Page 313: Lessons Taught With Sweets
Lessons Taught With Sweets
Summary: Roslyn and Rutger share a quick moment with the boys in the kitchens.
Date: 28/May/2012
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Roslyn Rutger 
Kitchens — Fortress of the Sevens
The kitchens are floored entirely in stone and it would appear vigerously scrubbed to be kept clean at least every few days. The whole room seems ot have been purpose built into a rocky outcropping as the floor and counters appear to be all one piece but for the wooden tops. Two large ovens have been carved out of the walls with large firepits also dug into the center of the floors for grilling oversize slabs of meat. Centered on the room are two large final preperation tables where the food is assembled onto platters before being served. A double staircase leads farther down into the cellars and their foodstocks.
Mon May 28, 289

The kitchens are currently warm, bustling. The servants move here and there, all the while ignoring the group of clustered Naylands as they negotiate at one of the tables. A fresh batch of pastries have recently been set out and are cooling, a favored sweet among the clan and it seems that young Arik and Aronn are no exceptions. Dressed in a simple gown of light yellow, Roslyn does not seem so out of place in the kitchens of the Fortress of the Sevens, even as she asks in measured tones of Aronn, "And why do you think you deserve two pastries?" He even attempts to sound serious where he answers, "Because you said I could have one, and I wanted three, auntie."

It seems that the Kitchens are always and ever popular. And now with the pastries cooling, It's own rich aroma is enough to bring Rutger Nayland in from where ever he has squirreled himself away for the day. As of now, Rutger finds himself dressed in riding breeches and a dark surcoat of green, with orange piping at the sleeves and collar. There's a pause though as he scrapes mud from his boots by the door leading outside, as hands slide down to his sword belt, which is unhooked and passed back to Lucamore who follows behind him. "With my things." A faint grin remaining on the Nayland knight's face. Though he doesn't say anything he does take him time to head closer to where his boys are with their Aunt.

Roslyn catches sight of her brother's entrance, barely keeping the smile from her lips that plays and dances in wide, hazel eyes as they meet Rutger's. But then she is leaning back to address the boys in a serious, somber tone. "That is what is called compromise, yes, but you can only compromise when both people are in a position of power. In this case, I have all the power and you have to convince me," she lectures carefully. It takes a moment for Arik to pipe up to ask, "What does that mean?" She is quick to quip back, "That you are having only one pastry apiece."

The boys' father keeps his face focused on his boys as the lesson plays out, only then he moves taking time to come over and reach out to snag up one cooling pastrie before the lesson can be finished. Taking a bite, eyes slide back towards his sons, and their Aunt. "And sometimes, you have to take by force boys, but that is another lesson for another day." A glance back to Roslyn as a brow arches up and he is content to chew. "Any more lessons for them, Sweet, Aunt?"

"No, I will let them go and hold the lesson about what taking by force sometimes gets you for another day," Roslyn answers with a vague, teasing threat in the flick of her gaze over her brother. She takes two pastries to hand to the boys instead, dismissing them both to play with pats on their heads, though surely they wait on their father's dismissal as well.

Rutger slides his eyes down to Arik and Aronn, before he is nodding, sending them out with squeals and leaving him there alone with their aunt and of course all of the servants in the kitchen. With that eyes slide over towards Roslyn for a moment. "And you, Lyn- any lessons for me?" asked around the hot bit of sweetness in his mouth. Licking his lips, eyes go down to his fingers as he sets the half eaten pastry aside in order to lick at his fingers.

Roslyn smacks at Rutger's hand lightly, saying with utter primness, "Do not take things by force that would be willingly given with a bit of charm."

A laugh there before he's shaking his head. "Isn't that my way anyway, Lady?" a brow raised before he is clearing his throat, and picking his pastry again to munch lightly. Licking his lips, there's a brief nod. "Though, if I had to admit, I feel like I am failing on all fronts, sister." a rub of his chin. "What do you think? Honestly?"

"Of you failing, Rutger? How can you say so, after your spectacular performance in the melee only a few days past?" Roslyn questions with a tip of her chin, concern written briefly in the look she draws over her brother for his question, for his words.

"Such a spectacular outing that was undone with one action at a dance." Rutger notes. "The Groves play hard to get, and such a showing can only go to support whatever excuse Lord Kitt is looking for in order to keep this from going through." he adds. "Mind you, I want a formal courtship and betrothal period, but damned if I don't feel as if I am battling upstream." A sigh there before he is finished with the pastry. "But, this is not the time to bitch and moan, is it?"

"Better this and this time than you accuse our brother or sister in a manner that would only lead to arguments rather than looking towards the future," is suggested mildly as Roslyn offers a quiet, supportive smile for Rutger. "Rowenna's and Rafferdy's actions are their own, not yours. If the Groves use this as support, they would have only found something else. One would keep looking until something was found, and with our family—," her words trail off but the implication is there. Enough would be found to use as an excuse, no matter what. "Only do as you are now, continue to court the Lady Rosanna and do not think on what her family may say. A daughter can have surprising pull on her father, a sister on her brothers, if she decides what she wants."

"Now Roslyn." Rutger begins with a grin back for his sister "It is not an accusation if true." right? Still he is lighter now than he was or would have been upon seeing everyone earlier yesterday. After all it was no secret that he left before everyone else and came here as fast as he could. "Then I shall, if it fails we will pick ourselves up and move on. I would have them know they need us as much as we need them. I'd not us look desparate. But strong." he notes with a small smile. "Well I do know she has said she wants me. Whether or not that holds true, should something ah- flashier come by…We will see." And with the pastry gone he eyes Roslyn for a moment. "Though I know we a tournament and all. Why has our brother not returned to Stonebridge?" asked and then brows narrow "And given the last batch of rumors why is Lady Anais here?"

"I'd rather we not spend our time fighting about who has done more to hurt the family in these past few months, years. I'd rather speak on what we can do together, and where we should set our goals," Roslyn chides softly, though the grin is not infallible. It works to earn another amused smile from her lips before she shakes her head dismissively. "He is staying because we must speak to our lord father, and more importantly, we must speak to each other. Then we will all return to where we are needed." At the question of Lady Anais, she takes longer to answer. She says, neutrally, "She is here to speak with Lord Rickart. About food, I'd presume, or alliances."

"That answer will hold, Roslyn, but them coming together only after it was said in the Crossing that he was placing kisses on her palm. I do not care if she danced with other men, it is what happened in the town square that speaks volumes." Rutger states with a bit of a bite. " He needs to stop being protected so he will learn not to think selfishly, or with his cock any further. By luck the Westerling case is played in our favor. Though this as we are trying to mend fences?" a beat and Rutger stares at Roslyn "Is dangerous."

There is a tip of Roslyn's chin in agreement, but all she says is a mild, "They were always going to speak, Rutger, whether she returned here or to home after what rumors spread." She pauses to take a pastry herself, tearing a bit and balling it between her fingers thoughtfully. "What would you have me do? Convince father to throw her from our home?"

"Convince Riordan to quit being an idiot, and stop seeking her out." And there is a grin on Rutger's face before he is leaning in to place a kiss at his sister's forehead, hopefully to leave a sweet smear there. "Dine with me tonight? I have some things I need to run by you. More importantly though-do try to keep him from fucking her..Wars have started for less." Rutger intones before he is moving to sneak by. "We are in our moment of power. One push will ruin us or propel us. We need to be cautious in our reach."