Lord Ser Rickart Nayland


The Lord of the Mire is a proud and gregarious man, with a marked propensity for bull-headedness. Accounted to be a genial and likable fellow, so long as he does not perceive insult, the most defining quality of his statesmanship is the long standing feud with the Terricks. Before becoming Lord at his father's death, Rickart had been heard to say that mending that rift was his goal, though for reasons few can recall (and non speak of in his presence), the years have left Rickart with a nearly obsessive hatred of House Terrick and especially of it's Lord, Jerold.


Lord Rickart has been twice married. At first as a young man, to a woman with whom he had a daughter, but no sons. After more than ten years, the marriage was broken on grounds of his wife having gone barren and the young Lord remarried in his middle thirties. This second union produced several children, including his first son, Ryker.

There are three junior branches of the family, from Rickart's younger brothers.

Physical Features

Shorter in stature than many of his family and retainers, Rickart's presence and bearing are large enough to compensate. Solidly grey haired and beginning to go white, he carries himself with a lordly, if often irreverent manner.

Allies and Foes

Jerold Terrick is Rickart's most dire enemy. Anyone attached to Jerold will inevitably share in a measure of the scorn.
Ryker Nayland is Rickart's long awaited firstborn son, though considered something of a disappointment, on account of his rebelliousness. Rickart hates being defied. Ryker died after marrying Isolde Tordane and becoming Lord of Stonebridge.
Rutger Nayland, the second son who shamed Rickart by allegedly blackmailing a Frey knight for his knighthood. Since Rickart's elevation of Riordan, the relationship of the two has been strained, but Rutger remains Rickart's heir after the death of Ryker.
Riordan Nayland, Rickart's third and favorite son, the only "proper knight" among his children, Riordan was elevated to heir of Stonebridge over his elder brother, Rutger.
Rafferdy Nayland, Raff committed the grave sin of shaming the Frey through disobedience, abandoning his squirehood very shortly after Rutger had done so. At least Rafferdy disobeyed his father in order to join the winning side in Robert's Rebellion.
Rygar Nayland, Rickart's nephew and former Captain of the Guard, the Lord of the Mire was furious at Rygar's joining the Targaryen cause against Rickart's wishes. That disobedience remains a bone of contention between the two.
Rebekkah Nayland, his affliction of a mother. Rickart's father, Lord Derrin, died decades ago, he has decided she survives only to spite him. Emerging from Rebekkah's shadow was the endeavor that occupied Rickart's first several years as lord, and the effort to prove himself her superior has occupied him ever since.

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