Page 174: Less Than Good Morning
Less Than Good Morning
Summary: Patrek gets to thank Kell for his help the night of the sortie.
Date: 07/01/289
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Patrek Kell 
Courtyard — Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
7 January 289

Duty for both Kell and Patrek have meant that the pair of them had little chance, since the attack, to be in the same place without one of them already set to a task. This morning, however, after the grim 'congratulations' from the Ironborn the day before, Patrek Mallister has found a moment in which he might stand on the wall and look out at the thirty-one bodies set on display for them below. He has a breastplate on, though not full armor, and he stares out at the gruesome scene with a set and somber expression not often seen on the face of a fourteen-year-old.

The morning comes and Kell awakens as usual within the keep and goes about his daily morning ritual of washing his face to help him wake up and breaking fast on a small meal. Then, he is preparing himself for another day of siege defense, putting on his boiled leather jacket and following that with his ringmail armor. With his kit equipped, the Hedge Knight proceeds out the doors of the keep and heads towards the ramparts to take his shift on the walls. Climbing the stone steps, Kell sees the Young Lord at he walls as well before his eyes looks out to the victims of murder on display. Deciding to greet Patrek, his steps takes him next to the young man, eyes still focused out on the grounds outside the walls as he speaks, "Morning, Lord Patrek." Deciding not to add the word 'good' since with the Ironborn outside committing atrocities for all to see, it isn't exactly a good one.

It takes Patrek a moment to pull his gaze away from the fallen and look over at the man standing beside him. "Morning, Ser Drackmoor," he greets when he does, offering a small nod. "I would like to thank you again for your help during the sortie. Your reflexes are as quick as your thinking, and I may well owe my life to both."

"Your welcome, M'Lord." Even though Patrek is young, he had proven himself on the field of battle, bearing arms against the Ironborn so Kell is not one to dress the young man as a boy. "You do me honor with your thanks. I know that it was more by chance that I happen to be next to you and within reach, and I am glad to help you regain your balance that night. You were exceedingly courageous during the attack, showing skill with the blade as a veteran warrior would." He says, inclining his head to the Young Lord.

Patrek ducks his head for the praise, though no smile comes to his lips. "I didn't feel like a veteran, ser, but I am glad, if I appeared so skilled before Lord Jerold's men." He looks back out at the land below them. "I killed him, I think. The Ironman I faced. Ten of the fallen there are due to me." He draws in a slow breath, standing a little straighter. "You are a knight as yet unsworn to any lord, is that correct, Ser Drakmoor?"

"M'Lord, the ten that have fallen victim to the Ironborn brutality are not because of your actions, as much as they want to claim." Kell says with a shake of his head as he turns his gaze from the horizon to Patrek, "Those are only words spoken to break a man's spirit or fill their heads with doubts. The poor folks who were executed were murdered at the hands of the Ironborn, and it is because of them that they died. If you hadn't killed the sentry last night, they would've found another reason to kill the small folk, M'Lord." As for the question about being unsworn, Kell nods in answer, "That is correct, M'Lord. I am a Hedge Knight, and I arrived at Stonebridge a month or two ago."

Patrek nods, perhaps for Kell's words on the Ironborn or perhaps for his explanation of his own status. "It may well be that after your actions the other night, Lord Jerold will invite you to join his guard, if that is something you might wish. As you have risked much defending this keep and its people, it seems fitting. But, should you like, I would like to extend my own offer in the case that Lord Jerold does not. I would be honored to have a knight such as yourself as part of my retinue, here."

Kell had not spoken to Lord Jerold since that night's raid on the catapults but everyone has been busy as the defense of the keep is still a priority. As for the invitation extended by the Young Lord, the Hedge Knight inclines his head to Patrek, "I am very honored by your offer, M'Lord and I will think on it." It seems like Kell is one who takes care of when he gives his word to and who as well, as there has been offers for him to don different House colors since he has arrived at the Riverlands. "But whether or not I wear the colors, M'Lord, know that I will defend you and the Lord of the Roost with my life if needed." As well as the Ladies and womenfolk that are in the keep.

"Very well, please do," Patrek says, resting a hand on the stone of the wall. For Kell's last, the boy nods. "As will we all, ser, whatever our colors. Until the Roost is liberated, we are all one, here."

And those are very true words, words that some of the smallfolk will hopefully heed as well. Kell ndos his head in agreement at the Young Lord, "I hope that time comes sooner than later, M'Lord." Part of him still wishes to ride out past the walls again, to rescue the folks that are on the wrong side of the walls but it is an impossibility, with the lopsided numbers in men.

"Yes," the lad answers. "I hope so, too. For now, I best be on with my morning. Good day, Ser Drakmoor." Patrek takes a final look out beyond the wall before he offers the knight a parting bow. Then he moves to make his way back down the steps and into the courtyard proper.

Kell also gives Patrek a respectful bow as well as the Young Lord moves to depart from the walls, "Good day, Lord Patrek." Not much else is said or can be said by the Hedge Knight as he watches the brave young man descend the steps back to the Courtyard before turning his gaze back out over the walls.