Lord Ser Bolland Terrick


Graced with an amazing intellect, ambition, physical prowess and an acute understanding of politics and military strategems - Lord Bolland was everything a father could ever ask for in a son. Unfortunately he suffered the ailment of being born second and therefor was relegated to the role of 'spare' heir amongst his father's sons. Though scarcely 18 months separated his birth from that of Jerold's, the differences between the two brothers could not be greater.

While Jerold trusted his hand to God and honest practices, Bolland appeared to be nearly godless and learned quickly how to twist and maneuver within the shadows. Fostered at an early age at House Tully, Lord Bolland earned his spurs at the age of seventeen and immediately dedicated his life to pursuit upon the fields of battle. Lacking the close ties his brother had with House Mallister, he sought to forge his own alliances amongst those outside of the Riverlands.

It came as a great surprise when Bolland, second born of House Terrick, married infinitely higher than his station to one of the nieces of Lord Eyrie, a Lady Tressa Arryn. His ability to transcend the limits of birth made some begin to question his ambitions and designs upon House Terrick. Though Jerold had secured the love of Jason Mallister and many of the people, it is Bolland who seemed to be the favored in the eyes of old Tomas Terrick. When the house mantle passed down to Jerold, rumors suggest Bolland was less than thrilled.

Despite their rivalries, Bolland remained loyal under his brother's service earning a fierce reputation upon the fields of battle as his knightly duties frequently took him from the Roost. He was dubbed 'The Crimson Axe' for his reputation of offering no quarter and showing no mercy to his foes. Following the birth of his seventh and final child, servants whispered of a huge argument between the two brothers after which Lord Bolland and his family left the Roost bound for the Vale.

It has been fifteen years since the last time Lord Bolland and his line have stepped foot within the Roost. Though he is considerably older and appears to have traded in his spurs for battles in the courtly and political arenas, one cannot argue the man is just as ruthless now as he ever was.

Most cannot help but wonder as to what brings him home after all these years, and what, if anything… his return will mean for House Terrick.


Jerold_icon.jpg Lord Ser Jerold Terrick : Lord Bolland's older brother by 18 months. The two men have a rather complicated relationship which borders upon deeply seated rivalry for the better part of four decades and brotherly love.
Evangeline_icon.jpg Lady Evangeline Terrick : Lord Bolland's good-sister and a point of deep contention between the brothers. Lord Bolland openly opposed his brother's marriage to the Middleton noblewoman and repeatedly has tried to get his brother to set her aside over the years. Though her dowry brought wealth and lands to the Terricks, she also brought significant weakness in the form of her various offspring. He is perhaps one of the few that does not mourn the passing of the woman, thankful to be rid of her hold upon his brother.
Revyn_icon.jpg Ser Revyn Terrick : Lord Bolland's younger brother that rose to fill the void left behind when Bolland set out for the Vale.
Tressa_icon.jpg Lady Tressa Terrick : Lord Bolland's wife of nearly 32 years. She remains the ying to his yang and is the mother to all his children.
Ozric_icon.jpg Ser Ozric Terrick : Lord Bolland's eldest son and heir, Ozric is everything Ser Bolland ever hoped to have in a son. They have a very solid father/son relationship and he holds Ozric up as a standard for all of his other sons. Perhaps the most like him in so many ways, he is determined to see his eldest has everything that was ever denied to him.
Brogan_icon.jpg Ser Brogan Terrick : Lord Bolland's second-born son and older of the pair of twins, Brogan is another prime specimen of proper Terrick lordship. While not quite as proficient as his oldest son, Bolland still has an affection for his second born. He's not entirely certain he understands his son's fascination with the woodlands, but at least the boy is remarkably proficient with the bow.
Gaelena_icon.jpg Lady Gaelena Terrick : Lord Bolland's eldest daughter and the youngest of the set of twins, age 28.
Keenan_icon.jpg Lord Keenan Terrick : Lord Bolland's third born son, age 23.
Faline_icon.jpg Lady Faline Terrick : Lord Bolland's youngest daughter, Faline is the epitome of a proper young noblewoman. Bolland has a deep affection for his daughter, not just because she bears his blood and seems to take after her mother, but also because he feels she will be a prime candidate for a solid political marriage. He remains thankful everyday that she is nothing like her female cousin, Lucienne.
Bowen_icon.jpg Ser Bowen Terrick : Lord Bolland's fourth born son, age 19. open for application - current NPC
Lothar_icon.jpg Lord Lothar Terrick : Lord Bolland's youngest child and perhaps the one he perhaps knows the least of all his brood, Lothar is sometimes considered to be the forgotten child to Bolland. He's aware of his son's existence, but the youngest has a tendency to fade away under the shadow of his older brothers. He does worry his youngest might be a little too soft for the more difficult decisions which lay down the road, but as the boy is his fifth son, he doesn't concern himself overly much with the worry.
Jaremy_icon.jpg Ser Jaremy Middleton : Lord Bolland's nephew and once heir to the Roost, Bolland finds it hard to contain the sheer rage that seems to rise within him whenever this disgraceful nephew is named. Perhaps one of the greatest disappointments any father can have in a son, he is somehow not surprised that the union with the Middleton bride would yield such offspring. Even being forced to take the Black seems a bit too good for him. With luck it will either make him a man or kill him.
Jacsen_icon.jpg Lord Jacsen Terrick : Lord Bolland finds it hard to contain the sheer disdain he holds for the current heir of the Roost. Like his brother before him, the young Lord appears to be squandering his duties and running the house further into the ground. He wonders how much of a man his nephew even really is to let such things as an injury turn him into a soft recluse. He cannot even seem to sire an heir of his own. Truly a disgrace.
Anais_icon.jpg Lady Anais Terrick: Bride to Lord Jerold's weak heir, this young slip of a woman appears to be more Terrick than his brother's own sons. Whether she is worthy of her place has yet to be seen, but the fact she has yet to get with child has Lord Bolland wondering if House Banefort might not have blindsided his brother with a beauteous facade.
Lucienne_icon.jpg Lady Lucienne Terrick: While his brother may call his only daughter a treasure, Lord Bolland would call her a spoiled brat. A woman should learn well to mind her place and speak her mind with a measure of intellect when spoken to. She may be beautiful but then again Jerold never really was able to see beyond the surface of any beauty. Like mother, like daughter, and not in a good way.
Justin_icon.jpg Ser Justin Terrick: Youngest of his brother's legitimate sons, Ser Justin remains a point of curiosity for Lord Bolland. As of yet, he seems to lack the character flaws shared by his older brothers - however, as a son of Lady Evangeline and his soft-hearted brother, he does not hold much hope for the young man. Still, he is willing to stay his hand where his nephew is concerned for the time being - giving the knight a chance to perhaps salvage some assembly of dignity for that specific branch of the family. Perhaps now that he has returned to the Roost, he will be afforded the chance to try and steer this last bastion of hope for his brother's line in a profitable direction for the House.
Jarod_icon.jpg Ser Jarod Rivers: A bastard is always a bastard, end of story. Jarod represents everything Lord Bolland loathes in his brother and remains a constant reminder of Jerold's weakness and mercy. Dead mother or not, the child was born of a whore and would be fortunate to be a servant - let alone to have had the chance at the life his brother provided for him. The very fact he knighted a woman and then wed her is further testament to his brother's own lack of judgment. At least he has been stripped of knighthood for now.

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