Lord Ser Jek Fenster



Moira_icon.jpg Lady Moira Fenster Lord Ser Jek's loyal and beatiful wife They have been married for about 24 years now. They seem to complete for each others short comings. Though she seems to be the more socialble while her husband is the leading kind. A happy attitude and joyfulness that can be quite charming.
Alric_icon.jpg Young Lord Alric Fenster Ser Jek's eldest son and heir, he pins the entire future of his house upon that of his son's shoulders. He has high hopes for the young man and hopes he changes his ways from before and become less naive to be able to carry the future of their house.
Lilyann_icon.jpg Lady Lilyann Erenford Elder of the two twins, this daugther has been married into house Erenford. Age 19(b.270). open for application - current NPC - changeable name/actor
Lial_icon.jpg Lord Lial Fenster Second son of Ser Jek and the younger of the twins. Age 19(b.270). open for application - current NPC - Changeable name/actor
Arabella_icon.jpg Lady Arabella Fenster The youngest daugther of Ser Jek's. A happy and joyful person like her mother.
Trajan_icon.jpg Ser Trajan Fenster Ser Jek's nephew. Despite his appearance he does remember when Trajan was but a brave knight. Still takes care for him. Be it for his skills, compassion or pity.

Physical Features

A thin man with medium length brown hair and brown eyes.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity