Lord Ser Jerold Terrick


An anointed knight with a reputation as an honest and godly man, Jerold Terrick is the bannerman House Mallister, and counted Jason Mallister as a personal friend until that lord's death in battle. Following this, Jerold has acted as an advisor to the new Lord of Seagard, Jason's son Patrek. The only other man to have been so esteemed was Geoffrey Tordane, for whose death during Robert's Rebellion Jerold grieved for many years. He has been known to show a keen hatred of the Nayland family, which some have observed to be otherwise out of character for him. The origin of this hatred is unknown, even to his children.

The loss of Stonebridge's vassalage in 288, followed so shortly thereafter by the disowning of his son and heir Jaremy, death of his wife in childbirth, decimation of his lands at the hands of the Ironborn, and the later discharge of his natural son Jarod have all combined to visibly age him. He has become more withdrawn, almost reclusive, in the subsequent months, entrusting more and more of his duties to his children.


There had been some tension between Jerold and his younger brother Revyn, who was accounted the stronger fighter, most publicly over the issue of the Rebellion, but the two continued to work well together despite Revyn's "defiant streak", until the younger Terrick's death in the outset of the Ironborn Invasion.

Jacsen Terrick was made Jerold's seal-bearer even prior to the disinheritance of Ser Jaremy, a loss which also made Jacsen the Terrick heir.

Lord Jerold is known to be very fond of his daughter Lucienne calling her his "greatest treasure".

Those who recall prior years will observe that Isolde was very much a surrogate daughter to Jerold, who doted on the girl, prior to her "betrayal". He will not now suffer to have the Lady Isolde named in his presence, calling her only "the Nayland at Stonebridge" or "Valda Tordane's daughter".

He rode as one Lady Anais' five champions at the tournament to celebrate her wedding in 288, being overthrown in two passes by Rygar Nayland. In general, he keeps a subtle distance between himself and the Banefort lady, which some believe is a result of the betrayal he feels towards Isolde. Friction between Lady Anais and Lady Lucienne is suggested to be another reason, especially in recent months.

The question of his natural son Jarod is one that tends to go unasked. Jerold acknowledged the boy, and raised up up within his own household, but the nature of Jarod's birth to a longstanding retainer of the household is something none in Four Eagles Tower discuss overmuch.

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