Page 339: Love And Other Some Such
Love and Other Some Such
Summary: Alys meets her cousins Katrin and Harlyn Haigh while out on a stroll through the encampment. Alys and Kat get into a conversation about Honor, Duty, and Love of all things, before Harlyn drops in to check on things at the Haigh camp.
Date: 24/June/2012
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Private Tent — Haigh Pavilion — Seagard
Outside of the Haigh tents at the Tourney the evening after the melee at Seagard
Sun Jun 24, 289

The Haigh encampment is rather quiet with most of the inhabitants off to a meal or just enjoying the evening breeze. Katrin sits in front of her tent reading a book by firelight. Her Septa is knitting while her maid looks like she wants to be doing something other than just sitting still. It might be strange but there are more than few Haigh guards that keep watch over the Lady Haigh, finding reasons to linger nearby.

Alys is strolling through the encampments nodding to this Lord and that. Her maid is following behind her with guards to each side. Her red hair is down to the small of her back, the thick mass of curls are haphazardly placed about her, loose and wild. Wearing a Charlton green gown slashed with sunny yellow at the sleeves and a lightweight cloak of the same deep green. She walks towards the Haigh tent and spots a lady sitting outside with a tome. "Good eve' my lady." She smiles brightly to the woman and curtsies, introduces herself. "I am Alys Charlton, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Katrin looks up from her book and immediately closes it, offering a smile in greeting to Alys. "Good evening, My Lady," she replies, rising to her feet. "Katrin Haigh," she introduces of herself. "You are my cousin Perrin's recently betrothed, are you not?" she asks mildly. "Please, have a seat and join me for a while. Serra, an extra seat," she requests.

A nod from the Charlton girl as the maid goes to retrieve a seat. "Indeed, I am." Alys says with a shaky smile. "Well met, Lady Katrin." When the maid returns she will take her seat.

"I have not seen cousin Perrin in quite some time," Katrin says with a smile. "I do hope that he is well? His younger brother, Lord Harlyn Haigh is here in Seagard. Have you had the opportunity to meet him yet? He is a good man though a bit one-minded at times. It truly is good to finally meet you, Lady Alys. I have heard much of you."

"I have not met my cousins, either one of them actually. I do so hope I will get to meet Lord Harlyn. I shamefully regret I do not know much about my mother's family." Alys chuckles lightly, "Aren't all men one-minded, my lady?" she shakes her hand at her jest as if to dismiss what she says. Lifting her brow she smiles. "Oh, what have you heard of me, might I ask?"

"Some tea, Serra," Katrin murmurs softly to her maid before she offers Alys a smile. "Of course that you were taken captive by the Naylands during their…" She pauses as she seems to have difficulty finding a nice way of putting it. "During their moment of insanity, waging war on Charlton." She shakes her head. "I do hope that you were not ill-treated during this time."

Alys nods to the maid when Katrin requests tea and chuckles at what the Haigh lady has to say. "Aye, I was kept as a "guest," as Lord Riordan would like to call it. Though I was not at all ill treated. In fact, I had recently written Lord Riordan to request all of mine and my families things be returned to us. Though, I think I am missing one thing that belongs to my cousin Lord Ramsey, all of the other things have been returned. I will have to meet with Lord Riordan to recover that piece of priceless wares for my cousin." Alys smiles, "Thankfully we were, for the most part all of us were, treated with the utmost respect. Otherwise I should think Lord Riordan would have something to fear."

Katrin wrinkles her nose a little but nods. "Do you know how Charlton intends to respond to the Naylands holding some of theirs captive?" she inquires curiously. "It was a bold move, I will offer Lord Riordan that, but depending on how your House responds, it could have been a quite dangerous move."

"Would if my father would tell me anything. Though I should think that he waits to hear what Lord Riordan has in response to all of this. I spoke with my father a few days past," Alys crinkles her own nose up at the thought, though quickly wipes it away for an idle smile. "He did not ask much at all as to the state of our being in Stonebridge. Knowing him, however, he has a plan. Always does, but this betrothal has me nonetheless curious, as I am sure you all are."

Katrin smiles warmly, "Charlton and Haigh have long been friends, of course," she says lightly. "Such a betrothal would only strengthen that, especially in these troubled times. And you will make for a lovely Haigh, Lady Alys. You were born to it, at least halfway, anyway."

"So I am told." Alys says with a forced smile, "Either way, I will be wearing the colors of Haigh soon enough." she softens a bit and smiles a bit more easily. "My mother is ever proud of her brother and his house, so it would only seem fitting that I was as well." She raises a brow lightly arching it in question. "What of you my lady, what should I know of Lady Katrin of House Haigh?"

"I am Lord Leslyn's niece," Katrin replies, "By his younger brother. There is not much to know of me yet," she says. "I enjoy meeting new people and hearing what is happening within the different Houses. I simply hold my tongue for the moment in order to understand how to best help my House." And even some of that might be true…

"Ah, that is good to know." Alys nods, "It is also good to know there is not much to know. Everyone I have met has some form of agenda or higher purpose. Forget them, I say, I shall try and do what I can and that is all. No more, no less, I should think I would stay out of mischief that way, no?" At Katrin's next she nods with a knowing smile, "Is that not always the case? Somehow, though, we always find ourselves in some form of disagreement, no matter how good the intentions." Alys lifts the right side of her mouth in an awkward smile.

Oh good, the tea has arrived. Katrin pours a cup for Alys, handing across to her cousin before pouring a cup for herself. "There is always going to be an agenda or higher purpose, Lady Alys," she advises quietly. "It is a sad truth that we may wish to avoid acknowledging but it is something that we must always keep close to our heart. I do what I must for House Haigh, no matter how painful the price, but do not think that I do not have my own agenda, even if that /is/ the betterment of the House."

"It is the chance to forget that I hold most dear, my lady. Alas, I am no longer afforded that. And that is what is for the betterment of my house, or, so I am told by mine own Lord-Father." Alys smiles warmly at Katrin and accepts the Tea. "My thanks. I do what I must for house Charlton, and it will never be about what I want. I learned that in the most cruelest of ways. Do hold it close to your heart, but not so close that you get crushed by the pressure that responsibility holds. It is a very painful price." Alys pats Katrin's arm. "I will have to say, my lady. You are very intelligent, you will do wise to use it to the highest potential."

A wistful smile appears at Alys' words of wanting. Katrin gives a quiet chuckle. "You have no idea how true your words ring," she murmurs. "We must always forget about our personal wants when they do not play into the needs of the House. It is a cruel fate, and there have been times I wondered why we were expected such things but to be born to a higher class also means that we carry certain responsibilities…" She breathes out a soft sigh. She flashes a brief smile. "I am not so intelligent, my Lady Alys, if I should understand all too well the idea of wanting and almost letting that personal want overtake the desires of my House."

"It would seem my betrothed's family is no stranger to the affliction of love." Alys chuckles lightly. "Cruel is not the proper word I should think. Though what that word is, I should let you know when I think of it." Her smile is bright and full of humor. "You tell of yourself as less than what you truly are. I promise you, with all the learning I have done, I had found myself not at all wise in this one thing. Fate has been most cruel and unrelenting, though I cannot say I did not learn a few things from others failures. And I am now all the wiser because of it, so take a lesson, if you will."

Alys flashes a smile back at Katrin. "If you have love, make sure it is with someone your father will agree with. Also with that, make sure that nothing else stands in your way to obtain it, a betrothal is a battlement between love and obtaining it. If it is not a man that your father will approve, or you are otherwise spoken for. Do not cause yourself more pain and relent such feelings before they can. On the other side of things, if your wants meet those two things in the best of ways, make your feelings known, and quickly, or you will find your hand already given away." Alys blushes a bit at her loose tongue. "Or so I have heard from many a lady."

Katrin chuckles with genuine amusement. "You cannot tell your heart who you will fall in love with, Lady Alys," she replies gently. "Sometimes it will happen for better but usually for worse. It will be what it is, but we must just…" She waves a vague hand. "Deal with it." And then she glares a bit at the guards that still continue to find reason to hang around her.

Alys chuckles and nods her head, "You see, wise." she takes a sip of the tea and eyes the guards. "I could not disagree with you if I tried. Dealing with such matters is something we all must shoulder and honor. No matter our personal feelings on it all. You will make someone a happy husband. I think I like you, my lady, trust, it is no small feat." She chuckles once more and looks at her maid who nods in agreement to Alys' words then moves to speak with Katrin's maid.

"I imagine that if we have enough time together, Lady Alys, we could be great friends," Katrin agrees with a nod. "I will ensure that whoever I am to marry will never doubt my loyalty to him," she says slowly. "There is more to marriage, I have found, than love. Maybe it is best that love is taken out of the equation entirely. It only complicates things." Another glare at the guards.

Alys sniggers at Katrin's intent glare. "Indeed, I have to agree. There will be plenty of time for us to be together soon enough, I should think. And no doubt, I will be as loyal as I can be. But if love were not an emotion one could have, I would be," she speaks lowly, "Hells we all would be the better for it, no?" she sips her tea and smiles. "Complicates things is to say it lightly."

Harlyn is back in another stroll through the camp, so easy, so casual, so unconcerned, if it weren't for the sharpness of his eyes all a-glance over everything, all in obvious search. One expects that his one whole ear is pricked under the fall of all that black hair. Here he comes.

"Oh, it certainly does complicate things," Katrin agrees and she gives a small, grumpy sigh. "But we do what we can to hold true," she muses. "The thing that I always struggle to hold on to when all else seems to fall apart is the honor to our House…"

She nods vigorously. "That is what I have been told." Alys smiles, "And holding to things is all we can seem to do, well, in those situations to be sure." Sipping her tea she nods. "Yes, well, most intentions are not meant to hurt or, hinder for that matter, your Houses honor. It just something that gets thrown about, it whittles it's way out eventually. No worries my lady." a soft smile graces her lips as she pats the woman's arm lightly.

Harlyn approaches enough to duck his head in, so to speak, with little fanfare or announcement. His glance cascades from lady to lady. "Greetings," he says. "Don't mind me, I will be only present momentarily. How are the both of you?"

Katrin beams an innocent smile up at Harlyn. "Good evening, cousin," she greets. "I know that you wished to speak with me, however time has just escaped us yet again it seems," she says. Nope, trying not to look too pleased about that one. "Have you met the Lady Alys Charlton?" she asks, nodding to the lady present. She just gives Alys a nod and smile.

Partly startled Alys clamps her mouth shut and looks up to her cousin, she blinks back with her clear blue eyes. "Lord Harlyn, I presume? It has been a long time Cos. Long enough to forget what any of you look like." Alys smiles lightly. "Or should I say soon to be good-brother?" She rises and curtsies, "How fare you, my lord?" Nodding thankfully to Katrin for the introduction.

"That's quite all right. I've been able to give out the proper instructions about camp even so," Harlyn answers cheerfully enough before turning his attention on Alys. "It has been some time, hasn't it. But we will have reason enough to see each other. May I say my father and brother are both entirely thrilled about the arrangement? And their happiness is mine, so I fare well." He ducks a bow. "Of course, you are more beautiful than even rumored."

Katrin smiles warmly, "I will leave the two of you to catch up," she says brightly. "Lady Alys, I do hope that I will see you at the dance tomorrow eve," she murmurs. "And that we might have a chance to speak again soon. But it is growing late and I should get some rest. Septa Mira will need to clean my burn before I sleep and that does take time." Her nose wrinkles. "Cousin," she offers in farewell.

"They are?" Alys loses herself to thought for a moment at Harlyn's response, shaking it off she brightens a smile and continues. "I had heard not a word about your families thoughts on the matter of the betrothal. It would be nice to meet your brother though, I can scarce remember even meeting him." She sighs lightly and reclaims her seat and sips her tea. Though his last sends a bright blush to her cheeks. "You flatter, truly, cousin." Alys smiles, settling the tea cup in her lap she looks to Katrin nodding as she takes her leave. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Katrin. I do hope I should see you again very soon. Sleep well."

"I'm sure you will meet him soon, good Lord Perrin. He will not disappoint. Were that I were half the Haigh he was," Harlyn extemporizes, still pleasant-smiled, a smile that he sends over to Katrin as she withdraws. "Be well, cousin. May your burn not trouble you much further." Back to Alys. "And I speak no flattery, my lady. I simply have an eye for quality and a hasty tendency to speak my mind, I'm afraid."

"That would be most pleasant. Well, with such compliments such as those, I will have to take your word until I finally do." She nods once more to Katrin sending her a bright smile, polite not to mention the burn, once she is gone she will turn back to Harlyn. Her maid turning away from Katrin's maid as she disappears. She blushes a deeper shade of red and cocks a crooked smile. "Now, let us hope your brother thinks so highly, hmm?" Alys chuckles a light chuckle and calms it to a bright smile. "Do tell me what your father is like, if you will?"
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"Father?" Harlyn cants his head. "Discerning, patient, wise. You will like him, I think, as he will like you."

Alys nods, "I should hope so. Much patience is needed when dealing with a Charlton. Inquisitive beings that we are." she smiles. "I am not far from likable, when I want to be liked that is." Humor tickles at the corners of her eyes.

"Well, one does have to want to be liked, hmm? Otherwise, there is only the opposite." Harlyn straightens a bit. "I have a number of minor items of business I must attend you, but have you further concerns before I depart?"

Alys stands and nods, "Quite right. Though I suppose those who are not liked just fade into the background of life, destined to be left alone, and lonely at the same time." she curtsies and smiles lightly. "No, I will not keep you, a son of a Lord's business is never done, no?" She smooths the creases from her gown. "It was a pleasure to see you again, Cos. I should hope I to see you again when you are lest busy. Send your brother my well wishes when next you see him, will you?"

"Of course." Harlyn dips a little bow. "I expect we will see each other soon one way or another." And, with that, he steps back into his strolling stroll.

Alys smiles and nods, "Indeed, cousin. Good eve'." leaving with her maid back towards the Charlton camp.