Lyanna Frey


Lyanna was born as the fourth child to Ser Jared Frey, eldest son from Lady Cyrenna Swann and Lord Walder Frey, and Alyse Frey. She has two living siblings, Ser Tytos and Lady Kyra, while her other brother Tioran died by the end of Robert's Rebellion. Being the youngest Lyanna had a less stringent upbringing in her young days, mingling with the many other grandchildren of Lord Walder Frey. She enjoyed playing with sticks and wooden swords before she reached the age where she would be forbidden to do so in public. She continued, however, in private, whenever her brother Tytos would show her some new tricks. She would use a slim wooden sword - almost a pin - for theses purposes, for she lacked the strength to wield a real sword. But these 'lessons' became fewer when Tytos started to squire and left her with a basic ability to defend herself with a a long dagger of some sort.

It was about the time Lyanna was forced to adapt to the expectations imposed upon her by her parents and to learn things that were more appropriate for a noble lady like singing, dancing, and needlework - which Lyanna despises to this day. Far more pleasure provided the times when Lyanna would withdraw to read a book, spending many an hour in the library, fleeing the tedious practice of her needlework. This strategy would not prove very helpful however. To have a moment of tranquility Lyanna would even offer her help when one of the children at the Twins fell ill. She was among those sitting by the bed of sick little Freys, reading books of heroic knights riding to the rescue of beautiful maidens to them, or even soothing their feverish anxiety with a song. She would be the one who would keep a calm head when the fever rose so high everyone would fear for the young child's life, remembering the advice of the maester and applying it long before the maester could be fetched.

The young Frey lady quickly picked up a basic knowledge of healing, she deepened that knowledge even by reading books on the healing powers of herbs and how to apply them - and by asking many questions whenever she would get hold of the maester.

The stories of heroic knights however instilled a longing feeling in her, and as the subject quickly proved a source of inspiration she would turn to write certain little stories herself, thereby offering her a most welcome opportunity to flee her own caged reality. She keeps the stories for her own entertainment and has not shown them to anyone else so far, apart from reading them to sickly little Frey children she has been attending to.

As much as Lyanna loves the company of books, she really enjoys the warm sunlight and being outside. Being quite an accomplished rider, she takes many an opportunity to ride out, almost never alone, of course, but in the company of her old Septa Mariah, who would follow - not quite as fast - on her own mare. It is then that she feels a hint of the freedom she had as a child. Quite recently she has grown fond of hawking, a pastime she seems to share with many other noble ladies of House Frey.

She is loyal to her House, respects her father, admires her mother and loves her siblings Ser Tytos and Lady Kyra in her own quiet way. When she visits the Sept she regularly lights a candle for her late brother Tioran, the father of her niece Aralima.

The Present

Having left the Twins to attend the wedding festivities at Seagard in August 289 Lyanna had surfaced at Terrick's Roost, her safety being secured by two Frey guards and her reputation by the ever vigilant presence of her Septa Mariah. The purpose of the young Frey lady's visit remained unclear, even more so as she had never ventured outside of the Twins's shelter before. Visiting family, perhaps? Or had Lord Walder sent her out on some mysterious errands as she claimed? Staying at the Rockcliff Inn in relative anonymity, Lyanna was befallen with a cold, accompanied by a fever which led to her keeping to her room for almost a week. While she was slowly recovering from her sickness, a messenger from House Frey arrived at the Roost with a missive for Lyanna.

She departed the Roost only a few days later, accompanied by her septa, a maid and two guards in the direction of Stonebridge, turning northward at the crossing, where she was joined by her bastard cousin, Ser Maldred Rivers. Arriving at Tanglewood Manor, formerly known as Highfield Keep, she was received by none other than Lord Aleister Ashwood and his steward. Following Lord Walder's wishes, Lyanna was to stay there as Ambassador of House Frey for the time to come.

Alas, whatever plans her grandfather might have had for her apart from her office, they were annihilated by the untimely death of Lord Aleister. Lyanna was unfortunate enough as to witness the revealing of the heads of the late Lord of Highfield and his cousin Miranda, who both had disappeared - ironically enough - on their way to the Twins for a meeting with Lord Walder. The gruesome sight has left its mark on her and incited a determination to find out whoever is responsible for the murdering these two Ashwoods.

Physical Features

Lyanna Frey is a young slender woman of average height and average beauty, most of whose dark brown hair has been braided and twirled at the back of her head into the form of a snail, fastened with several pins of silver. A few shorter strands of hair fall over her forehead above a pair of intelligent looking eyes of deep blue colour - showing a certain sad and pensive expression of late when she is not in the focus of attention. The nose is rather long and unremarkable, being a geometrical counterpart to the broad mouth, which is usually pursed in an assessing manner when it is not broadened even more by a gentle smile.

The plain elegance of her attire shows in the pricey fabrics which have been tailored into a dress without much glitter and adornment, the bodice and skirts of the characteristic Frey blue, complemented by long sleeves of a light grey colour. A dress which is far more suited for courtly events and her newly assumed station as Ambassador to Highfield than that riding dress she was mostly seen wearing at the Roost. And it is a dress that accentuates her slender figure and manages to present her modest curves in a comely yet very tasteful way.

Allies and Foes