Letter to the Nest
Letter to the Nest
Summary: Danae writes to Lord Jerold Terrick of the Roost.
Date: 18/05/2012
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The Stone Camp — Tordane Camp
May 17, 289 A.L.

To the Lord Jerold Terrick of the Roost <insert gracious and likely long-winded and appropriate notes of honor here>,

It is with apologies that I begin this letter. The subject of my husband's death has been on every lip and tongue, so it has just as likely reached your own ears by that of your kith and kin. In many ways, I am sorry that it was not my own. In the days since Gedeon's passing, my spiritual adviser has bid me to see to my mourning and respect him in prayer to the Seven as I so never had an opportunity to in life, with the stipulation I was to make no new associations nor meet under the course of counsel or politics.

Still, I feel remiss for the time taken that for that I offer my honest apology. I know that my husband's father was a friend of your heart, so well as I know that my husband thought to renew those ties between your good houses.

What I would like to propose, my Lord, is that I might come before you to offer truth to whatever rumors you have heard. So that you may ask your questions and come to your own mind. If you deem this acceptable, I would make for the Roost come the turn of the next week or as best suits you.

Sincerely, Lady Danae Tordane