Leon Undyl
Ser Leon Undyl
Xavier Samuel
Xavier Samuel as Leon Undyl
name: Leon Undyl
father: Bennet
mother: Janei
spouse: {$spouse}
gender: Male
age: 21
height: 1.85
weight: 90
eyes: Brown
hair: Blonde
honorific: Ser
house: {$house}
position: Hedge Knight


The Undyls were Candlemakers from Stonebridge who supplied nobles and septs with their fine wax candles. They wanted the best for their children and encouraged Leon to follow a family tradition of supplying knights to nobles who were looking for loyal followers. At thirteen Leon became squire to a hedge knight and travelled far and wide with him, spending some years in the Riverlands and in King's Landing, where he was knighted at the age of 20.

He returned to Stonebridge to tell his family of his good fortune, only to reach a village in ruin after his long ardous journey. He is now trying to find out what happened to his family whose house he found reduced to ashes and has come to Terrick's Roost where he believes his sister Samphire has escaped to.


Apparently just one younger sister now, Samphire.

Physical Features

Tall blonde dashing knight in shining armor. Or so he likes to think of himself. Others might think of him as a dour sourfaced young man stomping about the village in his leathers, one hand always at the pommel of his iron long sword.

Allies and Foes

Ally: Samphire
Foes: Busy making enemies.

Recent Activity


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