Page 517: Lets Go Fly a Kite
Lets Go Fly a Kite
Summary: Kite flying and catching up on the Green at Terrick's Roost.
Date: 22/Dec/2012
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The Green, Terrick's Roost!
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Sat Dec 22, 289

The sun is getting higher on the sky as noon is approaching. The green is filled by the sounds of training guards as well as people on their way between all the different areas. Be it into town, to the keep, down to the coast or even towards Kingsgrove they all usually pass through here. Though some are just wandering even, as is the case with the Fensters as Arabella is escorted by your brother Alric. "Now how is that, dear sister?" Comes the question with a wide grin. Giving a glance to Talbot and Serah as well as they are following along with the nobles.

Mortimer is taking firm advantage of having been ordered to rest by both healers and lords by having a few lazy days with his family. Today has so far mostly consisted of a long lie-in and now it's time to throw his son in the sea for a bit in an attempt to expend some of that excess of energy that small children seem to have in spades. Heading up from town and towards the path to the coast he is only paying half attention to his surroundings, the rest being given over to the young lad that's pratically bouncing along at his side.

"I think.." Bella begins in a hesitant voice, "That I should go to Highfield and have a visit there. What do you think?" Though the hesitance changes to humor as she looks up for her brothers reaction. "I remember it being a nice place when I was there last for the wedding of Lady Tiaryn." Serious though for a moment, she ponders, "Will we be going back to Broadmoor soon? I am in no hurry to be there. yet." Just then her eyes catch the bouncing lad and she grins, "It looks like a day for the coast."

With a large kite already cast aloft, Nedra has most of her attention trained upward at the sight of the gaily painted kite as she tugs the end of the string to guide it just a bit higher, the long tail snapping in the breeze that rises off of the ocean - dives up over the cliffs - and soars across the green. Accompanied by her maid Shalla and her guard, Ser Petyr, several other kites are spread out around Shalla where the young girl sits untangling kite tails and shaking her head - amusement clearly writ upon her face - as Nedra keeps trying to coax the kite higher.

Alric raises a brow to his sister, "I doubt that we have the time to go there." He says and tries to look apologetic at that. "There is a lot of planning and I am sure that lady Ilaria would want your help with gowns and dresses as well." He suggests and smiles. Following her eyes towards the bouncing lad. "Deputy Mortimer. A day with the son, I see." He offers and smiles. So as he looks towards the man he can spot the approaching group from the coast. Smiling towards the group and starting to lead his sister. Towards Mortimer first. "It is good to see that you are healthy. Or at least fairly so." Himself still a bit weakened as is, if perhaps a bit better.

Mortimer notes the exact moment that his son notices the kites, it's not hard as there's a sudden silence and stillness for a few seconds as the lad just stares in wonder. "M'Lord, m'Lady" he offers with a bow that's lost the stiffness of the past few days. His son needs a moment's prompt to tear his gaze away from the kites and offer the appraoching Fensters a politeish nod but then he's straight back to watching the kites again. "Thank you m'Lord, and youself as well," Mortimer answers, "if I recall you took about the worst of it."

Watching the lad, how rapt his attention is on the kite, a smile adorns Bella's features, only brought back briefly to greet the man with the lad, "Good day to you, both of you." A warm smile offered before she looks back to the lad, enjoying his delight in the kite. "One day, Alric, I will get to take your son out kite flying, I think I will enjoy being an aunt."

Nedra's own attention is captured by the kite flying and she gives a laugh of delight when the kite dips abruptly skims about half height to the ground - causing Nedra to run backward a few steps to get the air lift again - before kiting upwards abruptly and nearly tugging the string out of Nedra's hands.

Alric smiles to the lad and bows his head to him. "I am recovering good enough I suppose. I have had nice help." He offers and smiles to his sister. At her words, he nods, "You will be a good one as well, I am sure." Finally his eyes get caught by the kites as well and follows them until he spots Nedra. Smiling as she is laughing.

Mortimer does turn his attention to Nedra as he spots her heading abckward at speed, but once it becomes apparent that it's to do with the kite and not through distress he just smiles and turns back to the Fensters infront of him. "I'm pleased to hear that m'Lord, and thank you again for your help. Inna's family wanted me to pass on their thanks aswell."

Arabella loops an arm through her brothers and smiles up at him, "I am exceptionally proud of everyone who put themselves in danger to rescue the children." Turning to watch Nedra a moment, smiling. "First, I think I have to learn to fly a kite before I can show your children, at least there is time." Tiptoeing, she brushes her lips over her brothers cheeks, "I am going to visit the market briefly and see if I can find one. I will take Serah and Talbot with me. I shant be long." Looking to Mortimer, she offers another smile. "Please excuse me a moment."

Nedra skims one hand over the top of her head, tucking long strands (escapees) away from her face as she turns again, eyes alternately trained upward and then at her relative proximity to the path leading down to the coast before she starts to backtrack. Spotting Bella and her brother Alric, and then Mortimer and his son, Nedra gives a wave and continues to carefully back track closer - one step at a time.

Alric nods, "Of course. It is quite fine." He tells the other man and seems pleased. Then he glances over to his sister. A skeptical smile given to her before he just smiles and shakes his head. Nodding as she places a kiss to his cheek and will move away. "Okay. Stay safe." He offers before turning back to Mortimer and grins a bit, "She's got a lot of energy." He explains. Moving along with the man, if he is moving, towards the coast. Which brings them a bti closer to Nedra. Smiling and waving to her in return.

Mortimer offers Arabella a bow as she departs, offering a polite, "Good day m'Lady," as well. At Alric's comment about engery he smiles a little more and glances down to his son again, he's not going to comment on the Lady of course, but he does know the feeling. As they close the distances to Nedra he drops his good hand to his son's shoulder, just in case he should get any ideas about running off and getting in the Mallister's way then offers her a cheerful, "M'Lady. You seem to have found a good spot."

"Good day to both of you," Nedra replies with a smile aimed at Mortimer, his son, and then Lord Alric. "I've tried several places, to be honest, but this has the best wind and the most amount of running room," is explained with a grin. Her eyes and attention turn toward Mortimer's son, "And how are you today, young master?" is wondered, catching the boys eyes with hers, "and have you, per chance, flown a kite before?"

Alric grins and nods as he watches Mortimer for a moment. Then he does turn towards the lady as well. A smile and a slow nod offered. "Indeed. It does seem like a good spot, so you did well my lady." He says and then looks between her and the child. Letting him answer the lady.

The lad, it appears has not, or at least if the way he shakes his head would seem to indicate not anyway. He does manage to tear his eyes away from the thing to look to Nedra as she addresses him though and after a reassuring pat on his shoulder from his father he answers with a faintly awestruck, "No, La.. m'Lady"
Mortimer himself just nods his reponce to Nedra's greeting and lets his son answers for himself.

With the wind tugging at the kite that is aloft high above her head, Nedra crouches just a bit in order to offer the end of the string to Mortimer's son. "It's fun," she promises, "and full of running and a great deal of crashing at times, so don't worry if it comes diving down. It happens all the time," words of reassurance here, "but it's a good kit if you want to take it for a run?"

Alric just watches silently as they talk. Shifting in his stance a bit to lower the pain that he still feel at times. Which might show on his face. Looking up to the kites and with a glance back over his shoulder towards the training guards. "Busy day, today." He offers.

"Running?" Mortimer repeats with a smile, "he should be good at that then." Spotting Alric's shifting position he raises an eyebrow faintly and enquires "you alright m'Lord?" before following his glance to the drilling guards and nodding his agreement, "Aye. It's coming up a year since the Ironborn hit.. The date, and those we found in the woods seem to have brought it back to people's minds."
His son seems a bit dubious abiut the kite for a moment but then gingerly reaches out to take the offered string, looking to Nedra as he does so to see hat it is he should actually be doing.

Nedra nods encouragement, "Hold the spool of string in one hand," she explains, handing over the spool as well, "and feed it through with your other hand." She tilts her head back, eyeing the kite a the far end of the string, "The wind is good today. You'll feel it tugging in your hand," and she glances up at Mortimer with a smile before back to his son, "and I have a couple more with me," added in a quieter voice, "so don't worry if this one crashes. I know how to build more," said as she straightens, "ready?" and steps back. Gesturing with one hand toward the open green and all the room to run in, a warm smile forming on her face, "Give it a try."

Dressed down in long tunic of dark grey, Lord Ozric's dress would show a hint of casualness, but still he is a knight-as shown by the chain of office about his neck-hidden down in a purple cowl, and dark cloak. And of course spurs still hold on his boots, which brown pants have been tucked into. One hand hangs lazily at his belt, before he is turning to look at the man behind him, nodding as he takes two hooded birds on towards the mews off in the Tower's keep.

A wave is given to Mortimer, before his lone eye is settling on the Lord Fenster, and lady Nedra. A bow of his head given, as he pauses for a moment. "A good day for kite flying, I see."

Alric grins a bit as running is brought up, though at the question from Mortimer he just nods. "Quite alright, master." Nodding but not offering much as the ironborn are mentioned. Turning as he hear the voice of Ozric and nods to the man. "So it seems, ser. I hope you have been well?" He offers with a bit of a bow before looking back to those that were in his company before.

Mortimer gives his son the gentlest of pushes on his shoulder to let him know that it's alright and that he should give it a try. Crouchinging down a little as the lad hesitates still he offers a reassuring "go on" before he straightens again and spots the incoming Ozric. The Young Lord is offered a bow and a respectful, "Good day m'Lord."
You paged Nedra with 'I need to go eat, probably after my next pose, maybe the one after, mind if I leave the sprog with you then?'

Nedra wears a warm smile, eyes sparkling with laughter as Mortimer's son only takes off once Mortimer gives him the extra ounce of permission. Nedra laughs then, quietly, as the boy takes off at a small run, head tipped back to watch the kite, then faster as the kite soars with the added drag to the wind, taking it higher. The path the boy runs leads right along where Nedra's maid Shalla is seated, Nedra shaking her head slightly as she turns back to smile at Mortimer. "He'll have fun, I hope, it's a simple thing once all the angles were hammered out," she adds before turning and giving a curtsy of greeting to Ozric. "Good day to you, my lord, and it IS a lovely day, the weather is perfect," she explains.

"I've been hawking. I don't know if that is indeed well." Ozric replies before he is offering a shrug. "It's a fine day, so one cannot complain." Or should. Still there is a brief pause as he offers Mortimer a nod. "I am glad to see you up and about, Master Trevelyan. I do hope your wounds are not bothering you too terribly." the lord offers before he is glancing back to Nedra. "So I see, lady Mallister.. So I entirely see." And he glances up to the Kite. "I have not done this since child hood. I should think, were I to try now, I'd lose the blasted thing in a tree."

Alric smiles and watches the kid go to try and play with the kite. Grinning slightly at that. Glancing towards Ozric he shrugs at the words. "It depends on what you compare it to I suppose." Looking between the lord and the deputy for a moment before letting them speak while he moves to pay attention to the kites. And then to NEdra. "IT is good to see you." He offers with a smile before Ozric is addressing her and Alric turns to see how well Mortimer's son is doing.

It's now Mortimer's turn to be torn where to look. As Nedra greets Ozric he's watching his son with a sense of paternal pride, even as he ploughs the kite straight into the ground. Then however it's back to the nobility as he's addressed. "Not too terribly no m'Lord," he replies readilly enough, "still hurts a bit if I forget and try to use the hand, but otherwise I'd say all is well." Not that he's trained in the healing arts, but those who are seem to be of roughly the same opinion.

"Half the battle, my lord, is having decent wind to work with," her head tilting back again as she eyes the clouds skimming high across the sky, "and living this close to the coast makes for perfect kite flying weather more often than not. The other half of the battle?" She gives a small shrug, "That's all about the construction of the kite and the willingness to run back and forth like mad, if need be, until enough height is achieved. And," again she turns back to give a smile to Mortimer, Alric and Ozric in turn, "not being afraid to have fun OR crash a kite into a tree, or the ground or.. " and she laughs, shrugging again subtly before turning a curious glance at Alric, smiling as she replies: "It's good to see you as well, my lord, I'd hoped I'd have a chance to spend some time with your sister and yourself before you departed again. Will your sister be joining us again, my lord?" is wondered. "I brought some extras, just in case this one crashes," and a glance toward Mortimer's son finds that he's doing a fine job of keeping the kite aloft, "perhaps she'd like to try her hand at one too?"

"Indeed, much like sailing." Ozric offers with a half grin before he is looking back towards Nedra, as he keeps in his momentary hold there with the gathering. "Ah, and there we have come to the crux of the problem. You see Lady Nedra. I have been good a a good many things. and I do have skills. But ever since a child my deft fingers have always, without a shadow of doubt-faltered with kite making." And there he looks back towards Mortimer's son. "That is when I gave up my dreams of ever being a master flyer and maker of kites known the seven round. I instead opted to become a knight." A grin there passed as he looks back towards Alric. "Some dreams eh?" And there he looks on back towards the Keep. "I should be going as I do have some work about to finish. A few disputes to settle."

Alric smiles to the child at his efforts before it goes to the other nobles as well. "I've never really flown a kite." He admits and shrugs. Though he does remember the times he has watched it. Especially here at the Roost. "I think that she will be. Although how long from now I do not know." Turning to look at Ozric as he nods slowly about sailing. "I would suppose so." As for the next words about the dreams makes him grin, "Indeed. Personally I am tying to keep my own, despite the fact that it seems that my time is occupied with other things." A bit of a chuckle at that.

"Sailing is quite fun," Nedra's eyes lift to meet Ozric's for a moment, "when all the important things are learned to instinct, not just rote," Nedra replies with a laugh, shaking her head subtly at Ozric. "And.. you are perhaps most fortunate then, my lord," she suggests, "as I happen to be something of a expert in the art of kite making. Trial and error, much error, is the key to such expertise, I assure you. But, having made something of a study of it, I would lay good odds on any of my kites making it aloft - safely - and back again. You should try it again sometime, you may find it fun," she offers before fixing a faintly baffled look at Alric. "How can you have never flown a kite? As in, ever?" is wondered with a slow shake of her head. "Lord Alric, if you haven't, perhaps Lady Bella hasn't either," she muses, "this is something that must be remedied."

Ozric offers his own smile back back towards Nedra, as his lone eye meets both of her own. There's a shift in his stance before he is offering his own sigh filters out. "I do not believe that I am very fortunate. I think I would have had some fine designs." And there he nods faintly over towards Alric. "She speaks true, Lady Nedra-" he adds with a faint nod. "Made sure I was able to see the sea once-more so than on a skiff." A grin. "And it changed my view on the sea. I am sure she can with the kite." And so he is giving a brief bow to those assembled. "If I have more time, perchance I can entertain you all. As it is. I have squires and letters." A faint frown there, before he gives a brief wave and continues along his walk.

Alric smiles and listens about sailing and all of that. "It is. One just needs to get used to the waves, I think." He offers and shifts a bit again. As for the baffled look, he laughs. Which causes a slight pain in his chest. "I suppose I was busy riding or studying most of the time. As for Bella, I must admit that I am not certain." His eyes shift to the other young lord, "I believe you on that. She has the ability to make most become interested in all kinds of things." As he once more offers about his leave, there is a bow to Ozric. "Stay well, ser. Hopefully we will meet again soon enough."

Mortimer offers Ozric a bow as the Young Lord takes his leave, "Good day m'Lord." As his son seems to be busy burning energy running up and down the Green he's content enough to simply watch, rather than continue the original course towards the sea. "Can't say I ever really did as a youth either," he admits to Alric, in regards to kite flying, "always seemed to be other things to be doing."

Nedra shakes her head slightly, "The thought of having to to go sea on anything less than a sailing vessel or a merchant vessel makes me shudder," she admits, "and I'm glad you enjoyed it, my lord," is added before she lifts one hand to wave in return, "May the remainder of your day be fruitful," she offers as Lord Ozric departs. She uses the same hand to skim lightly over her hair again, turning slightly to see Mortimer's son doing very well with the kite, having figured out how to make the kite dance in a looping arc through the sky. Nedra's expression is one of delight at the sight of this, "Look," she says, letting her tone of voice convey the same, "he's figured it out," and to Mortimer - with a grin - "your son is a clever one, Master." She glances back over at Alric, "I simply must take that as a compliment, otherwise it sound as though I have a way of making boring things interesting, my lord," she suggests with a grin.

Alric falls silent once more. Giving one last goodbye to Ozric. Taking his time to look towards town. As Nedra speaks to him,he grins, "IT is, my lady. If you can make a boring thing interesting then you are quite amazing." He tells her and looks to Mortimer. "I understand, as it was the same for me."

With the wind gusting nicely on this fine day, perfect kite weather in fact, Nedra is speaking with Mortimer and Alric over the relative merits of kite flying. Lord Ozric has just departed to return to the castle, Lady Arabella had taken her leave a few minutes prior, and - accompanied by her maid and Ser Petyr - Nedra had been testing the frames of the most recent batch of kites she'd assembled. One of which, and this part makes Nedra glance toward the young boy in question, is being raced about by Mortimer's son at the moment. "I suppose then, my lord, Master," Nedra is saying as she glances from Alric to Mortimer and back, "it's a difference in how our time was spent, in our respective youths. Kite flying may not be the Thing to do for young men, and it really Isn't the thing to do, I admit, for young women, but it's terribly fun all the same. You both, I'm sure, had all manner of sword bashing and other important skills to learn."

"Takes after his mother m'Lady," Mortimer replies with a smile, glancing back to Nedra from where he'd been watching the same thing. He crosses his arms over his chest as a means of keeping his splinted hand supported and lets his eyes slip back to where his son seems to be having a whale of a time. "I reckon I know what he'll be wanting me to do with the rest of my free time now though," he states with a faint grin, pondering how best to start on making one for the lad with only one opperational hand. Best answer, with his help. Back to Nedra he then shrugs slightly, "my father was a mason m'Lady, myself and my brothers were found useful things to do to help him as soon as we were able."

Coming from the direction of the coast, Martyn looks like he's taken a bath out in the sea. Hair and clothing a bit damp, although he wears a cloak on top of his other clothing. Pausing for a few moments as he sees the people present, he stops to run a hand through his hair. Looking around, as if looking for someone else present as well, then back to the others.

Alric chuckles and nods, "I suppose so. Although I never did too much of that, other than for the time as a page." He says and shrugs. "Other than that I spent most time with either my father or being present in Hollyholt." Alric doesn't notice Martyn at first, but when he does he offers the man a smile and a nod.

"Now see, that sounds like a good and terribly useful way to keep young boys out of trouble," Nedra replies with a smile aimed at Mortimer. "I'll have to remember that, if my brother and goodsister grace me with nephews instead of nieces, or when the nephews come along," she muses with a laugh. "And I always wondered what pages do, other than find ways to be constantly under foot, in and or out of trouble and every where at once," she wonders with a thoughtful glance at Alric. The glance turns into a sudden smile as she spots Martyn and waves to her cousin in greeting.

Mortimer doesn't immeditately spot Martyn either, his atention already being split two ways between the conversation and his son, but as Alric offers the approaching man a nod he turns and does the same, "Lord Mallister." Turning back to Nedra he offers, "from what I remember m'Lady it mostly consisted of helping to carry his tools and hauling blocks for him. Kept us busy enough that we never really had the time or energy for trouble making."

Offering a bit of a smile and a wave to Nedra, Martyn pauses for a few moments as he looks to the trio. Offering a bit of a nod as he steps over in their direction now, although he keeps quiet for the moment, listening carefully for the moment.

Alric just grins to Nedra as his eyes shifts over to the commoner. "That is better than nothing, I suppose." He says and then does shift most attention to Martyn. "All healed up, I hope?" He offers to Martyn with a studying gaze. Then he moves a bit to let Martyn join them easier.

"Busy and, if my guess is right, almost to tired to come up with mischief," Nedra suggests with a laugh, shaking her head slowly at Mortimer. "Cousin, you're looking well," she decides as Martyn joins the group, is quiet for a moment, listens carefully for a moment, which makes her have a quiet moment in return, studying Martyn momentarily before lifting her eyes back to Alric. "I would imagine, my lord, that 'nothing' isn't really a option for most young boys. Noble or not, there's always something to be done, something that needs doing."

"'s about right m'Lady," Mortimer answers with a nod, "that and it saved on having to find apprentices." So a plan with no drawbacks seemingly. With the quiet between the Mallisters he decides that now would perhaps be a good time to glance over towards his son once more, watching as he nearly manages to collide with some of the drilling guards as his attention is almost entirely on the kite and not his surroundings. Thankfully, the guard is more alert and sends the lad on his way in the other direction.

"I'm looking well, cousin?" Martyn raises an eyebrow lightly at Nedra's words. "I'll take your word for it. Thank you." A grin to her, before he looks over to Alric, offering a momentary grin to him as well. "I think that's what I'm supposed to ask you. You and Master Trevelyan," he comments, offering a nod and a smile to both the Fenster and the Deputy. "After all, I only got a little scratch from one of the wolves out there."

"I suppose so." Alric offers and shrugs slightly to Nedra's words, seeming amused though. Following Mortimer's gaze to the lad and grins. "He seems to enjoy the kite at least." Then he looks over to Martyn and nods, A bit of a chuckle that does send a bit of pain. "My chest got beaten in quite a bit, but I'll manage."

Nedra follows Mortimer's line of sight before dropping her voice briefly to ask him a question, the wind tugging at her words. Nedra glances over at Martyn, meeting his arch look with one of her own in return, "little scratch from one of the wolves," she echoes his own words. "Well, nothing major, apparently," she says with a slow shake of her head before glancing over at Alric. "quite a bit, says he, but he'll manage. There are times, gentlemen, when as inclined as I am to want to know more.. I equally am inclined to not wish to have more details than this."
Nedra whispers: Would you son like to keep the kite, Master Trevelyan? I have several, I promise, and it would please me to see that it's used more than just this once.

"Scrapes and scratches all about cleard up now m'Lord," Mortimer answers to Martin, although with his arms folded over his chest it's clear to see that his right hand is still splinted to keep it immobile. Alric gets a nod as he brings his attention back to the group, "would appear so m'Lord aye. Theres not much can turn him from the sea when he sets his mind to it, but it seems this is something." As Nera drops her voice he instinctively leans in a little then glances once more towards his son before returning his attention to her, "would be most kind of you m'Lady, but I reckon you;d be better asking him."

Martyn offers a bit of a grin as he hears Nedra's words. "Well, it was the dying moments for the wolf, as it managed to scrape at my side, cousin. I'm less sure that our good friend here has healed well, though." A gesture and a grin in Alric's direction now, before he nods a bit at Mortimer. "I'm glad to hear that. How's the hand?"

Alric bows as Nedra says that she would not wish for more information. "Of course, apologies." A faint smile offered to her as well before he looks to Mortimer and nods, "Well I suppose it can be fun with many things to occupy ones mind with." A slight grin given to Martyn as he might be right. But when has Alric given in to such things? Always bein a stubborn one.

Immediately upon receiving word of permission to return to the Roost, Aemy does just that. This time though, she is accompanied by three guards, the two usual of Redmond, Symon but in addition there is a more muscular man, Danyel. Kyra, her handmaid walks at her side and as they approach the green, the first thing that catches her eyes is a kite being flown by a little boy. Looking towards the adults in charge, she notes a few familiar faces among them all and first and foremost is Lady Nedra Mallister. Approaching her, she nods to the others assembled before halting near the lady. "My lady," offering her a brief hug should she be allowed, a warmth in her expression that had been lacking since she was sent away. Only then does she look towards Martyn and Mortimer before settling on Alric and studying him briefly. "You are better now?" News travels fast. Especially when inquired upon.

Mortimer glances down to his hand at the enquiry then back to Martyn, "Sore m'Lord, but the swelling has gone. Just need to keep remembering not to try and do anything with it yet." Not that there's much he can do, but that doesn't mean he hasn't forgotten a few times and tried to. As Aemy arrives he offers a repectful bow followed by a "m'Lady", although he's not entirely sure which Lady this happens to be, so he leaves it there for now, hping to pick up clues from the others.

Nodding a bit as he hears Mortimer, Martyn offers him a grin now, before the newly arrived lady gets his attention, and he offers her a grin. "Lady Aemy. How are you today?" he asks, before he adds, "And I'm all healed up, yes. Wasn't much healing that needed to be done, after all."

While the other men are talking, Alric is silent. Surely just to listen to them. Though as Aemy arrives, he smiles to her. Looking a bit weakened but recovering. "I am getting better indeed, my lady. It is good to see you again. I fought alongside ser Daryl. I am grateful, since else my injuries might had been worse." He says and smiles.

At the bow, Aemy offers a friendly smile to the man, "It looks like you all have done a great service to all rescue the children then.. Thank you all, truly, for Lady Hafwen is my cousin, and I was so glad to hear of her rescue." When Martyn addresses her she grins. "I am much better today than I have been for awhile, thank you for asking. How are you faring also?" Glancing to Alric when he speaks as well. "It is good to see you are recuperating." Though.. studying him a moment, all she adds is. "Daryl has not been knighted, my lord.." A brief smile accompanying the words.

Mortimer returns Martyn's grin with a faint nod, silently thanking the Maliister Lord for providing a name foe the newly arrived Erenford lady. "I think on the whole we were all fairly lucky m'Lord," he states to Martyn, with a quick glance to Alric as he does so, "yourself Lord Fenster and Lord Groves took the worst, yet we all walked out. Thank the Seven." As Aemy speaks to the two lords he takes a quick moment to ensure that all hell is not breaking loose as a result of the kite flying.

"Well enough, I suppose," Martyn offers with a bit of a smile, before he adds, "And I'm glad to hear you are doing well." Listening to the others for the moment, keeping silent aside from that, for the moment.

Alric nods to Aemy and seems a bit out of place. "Ah, apologies." He offers about Daryl then looking to Martyn and let it travel to Mortimer as well. "Indeed. So, apologies, all of you. I should get back towards my bed." He says with a grin. Perhaps seeking sympathy from Ilaria when he goes back.

With Nedra and Aemy conversing, Mortimer offers Alric a bow and a "Rest well m'Lord," as the Fenster departs. That done he turns back to Martyn, "I'll apologise first m'Lord, incase I;ve already spoken to you on this, but I just wanted to thank you for you help over the past weeks. As I said to Lord Perrin, without the news you brought we might still be looking now." Or more likely finding bodies still.

Martyn smiles a bit as he hears that. "Always happy to help the people," he offers, with a bit of a nod. "I wasn't the one that did most, but as long as I could help." Looking to the departing Alric. "Get well."

"As you say m'Lord," Mortimer answers with a slight nod, "wanted it said though, and Inna's parents wanted their gratitude known as well." There's another brief glance to his lad but since all seems to be progressing nicely he simply smiles and takes a brief moment to watch.