Loading a Wagon
Loading a Wagon
Summary: A letter for Lady Anais from Lord Justin Terrick, ere he departs Stonebridge
Date: 07/May/2012
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Stonebridge - sent to Lady Anais from Crane's Crossing Inn
May 6th, 289

Lady Anais, I ride back for the Roost at once. I would ask, if you would be so kind, as to begin preparations for a supply wagon to be sent from Stonebridge to the Roost. It should be timed to start in a few days, but no actual supplies are to be sent. This is to be our bait to lure out the bandits if we can and instead the wagon is to be filled with armed men. Four if the sides be low, or perhaps as many as six within if you can arrange for a large wagon with tall sides with a cover that also encloses the back. There are to be two armed and mounted men to ride as guards. It is likely that the tax collector for Stonebridge may have to be bribed as they'll be wanting to inspect such a wagon for payable taxes due. That's where I need your assistance most.

At any rate, I am collecting Ser Hardwicke, Master Mortimer, and Ser Martyn to ride back to Stonebridge with me within a day. We should be there within two at most. If you can send word to Ser Kamron and Ser Kittridge to detain them ere we arrive, that is all the better. Then we can assemble and thrash out the last details all together.

If actual goods must be purchased to make the ruse all the better, we can see about offloading them and loading the men at a barn located a short distance from Stonebridge if necessary. My concern of course is having the funds to purchase such supplies and the risk of loosing them while stashed. It is likely that Ser Kamron may be able to advise you there ere we arrive.

- Lord Justin Terrick