Lucienne Terrick


Lucienne was born in 270, to the Lord Ser Jerold Terrick and his wife, Lady Evangeline. A younger sibling to Jaremy and Jacsen, and half-sister to Jarod, she is known as a loyal and patient girl, if somewhat quiet and reserved.

As a child, and just a frail wisp of a girl even, she spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book. Always begrudging her sturdy brothers their adventures, yet never quite openly admitting that she'd an interest in such, she seemed a child content with her lot and commited to learning how best to manipulate it. Those around her with a keen eye for observation noted that herbalism and chiurgeonry piqued her interest like nothing else, but the former being at best a hobby and the latter frowned upon as a proper pursuit for a lady meant that her learning in both came as a result of stealth and sneakiness, rather than any official capacity.

The Lady Isolde Nayland (nee Tordane) played a large role in her upbringing, visits with whom were as frequent as they could be due to the camaraderie shared by their fathers. With no sisters of her own, the young Lucienne latched onto the slightly older Isolde and attached to her the most significant of roles: mentor. What Isolde did, Lucienne aspired to. There was never any jealousy to speak of betwixt the two, and to this day, despite the differences between Houses and families, it is no secret that the Terrick girl still bears much love for her 'sister'.

After the war and Robert Baratheon's installation as King, she was sent to the Mallister household as a lady-in-waiting and to help her newly-crippled brother adjust to his permanent injury. She was well-received there for her obedient and patient nature, and her quiet adeptness, and she and Jacsen forged a bond quite unlike any other; plain-speaking, plain-acting, it is known beyond just the two of them that they are close.

Since her return to Terrick's Roost, her education has continued and she assists the Lady Terrick in the running of the household until such time that she will be married off - until recently this was no great priority, however current events have a likely match for her in Lord Ser Anton Valentin, the Knight of Oldstones. Assisting her in her endeavors is the lady Liliana Camden, a ward of her father's and lady-in-waiting. The two share a rather open relationship, with several of the staff assigned them being rather close as well.

What You Should Know: (Feel free to assume the following in your RP)

— Lucienne is quite close to all her brothers, but it is well-known that she and Jacsen are extra close after spending time together in Seagard.

— Lucienne is also very close to her late mother's guard, Hardwicke Blayne. His newlywed wife is amongst her personal staff.

— Not long ago, the Lord Anton Valentin, Knight of Oldstones, showed interest and was given permission to court Lady Lucienne; since the Ironborn rebellion, it has become clear that a match between the two Houses is not in either's best interests anymore.

Physical Features

Lucienne's rich brown hair is kept at length with a hint of curl and a sweeping fringe, a stark contrast to her peaches and cream complexion. Her eyes are her defining feature, a more middling shade of brown, large and expressive under well-groomed brows. Her nose is straight, her lips are full, all contained in a well-shaped oval face with a beseechingly pretty presence. Of an average height, around 5'6", she is slim and not particularly curvy.

She dresses well, as would be expected, and is rarely seen in anything revealing. Fabrics are always fine and garments well-tailored, colours tending toward the yellow and violet of the House Terrick. A long, whisper-thin chain of yellow gold hangs about her neck, from which a pendant containing large purple stone cut into the shape of a heart dangles; more often than not, it is hidden behind her clothing.

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