Jason Mallister

Jason Mallister was killed in single combat with Prince Rodrik Greyjoy at the gate of Seagard Castle in January, 289.


An implacable foe of the Ironborn, in their absence, Jason Mallister is as determined in his opposition to the Freys. Lord Jason has attended the tournaments at Stonebridge and the Roost, in the former overthrowing Ryman and Hosteen Frey, each in one pass. Ser Hosteen took a particularly violent fall, and suffered a broken leg. Although Lord Jason sent his personal chiurgeon to attend the stricken Frey, the offered help was declined.

At the Roost, Lord Jason stood as one of Anais Terrick's five champions, being overthrown in the joust by a vengeful Ryman Frey in four passes, to the shock of all. Later in the day, when a mystery knight (later revealed to be Rowan Nayland) challenged Ryman Frey, Lord Jason sent his squire to attend the unknown knight during the jousts, later gifting the squire with steel gauntlets, and leggings of maile to compete in the Grand Melee.


His only son and heir is Patrek, for whom Lord Jason has been observed to show a great fondness.

Aeric Mallister is a patrilineal cousin once removed who grew up in Seagard as almost siblings. Though Aeric took a path untraditional by knightly standards, he still is very much the Mallister and holds himself to standards Lord Jason respects. He sent Aeric to aide the Terrick's with their newly acquired war galley.

Physical Features

He has red hair with starting to get a touch of grey, a chiseled face and fierce eyes. He rides like a man who fears nothing.

Allies and Foes

Lord Jason is known to consider Jerold Terrick a personal friend, as well as his vassal.
Jacsen Terrick served Lord Jason as an adviser for several years at Seagard.
Jason recalls Jarod Rivers kindly from Robert's Rebellion.
He has been heard to comment that Rowan Nayland deserves a better name.

Lord Jason is known to dislike Rygar Nayland, for loyalty to both Targaryen and Frey.
He will avoid insult, but offer no kindness to any Ironborn, or any Frey.