Letter to Jaremy
Letter to Jaremy Middleton
Summary: While laid up recovering from his jousting injuries, Justin passes some of his time by writing a letter to his exiled brother in the north.
Date: 19/June/2012
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Justin Jaremy 
Terrick Camp, Seagard
June 19th, 289

To Jaremy Middleton;

It has been many months since I wrote you from Seagard. I do so again now, laid up as before with injuries though nothing so serious as the Ironborn delt me. There is tournament held here for Lord Patrek's betrothal to a Redwyne daughter and I have done well in the joust. I almost won the first day's event, loosing at the last to our half bother, Jarod. I have also learned that I should not joust without a breastplate for seven lance blows against my person takes its toll. I will be back on my feet soon.

Aye, finally I have been knighted. Things are rough in our lands, hunger a concern though we are progressing with rebuilding after the Ironborn laid waste. Bandits have become a problem. A group of them captured several noblewomen (including our sister) and held them for high ransom, demanding gold. I took part in rescuing the women and slaughtering the bandits. My actions were deemed by Ser Kamron Mallister to have earned my spurs. I took my vigil in the Sept which is now rebuilt.

We had hoped to buy a harvest surplus from House Groves but the Naylands snagged it. We are in negotiations with them that may eventually result in a betrothal, perhaps between myself and the Lady Roslyn Nayland. We also look to other houses and other possible solutions in dowry or loan for the needs of our people.

Our brother Jacsen is better after months abed. He is yet too lean and needs weight and I am concerned for him. His leg pains him greatly and I am told he takes milk of the poppy. Lucienne is back from Middlemarch and seems vibrant. She does not get along well with the Lady Anais who has been under a great deal of strain. Still no child conceived for my brother. To top my concerns, our father ails. Lord Jerold has taken our Lady mother's death very hard. He has aged visibly even in the short period I have been home and he has become ill. I hope it shall pass and he will yet see the Roost thrive.

I hope you are well, brother. Despite what has passed, you are not forgotten. Not forgiven either but you are missed and I will continue to write if infrequently.

~ Lord Ser Justin Terrick, June 19th, 289