Letter from Heronhurst
Letter from Heronhurst
Summary: Ser Justin sends a letter home for his father and family concerning the efforts of his trip to Heronhurst and other news.
Date: 04/09/2012
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September 4th, 289

To my Brother Jacsen, Lady Anais, and my father Lord Jerold:

Greetings from Heronhurst. The Erenfords have welcomed me warmly. Ser Kell is detained, as are Ser's Kamron and Martyn in Seagard though I hope all three will join me upon the return trip to Stonebridge. The sellsword I hired, Gerry Taken, has not shown. I hope that we have enough men-at-arms to keep the animals safe - and Ser Kamron's squire, Percy. It is likely that Ser Nevan and Ser Brennart will ride armed escort with us as far as Stonebridge where we'll meet the others.

Ser Brennart has kept his word that we be dealt with fairly. I have acquired a goodly number of oxen, both for plowing and breeding stock. They seem to be strong, stout animals. I have hired a few Erenford drovers to assist. In addition I have purchased a large herd of goats, both milk and meat varieties - predominately nannies with a few males for breeding and a large flock of sheep - which once divided into smaller flocks the sheep should outfit 10 to 15 families in the Roost. They should double their numbers within the year. Lastly, we will be loading a few wagons full of piglets for the oxen to pull. As it turns out, herding swine is much too difficult to keep up with all the rest. Men and dogs alike will see to keeping the goats and sheep bunched, the oxen led.

While passing through Stonebridge I met with my bastard brother, Jarod. We had a few drinks and conferred upon the current situation. I can but hope that I shall not loose my brother to this bloodshed and I yet rue that he has sworn to serve Nayland interests. So be it. Ser Bruce Longbough also sought me out. He implores me to pass on this message to father: That House Terrick should protest to the Lord Paramount this breaking of the King's Peace by House Charlton's aggression upon Stonebridge, long ere Lord Tully has made his decision known. If for no other reason than as a matter of record.

While I am not eager to go crosswise of Lord Aleister and threaten our Accord with Highfield, I do have to question the legality of these hostile, impatient moves when Lady Danae has not yet produced living child. I leave that to my father if he wishes to send a raven to record protest for I know my father has utmost respect for the law. While I have no desire to have Charltons on two sides of the Roost, I'm also of a mind that the Naylands deserve what they get. Perhaps we'll be fortunate indeed should Charltons and Naylands rip each other apart and leave Stonebridge standing. I hear the lady Isolde is fair, though I do not much remember her from my youth.

I should be home soon, Seven willing.

- Ser Justin Terrick