Letter To My Liege

The following has been sent to Lord Patrek Mallister, of Seagard.

My dearest and most sincerest Lord Patrek. Frist of his naming and Defender o’ the cap.

I, your humblest servint Ser Solmon Wak, do writ this letr to you in order to bestow my news and congratlations upon the dfens of the cap. We hav named our ship th’ Howlin’ Eagle after yur late fathr Lord Jasn. We plan t’ have her sevnd soon at th’ roost and dedicated to the sea after. It wuld be an honor to hav you there. The seas hav ben goode, but they hath not yielded a bounty yet, but I trust we will see varlets soon.

The cap has been secured an we make patrols darting in every few days for supplies, so as to lev our hold open for prisoners and booty. I will tell you straight my lord. Ifst you com there shal be no whores to see to th’ neds of men. Most hath been spirted away by ironborn as ther saltwifes. I was fond of a red headed whore named ruby an she is gone.

The first ship we capture shall be sent back to Seagard on the double, and a report will come the following by man upon horse.

Yur Servent,

Ser Solomon Wake


((The X is his actual Signature in a fine Bold mark))