Page 303: Like a Horse Drawn Carriage
Like a Horse Drawn Carriage
Summary: Rutger and Roslyn speak about Love and Marriage. And the Roost visit.
Date: 18/05/2012
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Rutger Roslyn 
Nayland party Tent
It's a party in here A basic pavilion set up for the use of meals and family meetings. Larger than the other tents in the Nayland section. It is right by their sweet Banner.
May 18th 289 A.L.

The Nayland camp consists of a series of tents for those attending the tourney, one in particular large enough to host them all should they wish it and flying the Harpy banner above it. Inside, food has been set out to break their fast, Roslyn already seated with a plate of her own. Perhaps later for the tourney itself, she will wear something bright and festive, but alone and within their own camp, she wears her usual grey gown, unadorned and unembellished except for curls hanging loose. A servant stands nearby, ready for any other nobility that might wish to be served.

The flap to the main tent is peeled back, as in comes another of the Nayland party. He is dressed down, riding breeches, and a simple off white shirt- over this a faded hunting coate trimmed with fur. He's not been poured into his armor yet, let alone seen about pulling the fine surcoat out of retirement in order to be seen as presentable for the tournament in knightly fashion. However, the eldest of the Nayland brood is at least up.

There, is a raise of a hand to the servant as sign for a plate to be made, before he is seeing to his own cup. And moving to where Roslyn has herself. "Lyn." softness in the voice, before Rutger passes her an honest smile, which is likely less graceful than the one served at court. "You look rested..Excited at all? Because I can tell you, I am not." a sip of wine. "But, we must make a showing eh?"

It seems to take Roslyn a moment to react, though when she does turn towards her brother where he pours himself wine, her skin is flushed with the sure signs of an internal temperature risen too high. Her throat is hoarse where she speaks, but there is genuine warmth where she greets Rutger with a polite, "You should be, Rutger. You will ride well, I am sure of it. And if not, at least the Lady Rosanna is sure to be in attendence." She pauses to blow her nose into her kerchief, already raw and red from constant exposure to the coarse thread.

"It's not so much-" However Rutger pauses as he looks to his sister, a flinch in his facial lines before he is frowning. "Mother's mercy..He got you sick-dragging you about didn't he?" Shaking his head, Rutger moves still closer to his sister, and places a hand on her shoulder. "How do you feel?" apparently thoughts on the tournament can wait until he has an answer from Roslyn on this front. "And here- I was going to pick your mind about your forced march throughout the cape- and yet here you are looking as if you caught a dropsy." And there the knight sighs before sitting down. "Did Maester Althosas see you?" the Mire's albino is good-though…

And now finally Rutger answers on the Tournament. 'Right. Well I do wish to see her. I'll admit- I missed her while I took over Riordan's role in Stonebridge-so if they come, I know it would make me glad." A nod as his plate is delivered. "I've never rode well, but that is not the concern. I just, dislike being near the twins. I know, most Freys don't think of me one way or the other, but there is a small arm that has absolute hate for me."

"No, no. It is only the common cold, he said. It is doubtful that father or Riordan would have let me leave from the Mire if it were anything dire," Roslyn replies dismissively, swallowing at some bile in her throat before capturing his hand against her shoulder by placing her own warm one over his. "You shall have to tell her that you missed her. She has had some worry over Riordan's words, for all they were well-intended. He spoke to her on finding another match for you," rushing on before her words can garner any reaction, "though I have already warned him not to say such to the Groves again. Even if such is the way of marriage alliances, we will remain courteous and not speak on it further."

"Good, I just remember Emilia..I" and Rutger falls silent for a moment. Taking time to chew on his cheek before he is looking back to Roslyn. "I am sorry. I just worry like an old fucking woman." Frustrated by it, before his shoulders droop. Eyes glance up as he starts to pick at his food. Fish and eggs, you know healthy things. "What has he said now? He is going to show her Barristan Selmy's glove?" a snort there before he is rubbing his jaw. "He said that? Why would he do that? Does he not know how to court a lady? I understand the Groves' hesitation in coming to us, on so many levels, my own rumors aside-which." and there's a look. "I don't think Ser Kitt is assuaged on, but I don't know how to do that, other than prove I am not going to murder his sister on our wedding night-if we make it that far." And there he shakes his head. "I know he means well, He does, but it frustrates me beyond end. I don't need any more help pushing this from our hand, I really don't." And he looks back. "Thank you. Sometimes, I am glad he talks to you. I fear if I spoke to him, I'd strangle him half the fucking time." Rutger is at least honest. "So, tell me of the Roost, and your husband to be?" A chuckle left hanging there.

"I know, Rutger. It is fine." The words are soft, sympathetic and concerned even as Roslyn dredges up a tired smile that has all of genuine warmth to it for her brother. "They will search for a better match for their Rosanna until they can be assured that we are the best she could make. As will we, until we are sure that the Groves is where we should make such an alliance. His heart led him to warn the lady that will we search elsewhere, and as you say, his intentions were well meant," she agrees in quiet words, thoughts not strung together as carefully as they would be if she were not flushed with a fever and hardly able to breath. She sighs at the last question, shooting a rueful glance at Rutger. "He is young, but he is well intentioned too. He seems honest and honorable, for all that he made it clear that he did not trust that my own purpose for marrying into the Terricks could be anything but deceiving. He apologized for it, and for the implied thread, but I believe he spoke what he feels at heart, perhaps—." A pause, and she moves to blow her nose before adding, "It is a good match, for me. Better than I could hope."

"Gods our brother is horribly dumb, when it comes to court and I would argue actual diplomacy." A half smile there before he is taking in more watered down wine. Eyes watching his sister as he nods. "Of course. I will admit, I hold a certain fondness for Lady Rosanna. And I do think she would be a good match. But, over all I want what is best for us." Something he has resigned himself too, even with their father bumping him back in this whole Stonebridge affair. "Just tell him to shut his mouth..And not try an outgift me again. That was damned embarrassing. I understand he is so used to our father's love that he does not understand that not everyone is his to love…But " a grunt and he says no more on it.

"Young." that brings a laugh. "That says enough for me, and by which he insulted your purpose. He is ever his Father's son, which is probably good for them, the Seven knows the Terricks have had their share of fuckwits." As to that, Rutger shakes his head. "I don't think it's a good match if he is questioning your intent. You need a man who is clever and pretty. But that is my verdict. I'd not see you saddled with a man, who did not treat you as a mental equal, or saw the charm you have."

"As would I, but as you only want to do what is best for us, as do I. I had thought… that with my age and lack of prospects, I could have seen to my own match, and make a marraige that would free me from—. This is a good match in any case. He stands second in line for Terricks' Roost," Roslyn reminds with a shake of her head, her fingers dropping back to her fork and only falling there without moving to lift it. "Father still has not agreed. It seems before, he sought to make marriage alliances between our houses and the Lord Terrick laughed in his face. I do not know if he will agree, but he is at least thinking of it."

"The Games?" Rutger adds with a raise of his brow. His own half smile showing. "I had hoped you would escape, given how long father waited to find you a match. I had hoped you would surprise us all, and for that I never pushed. Nor will I." his own silent support there before he nods. "Just so. If he's not intelligent he is certainly not for you." A bite of food before he is looking back. "I trust Father- and if Lord Terrick laughed in his face-then fuck him eh?" Eyes down to his food. "He's never told me the full reason of our feud. But, I know I have seen their scorn." a shrug. "If he does not agree, then I will encourage you to find any love you can. And if I can help- I will."

"And how did the Roost find our brother? I fear you are more in the know than I am. And given you're riding to and fro..I shall take it that it went well? You were off to the Roost, before you could rest."

"Love is—." Roslyn catches herself, a sad smile flickering over her lips where her gaze goes distant for a moment with other thoughts that catch at her fever-ridden mind. But she finishes, quietly, "Love isn't likely something I will have in a marriage. It seems silly, but I believe my heart is already attatched, and the match is impossible. I only hope to find a marriage that I can choose, and that gives me freedom." She dismisses it all with a lift of her fingers, waving it away.

"We cannot just ignore the value of an alliance with the Terricks, no matter how they have slighted us in the past," she points out reasonably, glancing to her brother and then to the entrance of the tent with a bit of worry. "You should return with us to the Mire after the tourney, Rutger, to await father's decision. If he does pursue this alliance, it would be better for Riordan to return as Lord Regent and for you to take up further talks with Terrick." A pause, concern weighing her expression as she tries to decide how to phrase her words without betraying her brother. In the end, she only lifts her hand in a helpless gesture.

"Love is something we all want, but we can't grasp." A grin there and Rutger reaches across and over to rub a knuckle along her reddened cheek. "Little sister, Tell me who holds your heart? Or at least where is it leaning?" One might as well ask, before he is nodding.

"Indeed it would. And to tell the truth, I tire of Stonebridge. It is not my home, and ever a source it seems to be of anxiety. The Seven knows I have poured my heart into keeping that town within our hold." A pause before his brow is raising up. "What does that mean? How did he handle himself?"

Only a whisper where she says it, Roslyn admits aloud, "Lord Kittridge." It is hard to see the flush, given that she already is fevered, but she is quick to remember sense and sensibility where she adds, "Not that such is possible. He shall make a better match than a spinstered daughter." She twists her plate with a frown, shaking her head at both his brow and his question. "He acquited himself well, Rutger. He got on as well with Lord Terrick as could be expected. I would only rather have your sharp mind, and your detatchment." Almost, there, hinting at it. "I worry that he is willing to give too many concessions, such as letting Lord Terrick pick his own Nayland bride."

A blink there before he's leaning in. "Oh." And Rutger leans back for a moment. "Well, I can see where that would be a problem right now, given my current status." A pause there for a moment. "Should my agreement not work out-then-would you be terribly embarrassed if I did try to at least nudge you towards him? After all I am not well liked, by many." A chuckle there, though it stops short as Rutger's eyes almost seem to bulge. Coughing, Rutger looks back. "Why did he allow him that caveat? Does he not know that Isolde is a Nayland?"

"I have brought such to his attention. He believes he can get Lord Terrick to agree to a Nayland of name and blood. Our goodbrother and the Lady Anais assure him that he would make no such trickery with word games," Roslyn replies in as measured tones as she may, taking a moment to wet her own lips on watered wine. "I believe he puts too much stock in Lady Anais's words." She chases such words away with a shake of her head. "For what purpose, Rutger? He is—charming, and handsome, and likely the object of affection for dozens of Riverland girls. His family will make a better match for him."

"Lady Anais, is one I would not trust. She is a capable player, and I believe our brother, is not." A sigh "A fine knight, but he is not a player." And there he drains the rest of his watered down wine. "No, I will not believe that Lord Terrick will be honorable with us in those regards." A sniff, before he is looking back, his plate edged away so a servant may take it. "For what purpose? To bind us some way to them. If they do not approve of an alliance through me, perhaps they will see that through you. And you- You will be a proper knight's wife. And happy." and there he looks back to Roslyn. "Lyn, we need an alliance with them, and the Terricks, if we are to finally mend what fences there are in the cape."

"The Terricks will not marry their daughter to us, Rutger. It is likely that this match will be made through me, so any talk of making a match with the Groves—," Roslyn insists, flushing brighter where her lips press tightly together. She shakes her head again, dismissive and firm. "That is why you must take over these negotiations, if father will allow. You know the game and you play it well, and he is not likely to let me handle such talks nor will Lord Terrick listen, likely," she points out, smoothly turning the conversation back.

"Then we will strive to let my Lord Father see my worth." Rutger says with a faint chuckle before he is nodding. "I won't press." he admits, finally relenting on the Kittridge issue. "But, I do want you happy, over all Lyn. Very happy." A half grin there before he is looking back to her. "Do you have anything pressing today, before the lists, I mean? If not I shall encourage you to rest." that frown returning. "I don't want you getting worse."

"As I want you to be happy, Rutger. As I believe the Lady Rosanna would make you so," Roslyn replies simply, reaching for her brother's hand to press lightly against it in a gesture. "Would she, brother?" She only nods agreement to such orders of rest, not arguing as she's used to following after others.

A pause there to that question. “Would she?” Rutger muses, before he is looking to his empty cup. “I believe she would, yes. I know I am older than she is by much, but I have to say in Lady Rosanna I see a very canny woman, who knows what she wants, and can play the game-though she is learning it now.” A pause and he laughs. “She’s fine..and she makes me happy. Yes.” And with that he rises up and comes over to place a kiss on his sister’s forehead. “Rest. Now, we’ll talk more after I am unseated this afternoon.” A chuckle and soon he is off to get more wine before returning to their meal.

With such well-meaning thoughts between them, they finish their breakfast in relative peace given Roslyn's sickness. She even does follow Rutger's orders and seeks her bed again after eating what she can of the food laid out before her.