Letters To Home
Letters To Home
Summary: Copies of Letters Muirenn has sent to her beloved cousin Patrek
Date: 28/July/2012 (OOC Date)
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Four Eagles Tower
Various Dates in May through July 289

May 30, 289
Dearest Patrek,
I am sorry I have not written sooner. I am so very excited by the news of your betrothal! You must share all the details, I miss being with everyone. The young lady Redwyne, I am informed by my mother, is rather lovely and will be a good match. You know how my lady mother is though, I want to hear what you think of her! I do not wish the political and financial benefits of the decision, those could be seen by one who is blind, I want to know what you think of *her*. How long a betrothal have the families deemed to be wise?

Everything at Four Eagles could be worse, it could be much better but it could be worse. It is hard here, as I am sure it is in Seagard, as people try to pick up the pieces of their lives and provisions are limited. There is a problem with bandits, but Lord Justin, my brother, and my cousin as well as Ser Trystan, Ser Keelin, and the Huntsmen are working on weeding them out. I am happy here. Lord Jerold has been sweet enough to permit me to call him Uncle and indeed I feel much as if most of his children are cousins of mine. I got the herb garden started outside the keep in the courtyard. It is already lovely but it will be so beautiful next year. I also started the Memorial Garden. I got the seedlings in the ground so that they would not die and I have Heurtebise watering them so they will not wither, but that is about all until more of the village is rebuilt.

I worry about the Terrick’s though. The rumors, though I know they are untrue, fly about Lady Anais being courted by Lord Riordan in addition to speculation about why she has not yet given Lord Jacsen an heir. I like her very much and she cares deeply for the family and feels her responsibilities greatly; however, appearances are important. I also am concerned about this whole attempt at marrying Lord Justin or Lady Lucienne to one of the Naylands. Naylands are Frey vassals at the end of the day and I feel ill at ease with such a close tie.

About the situation with the Lady Saffron Banefort’s betrothal to one of the Freys, I have given it some thought. I would pose that approaching Lord Banefort with a proposal of marriage between the Lady Saffron and our cousin, Lord Kamron, would be a good solution. The keep that our cousin will inherit is a likely place, and to be sure that an alliance with a Mallister is entirely more reputable than one with another of the very many Freys. Also, if the Seven forbid, something should happen to the marriage between Lady Anais and Lord Jacsen, we would still have ties with House Banefort.

Forgive me for penning my thoughts. I know you have so many other concerns of your own. I miss getting to talk with you. How is home and how is the rebuilding coming? Did you implement the suggestion I made about lowering the tariffs as a way to encourage trade at the port? I pray for you and the family at the Sept each day. I miss everyone horribly and hope all is well. Please give my regards to Maester and tell him that his instruction is missed, but that I have met two suitable instructors who might assist me learning more about herbs and chirgeonry. With this letter, please find a token for the Lady Syrah. I wished to send her some of my attar of rose and have made her a handkerchief with both the Mallister and Redwyne crests upon it. I hope she enjoys both. You should have my lady mother give you the name of my seamstress there at Seagard and have something lovely made for Lady Syrah beaded with mother of pearl. Such gifts are always appreciated and would be quite appropriate.

I must seal this letter now, the courier is looking at me most impatiently as he wishes to gain the road before much longer. Know I send all my warmest thoughts and love.

Your cousin, Muirenn

June 13, 289

I cannot believe that the courier forgot my letter. In the confusion of the, well…with what happened to myself and the other ladies apparently the letter got lost. I found it and the parcel of gifts in a basket in the Grand Hall. To say that I am most irate, is to be vague. I am traveling to Stonebridge, there is no particular reason other than I realized in that cave that there are many times in my life where I was so close to death that I could feel the Stranger's breath and that I have done nothing in my life. The first eighteen years were spent isolated at home with my parents and what other family or visitors they had there, I do not wish to spend the next eighteen just as isolated. While I realize that Stonebridge is politically charged, I see no reason why I should not travel there, it is not politically charged for my person or our House as we have repeatedly said that in the matter of Lady Danae we are not supporting nor denying the claim, merely a position of neutrality for the moment. My intentions are to settle into a suite at the Inn and then travel home to Seagard for the tournament. I cannot wait to see everyone and to meet your betrothed! Now that I have had a couple weeks since I wrote my last letter, though it is the greatest of misfortunes that you shall receive both of them at the same time, I feel most strongly that a match between cousin Kamron and the Lady Saffron Banefort would be a wise. It is apparent that he has developed an affection for her that is quite returned if the looks and smiles between the pair are any indication. As the engagement with that disreputable Frey is dissolved, that no longer is an issue. Well, I must end this so that I can leave. It is a long journey. As always sending you my warmest wishes and love.

Your Cousin,

July 28, 289
Dearest Patrek,

How fares the Lady Syrah? I liked her very much when we met during the tournament. It was so *good* to be home. Whatever Terrick’s Roost is, it will be years before I ever feel comfortable calling it home. Things are strange here. The family is not a happy one, though I try hard to bring cheerfulness to things. Lord Jacsen is addicted to milk of the poppy. It is a common plight if the healer or maester gives too much or doses too frequently and what with his recent illness and pain in his leg I can see how a mistake might have happened, but what I find so odd is that he wishes strongly NOT to go through a withdrawal and be clean of the drug all at once but to continue to take the drug and wean himself from it. While I am told that such is possible, I have yet to find anyone that truly can manage it. I myself never prescribe it except in the greatest of need.

OH! I nearly forgot to ask, did you ever see about having my seamstress make something fetching for Lady Syrah? She is so lovely! I am very excited about your wedding and about our cousin’s wedding to Lady Saffron. I wish that I was closer so I might get to know Lady Syrah better and help her prepare for her wedding. As it is, I am hopeful that Lady Saffron and Mistress Morla might let me aid them.

Have you two been able to spend much time together getting to know each other? I imagine it was initially awkward, but I hope by now it is less so. I want so much for you to find happiness. I pray to the Seven daily for the prosperity and happiness for my family, there is nothing that I want more. I must admit truthfully though cousin, that if there is anyone I wish to be married off sooner than later it would be the Lady Lucienne (and preferably to a noble far away)! Do you know that she actually tried to bribe her brother with milk of the poppy in exchange for him handing over Lord Jerold’s seal and while he was so vulnerable and trying to get off of the medicine!!? I was horrified when Lady Anais and Lord Jacsen told me such. It speaks of a lady trying to grasp beyond her bounds. While I take an interest in all of our family’s affairs and wish to help where I can, I would never *dream* of trying to take the seal away from anyone or to say that my words were THE words of the House. I know that she wishes a betrothal to Lord Stafford of House Groves, but the idea of someone so grasping to be the Lady of House Groves is frightful, especially considering the utter indifference that House gives to us as well as the Terricks.

Family gossip aside, it is frustrating to be here cousin. My cousins and I feel quite helpless, for there is so much we wish to do to help out our bannermen but our assistance is politely (or in some cases not so politely) refused and we do not wish to show a lack of confidence in the Terricks so do not press. Food has been rationed so carefully these days since there are no solid plans yet as to how everyone will be fed. By some accounts, the food supply will be depleted here within a couple months’ time. I also fear that there will be more trouble between the Charltons and the Naylands. I received a letter from Lord Alric Fenster, a diplomat for House Charlton. Apparently House Fenster is one of the tiny vassals belonging to the Charltons. He entertained a hope that I might desire him to bring his suit to you formally in an effort to court me. I have been quite polite and told him that he should do as he wishes, but I have given him no encouragement and think he has given up his pursuit. He wrote a letter not long after the dust up at Stonebridge was concluded asking if it was possible for the Mallisters to either support or stay neutral towards House Charlton should anything occur between them and House Nayland. My first thought was that such a request is absolute rubbish! As if *I* had any say over whom we declare an ally or wish to remain neutral with, but then I considered his request following on the heels of a supposed easing of tensions when the prisoners were released and exchanged and thought to bring this to your attention.

Though there is little food to be found we will not perish of thirst, for Ser Otto and Ser Brennart Erenford have been exceedingly generous and supplied us with good wine, ale, and some mead. More impressive they have actually rolled up their sleeves and helping with rebuilding efforts. The sentiments professed by Ser Brennart and Ser Otto about helping neighbors in need are quite worthy and more importantly they follow through their beliefs with action. I wish that House Groves were as charitably inclined, it would make life much simpler. Indeed, I imagine that the Erenfords would make for an excellent vassal, it is a shame that they are utterly wasted serving House Frey.

I had the most pleasing evening tonight! Ser Otto was very solicitous and as he brought me some seedlings for my garden all the way from Heronhurst, invited me, Septa Waldsteinia, Miniella, and my two guards out for an evening ride and picnic. He is a charming individual with the most chivalrous of manners. It is quite late and Septa Waldsteinia is grumbling at me that I shall take ill if I do not get rest. I should perhaps end this letter now so that I might give it to my courier in the morning. Know I am sending all my best wishes and love to you and the rest of our family.

Your Cousin,

P.S. DO NOT LET MOTHER VISIT THE ROOST! I received word from her she was contemplating such a trip. Trust my words when I state that her visit, as much as I desire my lady mother’s company, would cause great harm for she would be incensed at the state of affairs here and raise an absolute ruckus.