Page 164: Luncheon at the Crane
Luncheon at the Crane
Summary: Gedeon, Lucienne and Jarod, Lorna, and Danae meet at the Crane.
Date: 28/12/2011
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Crane's Crossing Inn — Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
Wed Dec 28, 288

Lunching hour, the Crane is busy. Travelling nobility mingle with the more upscale, wealthy commoners, scattered about in pairs and triples upon the varied seating options here - some are even lusty enough to be looking for the clean, experienced girls who work here. Not Lucienne, though; she's picked a couch as far away as possible from the stairs, two guards blending in to the mill of people whilst she sips sweet, white wine and converses with her handmaid.

Gedeon has not been a constant figure at The Crane, but he has been the Oldstones knight that been riding with traders to and from Stonebridge on a regular basis, and he once again finds himself in town, and at the lunching hour no less. As the traders see about selling their wares, the blond knight makes his way into Crane's Crossing for something to eat and drink. The wome for rent get an idle glance, but he steps past them without offering anything more. His gaze travels around the room and settles on Lucienne, his brows lifting in surprise. Making his way to the couch where she and her handmaid sit, he offers her a bow and a smile. "My Lady Lucienne," he says. "What a pleasant surprise to find you here in Stonebridge."

Given to brief lapses in observation of her surroundings whilst so accompanied, it is not Lucienne who first notes Gedeon's approach. The guards lean in to share a word regarding the blond knight, and Celine abandons a sentence in favour of a hushed, "My lady," as her dark eyes flit toward him. And so it comes that Lucienne wears a smile as she's bowed to, taking care with her wine as she rises from her seat. "Ser Gedeon," she returns, her voice a touch warmed by the indulgence in her cup. "Join me, if it please you? Jarod said you might be in attendance here."

Jarod arrives from the Town Square.
Jarod has arrived.

"And so I am," Gedeon agrees, accepting a seat appropriately spaced from the Terrick lady at her invitation. "Your company is always pleasing, my lady. Have you been in town long?"

"You're kind to say so," replies Lucienne, dipping gracefully back to her seat as Gedeon sinks into his. "I only arrived yesterday, with Ser Jarod. He's been appointed the Terrick ambassador to Stonebridge, and I to accompany him. I suspect we'll be in town for some time, or close by it." She pauses for a delicate sip, before enquiring, "And yourself? I trust you're well?"

Speak of devils and bastard knights. Into the Crane comes Ser Jarod Rivers himself. He slips through the door, casting an almost shifty look around the tables. Perhaps he's searching for someone in particular. He spends an awful lot of time scoping out the barmaids waiting on the tables. And not really leering at them appreciatively, as normal. He's scouting them somewhat warily. But, apparently not finding whatever he fears, he ventures further in. He heads toward the bar first, apparently not having spotted Lucienne and Gedeon yet.

"Oh, I see," Gedeon replies, blinking several times as he processes this. "Well, that's well done, the both of you, then. I'm sure you'll both serve your family with wisdom and honor." He leans back a little in his seat and nods for her question. "I am, thank you my lady. Travel to and fro has kept me busy." His gaze moves around the room and, spotting Jarod, darts away from him and towards the door, as if he's anticipating another figure arriving. But after a moment, when none does, He murmurs to Lucienne, "And there's the very man, himself."

"I hope so," admits Lucienne, with regard to the ambassadoring. She imbibes another small sip soundelessly, and follows Gedeon's gaze about the room. The sight of her brother brings a smile, though the expression quirks curiously at his strange manner. She shakes her head, shrugging it off, and returns her attention to the blond knight: "So it is. Is your Lord in attendance, Ser?"

Jarod gets himself a mug of ale before doing anymore scouting of his environment. So it's a few minutes before he actually spies Gedeon and Lucienne. "Huh," he mutters to himself, upon sighting them together. But finally he just shrugs, pushes himself away from the bar, and heads toward their table. "Good eve, Luci. Sorry if I was late. Ser Gedeon." The other bastard knight earns a short nod, and wry grin. "Fancy meeting you here." His manner's cordial, if not really all that warm.

"He's back in Oldstones, presently, much to his regret when he hears you're staying here for a spell. I expect, at such news, he'd be please to join me when I visit again," Gedeon answers before looking over at Jarod. "Ser Jarod," he greets with a faint smile, "fancy indeed. Lady Lucienne tells me you're the Terricks' ambassador here. Well done, ser."

"Not at all," Lucienne assures Jarod warmly, her tone easily recogniseable: the richer, freer lilt wine brings. Celine rises, moving that the newly arrived might claim her seat. "I wouldn't dare to distract him from what business keeps him at Oldstones, much as I may like to," says Lucienne, ignoring any traces of awkward as the two knights greet each other.

"Not sure the 'Well done' is quite appropriate, Ser Gedeon, but we'll see how it plays," Jarod replies to Gedeon. He pulls out a chair to sit beside his lady sister. "My father thinks my agreeable nature will serve me well." He snorts. "Maybe I'll finally get something out of it." He pulls out a chair next to Lucienne. "How've you found town so far, Luci?" His manner isn't precisely awkward. Just entirely lacking in the puppyish friendliness he generally approaches people with.

"Would 'good luck' suit better?" Gedeon queries, brows lifting as he peers over at Jarod. Lucienne's comment earns hher another smile. "He may be eager to be distracted. It is only the day-to-day duties that his travels and visits have kept him from for so long that occupy him now. But Lord Valentin can only focus on such for so long before he's a need to stretch his legs."

This is not the first time there's been a less puppyish Jarod in the presence of Ser Gedeon Rivers. Lucienne summons her smile again, an easy thing as the conversation continues to hover around Anton. "So I've noticed," she says. "Your castellan must be ever so patient. Stonebridge agrees with me so far, Jarod, you? Were you looking for me, as you came in?"

"Likely would, aye," Jarod replies to Gedeon, as for 'good luck' better applying. "And I was looking for you, Luci, come to it. Figured we should meet up before any forays with the Nayland nobility. And I wanted lunch. Figured you'd come here." He sounds less-than-pleased about that. Looking to Gedeon he asks, "You…err…seen Lyla Carrity around while you've been staying here? I'm kind of curious what her work hours are like." Judging from the way he keeps darting glances toward the door, he's hoping 'Not now.'

"I've seen her," Gedeon agrees with a small shrug, "though I don't think I watch her quite so keenly as you, Ser Jarod. But, last time I remember her about, it was dinner. I don't think now's her shift, unless her schedule's changed."

Unsure why Jarod is less-than-pleased, Luci's smile wanes a little, just shy of a frown. She occupies herself with another couple silent sips from her cup while the boys talk, piping up only to ask, a little confusedly, "Miss Lyla works here?"

Jarod snorts as to 'watching Miss Lyla keenly.' "Dinner. Good. We've got time to eat before she's on, then." He relaxes a little more now, sipping at his ale and motioning for a redheaded serving girl who is definitely not Lyla Carrity. "What's your stew of the day, sweetling? I'll take a bowl. And some bread and cheese as well." It takes him a minute to answer Lucienne's question. But he finally mutters, "She works here now I'm told, has for just shy of a month. Since she moved to Stonebridge."

"Are you hiding from her?" Gedeon asks of Jarod. As a waitress is called over he adds to her, "I'll have the same, miss, and an ale to go with it."

"Did she move?" The questions come right on top of each other, one from Gedeon then one from Lucienne. She has her wine, and gives it a blank sort of a look before adding to the waitress, "Some stew would be lovely, please."

"I'm not hiding," Jarod replies flatly to Gedeon. "I'm just…looking for ways not to run into her." Which may be semantics for 'hiding.' "Our parting was kind of…awkward." Lucienne is also replied to flatly, "Yes, she moved."

"Right," Gedeon murmurs. "Of course." The semantics he is apparently gentleman enough to keep to himself. "Well, if it was that awkward, perhaps you'll both conveniently be trying to avoid each other."

This whole conversation is just awkward, isn't it? Lucienne fixes Jarod with a bit of a look for his flat response, then buries her face in her cup for another, longer sip. Perhaps she should've ordered another drink.

Jarod certainly does not seem keen to continue the conversation on the subject of Lyla Carrity. His focus stays on Gedeon as he desperately searches for a subject change. "How've you found the town, Ser? Not had any trouble from the Naylands, I hope."

"No, thankfully. The Naylands and I have left one another pleasantly alone, for the most part," Gedeon replies with a small shake of his head. "Though I did have the interesting experience of meeting a Lady Kathryna Harlaw here, not so long ago. But, it seems she was only passing through on her way to Terrick's Roost to serve as an… ambassador? I didn't know the Iron Islands had such."

It's Lucienne's turn to offer a flat response, surfacing from her cup to voice dully, "They don't." Cut-and-dried opinion of the Lady Harlaw, it seems. Is that their stew and drinks on the way over? Hopefully. Luci musters another smile, turning it to Gedeon. "Will you be about town for awhile, Ser? If it please you, we could take a walk sometime."

"In my professional ambassadorial opinion, she's not very diplomatic," Jarod says. It's mostly a joke. "Though I don't suppose they're used to practicing diplomacy without bludgeons in the Iron Islands. She claims she's come to reparations for the death of the Greyjoy's bastard killed at the Stonebridge tourney and discuss trade, though she seems to spend more of her time polishing Lord Daffyd Camden's lance." He smirks. You remember that, or was that before you'd arrived back in the Riverlands?"

"The Greyjoy bastard?" Gedeon asks. "That was a long while ago for someone to come here about it, now." He glances over at Lucienne, brows lifting a little for that dryness. "Another few days, I expect, while the men I traveled with peddle their wares. I would very much enjoy a walk with you, my lady." To Jarod he says, with a huff of a laugh, "I recall Dafydd Camden well enough. She means to marry the man, she says."

"Marry?" Jarod snorts. "She didn't strike me as the marrying kind. Poor Lord Camden. Well, he'll learn his lesson." He eats on his stew, washing it down with some ale. Gedeon's note about the Greyjoy bastard earns a nod. "Aye, near half a year gone now. I'd expected the Ironborn to retaliate on our coasts just after it was done, but they've been quiet these last months. Funny business all around. Lord Mallister, when I spoke to him about it, said he thought it might mean there was infighting in the Iron Islands themselves. Too busy killing each other to bother with us. Who knows, though? Lady Kathryna and her men are the only Pyke folk we've spoken to recently, and I'm unsure what in Seven hells I make of her."

The mention of polishing lances causes a shocked widening of Lucienne's eyes, but she drowns any scold that would be forthcoming in her cup. It's a very useful cup, even if her cheeks are starting to look a little flushed from all this rapid sipping. Gedeon's response elicits the smallest curve of a smile, and then she's set to craning her neck to see where their food is. Oh, look! Right here! "Thankyou, miss."

"Maybe so. Certainly, there's been infighting, before. I remember reading about some of their battles between one another in studies when I was younger. Still, that's the time to send an ambassador?" Gedeon frowns faintly. "Whole thing does come across as odd. You think she might be after something more than what she says? Though I can't say the lady struck me as a very deceptive sort. Didn't seem to have the knack for it." He falls quiet, then, to gather his stew bowl and mug closer, dunk a bit of bread in and take a bite.

"We all sort of figure she is, just can't figure what precisely, or why she'd wrap herself up with the Camdens to get it," Jarod replies to Gedeon. He has the manners to half-bow his head when he notices Lucienne's shocked, widened eyes. "Pardon my language, sweet sister. But it's an odd match, you have to admit. Warlike woman, with one of the Camdens, who didn't even bestir themselves from the trees when Lord Tully called for them during the Rebellion."

"She's already managed to sow discontent amongst the ranks," Lucienne points out, gingerly twirling her spoon in her stew. "Hmm?" She looks up, to Jarod for his apology. "Forgiven, dear brother. I rather thought the Lady Harlaw had some slight sense of propriety, but perhaps I'm mistaken."

Lorna arrives from the Town Square.
Lorna has arrived.

"I suppose they've very fine lumber for making boats, though it seems a long way to travel to get such to the islands," Gedeon muses, scratching thoughtfully at his smooth jawline. Glancing over at Luciene, he asks. "Discontent?"

"Lady Evangeline did not care for the Lady Harlaw's rougher ways," Jarod sort've explains Lucienne's comment to Gedeon. "It caused some friction between Jace and the Lady of the Roost, in their respective handling of it. That doesn't seem to have been a plan by her, however." It's the lunch hour and the inn is reasonably crowded. Gedeon, Jarod and Lucienne are sitting together at one of the tables, eating and drinking.

Jarod adds, "What'd the pair of you speak about, Gedeon? When she was passing through here?"

The lady who comes in has every right to be there, and it's evident in her stride. She is wearing a dress like a lady should, but forest green and split at the sides with trousers underneath, all good material. She pulls back the hood of her cloak as she steps in, pausing briefly to check the behavior of the hound at her side - some locales don't permit dogs, but no one's told her nay…yet. Proceeding in she heads for a table. Lady Isolde's newest lady-in-waiting seems to lack for visible escort other than the hound, or maybe said person is waiting outside. She proceeds with gainful stride to an empty table which may or may not be by coincidence close to where the trio is having their conversation.

Jarod's explanations really suffices, so Lucienne adds nothing but a nod. She tosses a cursory glance about the room, then pops a spoonful of stew delicately into her mouth. A wince suggests it might still be a little hot.

"Hmm," Gedeon muses, "A very skilled troublemaker or, as you say, a very poor diplomat." For what they discussed, he shrugs. "It was late, we were the only two down here. The typical sort of things, I guess. How our land is fat and weak, the might of the drowned god, the steely toughness of the Ironmen. And marrying Daffyd Camden."

Jarod chuckles at Gedeon's reply. "She doesn't seem to vary her conversation much. I figured she'd cut the talk of our soft, fatted lands after both I and Ser Aeric Mallister trounced her, but she seems to like the refrain, so I'll not interrupt her song." His chair happens to be facing in the direction the lady approaches, and takes the table neighboring theirs. He stands, to offer her a bow. Incoming nobility and all.

Courtesy, no matter who it's from, is worthy of being acknowledged. Lorna smiles and nods to Jarod as she moves to take her seat. When the server manages to bustle by, she seems thoroughly certain about what she has in mind. "A bit of mutton please, with the stew. Cider with that, and a stock bone for my Stormer." The head of the wolfhound gets a pat, followed by a snap of her fingers and a firm pointing at the floor. The dog licks her chops, and then lays herself down under the table.

"Or perhaps a bit of both," muses Lucienne, in response to Gedeon. The new arrival earns a bit of an eye, though it's only her brother rising that prompts the same courtesy from the lady. "My lady," she says softly, her glance shifting warily to the wolfhound before she retakes her seat and her spoon, dunking the latter back into her stew gently.

"Trounced her?" Gedeon asks. "You meant to say you both fought her?" Which is about when everyone stands, so Gedeon follows suit, offering Lorna a small, courteous bow. He glances over at the large dog, blinking a couple times for its presence, even as he lowers back into a sit. "Clearly your ill-gotten victory only made you fatter and weaker."

"M'Lady," Jarod offers to Lorna politely, though he takes his seat as she gets down to her own business of ordering. Gedeon's questions earn a grin. "Fought her and won. Not so well as Ser Aeric, albeit. He's a speedy hand with a blade, and used to the way Ironborn fight besides. Anyhow, I figured it was the best way to deal with her. The Ironborn respect little, save those that can take what they want. Figured I'd have an easier time with her if I gave her a measure of my strength."

The dog regards those who stare at her with a regal air. Clearly she is magnificient, clearly they are only giving her the due she deserves. And then she licks her chops again. As for her mistress, Lorna manages to not quite take her seat so as to offer an efficient curtsey to the trio. "Sers, my lady." There's a hesitancy, and she seems eager to reassure, "If Stormer's presence disrupts your meal, I can have her go outside. But I assure you she'll remain well-behaved. I do apologize for my interruption."

"Not at all," Lucienne tells Lorna, as reassuringly as she can. "She seems… very well behaved, my lady." As for the rest of the conversation, Lucienne stirs her stew a few times, picking out a most tantalising bite to ladle up, and inserts, "She had the audacity to cross swords in front of myself, with Ser Aeric, as though I might be impressed with her sporting." Clearly, she was mistaken. "He knocked her out. It was atrocious."

To Jarod, Gedeon muses, with a playful smile, "Apparently Daffyd Camden had a similar idea." Because, really, how could one resist saying it? Glancing back at the dog and the woman who owns her, the blond knight shakes his head. "It's no disruption, my lady. Only, perhaps, a bit unexpected to see such a miss keeping our company in an inn." Looking back to Lucienne, he listens and then sighs softly and gives his head a small shake. "Not much of a diplomat at all."

Jarod shrugs to Lucienne. "She comes from a place where such things are not considered so improper for one such as herself. Her ways are not yours, sweet sister. Was imprudent of her to do it under Lady Evangeline's nose, though. I will say that." To Lorna, he inclines his head. "No trouble at all, m'lady. That's an impressive animal, by the by. Wherever did you find such a hound?" To Gedeon, he snorts. "He's a slightly different way of going about it. As to that, Lord Camden can have her, she's not my type. Never understood the fascination with blondes."

Satisfied that at least Gedeon agrees with her, Lucienne dips a firm little nod to her stew. There's probably a hint of a smile to come, but three bites in she's decided she's full and pushes her bowl back a touch to exchange it for her cup, hiding whatever expression is there behind the rim as she sips.

"In the Nayland kennels." Lorna grins at that, like she's made off with some great treasure. "I have the honor if being one of Lady Isolde's ladies-in-waiting." she explains. Lorna Frey. A pleasure to meet you all." She doesn't offer her hand to either of the men unless either gesture forward to take it. "This beastie is Stormer. She took a liking to me upon arrival, and she's gifted to me by my lady's good grace." The food arrives, and Stormer starts to get up eagerly, only to be giving a firm sounding of her name from Lorna, who lays the bone at her feet. The dog looks at the bone. Looks at the woman. Looks at the bone. Looks at the woman. The Lorna points at the bone and says firmly, "Treat." At which point the dog lays down again and begins to chew eagerly away.

"We're not all bad," Gedeon says of blonds, giving a lock of his own, pale hair a small tug. He glances over at Lucienne, and the way his eyes crinkle, perhaps he's gotten a glimpse of that almost-smile. To Lorna he says, "Ah, you serve the Lady Isolde." he chuckles faintly at Stormer. "The Lady was always very generous with her gifts."

"Ser Jarod Rivers, for my part," the knight introduces himself. "Sworn sword to Terrick's Roost. I'm assigned down here as a sort of…liaison, I suppose you could call it, to the Stonebridge Naylands. Along with the assistance of the Lady Lucienne Terrick." He inclines his head to Lucienne herself. Gedeon just earns a snort. He'll agree to disagree with the blonde knight about…blondes.

Lucienne sets her cup back to the table, flashing Gedeon a proper smile for his look, and then turning her attentions to Lorna. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, my lady Frey," says the Terrick girl cordially. "The Lady Nayland and I were quite close as children, I do hope to spend some time reacquainting with her whilst I can."

"And you, Ser?" Lorna asks of Gedeon, saying with evident enthusiasm to all three, "It's lovely to meet you. It's a pleasure to have contemporaries; and oh, my Lady Terrick, perhaps I can lure you into indulging a tale or two with regard to my lady's childhood sometime." She then grins, a touch impish. "I promise it'll be put to good use of bribery later."

"Anais is blonde," Gedeo points out, "as are her sisters. You can't mean to say you won't abide by any of them?" Gedeon teases Jarod with a faint smile. To Lorna he says, his smile turning a touch wry. "Ah, well. My name is Ser Gedeon Rivers, my Lady Frey. How do you do this afternoon?"

"Haven't wed myself a Banefort girl yet, have I now?" Jarod asks Gedeon with a grin. "And there are plenty to go around. Though I'm keeping my options open. Lady Anais' elder sister, the widowed one, rather likes me." He winks at Lucienne. "Maybe she'd consider darkening her hair with some sort of root." To Lorna, he nods. "Pleasure is all mine, m'lady. We should spend a good deal of time in Tordane Tower while we're in town. Improving relations and mending old fences between here and the Roost and all."

"Ah," says Lucienne, mirroring Lorna's infectious smile, "She was a much more adventurous little lady than I, I must admit. I'm sure between the three of us, the Sers and I might find a tale to your liking." Jarod's wink earns him a little tilt of his sister's head, though she's compelled to weigh in on the friendly argument with a bright, "There's no-one quite so sweet as a proper Riverlands girl, now, right Lorna? All dark curls and dark eyes, and no chance of being shown up by your lady in a fight."

"Ah, Lady Isolde's brother. I was wondering when I'd meet you." The remarks doesn't seem to infer anything more or anything less on Lorna's part. What comes out of her mouth is pretty straightforward. "I personally would love to see more of those of the same generation more often. Especially those of good wit." Which she seems to think the trio are. There's a pause, and - "May I join you? Eating alone always feels so awkward to me, I'm used to having heaps of people 'round the table."

"Not yet," Gedeon teases for Jarod's unwed status, "but you're young, yet." And then, there's Lucienne's comment about fighting and he must pausing in lifting his drink to his lips to snicker. As Lorna labels him, Gedeon dips his head in a nod. "And now you have, my lady. Certainly, you're welcome to join us. It seems silly to make conversation across tables."

Jarod has finished his ale, and his stew was gone before that. He eats at a quick clip. "You can have my chair if you like, Lady Lorna," he says, standing. "I need to be going soon. Have to see after my horse. Think he loosened a shoe on the road. Rowan's got him at the farrier now." Speaking of. He inclines his head to Gedeon. "When you've time, Ser Rivers, we should have a more private word." He leaves it at that. Lucienne just earns a chuckle. "Don't be coy, Luci. You did make me yield once. You don't fool me. You're quite scary." He winks. It's mostly a joke. Sixty-percent joke, at least.

"Me?" Lucienne gives Jarod a look of mock disbelief. "Nonsense, I'm just a slip of a thing. Even the grass in the fields doesn't yield under my step, Jarod." Her smile is wry, the flush still evident in her cheeks - no doubt due to the small amount of stew she's taken in proportion to her now-empty cup. "Please, do join us, my lady."

Lorna seems perfectly capable of picking up her bowl and flatware and moving over; the dog likewise plucks up its bone and resituates itself next to Lorna's new chair. "Thank you. I'm generally easily wearied of the usual Frey ruckus, bu in unexpected and mundane circumstances, I find I quite miss it at times." She then peers sidelong at Lucienne. "I daresay my lady, if you're of a mind at some point, I'd like to test myself against you, but only in the best of spirits and in good-natured friendship and curiousity, if you're ever of a mind."

Looking over as Jarod stands, Gedeon nods, his expression affable enough. "Aye, so we should," he agrees with the other Rivers. "Whenever the time suits you." Glancing at Lucienne, he smirks. "You forgot the bit about having to run about in the rain to get wet." And then, as Lorna joins them he asks, "test yourself against, my lady? In what field?"

"Lords and nations yield before you, Lucienne Terrick, for they cannot help themselves," Jarod says to his sister with a chuckle. "M'Lady Frey, was a pleasure." He flourishes a parting bow to Lorna. And her dog. To Gedeon, he just nods. "Later. then." And off he goes.

"Good eve, Jarod," bids Lucienne on the breath of a giggle, leaning back a little in her chair. "I'm afraid, my good lady Frey, that Ser Jarod jests - I'm not for sporting, not at all. I'd be most pleased to take tea with you, though, and perhaps the Lady Nayland might join us for a ride, if there's a pleasant afternoon to be found for it?"

It's around the lunch hour in Crane's Crossing, and the place is somewhat crowded. Gedeon, Lucienne and Lorna occupy one of the tables. Jarod appears to have just left it, as she's standing and making what appear to be preparations to depart.

Lorna looks faintly abashed. "I am some for sporting." she admits. "But…well. I don't presume to believe I'm better than those who dedicate their lives to it in serious vocation. And I've other pleasures more maidenly as well." She seems somewhat eager to reassure Lucienne that she can still embroider a mean stitch, too! "Good day, Ser Jarod." she calls out after the departing knight. Then to Gedeon, faintly demure, "I have a good eye for archery, and am fair with a sword. I doubt well enough to manage in a true heat, though. Though in a truly dangerous situation, it might be a surprise and earn me enough time to run and hide and buy time for those who are truly trained to make their way."

Lunch seems to be just Danae's intent after a long morning spent outdoors, leaving a little colour and a few extra freckles across her cheeks. She is followed by her guard in his simply livery and pauses, dipping into a slight curtsey of greeting as she spots Jarod. "Ser Rivers, good to see you in town again so soon," she offers warmly, glancing from him to the party gathered about the nearby table. To them she inclines her head in a short nod, but pauses — perhaps hoping for an introduction to those she does not know.

Polishing off the lastof his own meal, Gedeon nods a little as Lorna speaks on. "Some women do seem inclined to have at least an understanding of such arts. I can see how it might be useful in self defense, though seven willing, you will never be without a champion to wield a sword in your stead, my lady Frey." He sighs softly. "I'm afraid I must be off as well. I've traders awaiting me. Always a pleasure, Lady Lucienne." He eases to a stand and, as he passes Danae, offers her a small bow as well and a polite, "My lady."

Jarod has started his stride away from the table. Though he stops in his tracks when Danae greets him. Flourishing her a deep, showy bow. He seems to favor those. "M'lady Westerling. Very good to see you as well. Have you spent some time out of doors recently? Looks to have done you good, if you don't mind my saying." He's apparently not in such a great hurry to leave now. And he does at least have the presence of mind to catch the nod to his former table companions. "Lady Danae Westerling, Lady Lucienne Terrick, my half-sister. And Lady Lorna Frey, who I've only just met. You may know her better than I, as she's a Lady in Waiting to Lady Isolde. Or not. I know not how well acquainted the local nobility is." Each lady is gestured to in turn. He adds, as kind of an afterthought, "And the other knight walking out is Ser Gedeon Rivers." He raises a hand to sort of waggle his fingers at departing Gedeon, as if to see him off.

Lorna looks up at the new face - perhaps caught in passing back at Stonebridge. "My lady." she greets politely to the approaching blonde. To Ser Gedeon, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I hope that you are right. Good day to you, Ser." Then she turns and sort of gazes sidelong at Lucienne to see if the other woman is reacting poorly to her talk of sport.

Lucienne doesn't quite know what to do with Lorna, come the admission of her less ladylike pursuits. She sits, a little stunned for a long moment, before snapping back to bid Gedeon a polite farewell. "Be well, Ser." Danae's arrival and the consequent introductions sees a regrouping of sorts for the Terrick girl, who musters a smile, at least. "My lady Westerling, a pleasure," greets, lifting smoothly to her feet as a courtesy.

"It is kind of you to say so, Ser Rivers. You are looking just as well, although I imagine rather less freckled than myself," Danae replies with a slip of a smile. "Good Ser," the passing Gedeon is a acknowledged with a tip of Danae's head, before blue eyes flicker towards the party which Jarod is so kindly introducing her. The ladies are noted with particular regard so that all the courtesies of station might be attended with the gracious dip of a curtsy. "The day's blessings on you both. As it is mine to meet you, M'Lady Terrick. And M'Lady Frey, I am afraid I have been negligent and have been remiss in taking your acquaintance," she adds, showing no flicker of discomfiture in the face of their previous…sporting conversation.

"It's no trouble, there are an awful lot of us Freys." Lorna offers sympathetically, and tries to salvage some bit of her stock with Lucienne, "I'm told I embroider well." she offers tentatively. "And I have a fine voice, or so it was claimed at Riverrun."

"I've let the sun abuse me enough over the years that it just tans me now," Jarod replies to Danae. Indeed, he's suntouched himself, but it's just browned rather than freckled. The conversation about 'sporting' is kind of ignored. Save for the faint smirk it conjures. "You'll be seeing more of me and the Lady Lucienne about in the days to come, I suspect. We've been assigned here on the orders of my liege and father, Lord Jerold Terrick. We're supposed to be…ambassadors, of sorts, from the Roost to the Stonebridge Naylands." He leans a hand against the chair he was occupying at the table before, not retaking his seat but not speeding off either.

"I, on the other hand," Lucienne replies smoothly to Lorna, aiming to set the other lady back at ease with her warm smile as she lays a hand over her heart, "Am a terrible hand at embroidery, despite my many years of practice. Frustrating, to say the least, though I enjoy the pursuit." Her cup long empty, and her bowl of stew gone cold, the lady Terrick doesn't re-take her seat, either. "I'm afraid I should be on my way, too, though I do hope to have the pleasure of both your companies again soon, my ladies?"

"I see, I have attended to the outdoors myself…but to no avail. I just freckle, Ser. I should think that the sunlight likes you better, to shine through so truly," Danae compliments mildly. "It would be my delight to see more of you. It sounds like an…interesting position to undertake," she offers of their purpose in Stonebridge. Raising her brows, her gaze flitting from Lorna to Lucienne inquisitively before seeing the Lady Terrick rise with a gracious exit. "I think it would be my pleasure to take tea with you…perhaps sometime soon." Her smile is smooth as a riverbed stone, extending the invitation to both ladies. "It was a delight, M'Lady Terrick."

Lorna likewise rises, though the dog under the table is too occupied with her bone. "Lady Terrick. Ser Terrick." Lorna bobs her head and offers a curtsey for both of them. If it counts, up close her freckles are pretty evident. She doesn't work too hard keeping out of the sun. "I look forward to seeing you at Stonebridge."

"Interesting is sort've the key word to it, I suspect, aye," Jarod replies to Danae with a chuckle. "Things've been tense between Terrick and Nayland since these lands passed from Lord Jerold's rule into Nayland hands, after Lady Isolde's marriage. And with the question of just who will rule the place by next year sort've waiting for an answer from King's Landing…well. Should be interesting. We can speak more on that at a later time, perhaps." He offers a less flourishy bow, as a sort of parting. "I should escort my lady sister out, but I hope we all get a chance to speak more properly again soon."

"A delight, indeed," agrees Lucienne, flashing her sweet smile to Danae. "Tea, soon, we will see to it. Good day, my lady Wseterling, my lady Frey." And on those parting words, she steps out with Jarod.

"Certainly, Ser Rivers," Danae agrees with a flicker of a grin. "A good day, my lady Terrick. I bid you both well.' Once her farewells are extended graciously to the both, before she turns back to Lorna with an inquisitive tilt of her head and a slight smile. "Would you and your companion mind if I joined you for a bit, Lady Frey? Or are you to take your leave as well?"

"Not at all, I'm only midway through my meal. Please do sit, my lady." Lorna invites, pleased to have company. "As I mentioned to the others earlier, it's so awkward for me to be alone at a table eating. "I'm so used to being surrounded by the horde that is my family."

"The Freys are a large family, are they not? I am only so acquainted with the Riverlands house," Danae wonders gently, carefully folding herself into one of the abandoned seats. She snares a girl to request a meal for herself, briefly, then her attention is all Lorna's.

"Yes, we are." Lorna admits. "My father is a very -ahem- prolific man. And of course, many of his elder children have had children, and even some of those have already had children. I'm sorry, I did not quite catch from earlier, my lady - from where do you hail?"

"I see. That is no mean thing, it is quite a boon to have family that one may depend on on. Is it not?" Danae smiles sat Lorna, inclining her head in a short nod. "My apologies. I am a Westerling, of the Crag."

"You're far from the Westerlands, my lady!" says Lorna with big eyes. "Did you enjoy traveling? I've only ever journeyed through the Riverlands, myself. Do you find it much different?"

There is a twist to Danae's mouth, subtly amused at Lorna's widening eyes. "Quite far, yes." She takes a moment to pour herself a glass from the small carafe of wine she ordered, offering the drink to Lorna as well. "I enjoy travelling by sea very much. Your Riverlands is quite different from the West, softer and lusher."

Lorna grins. "I'm used to our freshwater here. And yes, it does give us very fertile lands as a result. Do you swim? I've only ever in our own rivers and creeks and the like. I imagine the sea would be a different thing altogether. And oh, excuse me - this is Stormer." The wolfhound in question looks up at the sound of her name, but is soon quick to return to gnawing on her bone.

"Enough to stay afloat and a little for pleasure. The ocean is cause for more care, currents will drag the unknowing beneath as readily as the knowling should you snare a riptide," Danae replies, pausing for a sip of her wine. As Stormer looks up, she looks down at the large wolfhound with a slight raise of her brows. Hello, dog.

Dog has bone. Om nom nom. "So tell me about what brought you so far from home?" Lorna inquires. "Your family is seeking firmer ties with the Riverlands Houses?" The question might seem casual, but the attentiveness of Lorna's expression suggests she's interested in details if they're safe to be shared.

"That is more or less the curx of the matter. It is a trade venture. The Lady Nayland nee Tordane has been kind offer me stay in the Tower. I believe you arrived there just recently, did you not, Lady Frey?" Danae questions in return, manner warm and pleasant.

"Yes. I'm now one of Lady Isolde's ladies-in-waiting. I'm quite pleased at how it all turned out." Lorna notes, but pursues further, "What are the products that you hope to trade, and receive in turn?" She then looks faintly recalcitrant. "I'm sorry - is this too prying?"

"You are lucky, your Lady is very kind," Danae notes, a quietly approving smile brightening her features. It is clear she thinks well of the Lady Tordane. "It is abrupt, I do not so well think that trade is a think oft discussed over luncheon…but nothing has been set in stone, which is what the Westerland's main trade source is." She takes a sip of her wine and takes a delicate pause. "How find you Stonebridge?"

"Perhaps if it were, trade might be more enjoyable for all involved, aye?" Lorna grins at her own quip, but she doesn't press the issue either. "I find it well enough. Not as grand as Riverrun, but certainly more of a relief than the Twins. It's very crowded. The Twins I mean, not Stonebridge."

"Perhaps it might be," Danae acknowledges softly. Blue eyes keen, she inclines her head at the lady's admittance and smiles gently. "Are you not one for crowds, my lady Frey? You may wish to avoid the bustle of the town square during the later hours of the day."

"I don't mind crowds more oft than not." Lorna explains, but does not expand further on the topic. "I like people a-plenty, and time to myself, too. Somewhat ironically, I think it was actually easier to slip away, amongst so many people."

"It is far easier to note a person for another person, rather than take a tree for the person you are looking for," Danae suggests thoughtfully. "It is busier here than it was at home by far." Their conversation takes a pleasant turn, perhaps leading into the hobbies of one at home or afar as they dabble over their luncheon.