Letter from the Wood
Letter from the Wood
Summary: Dafydd Camden takes to plume and parchment for the first time— to an Iron-born lady!
Date: 29/11/2011
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Dafydd Kathryna 
Within the parchment
29 November, 288

A folded parchment arrives, closed with wax with a seal pressed in. It is the personal crest of Dafydd Camden of Tall Oaks. The writing within is done with flowing hand.

All is quiet in Tall Oaks, which allows me to put pen to parchment finally. In the silence of the land, one can hear the wind in the leaves, the whispers become as shouts to me. I had told you that to hear the Old Gods, one had to be still and listen, and be open to their words. I can hear them, my lady, and they tell me that I am not mistaken to pursue what could be a valuable friendship. There is no question as to my increasing fondness, though I dare not speak of that unless it can be told to one who can actually act upon it with the result I assume we both would wish.

Even if the moon is jealous that you shine as brightly as the sun under his light, something he could never do, and he dares not cease.. to my benefit. The evening on the road seemed like day, so light was my path with you beside me.

I look forward to seeing you once again, and I hope that in my absence you still regard me with friendship and fondness.

I remain,

Dafydd Camden