{$actor} as Lynnette Maule
name: Lynnette Maule
father: Zane Maule
mother: Ylvida Maule
spouse: Unmarried
issue: None.
gender: Female
age: 18
height: 5'6''
weight: 65 kg
eyes: Dark brown
hair: Raven-black
house: None.
position: Adventurer (means "Does nothing")


When she was a little girl and still did not knew how to talk, her mother and her father had a small Inn of their own. They had a successful business. For this reason, she never felt poverty in her early childhood. However, in the course of time everything changed. Her father started to drink too much. Sometimes she did not see her father in weeks. Her mother could not live in this uncertainty. From kind and calm, and even funny she became chagrinned, vixenish, and started to look to other men. One night, her father drank too much, but came home. A strange man was sleeping in her mother's bed. Lynnette's father did not say a word. He just turned and went through door and never came back. Mother could not work in the Inn alone. So, it was closed. However, they desperately needed money. So, their little house became a cathouse. Each day and night the young girl heard many strangers wheezing and shouting from pleasure. In order not to hear them, she tried to sing louder for herself or run far far away in the forest to play with animals. She even found a friend there. It was an old wild dog.

In time, the girl started to hate her mother, her father, and all the men. She had much free time because her mother seemed to forget the child. On her thirteen birthday, she found a plank near her slum house. She took that plank and a knife from the kitchen, and started to sit outside day after day. She was whittling a birthday present for herself. In a short time she made herself a symbolic wooden sword. She started to practice it on trees in the forest near her home. Each stab to the tree, was intended as to a man who moaned in her mothers bed. Some of those men were trying to get closer to her, even tried to hurt her. The young girl was always watching her back, as if she had eyes in the back of her head!

She lived with her mother in house outside of town with no other children to play with her. Other children probably would not have liked her. Girls could not understand her because she was a tomboy. Boys would not see her as one of them because she was a girl. She could not live like this. Lynnette ran away from home when she was 15.

She had so much adventures! However, one of adventures went bad, so after a few years of unpredictable life, she found herself as a serving girl in the Rockcliff Inn. She remembered how her father and mother worked in their own Inn. So, she quickly learned all about cooking and serving. This job helped her to stay out of trouble. Life became easy and even routine compared with her life of hiding in the forest. But she is still not happy.


Zane Maule (Father) - was handsome and strong man. However, he started drink too much. One day he left his house and never came back. So, he is missing.

Ylvida Maule (Mother) - was elegant and even intellectual. However, than her husband became drunkard and later disappeard, she lost her way. She became village whore and forgot her own child.

Oldy (old wild dog) - she found it in the forest. This dog became her best friend, father and mother at the same time. However, he was killed by some crazy hunters.

Physical Features

Lynnette is a young woman of 1.7 m. (or 5'6") in height. She is 18 years old. Her curly, raven-black hair falls only to her shoulders. Contrasting with such dark hair is her clear and pale complexion, with a tiny scar on her right cheek. Her dark brown eyes shine with a spark of mischief or amusement. Her small nose, rosebud lips and willowy, slender frame hint at daintiness and delicacy except for the swell of her ample bust filling out her simple dress. That inheritance from her mother is usually what attracts the attention of men. On most occasions, her dress is the color of blue sapphire. A length of white rope gathers the dress around her waist, but its fabric flows beyond that to conceal her legs and feet, swaying with the breeze and almost touching the floor when she walks. A small bronze pendant engraved with strange script dangles from a slender leather cord around her neck.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity

"Life is unpredictable" (Thu Mar 20, 290)

Lynnette quits from her job in the Inn. She got a more interesting offer from her new acquaintance. She decided to take the offer without hesitation. She is no a serving girl anymore!


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