and at least he had the decency not to look or sound too smug. Just real thankful for the custom. "Would ye like me te wrap 'em up fer ye?" He produced a piece of simple cloth, and a bit of string, which could be used to make a package out of. "Ah. Can't say I've seen somethin' like tha', but then I ain't been lookin' fer it either. My word I'll have an askin' around, m'Lady, an' see te get it fer ye. Iffen there ain't none te get or make 'round here, then I can have such a thing shipped fer ye. I'll need yer name tho', an' how te get in touch. I'm Gerry Taken, by the way, so yer people'll be knowin' te expect me. Short fer Geremy, outta Fairmarket ways. By way of the whole fuckin' world." He winked, a playful gesture rather than an salicious one.

From time to time he'd be looking away from the nobles now, though. To a certain blond girl with a tankard of ale, and there was just a hint of a frown on his face whenever he did.

"There's the Common House, m'Lord," Gerry also offered to Justin. "Ain't cost as much as the inn here, an' ye can sleep on' the floor iffen ye ask fer it. Cleaner'n ye'd expect, an' the ale's decent."

Emylie looks to her brother with a look only siblings would understand, eyes flickering to Justin a moment and then back as if to say to Brennart seriously? Put him up.8

Brennart motions towards the Inn, "The Erenfords can put you up for the night m'lord, it's the lease I can do for protecting my sister on the ride out here…"

Catryn showed no sign of moving either, content to lap the thick froth from her lip as if it were creme. Not for the look that Gerry cast in her direction, though the slender creature does offer a little half bow from her seated position. One more full of sarcasm than anything else. Justin's horse is safe though, an so's his steel. The only animal Catryn is concerned with is the gangly gray puppy with feet too large for his body, that settles up near her feet. "Atta boy, Stupid. Sit an stay." For all the could that it would do her, tryin' t'get it to listen.

Turning her head over her shoulder, Jocelyn looks at Justin. Since Nedra was busy buying her pins, she makes a comment "Those look lovely in your hair." Then a pause, "Will you excuse me?" She turns then and walks towards Justin and Brennart. "I was wondering, Ser Justin." A pause. "Or do you much perfer Sheriff now?" Either way, she continues. "If you planned to stay in Stonebridge, might I have the privilege of having you at the Inn as a guest of mine?" She /might/ have overheard the sayings of not being able to afford it, but she doesnt look like she did.
Just after the suggestion is made, she heards the words of Brennart and she lowers her gaze. "You are so kind Ser Brennart, I should have known you would have made arrangements for your friends. Forgive me for speaking too quickly."

Justin returns with both of the horses a moment later. Nothing appears to have been taken from their saddles. The Terrick seems also have no shame for his lack of coinage, "That is kind of you to offer, Ser Brennart. However, I will be staying at the Davent House as they are friends of my father's. I promised the lady Muirenn that I would." There's a sharp look to Gerry, "You would be wise to watch your language beofre the ladies." Justin's voice is suddenly much cooler, though he makes no comment about the Common House. Instead, he holds Emylie's horse he positions so that she might mount while he holds the bridle.

"My name is quite sufficient, lady Jocelyn." Justin offers her a smile, then blinks. He glances from one of them to another ere he returns his attention to the Nayland, "You are extremely kind to offer, lady Jocelyn, but really my needs are little. Many a year I have slept upon the bare earth while I was squire unto Ser Haffrey Tully and I never came by harm of it."

Nedra gently plucks the hair pin from where she'd tucked it into her hair and hands it back to the merchant, "If you could wrap all of three of them, that would be perfect," she agrees with a smile then returns Gerry's introduction with one of her own, "Lady Nedra Mallister, you would need to send word to Seagard or to The Roost though, should you stumble across such a thing however. Or, really, I do know how to prepare them myself. Even just a few yards of unmarred canvas and some water treated boards and I could have them fashioned accordingly," she muses but reaches for her coin purse all the same and counts the coins over to the merchant.

For Nedra's benefit, Justin raises his voice, "I'm quite certain we can have them made for you in the Roost, lady Nedra. Canvas cloth and wood coated with chalked rabbit skin glue .. they can be made to your specifications easily enough."

Tearing his gaze away from the stables, Martyn shakes his head a little bit again. "Hate this place…" he mutters under his breath, before he looks around the area again, and moves back in the direction of where Nedra is, offering her a bit of a grin. "Thrown away all your money yet, cousin?" he asks, a bit lightly.

Saffron Banefort is definitely spending quite a bit of coin as of late. An allowance has come in from the Westerlands in order to fund some of the bridal necessities. Three redheads — oh my — all come pouring out of a shop. Saffron is at the lead of the fiery-headed gaggle. There is some excitement glowing on her pale face, and she kisses the cheeks of her two cousins before promising to see them back at the inn. She now steps away, tucking a few wrapped parcels into the satchel at her hip.

Gerry immediately looked down when Justin set that cool tone of a nobleman's correction. Without even a hint of hesitation the merchant slipped just out frmo behind his booth to take a quick knee before them, his head bowed. "Me deepest apologies, m'Lord. Meant no offense. Me tongue ain't always do as its told. M'Ladies, my humble an' sincere hope ye'll forgive a poorman fer his lack o' proper upbringin'." Looking down, waiting for some kind of response to his apology. He'd left the pins half wrapped on the table.
You sense: Catryn's doing her best not to laugh herself off her crate with his antics.

There is a slight blush that creeps onto Jocelyn's cheeks, hearing of Justin having already made plans. She would not try and talk him out of anything, "I understand, and I would not wish you to disappoint anyone you've given your word to. I hope you'll at least hold the offer for another time, My Lord? I would be glad to have you for a guest here. Or if something should change, the offer still stands." The smile that is directed for him is a bright one, even allowing for a small dimple to show on her right cheek.

Catryn senses: Gerry is going to cuff her.

Lady Emylie looks to her brother and then to the Justin who holds the horses, "Shall we see to stabling the horses then Bren? I assure you I choose to walk to where we are staying. I have ridden enough this day, and quite honestly the fact I was not unsaddled is being considered in my mind as a monir miracle."

Brennart nods, "Then no Inn… We can stable the horses then take a walk? I've left my horse stabled for today and I'd hate to get a sore neck from having to look up at the two of you while we talk." He grins as he lets them start to walk towards the stable or something since he's lost in the sea of gingers.

Kamron has avoided the wedding shopping, although he of course greeted the Banefort cousins politely and courteously. His avoidance of bridal shopping doesn't have anything to do with the fact that he's carrying his axe strapped to his waist where a left-handed knight might carry a sword. Well, maybe a little. Mostly it's just staying out of the way though. Now, however, he appears at Saffron's side, offering out his left arm to her right, "Find everything you need, My Lady?" He gestures up toward where the other Mallisters are shopping and moping respectively, "Nedra and Martyn don't appear to have gotten far.

The Terrick Sheriff-lord-knight whatever gives Gerry a nod, "That is much more considerate." And about as unexpected as the Nayland woman's offer. Justin at least finds the man's apology quite acceptable for he directs his attention back to Jocelyn, "Then I will very gladly accept, another time, lady Jocelyn. It is exceptionally kind of you."

Ah, and so lady Emylie declines to mount. Justin gives Brennart a nod, "I'll see to the horses and be with you in a moment, Ser." he adds a nod to all others, "Ladies, enjoy your shopping." The horses he leads to the stables to see them put up and to collect his gear from his saddle.

Nedra looks a little flustered, between her lack of planning - which is to say, having thought to try to purchase the canvasses that she needs at The Roost first - and the slip of the language into a more common vernacular and Justin's words to top it off - she is moved to a brief moment of silence. Granted, her cousin or even maybe her brother might be stunned at the notion of a /silent/ Nedra but it's only for as long as she needs to come up with a sufficient response. So, in stages.. "Master Taken, or would it be Merchant Taken?" she wonders, still making her way carefully along the delicate dialogue here, "I am quite sure you meant no offense. It's not every moment of every day that you are surrounded so, I'm sure. Please," she adds, turning more pink by the minute, "please there's no need to, that is, it's awful dusty," and she waves one hand in a vague sort of gesture. "The pins are lovely, and I'd be most happy to have you wrap them," she sends a smile toward Jocelyn (belatedly) in appreciation for the compliment and back around to Justin with a nod, "I'll be sure to search there as well, of course," before to Gerry again, "but I'd appreciate you keeping an eye out as well, and maybe paint, that would be lovely."

"Thank ye, m'Lord, m'Lady." So perhaps Gerry didn't look the least bit sorry for his language once he got back up from his kneeling position on the ground, still wearing that lazy confidence and casual fighter's poise, but he'd gone through the motions, hadn't he? A bit of dirt on his knee was hardly noticable at all thanks to the dark and earthen hue of his pants, anyway. With easy movements he set about to wrap up Nedra's purchase, tying the cloth up around the pins with a little pretty bow on the top of it. His gaze was just as direct as it had been before, eying Nedra from above the little package in his hand. He did speak abit slower, though, as if he had to make an effort to scrub his voice clean of any kind of filth. "Thank ye fer the custom, m'Lady Nedra. Anythin' at all ye need, dontchu be shy 'bout askin' fer it. Gots perfumes, too, iffen ye've like such things. Roses an' violets, an' lemonsweets an' camamile an' more. Me lass makes 'em, as good as ye'll get in Oldtown." Which they probably werent, but what merchant talked -down- his own trade?

As Justin, Brennart and Emylie move off to the discuss… whatever they needed to discuss. Jocelyn turns back towards Nedra and steps up beside her once more. Waiting for her purchase to be over and her pins securely in her grasp now.

Martyn shakes his head a little bit as he looks around again. He doesn't pay much attention to the merchant and the happenings there at the moment, once more looking back to the stables. After a few moments, he sighs a little. "No. Can't do that at the moment, I guess." Spoken to himself, before he once more looks around, and notices Kamron and the Banefort mafia, so to speak. Offering them a bit of a nod, before he glances around again.

"Hardly," Saffron retorts. "There will be no end." She slips her arm around his with ease, allowing him to lead her onward. She is a wonderful image of wildfire today — the dress perhaps becoming one of her favorites. It naturally has nothing to do with it being one of Kamron's favorites as well — honest. She glances over toward Justin, Brennart and the Lady, though they do not last there for long. She focuses her eyes on Nedra, Martyn, and those they surround themselves with. "Stonebridge will fill some of the gaps, but I'm afraid that I might need to send off to Lannisport for some things." Hm, maybe her and Magnola are sisters…

Nedra looks relieved once the merchant is back on his feet, "Thank you for the offer, but I believe that the pins are all that I need at the moment," she replies, glancing at the package hopefully, "and that's lovely, I'll take it just as it is," she adds. A glance is sent side long to where Martyn has wandered to, not for a moment forgetting that he's already accused her of having spent all of her coin on hair pins! It's the side long glance that allows her to spot her brother, lady Saffron and then the red heads who must certainly be Saffron's sisters, before turning back to Gerry with a glimpse of a smile.

Kamron chuckles at Saffron's response, bending his steps and hers toward where Nedra and Martyn are standing (and the merchant getting to his feet, of course), "And you don't think that you can find whatever you need in Seagard, even if it's not in Stonebridge? We Mallisters may not be Lannisters, but we do have a rather nice port very near here." Laughter lifts through his words, and he smiles crookedly at his betrothed, "Unless you want an excuse to get your sister involved, of course." As he approaches his kinsfolk, he lifts his free hand before it settles back atop his leather-sheathed axehead, "Sister, Coz." Gerry is given a look for a moment, and then he greets him as well, "Goodman."

With the same quiet in which she'd settled in to watch, tankard now empty, the girl strolls on, back towards the Common House, mutt bumbling along at her feet.

"Cousin," Martyn greets Kamron, before he adds, "Enjoying the sights?" He shakes his head a little bit as he looks around. "Your sister seems to be enjoying spending all her money," he adds, with a bit of a grin in Nedra's direction at the moment, before he shakes his head a little bit again.
Jocelyn has disconnected.

"As ye wish, m'Lady," Gerry said with a final nod. With most of his initial customers gone, the trader was quick to rearrange all the merchandice he'd been pulling out to attract their attentions, making his makeship booth once more look somewhat respectable and orderly. A nudge here and a nudge there when he felt a particular item wasn't showing off its very best side, too. Gleam and shine, and twinkle for the attentions of the womenfolk in the square, and the menfolk who might want to impress the previously refered to womenfolk.

"M'Lord, m'Lady," came his friendly response when Kamron greeted him, dipping a respectful head in their direction as he knuckled his forhead. "Might'n I interest ye in some wares? Fine metalwork outta Lannisport, better ye'll naught find. Gots necklaces an' hair pins, tho' the best o' the lot jus' got snagged by this 'ere Lady." He ndicated to Nedra. "Ribbons? Needles an' thumblers, like any a Lady might need. Gots good belts, too, fer a gentleman. Oilcloth an' sharpenin' stones, too. Te make sure ain't no bluntness on a man's right sword. The kind'll take yer squire or page an eternity to wear out!"

"I suppose I could investigate Seagard, but Jiselle is quite right that Lannisport is large enough to have more competitive prices and greater stocks." Though what exactly a seamstress needs large quantities of is anyone's guess. Saffron beams brightly toward Martyn and Nedra, but soon her eyes fall on the stand. She brightens quite a bit. "Nedra, what have you found," she says as she steps forward, slipping gracefully from Kamron's arm so she can admire the various baubles and trinkets. She brightens to Gerry. "Hmm. What would you suggest a Lord get his betrothed for a spontaneous gift?" Uh oh, Kamron. Someone is still set to spender.

Kamron half-glances to the woman in the green dress on his arm, winking at her briefly, "I am indeed, coz." His comment about Nedra's proclivity toward trading money for goods draws a chuckle, "Well, she'll not get more out of me if she runs out. I've betrothal gifts to buy." And there goes Saffron. He gestures toward her with his free hand, "As you can see." Gerry's patter draws his attention back to the merchant, and the knight pats the head of his axe, "Not a sword-man myself. And my squire's plenty of gear to look after my axe." Which suggests that perhaps Saffron's request is the more pressing.

Nedra accepts the wrapped parcel with another smile that blossoms to one of warmth and genuine fondness as Saffron and Kamron appear. She is firmly on Saffron's side of this particular topic as she says, "I found these beautiful hair pins, shaped into clever fireflies with such pretty greenstones to make them shine," she explains, holding the wrapped package between her hands. A brief glance is sent up to her brother, nope she so isn't going to be on his side of the saving coin debate, "Hmmm, it should be something that speaks to the things that his lady likes. And.. something that's also a token of his affection, of course, something she could perhaps wear in a regular every day fashion.." she studies the wares on display with a careful eye, "but not something common place either.." this is said before she fixes Kamron with a narrow eye, adding him to her List before turning back to the table.

"Good," Martyn replies to Kamron, before he pauses for a few moments as he moves back to the stall again, looking a bit more carefully at some of the wares a bit more carefully than the last time. Humming a little under his breath.

The roguish 'merchant' gave both of the two fresh prospects a long and considered stare, weighing them up as if trying to decide just what might work out best. Or perhaps just how much he could squeeze them for. He did have a bit of chilling intelligence in his eyes, craft and just a bit hungry, and the stare could get a bit too direct when sent at nobles of far higher birth than himself. Not lewd in any way, just calculating. "Hrm.." he murred, scratching at his dark beard before pulling out a wooden box that he'd put away after showing it to Nedra and Martyn earlier. His fingers stroked across the back of it, before opening it with a dramatic flourish.

"I'd say he'd be wise te look here, m'Lady," he murmured. Inside were the cream of his crop, which didn't mean so much gold and silver as some beautifully worked bronze brooches, intricate rope-and-knots design, interwoven with hints of leafs and flowers, and amber set in their midst. Eeach was subtly different from the other, even if they fell alike in style. "Worked from Lannisport, where 'em know how to do with metal. Sure their goldsmiths are the finest, but 'em don't all work in gold." There were also some combs, some in wood and some in bone, crafted after mythological figures. Horned horses, and winged beauties, and mermaids and dragons and lions. He also lifted up some necklaces, made with polished amber and greenstones. No real gems, mind, but well made none the less. The sort that wouldn't shame a lesser noble, or a merchant. "Combs are from Tyrosh an' Myr, bought 'em there m'self. Ye can tell with how 'em work the grain, an' the style o' cuttin'."

Saffron muses a bit with both Nedra and the merchant's suggestions. She clasps her hands behind her back as Gerry begins to map out the possibilities, though she purses her lips a bit. "I'm from Westerlands, goodman. I'm not terribly interested in things from Lannisport. My sister can send me along those." She offers him a slight grin. "Do you have something a bit more exotic?" Then her gaze shifts to the combs, and she steps over to admire them. She does not touch, letting her gaze be the scrutinizer. "You've travelled around quite a lot, master merchant, if you have items from Myr. Combs have never been one of my favorite items though. Perhaps you have something else from the Free Cities?"

Kamron chuckles at his sister's words about the situation, "I will get you back, Neddie." The 'threat' is given with laughter in his voice, and then he turns to watch his betrothed discuss various items with the merchant. "Wilderness themed would be wise, goodman. Something of waves or leaf or sky." He's not going to give the man any more than that, since the onus is on the merchant rather than him. Just to make matters worse, he adds, "You look like you've used that sword a time or two, goodman. Where did you get your training?" Which is to say, where have you fought?

"The one of the griffon is quite clever though," Nedra has to admit, eyeing the combs for a moment but…. she already has spent the money she was saving for just this occasion and glances from Saffron to Gerry and back, wondering what the merchant will have next. Kamron's words bring a smile to her face, one that's all manner of sibling happiness for knowing that she's twisted his tail a bit in retaliation for the remark about money, "Of course you will, brother dear," she replies in a tone of perfect belief and struggles to hold back the laughter threatening to bubble over.

Martyn still keeps his eyes on the various wares, shaking his head a little bit. Pausing at Kamron's words about the sword, he turns to study Gerry rather carefully for a few moments. Lowering his voice to mutter something to Nedra, rather quietly.

Not to be put off by a few setbacks, the merchant lifted up some delicate looking jars, sealed with wax. Each had scratched on it the markings of a plant, rather than letters. "The scents o' all the Seven Kingsoms, here. Scents o' faraway Freecities, an' beyond, too. Flowers plucked on foreign lands, extracts made an' put into here so a Lady might catch a whiff o' it, an' imagine te be somewhere far away. Or perhaps jus' an exotic bird herself, blown off course te settle in our parts fer everybody's bliss?" They lined up on the table in a neat long row. He also rummaged in one of the boxes afterwards, frowning and staring and mumbling something about the "bloody brat got no feckin' sense o' organizin'," until he had some coloured Myrish glass figurines wrapped in straw to keep them. "Nobody makes glass like 'em do in Myr. Look'n how 'em catch the light, like 'em got fire glowin' inside." The figurines were all simple animals, five of them; a hawk, two zars, a lion and a hound.

A grunt followed at Kamron's comment, and he scratched his beard for a moment after, chewing on the answer. "Eh. Had a pa who was an armsman o' a lord. Ran off, ended up in the Free Cities after a while fer adventure. Heh. Had enough o' tha' te suit me a lifetime. Fought all over the Disputed Lands."

"Fought in Pyke, too. Came back when I got sick o' Essos, but a bit low on coin when I landed in King's Landin, so I took hire with a Ser goin' te fight fer his King against the Ironmen. Heh. Promised me a damn place in his hall, he did, iffen I did well. Left me with a pittence an' havin' te pay me own way te Lannisport. Loot bought me a nice startin' package, tho', te compliment the trade I've always liked doin' on the side. Peaceful work these days, fer a peaceful time, eh? Still. Reavin' makes fer desperate people, makes fer bandits, an' I keep meself sharp. Ain't nobody stealin' -my- goods." Gerry gave a pointed sniff.

Saffron begins to smile as he reveals the jars, and she leans forward to take a small whiff. Her expression only brightens further. With a tilt of her head, she glances toward Kamron. "They smell quite nice. What do you think, My Lord?" She then glances over toward the figurines with another dimpling smile. "Oh, those are quite nice." She considers this for a moment. "Goodman, do you perhaps have a necklace made from the Myrish glass? I think that would be just what I am looking for." There's always a chance, after all. If not, she might be leaning toward the fragrance jars.

Kamron nods at Gerry's response to him, "Lordsport or the Keeps?" Apparently, he could give a rat's ass about fighting in Essos, but fighting the reavers is another thing altogether. And then Saffron steals his attention with her query, and he steps forward to smell the fragrances one after another, "I like the pine, and the spice." He quiets down again as Saffron queries the merchant.

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears what Nedra whispered. "Really?" Sounding like he's not really sure he believes it. Looking back to the others, he pauses for a few moments, "Essos. How's that place?" he asks to the merchant, offering a bit of a smile.

Nedra smiles as Martyn looks surprised at the result of their quiet conversation, but she nods lowly to reaffirm her words, "Yes, really," is said quietly as she spends part of her attention on the exchange between Saffron Kamron and the merchant along with the line of query that Martyn ventured.

"Saw it an' helped it burn," of Lordsport, he said with a casual shrug. "Pity 'bout tha', really. Burnin' don't serve nobody, but people sure like doin' it. But got a few nice things outta it 'fore it turned te ash." Like any kind of sellsword, swooping down like a vicious raven seeing a nice juicy corpse with soft eyes and brains to pick at. "An' was there when Thoros of Myr went in first. Heh." Something that Gerry by the sound of that snort would never have done. Not in a million years. Some men enjoyed life, and men who jumped first through battered walls had a tendency to find themselves without more than a few seconds left of it.

His eyes swung back to Saffron, shaking his head. "Sorry, those be the only Myrish glass I've gots."

"Eh. Gotta go there te see it. Ain't do much good tryin' te explain it te ye," he told Martyn. "Different, mostly. Everythin' different, everybody lookin' different. Smells different, food tastes different, people talk different. Took me a while te learn the jibberish, tho' I speak it like a native these days."

When her maid had come rushing back from the Tower with a message from her, Jocelyn had stepped away from Nedra and other remaining Nobles to recieve it. "You really didnt have to rush like that over something like this." Jocelyn tells her maid and smiles, shaking her head. "You are very good to me."
Now with that whole matter settled, she sets out to find Lady Nedra again, amoungst the crowd that is still gathered around.

It is about this time that Hara makes herself known, even if she has been in Saffron's shadow up to this point. "I would suggest the jars of fragrance, Milady. It is something you can literally wear with anything." The maidservant offers the Mallister betrothed a small smile before she returns to just off the redhead's shoulder. Saffron considers this before she looks over toward Kamron. "Pick which one you would like most on me, and that's the one I want." She flashes him a dimpled smile before she looks over to Nedra and winks.

Nedra is standing to the side of Saffron and Kamron who are speaking with the merchant who seems to be inspiring a great deal of curiosity from first Kamron then Martyn. The benefit of standing to the side of the conversation is being able to observe it without actually being entangled within it. She carefully tucks the wrapped parcel into the deepest pocket of her cloak, shifting her small coin purse into the same pocket as well then resting one hand above the pocket for safe keeping. With the discussion well afoot she takes the opportunity to wander the nearer tables and stalls, mindful of her proximity of course, content to just table shop without actually purchasing or bartering for things.

Martyn nods a little bit at Gerry's words, but doesn't say much, at the moment. Looking over at Saffron and Kamron as he hears the lady's words. "Make a wise choice, cousin. It's probably a trap," he offers a bit lightly.

Spotting Lady Nedra and the others still near the merchant. A small sigh is released and Jocelyn makes her way towards the women. On her way toward them, she passes passby Martyn and Kamron offering a small smile and quiet words. Getting closer, she sees the perfume bottles Saffron seems to be looking at. "Dont they smell lovely, Master Taken says that his daughter makes them."

Kamron nods to Gerry's description of Pyke, "No honor in burning." Or looting, but lets not insult the man who owns the merchandise his betrothed wants to buy. "I only saw Thoros go in from a distance. Went in with the rest of the Riverlanders, to take the bridges. I would have liked to see if I could beat him up the breech though." Saffron's words to him draw a bit of a laugh, and he nods to Martyn, "Of course it is. But I'm not smart enough not to walk into it." Looking back to Gerry and Saffron, he adds, "I think the amber spice." His crooked smile twists over toward Saffron, "You get enough of the pine scent on your own, My Lady." Jocelyn's murmur causes a whisper of a frown to flicker over his lips, but he doesn't speak directly to it, "How much for the scent, goodman?"

"Why settle fer one, when ye can have two or three?" Asked the merchant with conspicious innocence, just trying to be oh so helpful. But since Kamron had made his choice, he put his fingers on the jar and pushed it a little forward. "A truely masterful choice, m'Lord. Fer a hint o' the exotic east, eh? It wont leave ye disappointed, mark me word. A whiff o' this'll stimulate all the pleasent senses." Which was a remarkably polite way to say the thing he really meant to say, and one could just about see the satisfied smile on his lips as he congratulated himself for that bit of wordsmithing. Who said he had a rude tongue? Hah.

"Ah. Fer the two 'o ye, an' the happiness o' such a beautiful couple comin' tegether, I'll make it a good price indeed." Which meant a reasonable fifty percent markup for being nobleborn when he spelled it out. Which was still less than the double he'd charged Jocelyn, so that -did- mean he was being generous when it came to making money off those who had - in any commoner's eyes - far too much, rigth? "Would ye like me te wrap it up, as well?"

Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he hears Kamron's words. "Ah, good to know I'm not the only one too stupid to stay out of the traps," he offers, with a bit of a chuckle. He pauses for a few moments at Jocelyn's quiet words, studying the merchant rather carefully for a few moments, before he shakes his head a little bit to himself now.

Nedra smiles as she spots Lady Jocelyn as she returns to the market, "Well met, again, Lady Jocelyn," is offered with a cheerful wave of greeting from where she stands. "Ahh, so that's what he meant," she says with a thoughtful nod of understanding for what Gerry meant when he said his Lass made the perfumes and such. "I hope that the message was not something amiss?"

Saffron brightens at the suggested fragrance, and she looks perfectly satisfied with this choice. She offers Nedra a smug smile before she glances back toward Kamron. "Wrapped," she instructs him before hse steps aside to speak with the Mallister girl, and the Nayland she has yet to meet. She smiles to both.

Glancing back at Kamron and Martyn briefly, being sure they heard her. But then Jocelyn looks to the choice that Saffron had decided on, and the reason the Kamron gave for picking that one. A smile spreads on her lips. How cute. At Nedra's question she shakes her head, "Nothing too important. A letter arrived from my Mother. She often sends them to check on me. Nothing that can not be wait. Iulia just thought I might it right away." As Saffron turns toward them, "Good day Lady Saffron. It is very nice to see you."

Kamron raises a finger at the merchant's named price and Saffron's response, "Now I know that they have such scents in Seagard for half the price," an exaggeration, of course, "and My Lady and I were just talking about a trip down there. Since you're a veteran of Pyke yourself, I'll give you three-quarters of that price." Or just a bit over the un-marked-up price.

"Ahh excellent," Nedra says softly, glancing from Saffron to Jocelyn again in turn, "I wasn't sure if you'd met. I mean, of course," and she eases into the greetings anyway, "Lady Jocelyn Nayland may I formally introduce you to Lady Saffron Banefort? Lady Saffron is betrothed to my brother Kamron," she makes another small gesture to indicate which Mallister male is her brother (not her cousin), "and in case you haven't met Martyn," she makes the next gesture with the same smile, "that would be my cousin Ser Martyn Mallister," she concludes with a glance back to Jocelyn. "And be glad she only sends letters, not couriers to read the letter aloud and take down your reply instantly, I suppose?"

Gerry's face crumbled with distress, as if he was being held by sword point by a real nasty monster of a bandit, who was not just demanding his goods but his pride and his life as well. His dark hair shook back and forth as he looked from Kamron to Saffron, and back again. "M'Lord, I'm certain they couldn't possibly have -this- scent down in Seagard. Perhaps some o' the others, true, but this one is special. Jus' like yer wife-te-be is special. Why if I'd lower my price anymore, there'd go me whole profit, an' me an' me daughter - scrawniest little thing ye'd see - would be starvin' soon enough." The sinewy hard fellow ran his fingers through his hair, scraping the nails against the skull in the impression of a man who didn't want to lose noble custom, but was oh so very drawn! "Iffen it's jus' one, it's a steal. Butten if yer interested in buyin' -two-, then I could see meself bein' able to run a lil over even." Though it'd still be a steal, suggested his voice.

Gerry 's eyes weren't quite up to following the emotions playing out over the animate canvas of his narrow-handsome face. They were as sharp and cool and calculating as ever.

Martyn is unable to hold back a grin as he hears Kamron's words. "You know, they probably have it in Seagard as well, cousin. You know, right behind Master Halwor's tailor shop at the market." He glances between the others for a few moments, before he looks over at Jocelyn as he hears Nedra's words. "Lady Jocelyn. A pleasure to meet you," he offers. Looking back to Kamron and the merchant again now.

Saffron arches her brows a bit between Kamron and Gerry, though she is distracted a bit by the introduction being given by Nedra. She turns her head toward Jocelyn, offering a bright smile. "Pleasure to meet you, Lady Jocelyn. Your name is familiar, but we've not met before, have we?" She glances back over toward Kamron to see his reaction to the merchant.

A smirk is given when Jocelyn hears Kamrons reply to the merchant. Glance at Gerry and raising an eyebrow. She wasnt the only one that notices his mark ups. The introductions distract her back to the party before her. When the gesture goes to the men she says, "I've met them. Just very briefly." Turning she dips a knee to curtsy, "A pleasure to see you again, My Lords." and then back to Saffron. "Indeed, we have." smiling brightly, "Its good to see you again. I believe the last was at your party, with the flaming sweets? Quite success, might I add. Lady's, Lord's and Ser's still speak of it."

Kamron nods to Martyn, "There is a scent shop right about there, isn't there, coz?" His eyes cut back toward Gerry, and he smiles just a bit, "That's the best price you can give for the man who fought Rodrik Greyjoy, goodman? Times are tough for you, but they are times of tough for everyone." He arches an eyebrow slightly at the other man's alternative, "And what price could you offer for two, exactly?" He's a little distracted from introductions, keeping his attention on negotiations, "It would have to be a good deal indeed for me to be able to buy two."

Nedra's expression is one of mingled dismay and chagrin, "Of course," and she glances to Saffron with a nod. "There were so many ladies present and with the way the evening ended everything became a bit of a blur, names and houses alike," she says with a small shake of her head. "Well, this meeting will hopefully be without flaming sweets," she adds with a glimpse of a smile.

"Rodrik Greyjoy, was it?" He asked, bobbing his head politely. "I'm sure yer brave an' bold, good Lord, not a doubt o' it in me mind. Why, lookin' atchu I can fair see how grand a spectacle it must've been. Worthy o' bards." A smile on his lips then, before it faded with a weary sigh and a defeated shrug. "'fraid a common man makin' his way don't pay much more attention te nothin' than the fact the lords dun feed us well, an' iffen we're used it's fer slaughter. No bards te sing our tales, tho' I've seen plenty brave men there with me, as our Sers threw us into the steel jaws o' the Ironmen. No armour an' no castle forged weapons." Technically Gerry's armour looked fair decently tended to, for all that it was leather, and his sword might've been plain but it was quite obviously well made even when looked at from a distance. "Had I coin te offer ye the full measure o' the gold an' gratitude I'm sure ye deserve, I would've. Alas, I'm but a simple goodman, with simple prices." And no shame.

"I suppose.. were you te buy two, then I could've found it my heart to give ye the price ye wanted, if only because I admire ye, an' think highly o' ye company."

"There is. Mother used to say it was the best one she's ever been to," Martyn replies to Kamron, before he looks back to the ladies again for a few moments as he the mention of the flaming sweets, expression hardening for a few moments, before he looks back to Kamron and the Merchant.

Saffron tilts her head toward Kamron and she offers him a broader smile that is full of dimples — especially at the news he is trying to buy two. She does glance back toward Jocelyn. "I'm very sorry then, Lady Jocelyn. I admit the entire event with Lady Katrin distracted me terribly, and then it was Lady Rowenna offering that reaver's wine." She chuckles softly before she bows her head in apology. "Then its good to meet you again." She does flash a grin toward Nedra, opening her hands innocently.

Laughing softly, Jocelyn shakes her head "Think nothing of it." She looks between the two women, "In events that there are so many Lady's, I often find that I myself forget who I've met who I have not." With the incidents mentions, all she says, is "I'd expect little else from my Cousin Rowenna." again she pauses, "She's so giving."

"If that wine is anything like the Elderberry wine that I shared with Mistress Dorsey, I can well imagine how it's a bit distracting," Nedra interjects with a rueful shake of her head. Her voice lowers as she adds, "I do believe singing was involved, with that wine, I mean, which makes me treat it with utmost wariness in the future." She glances back to Jocelyn and smiles while adding, "Your cousin Rowenna is such a fascinating woman, I must say, a genuine change of pace, to say the least."

Kamron shrugs a little helplessly at Gerry despite playing shamelessly on his reputation to get a better price. "Fine words are but fine wind, but fine prices make for happy buyers." He nods when the merchant makes his deal, "Your name, goodman, and you have a deal." Looking over to Saffron, he adds, "What other scent would you like, My Lady?" Smiling at Martyn, he adds, "Seagard is a little further than we intended to go right now." And then he realizes that there's another lady present, and he bows his head, greeting her, "Lady."

"Something softer, My Lord," Saffron requests when asked what else she would want. She looks back toward Jocelyn with a beaming smile. "Perhaps I will have to do the starlight tea again, but with a smaller gathering. It would have been nice to speak more with everyone." You know, before Rosanna chucked the flaming marshmallow at Katrin. She nods in agreement with Nedra's words about Rowenna. "I rather do like her. I hope we can see her again while we are in Stonebridge."

"Gerry Taken, m'Lord," came the merchant's response. "Short fer Geremy, out o' Fairmarket ways originally, tho' by way o' half the world at this point." He cracked a wide smile, and immediately set about wrapping up the first jar that had already been chosen. He added a bit of straw inside the simple cloth package, to keep the pottery safe, then tied it all off with a piece of string. Neat little bow on it, too. "An' indeed, nothin' makes me happier than a happy buyer. Truth, that."

"I'm sure you could send someone down there, though," Martyn offers to Kamron, before he shrugs. "Might not be the most practical thing to do at the moment, though." He listens quietly for now, pausing a bit at Gerry's words, studying the man rather caarefully for a few moments. "When did you leave Fairmarket?" he asks, sounding a bit curious.

Pleased that the two found favor with Lady Rowenna, Jocelyn laughs. "Yes, one should always becareful with any sort of wine. Too much can only lead to trouble. I will make an inquiry to see if Lady Rowenna is at Stonebridge presently, I had thought she had left for a time. But I will check for certain if you both wish to see her." At the mention of another starlight tea, "Oh! Yes. I thought of stealing your idea myself and holding one myself here. It would certainly be nice to have a small gathering of Ladies again."
Kamron's greeting has her glancing in his direction. "My Lord." she greets briefly, allowing him back to Gerry and she back to the Ladies.

"That would be delightful!" Nedra declares, "both the idea of getting to visit with Lady Rowenna again and you should certainly take the idea and host one yourself. Without," and she can't help it, she glances back at Saffron, "the flaming party.. favors."

Kamron nods his head, "Well bargained, Master Taken." He looks over the other scents, looking over to Saffron and nodding once, "Softer." He lifts a few here and there, then selects a light floral scent, "And this one." He undoes the buttons of his jerkin, reaching in and pulling out a thin pouch. He counts out a few silver coins and a couple of coppers and passing them over to the merchant. Even as he tucks the coin pouch back inside his vest, he looks over to Jocelyn, introducing himself, "Ser Kamron Mallister, Lady."

"Ah, I cannae remember exactly, m'Lord" Gerry said with a dismissive shrug in Martyn's direction. "Fourteen or somethin', if I were to venture a guess. Time blurs, y'know. Cocky youths, think they'll conquer the world, eh? 'Fraid me daughter's taken the same idea. Can't real blame her, tho'. Growin' up in me kinds o' company'll turn any lass foul mouthed an' hard eyed, tho' it warms me heart te know it's jus' surface attitude. It's parta tha' reason I decided I wasna gonna sell me sword this time, but try me hand at tradin' fer reals. Hard life, never knowin' if ye'll get paid or stiffed, or iffen ye'll die tomorrow fer some cause not yer own. Usually foolish ones, iffen ye'll beg me pardon fer sayin' so."

The second jar was wrapped up as well, after which he patiently waited for the coins to be counted out and delivered before saying: "A fair if hard bargain, m'Lord. May the warrior strength'n yer arm, an' the Father give ye justice an' fair treatment, always." And if nobody else looked in mind to make further purchases, he'd start to pack things down. More than time for an ale.

Saffron brightens as Kamron makes the purchase, and she looks over toward the pots. "I will wear one for our dinner tonight, Ser Kamron, and you can let me know what you think." She winks to him before her gaze settles back on Jocelyn. "You may certainly host one yourself, Lady Jocelyn. I would perhaps avoid the flaming treats though… out of personal experience." Her nose wrinkles pleasantly, and she winks to Nedra. Then she glances back over to Kamron and the merchant. "Thank you, goodman. I will be sure to tell other Ladies I know to seek out your goods… perhaps if I send you enough patronage, you will let me see what other rarer treasures you have."

Martyn grins, "Some people tell themselves they can still conquer the word, even when they're older, Master Taken," he offers. A brief pause, before he adds, "And Fairmarket was a nice place fourteen years ago, I'd say. At least that's the way I remember it." He pauses a bit, before he looks over to Kamron now, lowering his voice a bit as he speaks to the other Mallister knight.

"Once I get the approval of the Lord Regent to host one here, I will set a date." Thoughfully, Jocelyn says, "Yes, I think I should look for something that is not set on fire. Perhaps something a bit safer." Hmm.. What could be safer without being dull? "If either of you've any suggestions, please, I'd love to hear them. With the arrangments you made, Lady Saffron, everything was so beautiful down to the star gazing."
Kamron turns his attention to the Ladies, Introducing himself to Jocelyn, so she turns toward him and dips into a curtsey again. "A pleasure Ser Kamron. I'm Lady Jocelyn Nayland. Welcome to Stonebridge, My Lord."

Kamron nods to Gerry, buttoning up his vest again and taking the package. He nods once more at the benediction, and then turns away from the merchant. Jocelyn's return introduction draws a crooked smile to his face, "A pleasure, Lady Jocelyn. I've heard such wonderful things about you." Martyn's quiet words draw a nod, "Of course, coz." Saffron's offer sparks a broader, brighter smile, and he nods, "I look forward to it, My Lady." Extending his words to take in both her and the Nayland lady, he adds, "if you will excuse me briefly, I could use a word with my cousin."

"If my memory serves, everything was going smoothly until the the sweets were brought out," Nedra replies, her tone of voice thoughtful. "It seems to me that as long as you avoid menu items that would be served best if toasted over open flame that such calamities might be avoided. However," and her expression turns pensive, "well it would depending on how well you'll know the ladies you plan to invite. But you could possibly employ a bard to compose a short ballad for each of your guests? That way it'd be a unique keepsake and memory as well," and she smiles suddenly, "as long as they're not those awful limericks that the armsmen are fond of singing - or, rather, slaughtering - when taken by drink."

Saffron bestows a kiss to Kamron's cheek, and it perhaps lingers a bit more than just ordinary friendliness. "As do I. Now, go speak with Ser Martyn. I'm sure we can do without you menfolk for a while." Her gaze glimmers with amusement before she sets her sights on Nedra and Jocelyn. "I'm happy to bring bits of the Westerlands to the Cape of Eagles. My mother use to host them all the time at the Banefort. I use to wish I could join when I was a child, but it was meant for the noblewomen only, and I was still a noble girl." And covered in scrapes, dirt, and other such things meant for scrappy girls. She glances over toward Nedra, nodding a bit. "I believe there was a little bard at the inn at the Roost. Petite little thing, but a girl. That would definitely keep the affair to the womenfolk."

With a polite nod in Saffron's direction, even if it was somewhat ruined for the fact that he was looking her in the face and eye rather than at her feet, Gerry said: "Thank ye, m'Lady. That'd be a great kindness, indeed. I could offer a greater spread, iffen I were expectin' more noble customers." Because presently the vast majority of his goods were obviously intended to be purchased by commoners of more limited means. Like their septas and maids, or the goodwomen of the townships he visited. Once he'd started to pack things up, it went rather remarkably quick. He left the stalls tanding, but all the boxes were stabled up one after another onto a small wheeled cart nearby. With a final nod int heir direction, he made his way off to whet his tongue with all his profits of the day.

Martyn nods a little at Kamron's words, "We should move a bit off, perhaps? So we don't burden the ladies?" He offers a grin to Saffron, "And don't worry, I won't hurt him much," he offers, a bit lightly. The ladies' topic of conversation makes him offer a bit of a comment, though. "Just make sure nobody gets hurt, or abducted or killed or anything," he offers to them.

"Have you, My Lord?" If Jocelyn was surprised by Kamrons words, she didnt hide it. She was surprised, though pleased. Smiling softly and there is a hint of a blush that colors her cheeks. If she thought to inquire more or say more, Kamron's excuse has her pausing. Inclining her head in farwell.
Nedra's suggestion turns Jocelyn's head and she stares and blinks at the lady. "What a good idea." She had not thought of something that unique herself. "I've just met a bard, perhaps I could arrange something like that. Even have them played through the evening for enjoyment or for dancing. Couples could have their own song." AW! What a sweet idea!
With both men leaving, she gives a sidelong glances at Gerry, trying to see his next direction. A small sigh of relief is given when he too pack things up, an obvious sign that he was leaving for the evening. No excuses for the Ladies needed to be made now.

Kamron puts a hand at the small of Saffron's back as she leans in to bestow the kiss on his cheek, the touch bringing another broad grin to his lips. "We'll both be good, and back shortly, My Lady Saffron." He nods to Jocelyn, "I have. And I look forward to getting to actually speak with you, Lady Jocelyn." And then he's nodding to Martyn and gesturing him off to one side of the square, "We'll stay in sight, but I doubt the ladies are in any danger in the midst of the town square."