Liliana Camden

Love is the bane of honour, the death of duty. We're all human. We all do our duty when there is no cost to it. Honour comes easy then. Yet…sooner or later in every man's life, there comes a day when it is not easy. A day when he must choose. You must make that choice yourself. And live with it, for the rest of your days.


A daughter of House Camden, niece to the then current Lord Sarojyn, Liliana was fostered out to House Terrick at the age of sixteen, sent to serve as a Lady-in-Waiting. A odd and not quite lateral move, from an odd and not quite lateral thinking House, given that Terrick and Camden share little by way of political connection save their fealty to House Tully; House Camden as a direct vassal to Tully, Terrick as a bannerhouse of the Mallisters. Whether she was sent to teach her something other than the woodland ways of her kin(the overriding popular opinion), or because she hadn't a single decent marriage prospect(also a popular opinion, given her age) or even to be a helpmate and teacher to the ladies of the house in the arts of falconry and the noble hunt, is up for debate. But what is certain, is that she's served the Terrick Ladies with the good grace and gentle heart her House is known(or perhaps condemned) for. And if she spends nearly every moment the House allows her to keep for herself out of doors and either at the aviary or or near the archery range, well, perhaps it's safe to say that the House has been kind enough to indulge her, given the good service she gives in return.

In the weeks and months since the fall of Tall Oaks and the rebellion of the Ironborn, Liliana remains a member of the household at Terrick's Roost, and a ward of the Lord Jerold. But she spends weeks at a time away from the Cape, often only returning to parcel out what medicinal supplies and other necessary she has been able to gather in her rangings, before she sets off again.


Lady Tiaryn Ashwood, Aunt.

RP Hooks:

Falconry — In keeping with both the upbringing of her House and the ways of noble women, Liliana is a falconer of great skill, learned in the art, not only of the hunt, but in the care, tending and training of the raptors kept by the House. She attends to the noble women on the hunt, as well as helping to provide for their instruction in the art.

Weaponry — Uncouth, by all accounts of the 'more noble' houses, for a young woman of good standing to spend so much time in an arena set aside for men, and likely the basis for much of the opinion of Liliana as untutored and poorly raised to the tasks of a woman of noble breeding. A noted archer, and having some training in the use of spears, she's been known to sneak off to the training grounds when she can get away with it, or, more often than not to somewhere where the sight of her might cause less distress for her noble mistresses.

Forest Child — Liliana's been two years at Terrick, and has yet to learn to take comfort in the stone of its roads or the chill of its walls. She loves best the clean air, the bare earth, the soft grass and trees. It's not unheard of for her to lose herself in the woods north of the Roost, in the lands that make up the border between Terrick and Camden. Thankfully, her skill at tracking, coupled with her natural direction sense ensure that she never roams so far that she cannot return home again.

Faith of the Old Gods — Though Liliana now calls Terrick's Roost her home and not Tall Oaks Keep, she did not leave the ways of her kin, when she left the safety of her ancestral home, and the godswood there. Ever she knows that the weirwood watches over her, and she keeps the faith of the Old Gods, the gods of forest and glen and the good, green earth. A follower of the Seven she will never be, but neither does she seek to clash with those who are.

Physical Features

Brilliant hazel eyes, darkly lashed, accented by perfectly arched brows illuminate her face, set above a puckish nose, lightly dashed with childhood freckles never quite outgrown. Full, sweetly curved cupid's bow lips in a naturally rosey tone add a sensuality to her face, offsetting high cheekbones and a slender chin. Her skin is all peaches and cream, darkened only lightly by the rays of the sun. That same sun has kissed her dark brown hair with hints of gold and auburn, as it frames her face and spills down in light curls to just below her shoulderblades. She wears no adornments of any kind.

Her attire is demure and understated, bearing little of the ostentation often found at the noble courts. When clad in a Lady's dresses, she chooses muted silks in shades most often of blues and golds, accented by white and black, in keeping with the colours of her house, Camden. When dressed as the scion of a woodland House, she wears the muted tones of the forest in browns and greens; ranger's leathers cut to suit her smaller size and feminine figure.

Letters From Stonebridge

Being a a short correspondence between Lady Liliana Camden and Young Master Brannon Rivers, aged 10, page to Lord Ser Wayland Frey.

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