Lord Ser Campbell Groves



Ada_icon.jpg Lady Ada Groves : Lord Ser Campbell's loyal, if not somewhat incessantly nagging wife. They have been married nearly 32 years now and despite rises and falls within the Groves family appear to always present a unified front. Gifted with an inherent green thumb, the Lady Kingsgrove seems to compensate for her lack of beauty with her razor-sharp tongue and knack for salacious gossip.
Stafford_icon.jpg Young Lord Ser Stafford Groves : Ser Campbell's eldest son and heir, he pins the entire future of his house upon that of his son's shoulders. He has high hopes for the young man and hopes he expresses a better sense of judgment than he, himself, has expressed in the past.
Kittridge_icon.jpg Ser Kittridge Groves : Elder of the two twins, this son has a fine head for land management. As a result, Ser Campbell has sent him and his new wife, the Lady Roslyn, off to tend to some familial holdings.
Roslyn_icon.jpg Lady Roslyn Groves : While not his desired choice for a good-daughter, nor overly thrilled to have taken in one of Lord Mire's spawn for his own son, Ser Campbell has accepted this young woman in marriage to his son, Kittridge.
Nicodemus_icon.jpg Ser Nicodemus Groves : Perhaps better known by his moniker 'Benedict Lawson' and the younger of the pair of twins, this son has proven his merit upon the fields of battle. An alleged bachelor for life, at least in Ser Campbell's eyes, Benedict/Nicodemus has once again left the Riverlands in search of the greater fight.
Kerrigan_icon.jpg Ser Kerrigan Groves: The youngest of Ser Campbell's sons and younger brother to Ser Staford, age 23. open for application - current NPC
Adelina_icon.jpg Lady Adelina Groves: The eldest of Ser Campbell's daughters and younger sister to Ser Staford, age 19/20. open for application - current NPC
Rosanna_icon.jpg Lady Rosanna Groves : The youngest of Ser Campbell and Lady Ada's children, Rosanna has been recently sent away to be fostered as a lady-in-waiting to House Appleton of the Reach in hopes of forging an alliance outside of the Riverlands.

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