Page 599: Lunch Time Rush
Lunch Time Rush
Summary: It's lunch time at the Rockcliff. Conversations happen.
Date: 14/Mar/2013
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Nathaniel Lynnette Mortimer 
Rockcliff Inn, Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Thu Mar 14, 290

(I have neither the start nor end of this, just the bit I was involved in.)

When she asks about his manners, Nathaniel starts to open his mouth in reply. He closes it, however, when the farmer arrives and Lynnette rushes eagerly to serve the newcomer. He watches her closely but his hands move to squeeze lemon from one of the slices onto his cake. Then he lifts the cake and takes a bite. He smiles while he chews. When Lynette returns to his table, he has finished the bite and finally can speak to her. "The cake is delicious," he answers. "Did you bake it?" He reaches for the cup of tea. "As for your other question, why should I not be kind to people who have done no harm to me? There is enough cruelty in the world already." He lifts the cup but adds, "As for what all men want, not all men are the same, and not all want the same things. That should be clear because I wanted tea, while other men asked wine."

Lynnette watches Nathaniel intently, while he talks. Than he finishes, she just stands silently. Her cheeks slowly become ruddy as ripe cherry. "I am… I am sorry about my silly talks," she says in puzzled voice. "Cake. I am glad that you like it. Cook made it. But it was my idea!" she smiles shyly. "How long you talk with that man, girl! I need food!" suddenly shouts a stranger from the table in the middle of the Inn. "I am sorry," sadly mumbles girl. She goes near the stranger and takes his order. Before she goes to the Kitchen, she gives a quick look to the man in dark cloth. Warm smile follows the look.

Mortimer is on his way home for lunch after what can probably best be described as a slow morning. There's no reports of trouble from out of town and the market itself has been quiet. Quite the contrast to yesterday, for him at least. He still has a little time to kill though so since he's passing the inn he figures it won't hurt to stick his head in and make sure all is well as it starts to fill up for the midday meal. Following in the leatherworker's journeyman he exchanges simple pleasantries with the man before taking a moment to glance round and see who is about. Nathaniel is spotted quickly enough and as there is seeming no one else he has more pressing business with around he makes his way towards the courier.

"It is a very good idea on a hot day," Nathaniel remarks with a glance to the slice of lemon cake that sits before him on a small plate. "Go," he urges when another patron calls for Lynnette to attend. "I won't leave until I've paid." He lifts his cup of tea again when the girl hurries to the other table. Then he sees Mortimer and lifts the cup slightly higher as a welcoming sign to the deputy. He adds, "You just missed it, master." He glances to Lynnette. "A customer was deeper in his cup then he should have been, and threatening to become a nuisance. She marched him outside and sent him home." He waves to a seat at the table, and questions, "Do you have time for lunch?"

Lynnette comes back with a roast chicken and a cup of wine. She puts everything on a table in front of the stranger. He whispers in an angry voice "Foolish sluggish girl!" and bites his chicken as famished. Lynnette looks around. Two really fat women beckon. Girl goes near them. Both women starts lecturing something to the young girl. She patiently listens to them. After they both forgets about serving girl and starts laughing from the man next to them, who was trying to impress them with his singing abilities, Lynnette slowly comes back to Nathaniel table. Her fingers were whirling a small bronze pendant engraved with strange script on her neck. "What can I bring you?" she asks politely newcomer and compulsively smiles.

Mortimer gives Nathaniel a brief nod to indicate he's noticed the invitation as he continues to moves his way towards the younger man. Reaching the table her does not yet sit, instead simply resting his hands on the edge of it and listening as the the incident is described. "Do you know who it was?" he asks, glancing back towards the door, "I'll check once I leave that they actually made it." As for the lunch question he can only shake his head at that, "I've time to talk if you need, but I'll be heading home to eat." As Lynnette approaches he straightens once more and declines to order with a faint shake of his head, "I'm fine thank you Mistress."

Nathaniel shakes his head. "I'm not sure. He was at least three hands taller than I am, stocky, with dark brown hair, a strong jaw. I think that I saw him once working on the wall east of town." Then he assures, "He didn't cause any trouble, master, but considering how slurred his speech was, I wouldn't be surprised if he has some trouble with finding his home." He looks from Mortimer to Lynnette while the young barmaid offers to bring lunch. When Mortimer declines, Nathaniel lifts his cup and requests, "I'd like another cup if you have time, but tend to your other customers first. I can wait."

Lynnette without a word takes Nathaniels cup and goes near the bar. Fills his cup and comes back "Here you are," she smiles. At that moment a few people calls her again. She goes to take their order. While she is doing her job, with each step, Lynnette becomes more and more testily. Unnatural smile glints in her face. She goes from one table, to another. Men follows her with their hungry eyes.

Mortimer listens carefully to the description that Nathaniel provides, nodding silently at the comment about the wall. "I have an idea on who it might be, thank you," he then replies, mentally working out his new route home to encompass the aforementioned check. Keeping out of the barmaids way as she returns with Nathaniel's drink he then turns back to the courier to see if there was anything he was wanting to talk about.

Nathaniel nods to Mortimer and notes, "He's big, and I don't know how he'll be toward you with a head full of wine. He accepts the tea from Lynnette and inclines his head to her. "Thank you, mistress. You didn't need to rush for me, but I do appreciate it." Turning back to Mortimer, he adds, "I hope that you were able to talk to the by from yesterday, and his parents. I asked around the town. The family seems to be in some dire straights. If he needs a job, I’m sure that between us we can find something for him." His eyes shift to follow Lynnette when she resumes her rounds again. He frowns and murmurs, "I'll be here for a while, just to see that those customers don't cause any trouble."

Mortimer has had a fair amount of experience at handling drunks but he appreciates the note none the less. "Most of 'em tend to recognise me anyway," he replies, not sounding overly concerned, "but I'll just make sure he's not slumped in the street or such." Taking the drunkards home, one of the less glamorous aspects of the job. As for the boy he shakes his head slightly, "wasn't him. Looked like him I'll grant, but wasn't him, too young in the face." Glancing over his shoulder to look towards Lynnette and the customers Nathaniel indicates he studies them for a moment or two then turns back to the courier, "they shouldn't, at least half of 'em are married and I'll tell their wives if anything but their eyes stray. Don't go putting yourself in trouble though," he warns gently, "there's some of us paid to do that and I'd hate to explain to Mistress Valen how you ended up doing my work."

"I don't plan to start trouble," Nathaniel assures Mortimer. He gives the wolfish customers another look, and nods. "I think that you're right about most of them. Af for Mistress Valen, I imagine that she has more worries than both of us together. Lord Brennart is training her to be the next steward of Heronhurst." He lifts the cup to take a slow sip while he thinks. Lowering it, he concludes, "If that lad isn't the one, then I'm still glad to know that he's looking for a job. I'll spread the word."

Than everyone got what they wanted, Lynnette went to rest near bar. She brushes her hair from forehead. Another woman comes closer. She is about the same age, however, she has long blond hair and she is dressed in tattered bright gown. Both girls starts talking, sometimes giggles. Lynnette periodically gives a quick look to Nathaniels and Mortimers table to check if

"I know you don't," Mortimer answers Nathaniel with a faint smile, "but I also know that you'd leap in to save a lass at a moment's notice and I don't want to see you getting hurt as a result." He raises an eyebrow faintly as Kalira's new position is mentioned then nods shallowly, "aye, I reckon you're right, she'll be busy for awhile with that." That being said he glances round the inn again then towards the door. "I reckon I should go check on our drunk and then get home. Yell if there's trouble though, there's a couple of garrison lads in the square."

Nathaniel nods. "I will," he agrees. "And if all is quiet and the men are off duty at last light, I'll ask the innkeeper to have supper ready for them. Give my regards to your family." Nathaniel lifts the cup in an informal salute. While Mortimer is heading for the door, Nathaniel glances around the room again. When he sees Lynnette with the blonde, he smiles to both of them and eats the last bite of his cake.

Lynnette whispers something to the blond and goes Nathaniels direction. "More cake?" she asks and warm smile is given this time. People starts rising from their tables. Everybody had to return to their work. The blond girl buses tables. Lynnettes hands were clenching fabric of her flaxen dress. Girl looked shy and disturbed. She looked around a few times. Seeing people leaving, sparks of joy glints in her eyes.