Page 424: Lessons from a Lioness
Lessons from a Lioness
Summary: Justin and Aeliana talk…character building.
Date: 18/9/2012
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Justin Aeliana 
Rocky Cove, Terrick's Roost
To the west of the path leading down, the beach extends below a cliff face and takes a turn inland where the terrain above has collapsed down to be claimed by the pounding waters below. It has formed a small, almost private cove with jagged rocks in the water at the cliffs while the ocean has relaimed most of those from the beach. Due to the elevation of the cliffs, the top of the tower to the north is just barely visible despite the relatively short distance.
Sep 18, 289

It isn't like Justin to be out here of a morning but even he takes a day off from his duties now and then. Instead of going into town and working away the day to oversee rebuilding efforts and Sheriff's tasks, he has Stewards, overseers, and marshals to keep things running smoothy - mostly his father's men, some whom he's recruited or promoted himself. And then there is the deputy Sheriff, Mortimer.

Therefor about once every Sevenday period, the Terrick might be out hunting all day long for his own pleasure, or he might be found hanging around the cliffs. Today is the latter.

With his horse unsaddled and grazing on a pile of hay dropped into the cove, Justin himself has climbed the cliff face of the cove to overlook it. His things are left below so that he wears only a pair of trousers rolled up to his knees, a belt to keep his pants firmly on his hips, and an antlered knife secured into it at an angle.

The wind blows into his face. Sea gulls wheel overhead. Sitting, he watches the water and commands a good view of the edge of the bluff as well as the stony beach in either direction for some distance.

Aeliana Charlton had returned late the evening prior, when the last of the sky was grey instead of black and she'd rode under heavy escort to the Terrick borders and as before, she'd let those of Terrick know that the men were going to be there and that she'd be riding with them on return so that there was no chance of confusion or break within the accord. Her guards bare the same faces of those that she left with, no veiled changes, no sneaking.
It is with a mind for privacy that the small Charlton entourage finds themselves within the cove. The lady dressed for the sea; her dark hair bound back with bright green ribbons that matched the drape of her gown and the flounce of skirts, soft leather gloves adorning her hands. She'd been of a mind to practice, until she spotted the sherrif's mount and not long after, the man himself where he settled up high upon the face of the cliff; at whom she waved.
Orders were given then, to two of the three of her guards, who retreated towards the edge with the maid in tow, ensuring their own mounts were settled a goodly distance away and down wind so's not to cause a fuss. It left the Septa Myrth, who searched out a decent place to hide from the wind and Aeliana standing with Ryken; who'd two blunt edged training swords at hand, waiting and somewhat unsure as to whether or not she meant to continue with her original intentions or socialize.

The grey of course lifts his head, ears pricked in the direction of those who approach. While Justin saw them coming for some distance, the horse blows softly a warning as if to make his rider and herdmate aware of strangers. For the moment, the gentle gelding looks more the stallion he briefly was in his younger colt years, head high, tail held slightly out from his body, very alert. Yet the other horses are drawn off and only a couple of the humans come on foot. The grey watches them, shifting his feet to face them but not leaving his desirable lump of hay.

Not far from the horse lays his saddle, bridle draped over it. Justin's own clothes are neatly folded by his boots, his sword angled to lay over his surcoat. That leaves the Terrick knight in some small difficulty. Either he must stay away while the party lingers that he not offend by his half clothed presance, or he must come down to retrieve his things to dress. There is delay for him to think upon this without stirring from the cliff other than to raise a bare arm to wave back.

The sea is rather placid today, gone is the storm of two days past. The water is now very clear and calm. Justin watches those who are below for a little but his things are down there, including his sword. A blade he might be embarassed should the lady Aeliana grow curious and draw it. A rusted, knicked and pitted blade that is not fit for a lord. Frowning faintly, he stands. A few more steps are taken to get to the place he seeks and looking back, Justin stands backlit against the sky briefly before he leaps from the cliff.

"M'lady, do you intend to stand here all day, or shall we work on your forms?" The gruff guard inquires, with a bemused touch of humor in his hazel eyes. And once more Aeliana stands indecisive, her brows furrowed and her head canted to the side in consideration. Again she looks up towards the Terrick lord and from the distance it's a little easier to let her eyes rake his frame, less intrusive and less obvious than if she were near and he the same.
It seemed that she'd just come to some decision as well, for she'd drawn breath to speak it when the lord jumps and the world…freezes; her jaw hung limp in shock, those dark eyes gone wide as she tracks his progress, suffering from the sensation of her heart stuck there in her throat. Perhaps if she'd socialized more with the commoners, she'd have heard of cliff diving, or the lord himself might have thought to mention it when he spoke of swiming, but as it is?
As it is Aeliana stands there in shock, with her hands drawn up to settle over her mouth, while that fan dangles limply from her wrist.

Outward first, his body held straight and his arms briefly out from his sides, then as he moves his hands forward he bends to arc gracefully downwards … then straightening at the last in a very simple, pure dive from nearly 100 feet up. Justin's fingertips strike the water first, parting it like a knife ere his body follows it with only a moderate splash. Had he hit more roughly he might well have been stripped of his trousers, belt or no, but there is no such mishap.

The water closes over him and grows still for long breathes - or short fast ones if you be a lady standing gaping with a fan fallen limply from her hands. Then after a seemingly too long pause, Justin's dark head breaks the water's smoothness. He shakes it once firmly to get hair and water clear from his eyes, then shifts to swimming at his ease to start circling back towards the narrow, cobbled beach that rims one side of the rocky cove.

The grey gelding isn't nearly as impressed. The horse has lowered his head to go back to munching his hay as if this were perfectly normal, boring behavior of his foolish rider. Silly humans.

Had that been a squeal, when the man hit the waters? A small short terrified sound that eeked past just before his head had disappeared beneath the waters? Why yes, yes it was and one that she won't entirely thank him for forcing out of her, either. Nor the way she'd forgotten to breath entirely when he'd disappeared beneath the waters that went entirely too calm as if he'd never been at all.
She'd reached the edge in a frantic little run; Septa Myrth having lofted back up to her feet muttering what could have been quiet prayers, while Ryken stands uneasy. Unsure if she's about to send him in, or and quiet unlike her, wondering if it'd just been for sport. It's when his head clears the water and he seems whole and unharmed that Ae's breath slips free in a wash of relief, small shoulders falling in on themselves while she takes a moment to still the frantic beathing of her heart and gather her thoughts. …not to mention her breath.

Why /are/ they crowding close to the water and looking so stricken?!? Justin swims until he reaches shallow enough water that he can touch bottom, deep enough yet that standing the water stays lapping over his shoulders. It's rather near because the beach here slopes downwards very steeply into deeper water. Justin looks back behind him in the direction they are looking. Is there a shark? Some porpoise playing, or sea turtle to draw their attention and make them worried that there is some sea beast about to consume his flesh? Grey eyes look carefully but find nothing amiss in the clear, calm water of the cove.

Looking back, Justin offers a smile, "Good morning, lady Aeliana. If … hmmm… you'd be so kind as to briefly depart, or turn your back, I should like to fetch my clothes. I have no mind to offend you by my presance, unpresentable as I am. Or mayhap your man would go and get my things for me? My shirt, at least."

As yet, the Terrick is making no move to leave the thin cover of the water, trying to observe propriety with a fine lady presant. He notes her paler, "Are you all right, lady Aeliana?"

"…depart? Turn my…you want your clothes?" Aeliana manages to sputter, indignation in her tone, somewhat floored and flustered that he should smile as if there were naught a thing wrong in the world and that leaping from a ledge like that was…was…
"You just…," she tried again, and failed, oh so miserably to make a very good go of it. "Justin Terrick!" There we go, Ae managed a foothold and took it, picking up steam as she went. "How dare you scare me like that! Off a cliff! What if you'd broken your neck? What if you'd drowned?! I'm of a mind to wring your bloody ear off!" But he was in the water, and she couldn't. And he was too far away to swat, too. And then he asked if she were alright?
That brought another squeak, an indigant little huff and sudden widening of her eyes, as if she'd just been struck by a completely different notion. "Myrth," Ae's voice had an edge; playful yes, but with a point too. "I should turn my head if I were you." Because Aeliana had started back up the beach again and this time, with purpose; straight for justin's clothes….

Uh oh. She looks and sounds rather pissed! Did he frighten her? It would seem that he had, "Lady Aeliana!" Justin realizes at once that his things are in danger of being wetted by salt water, "I have been diving from these cliffs since I was a boy, before I ever served as page in Riverrun. My brothers, even my sister Lucienne, we all learned to dive. As have generations of our people here at the Roost for centuries." Justin lifts an arm to gesture to the thin winding pathes worn into the cliff faces, even if the gesture is missed for her back is turned to him as she storms up towards his things, "These hand and foot holds in the rocks weren't worn there by animals, my lady. I did not mean to give you any fright!" That must be it. He'd scared her.

In a lower voice, more aside to her guard or Septa lingering closer, Justin lets out a breath, "Why would she care if I broke my bloody neck, anyway? I'm no Charlton."

At his question, whether it'd been rethorical or not, Ryken gives a gruff snort of amusement, shaking his head and rubbing a calloused hand against the salt and peppered stubble of his chin; with a look to the youth for his question. There's no more answer than that little shake of his head before he turns away and moves to give his lady a bit of room for her temper. There's no answer from the Septa either, for while her name might suggest that she ought to be in possession of a sense of humor..Myrth in truth, had little.
"Well you did!" Aeliana called back over her shoulder, somewhat determined to return the favor. "It's not enough that I have to worry about the men in my family marching on the field, I now have to worry about you leaping from cliffs, into currents that you told me yourself were dangerous!"
Ahah! Aeliana made it to his clothing too, which left the ground into her deft little grip; mindful enough not to ruin anything that could have been laying on it. His sword, for instance, did not tumble into the sand but was respectfully laid gently across his saddle instead. So it's not towards the water that she marches with his things but instead…towards her horse.

What in the Seven hells was she up to? She's going to make him come out of this water, isn't she? Justin's face starts to look annoyed, "Lady Aeliana, those are my things." Duh. "What do you think you are doing?" Atleast she left his sword and saddle. The Terrick Sheriff rolls his eyes and moves in the water, slightly agitated. Is it worse if she rides off with his stuff and he has to ride half naked to go and look for it, or worse if he comes out of the water /now/ and tries to get his things back from her? Well.. fewer eyes to see, if he acts now.

Thinning his mouth, Justin makes up his mind quickly enough. "/Lady/ Aeliana!" The inflection suggests she's not acting very lady-like at the moment. Jerold Terrick's son comes up out of the water and hastens to close with her, bare feet nimble enough upon the stony beach with long familiarity. He's dripping wet, from head to toe and wearing nothing but his trousers rolled up, and his belt with knife. Nevermind the salt water, but wearing a knife while diving did help save his life once!

Justin moves to intercept her either before she reaches her horse, or to get there soon after. "Wait! Have you lost your .." No, don't say -that- or she's liable to get even more angry with him! Justin checks himself and makes himself not grit his teeth nor make his voice steely. No, nice and smooth, calm and unruffled, right? "Aeliana, I apologize unto you. I meant you no fright and I do not understand why you would care the least if I did break my bloody neck. Will you please wait?"

Aeliana had three brothers, there were other ways to get revenge for his little scare. She's well versed in many. And while she would never make him go riding through the town half naked, not simply for the damage it'd do to his reputation but the question it would throw towards -hers- for taking his things, letting him /think/ that she will is more than enough. So when he asked what she was doing, the girl only smiled; it was just a pity that her back was to him.
That smile turned into a full blown grin, too, when he kicked that emphasis up to her title as well and he might notice, if he pays attention beyond his worry, that she isn't walking terribly fast either. But it's not his inflection that stops her. It's not even that half finished question that suggests she lost her mind.
That he used her given name..that might have drawn a brow up, but what made her turn, what made her turn was the suggestion that she was heartless. -That- sent the Terrick's clothes flying at his head and all playfulness was replaced with an actual glimmer of hurt before her expression went cool and aloof. Her eyes on no more than his face and never once dipping beneath. "My apologizes, Ser Terrick, I did not realize that I had led you to believe that I was so heartless as to not care whether a man fell to his death or not. That was a grevious error on my part and I shall endeavor not to make the same mistake again." *Now* she was properly miffed.

Her stopping and turning brings him up short, to keep from running into her! And then his clothes are thrown right into his face! There is a comic instant of having his surcoat fall over his face completely so that he may not see her, flailing to pull it off at once. He'd rather not drop it to the stones and sand either. As she is pointedly /not/ looking at him or even his face to meet his eyes, she'll not notice the scars that mar his arm and ribs so they bare no more mention than that. Justin's shirt has fallen to the ground with his arm guards but he retains the surcoat to hold before himself that he might offend her the less.

Damnit. He opens his mouth to protest, then closes it. Draw a slow, deep breath to cool that flicker of temper. Justin tries to do what he might amend the situation, if it is repairable at all. He bows unto her, "I do not have right to claim where your heart or mind might lay, lady Aeliana. It is many a woman who could not care less if my House suffered the loss of another son. I mean no presumption."

Dealing with women never was his strong point. Maybe Justin should simply shut up before he makes it much worse. Usually shutting his mouth seems to have been the best course in times past. He bends to pick up his other things and turning away, starts to sort out his shirt that he might draw it on over his head.

When that's done, Justin's voice is cooler, "At any rate, I know not what you expect of me but to apologize for having given you unintentional fright - for doing something I frequently do, and to which many here do. The Roost is well known for it's fine craftsmen, and for cliff diving." Not seeing his sword among the things she flung at him, Justin starts to walk back to where his saddle was left.

Oh well, that comic bit of flailing did at least help calm her, just a little. Her spine no longer seemed as if it were composed of a broomstick, for example. "I…what do I say to that, Ser? I am unsure whether I should pity you, to know so many who would care so very little. Or compassion perhaps, touched with much the same that you would consider your House so less in the eyes of others. Or do I view it as a seperate thing entirely, that it is simply me you question and put such disregard upon what I would have considered a blooming friendship."
Still the lady averts her gaze while he dresses and doesn't seem to glance back in his direction until she can no longer hear the rustle of cloth and only him speaking again. It might be fair to look then. "I don't expect anything of you, Ser. And I am sorry that our game was foiled with such maudlin air. But let me offer you this, if you as Lord and Son, put so little value upon your House in the eyes of others, then…how can you ever expect others to see you as anything but how you see yourself?" Ae sighed, giving a little shake of her head, before she was left with fussing with her hair to tuck it back behind her ears.
"And for the record, my Lord, I would have been extremely saddened to know that you had done yourself an injury or worse."

Justin tucks his dry shirt into his wet pants, then draws his surcoat on over it all. When he has reached his other things, he drops his arm guards to his saddle to resettle his belt and pick up his sword with it's own arming belt to buckle that into place next. Now he is simply annoyed, with himself perhaps, or with her, or the entire situation. Silence is her answer for the time being as he gets his things sorted out to his liking. No more swimming today. Justin will prefer to be taking it out in sword practice or going back for his bow, or more likely his spear, to bloody something in the hunt instead.

Sitting himself, Justin wipes his bared feet off and rolls down his pant legs in preparation of putting on his short hose and boots. He pointedly doesn't look back to her, "Take it however you like, lady Aeliana. Since you are so adept at reading people. Everyone is quick to heap my House with pride and pleased to see ruin wrecked upon us, lest you be a Mallister." Though that statement might not be entirely fair either to Erenfords, who seem to be willing to be allies. "Even your Ser Harold, honorable soldier that he otherwise may be, has looked down his nose with disdain upon us. I am not blind to it, lady Aeliana. I doubt not that your brother does as well."

"My Lord, do you wish to engage in a game of judgement with me, based upon one's family?" There is, perhaps, a warning in the tone. One that suggests that while her brother may be ambitious, he's not on the wall, or lost in poppy and too infertile to get his wife with child. But these are things that the lady does not say.
"Besides, we are not children, Justin, in ways we were never allowed to be. That sulking bit might work with other women that you know, but it's not going to work with me. So straighten your spine and hold up your chin, because your house has stood against invasion for how long? How many generations have the Terrick's held? And more, you survived the Ironborn, you did not fall beneath their waves as sandcastles to the sea, for the Four Eagles is standing yet and more, it is recovering. Surviving. In time, if you quit your pouting, it will thrive again as well. You are determined and I know good and well that there is a sense of pride in you. Show it!" She challenged him.
"Be proud! And if you are not, if you can not be then…don't walk through the world in a half life, ready to sulk the first time someone has a foul opinion and then, judge the world by the same eyes. Goodness knows I'd wager you hate it when people measure you to most of your kin."

"I do not sulk nor pout, lady Aeliana. You asked if I were used to others seeing my House in another view, and essentually I said yes, I was. And therefor was surprised if your fright or concern was real." Justin states rather flatly. As she goes on, something in his eyes glitters but it isn't amusement. He /does/ have a measure of his own pride despite what his House has fallen to, despite his various brothers mucking things up. But aye, she hits the nail on the head with the very last sentence. That does rub him, rub his personal pride to be compared constantly to his brothers. Who would it not?

His boots pulled on, Justin adjusts his spurs that he rightly /earned/ which is more than many a man might claim who wears them. He buckles on his leather arm guards and then gets up to dust off any sand that clings to him. "I make my own way, lady Aeliana. Mine. Not my father's, not my brother's. And if you make your own as you claim, then all the better. But you and I do not know one another well enough to judge either, yet. Do not be hasty if I take my time to learn who you are, nor hasty to judge me either." That anger has faded from his baritone.

Turning, he puts out a yet bare hand to his horse. The gelding would shy from him if he were angry, sensing it. But as he quiets himself, the gelding puts out his nose to Justin's hand and comes to him. His horse is his balm, as the quiet of the forest or the open land might sooth him where walls do not. The Terrick strokes the gelding's face and then neck, before Justin moves to pick up the bridle and slip it over the grey's face to gently settle the bit.

"Not even a little pouting?" Aeliana inquires, but at least there is a hint of humor returned. A light glimmer of mischief in her eyes and the faintest bit of a quirk to her lips. "Perhaps a bit of a good solid brood?" And then at least it may become more apparent that she is teasing and trying to return some of the levity that they had before.
"My Lord," she replies, tone easy and tired, with a hint of a sigh to her voice, "I was frightened, but you judged me first in thinking I would have no care and then compared me to my brother and my uncle. I can refrain from making hasty judgements, but I really wish that you would do the same, because I don't think I quite deserved that." And perhaps, just perhaps, there was a hint of that hurt in her voice as well because she couldn't entirely school it away. "My apologies for intruding upon your morning, though I confess to feeling more than just a little foolish for having missed your company now." After all, now she knew what he thought of her. So the smile was bitter sweet. "I shall leave you to it," it came with a sweeping bow of her head, in the drop of a faint courtsey of rank and then, then she turned to walk on towards her horse.

Justin has lost his sense of humor for the moment. She has stirred something bitter whether she meant to or not, in mentioning of his family. He runs his hands over his horse's back to smooth the hair and brush away any sand before he settles the pad. The saddle is then next, cinching it into place. He works quietly, well used to seeing to his own needs rather than having others do such things for him. Goodness knows what he'll do if he ever has a squire.

There is a pause to partly turn, watching her. Justin listens and says nothing as yet. That part about having missed his company. "Do not feel foolish." A brief pause, "I am glad that you have returned safely. I would rather you stay and linger a while yet at the Roost than hasten to depart. Things are far from safe yet."

Most of the hay consumed, Justin leads his horse out of the rocky alcove he had sheltered and closer to where the other horses are kept ready. His gaze stays on Aeliana longer perhaps than it ought before Justin pulls his attention back to his horse. He faintly frowns, then steps up into the saddle.

"For all of our conversations, my lord, you still thought I could stand there and watch you die and never feel a thing." It was softly said though, because Aeliana hides her bitterness well, but the disappointment was apparent. He's not the only one who feels the sting of being judged by ones family.
"But I will remain, for now. I have time yet promised to others and I'm not ready to leave." A light shrug came with it, before she reached out to take the reins of her horse, offering a cooing murmur against Stranger's ear, before one hand fisted in her skirts and the other settled with the reins against the pommel of the saddle; proving that while it might be custom for the gentler sex to require aid, Aeliana didn't need it. But her mounting offered hint to the rest to do the same. The lady would find somewhere else to go and practice.

"I suppose that's good to know. I certainly wish no harm to come you." Justin shifts the reins in his hands and doesn't bother to pull on his riding gloves for they are in his saddle bag. "Instead of drawing away to take your leave, you will ride with me instead?" He's making no more apologies. Justin lifts his chin a little and meets her eye to offer her challenge back, "Surely I have not so gravely offended you."

Aeliana blinks, caught off guard by the question and for a moment that shows on her face. The shifting emotions in her eyes as well, half wary for the wording. It hadn't been a question that, not truly; else it might have been will you, instead of you will. So the corners of her lips loft instead and the lady inclines her head, all the while holding his gaze. "Aye, my lord, I will ride; so long as you are brave enough to lead us."

"Oh, I'll lead. The question is more whether or not you and your courser can keep up with us." Yes, he's in a mood, though he's not inclined to see any harm come to her. Justin turns his horse and sets the grey at once to heading back to the open beach for there are no trails up the cliffs here in the cove that a horse may scale. The Terrick knight sets his heels lightly to the grey's flanks and off the gelding goes, leaping into a canter and then even a gallop along the edge of the waterline where the stones are small. Salt spray and sand splatters up in the horse's wake as he runs, Justin leaning forward slightly with the exirleration of the ride with the sea wind in his face. He urges the grey on to speed though Aeliana's horse may be the faster. His horse though is used to running on the cobbled beach and hers perhaps not. Today there is no armour to weight him down, a quick look thrown back over his shoulder to see if she likewise springs forth to catch up!

Her laughter follows, an amused and carefree sound that rides high above the wayves and perhaps just enough to still be heard when he sets off into a gallop. And while the lady turns to follow, there's no great speed to it. A light canter. One that even her ladies can easily keep up with, when neither possess the same skill that the lady does regarding the handling of horse flesh. They follow at a sedate pace, one that won't leave her entourage trailing in her wake; but still decidedly enjoying herself.

Ah well, how responsible of her, alas. Justin runs his grey out ahead for a little distance, then circles around back to come up beside while slowing his horse to a lope to join her. His grey is eager to go, nostrels blowing wide and fighting the bit and his rider's shift in weight. He is a horse with plenty of spirit when it's wanted even if most of the time he tends more quiet. Briefly the grey's strides are lifted, his back rounding with collection until he settles and gives in, softening his mouth. Justin eases his seat to the easy roll of the canter as they go up the beach. There up ahead is a suitable path to take them up to the bluffs. If he is to lead and she to follow, he turns the grey and slows further to begin the ascent. Justin looks back several times to make certain the others can get up the narrow trek.

At the top he halts his horse to wait for them. "Should you ever take to hawking, lady Aeliana, the bluffs here at the top of the cliffs are most excellant. Clear of trees with a good view for a great distance, upwelling of air and plenty of sea birds for prey - not to mention stoats, fox, rabbits and the like." Ah, if only he had his bow with him. "Further inland there's pheasant, quail, partidge…" and much more. Even if game might be scarce and harder to find around here than it used to be. All the more challenge.

There is a look to her flushed, happy face. Justin turns his impatient horse in a circle, then sets off again once the others have reached the top of the bluff.

Aeliana is responsible, most of the time. In regards to her reputation she's particularly so. There will be no wild jaunts with unaccountable time for her to have to explain to questioning brothers or Uncles or Fathers. Besides, it takes effort into keeping Stranger at pace without him wanting to plow ahead and proove his point. A thoroughness that keeps her attention for the duration of the trial, though as they climb it's for entirely different reasons. No need to risk life and limb of herself and others over antics.
Though there's a settling into ease once they clear the last of it and not long after, the lady settles in near enough his side to speak without having to pitch her voice to yell. "I can see how it would be, Ser Justin, though in truth you will find that hawking is not going to be a passtime for me. It's impersonal. Sending something else to do your dirty work? Pay credit to those who train the hawks and just act as a puppet yourself following commands that you've been as trained to repeat as the bird has? No," the girl shakes her head, "When I decide to turn my hand towards hunting, my lord, it will be personal and without puppet strings. It will be with bow strings, instead."
A little nod followed it, for all that she smiled in his direction and bowed her head, ready to follow him at his leisure.

There is a twist of amusement to the line of his mouth as they ride, "I like hawks and falcons. Handsome birds and I take pleasure in watching them exert /their/ skill. Still I understand you and should you care to learn the bow, it would be my pleasure to take you hunting." Justin leaves it at that, since he'd rather do that then teach her how to swim, perhaps. Up to her though for she did manuver him into making that agreement.

He is content to have her company and the day is pleasant, the horse's settling in to cover ground more at their leisure. If nothing else, Justin can give Aeliana that bit of a tour they had discussed. Show her the line of towers along the coast, tell her what he knows of the Ironborn invation or other historical points of interest in the Terrick past. How once there was a white stag hunted along these very bluffs in better times. Whatever annoyance that passed between them is forgotten for a while as he plays host and she guest, but with less formality.