Page 328: Learning To Fly
Learning to Fly
Summary: Kamron's Cliff-Diving Afternoon
Date: 12/06/2012
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Rocky Cove, Terrick's Roost
To the west of the path leading down, the beach extends below a cliff face and takes a turn inland where the terrain above has collapsed down to be claimed by the pounding waters below. It has formed a small, almost private cove with jagged rocks in the water at the cliffs while the ocean has relaimed most of those from the beach. Due to the elevation of the cliffs, the top of the tower to the north is just barely visible despite the relatively short distance.
12 June, 289

The storms have rolled off, leaving a brilliant day that is undoubtedly muggy and sweltering further inland. On the coast, however, it is pleasantly hot and bright in the sun. Kamron has led the group down from from Four Eagles, escorted by both Terrick and Mallister armsmen. The Mallister himself is dressed in a light linen shirt and breeches, leading the group down into a little hollow between a tall cliff to the west and a much shorter one to the right. The beach is low, flat, and leads up into a grassy area where servants start spreading out blankets. As they do, Kam gestures up to the cliff to the west, "It's about sixty feet down to the water from up there, but I've scouted out the depths beneath, it's more that deep enough. Still, probably a good idea to jump when the wave below is at its lowest, so you hit when it's highest. If you haven't done it before… cross your legs before you land." He chuckles softly, "Trust me…" Gesturing to the east, he adds, "And for you lovely ladies, …"

"…if you would like to jump yourselves a little later on, there's a nice outcropping about twenty feet up on that cliff. The pool is even deeper, and nicely sheltered from the current below." He then gestures back to the blankets, "There's food," bread, cheese, some slightly sad fruit, "drink," watered wine, juices, "and good company."

A Nayland amongst Terricks and Mallisters seems displaced, but Roslyn is here in any case. Her clothing tends towards simply weaved yellow cotton, no embellishments to the soft cut of its pattern or the fall of sleeves, even her neckline going unadorned where it dips low across the swell of cleavage. She smiles simply to Kamron's explanation, murmuring a quiet, "Thank you," before she moves towards the servants laying out those blankets.

Justin has come, shedding his black doublet and glad to be rid of it as he tosses it over a rock. He's wearing a loose fitted white shirt unlaced beneath his throat and rolling up the sleeves above his elbows. Normally he'd remove it for swimming and certainly for diving, but as there are ladies presant he looks to Ser Kamron's cues as to what they'll be doing here, today. He pulls off his boots to set them aside and starts to tug the lacing of his breeches as snug as they will go and retie them - no wanting to loose his pants when he hits the water. Justin might not have gone diving in nearly ten years but he remembers having that embarassment as a lad. Not going to happen today!

Saffron has elected to carry one of the baskets of food, and she did manage to weasel Nedra out of a few more apples and some kind of small citrus fruits from the supply her and Kamron's mother had sent along. They were added to hopefully brighten the selection. Speaking of bright, she wears a cool blue cotton dress that is weighed in the hems with simple embroidery, and is almost the same hue as the sky, causing her cinnamon red hair to blaze like the sun. Amongst the guards is her own Punbah, and for once he's not looking completely downtrodden without his chum Timmen. He has shown his own politeness and helped one of the maids spread out a large blanket, and the maid is blushing and almost giggling at the rotund guard. Saffron walks alongside Roslyn to the blankets. "Thank the Gods for a beautiful day," she says offhandedly.

"It is one of the finest days I have seen yet," Katrin muses aloud to Saffron as she walks with the other ladies present. She dresses in a simple style but continuously wrapped in the colors of her House. "I had heard that a small group of Naylands had arrived, Lady Roslyn. I do hope that your journey was not too taxing?"

Jacsen arrives a few minutes after Kamron finishes, even though he set out before everyone else by an alternate route. After all, he'd only slow the group down if he came with them, and he doesn't want them passing him either in case pity kicks in. Limping on his cane down to the beach, he smiles to everyone there, making his way slowly over to his brother. "Don't want to be losing your pants this time, brother," he says with a chuckle, nodding to him as he reties his pants. "Not in front of these ladies." He glances over to Roslyn for a second, then back to him. "Or do you?" SUBTLETY.

Kamron bows his head a little to Roslyn at her thanks, then crooks a grin at the group as a whole, "I'll take the first jump, so that no one else has to be embarrassed at hollaring and screaming on the way down." Self-deprecating laughter rises from his lips, and he gestures out toward where the waves lap lightly at the beach, "The water should also be quite nice for wading…" Another chuckle lifts, "At least I hope it will be, else I'm in for quite a shock." Moving over to clap Justin on the shoulder, nod to Jacsen, "I'm glad you could make it, Lord Jacsen," and cast a grin at Saffron, he then points out a trail heading up the cliff to the west and starts up it, heading for a promontory jutting out over the water. It's a relatively direct climb, and a quick one, and soon he's standing out over stone and sea.

Gulls wheel overhead, agitated by the intrusion into the cove. There could be sneak attacks on the food, or some brave lads might show up to plunder their nests of eggs! How rude! Justin glances up at the white and grey birds before he hears Roslyn's voice joining them. Today is a fine distraction from the worries and concerns of the Roost, so he smiles easily, "Lady Roslyn, you have come. Hopefully none of us will dive so poorly as to hit the rocks." Justin winks, not looking concerned about it. "I used to jump from the cliffs with my brothers and we never had much mishap." He stops and blinks at Jacsen, more surprised to see his brother here than what he says. Justin twists his mouth wryly, a quick embarassed glance to Roslyn before he quips back, "I've given my word to behave myself. You on the other hand can bandy about and pretend you are Uncle Artur today." He adds lower, "Damned fine to see you join us." He claps Jacsen on the shoulder but lightly so not to put off his balance.

"No, my lady, it was not. After the business of bandits, I tend to find the mundane rather hard to tax me," Roslyn admits to Katrin softly, a smile touching at the corners of her lips. She does catch note of Jacsen's glance, her hazel gaze sliding easily over and away with only a flicker of attention before she turns back to Saffron. "A beautiful day and lovely lords to surround us, perhaps?" There is a hint of a smile where she glances at the younger lady at that. She knows what she is talking about. Better than picnics with all women.

"Good to know that you have scouted the depths beneath, cousin. Wouldn't want anyone to hit the bottom there," Martyn comments a bit lightly. He's also present, and dressed in clothing that can be worn while jumping, or more importantly, while having hit the water. He looks around, both at the others that will be jumping, and at the gathered ladies, before he makes his way over to the edge as well, looking from the edge and out into the water, before stepping back to the others. "Looks like a lovely day to fly," he remarks, before he nods at Kamron's words about him taking the first jump. "Thanks for letting us know so we can cover our ears, cousin," he comments, with a bit of a grin.

Kamron gives Martyn a wave and a snort at his words, already climbing up the path to the cliff. At the promontory, there's an 'x' chalked onto the rock, just in case anyone got lost. The Mallister pauses up there, sixty-some feet above the gathered picnic below, and then takes three running steps and hurls himself out into the air. True to his promise, he gives a holler as he flies, worthless, exultant, and… well… loud. About halfway down, he gets his ankles carefully crossed, tucking his arms in close to his sides, and then he hits the water with a splash, his fall driving him deep under. He's hidden from view for a long moment, and then splashes back to the surface, laughter immediately filling the air around him, "Wooo!" Wiping his face with one hand, he starts back toward the cove with a strong stroke, calling out, "Sure looks like it goes down forever, but the fall is fast."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Jacsen sighs back happily to Justin and Kamron both, though it's his brother that gets the returned clap on the shoulder. "Not after Ser Kamron was so kind to invite me. I had planned on sitting up on the roof looking out on the water and stewing in my bitterness, but the day's too beautiful for that, hm?" He grins, clearly in good spirits and enjoying the weather. "Don't behave too much, brother," he says to Justin as Kamron heads off. "Got to enjoy yourself, after all."

Saffron laughs brightly to Roslyn as she sets down the basket, and she casts the Nayland a small wink. "Lovely lords indeed. Though I wonder if they look just as good soaking wet." She grins to the Nayland and Haigh girl alike before she guards a hand over her eyes and looks out toward where Kamron begins to walk. She cannot help it, she shouts after him merrily, "Don't forget to cross your ankles, Ser Kamron! I wouldn't want to have to come rescue you!" She casts him a dimpling smile, though he probably cannot even see it this far off. When he jumps, she watches on with glee until he lands with a hard splash into the water. She immediately starts to applaud.

Kittridge arrives a bit after some of the others, a retainer carrying a crate accompanying him. It's set down near the picnic area, and cracked open the reveal bottles of wine. That delivered, the retainer heads off and Kittridge loses his boots and heads down to join the others, eying the cliffs, just in time to see Kamron climb up and fling himself off. "Looks like a good spot," he comments before greeting those assembled, "Lords, ladies. Afternoon."

"Yes, I had heard that you were amongst the ladies taken at Lady Rosanna's picnic," Katrin replies to Roslyn, shaking her head. "But we shan't raise such a topic on a day like today. Nay, we should simply sit and enjoy the possibilities that await us. And have fun watching the lords jump from such a high place." Her head tilts curiously. "Were you the lone representative of House Nayland on this particular journey, my Lady?" Watching Kamron propel himself off of the rocks, her eyes widen just a little bit but she lets out a delighted laugh and joins Saffron in the applause.

"No, my lady, my brother Lord Rutger has accompanied me though he waits upon word from the Lord Jerold to speak on business," Roslyn answers quietly, her fingers smoothing over her skirts as she lowers herself to sit upon the blanket. Her gaze flicks up to Kittridge where he arrives, and she tips her head in greeting. Then she is turning back to the ladies, commenting, "I have heard it said that soaking wet is the new fashion."

Unable to hold back a grin as he watches Kamron go off the edge, Martyn grins a bit. "Who's next, then?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Unable to hold back a grin as he overhears Jacsen's words to Justin, he has to comment, "He speaks the truth." He looks over to Kittridge at the man arrives, and offers a brief grin. "You found the day a good day to throw yourself off a cliff as well, Ser Kittridge?"

Lots of shoulder clapping. Justin's in a much improved mood, giving both Kamron and Jacsen a flash of grin, "You should get into the water and swim yourself. For that matter, if you go slowly and rest on the way up, I don't suppose there's any reason you can't dive as well, brother. Gravity will help." And much lower Justin adds, "We'll pull you from the water if you need. But no damn reason you should be afraid to join us." That however is up to Jacsen. Seeing Kamron scaling ahead of him, Justin sets to climbing the cliff himself. he is careful where he sets his feet and when he gets up to the top, pauses to watch the other man swim out of the way. Justin lifts his hands to his mouth to shout, "Lucky you didn't break your neck!" Geesh.

And taking a good breath, Justin makes a short run and then leaps off bold as you can dare! He doesn't scream or yell, but he flips over once before he straightens and hits the water hands first to split it. No risking his neck by hitting head first, thanks.

<FS3> Justin rolls Reaction: Success.

Saffron looks over toward Kittridge at the sound of his voice, and she brightens to the Groves knight — and she might even blush a little bit. He did see her naked after all. She greets him with a nod, before she prepares to finally settle onto the blanket with a sweep of her skirts. "Then lets hope we have very fashionable Lords, Lady Roslyn," she says to her with a grin. She opens her own basket and begins to place out a few of the simple eats. Her gaze moves up toward the next to take the plunge. "We'll have to ask them how the water is… I want to go dip my feet in at some point." And there goes Justin!

"Ser Kittridge!" Jacsen greets, spotting the man. He's interrupted from saying anything more as Kamron takes his dive, the man's shout drawing an amused grin as he watches with a hand shading his eyes. "The falling part, I think I could do just fine," he comments to nobody in particular, eyes up on the cliff. "The swimming back, now, that's the trick, isn't it?" And then there goes Justin. "I could definitely fall," he repeats, apparently giving some serious consideration to Justin's words.

Kittridge flashes Lady Roslyn a smile in response to her nod, and then grins at Martyn, "I've been told, ser, that there is no bad day for me to throw myself off a cliff. I'm not sure this is quite the spirit it was meant in, but it certainly seems like a good day to me." Saffron gets a smile as well, and he points at the crate of wine as he backpedals toward the cliff, "You ladies feel free to help yourselves." Then he turns back to the gentlemen to ask, "Who's up next? I'll go, but I don't want to cut the line. Lord Jacsen!" he is distracted greeting the Young Lord, "Good to see you again, ser."

Roslyn's gaze traces Justin's path, interest plain in the way she watches him jump and forgets for a moment to continue pressing the conversation with the ladies near her. She is not so exhuberant as to clap for him, but a smile certainly breaks her lips. Then she is turning back to Saffron to agree, "If you do, Saffron, I shall as well. It is hot enough to excuse the behavior, perhaps."

"Thank you, my lord," she answers to Kittridge as he leaves, but does not move to touch the wine yet.

There might be the slightest hints of disappoint that only Rutger escorted Roslyn to Terrick's Roost but that's neither here nor there. Katrin settles herself on the blanket and a laugh escapes her lips. "I do believe they shall be the most fashionable types of Lords, Lady Saffron," she says with a wry quirk of her lips. Watching Justin jump, she instead turns to study the Nayland woman with keen interest. "I believe Lord Justin would make for quite the sight dripping wet, would you not agree, Lady Roslyn?" she asks innocently.

<FS3> Kittridge rolls Reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Justin rolls Swimming: Good Success.

"Likewise, Ser Kittridge," Jacsen responds, waving a hand to the man as he heads up. He hobbles over to the food and wine to settle in for a bit to watch the jumping and hollering and splashing, apparently deciding to stay on dry ground for the time being. But every time he looks up at that cliff, there's that 'what if…?' glint to his eyes.

Justin comes up from deep beneath the water and shakes his head hard to fling water and hair from his face. He laughs, "It's a bit chilly after the storms!" but it feels good and isn't cold, only a bit cooler than usual. He starts to swim back easily, taking his time to enjoy the water but getting out of the way of the next diver.

"Good point, Ser," Martyn offers a bit lightly at Kittridge's words. "Go for it," he adds. Looking to Jacen for a few moments now, "I'm sure your brother will help you back to the shore should you need it," he offers. "The rest of us would help to, of course." That said, he makes his way slowly in the direction of the jumping point, now. Making sure he doesn't get there until it's his time now.

"Have you considered diving off the Ladies' cliff later, Roslyn? Supposedly Kam— Ser Kamron— has found a respectable-sized bit of cliff with a deep, safe pool." Is there a bit of amusement in her tone as Saffron describes the cliff? Maybe, but she is using Kamron's description word for word. "My father once allowed all of my sisters and me to do a bit of a diving excursion when we were younger. I think Ser Kamron has shown a bit more boldness, as our jump was hardly fifteen feet." At Justin's assessment of the water, Saffron brightens. "With the heat of the date, Lord Justin, cool is acceptable!" As Jacsen joins them, she smiles to the Young Lord. "Apple, my Lord?" She offers, pulling out one of the bright red fruits.

"He is a striking man dry. I imagine he would only be more so wet," Roslyn agrees with a quick smile, her own gaze drawing over Katrin in a curious look. "Who shall you be looking for, Lady Haigh, out of those men we have assembled?" Delayed by politeness, she finally reaches for the wine that Lord Groves has brought, working at opening it herself instead of leaving it to a servant and keeping herself busy with only a glance in the direction of the lord currently jumping. "If you say it is safe, I think I shall have to trust you. Would you hold my hand while we jump?" Yes, her question is playful.

Tia might be a bit late, but such is life. She's got that guard and maid traipsing after her, as always, but she's ignoring them, as she makes her way to where she can see blankets and such, waving a hand as she nears. "Good day," she greets, pausing to find a spot to settle in on. "I am not too late, am I?"

"If you're sure, Ser Martyn," Kittridge smiles at the other knight, and then makes his way up the cliff next as Justin swims back. He spends only a moment at the ledge, sprinting the short distance and taking a flying leap out over the water, whooping merrily. He pushes off the edge hard enough to manage a flip, one quick rotation before he hits the water, just barely getting his legs tucked in time. He pops up soon enough to shout again, and then begin swimming lazily back toward shore, clearly enjoying the water.

There's a pause to watch Kittridge dive, then Justin comes out of the water himself. He wipes his face, jokes with Ser Kamron as that man is likely ahead of himself to climb and dive again. Justin looks to place where Jacsen's gone to and that in turn takes his gaze to the ladies. He gives a smile, perhaps to Roslyn but they are all seated together so it could be directed to them in general, "Aye, cood to offset the heat." He managed not to loose any of his clothes and turns to go and climb the cliffs again, using hand holds many a boy and man has used before him. Justin pauses to shout once more, "Good job, Ser Kittridge!" You'd think he'd had some practice. On up he goes to take another turn.

Saffron laughs at the playful question posed by Roslyn, and she nods her head in earnest. "To be honest, Roslyn… I might need you to hold my hand. I haven't gone jumping off cliffs since I was, oh, fifteen. But, I will happily jump with you." At the sound of Tiaryn's voice, Saffron turns her head, squinting into the sun which now creates a lovely halo effect around the Flint lady's head before she sits. "You are hardly late at all. So far we have seen Lord Justin, Ser Kamron, and now…" She looks to Kittridge as he splashes. "Ser Kittridge."

Katrin chuckles, "Oh, by your own words, we have very lovely lords surrounding us, Lady Roslyn," she says with a smile. "I do not have my eye on any one in particular but simply wish to enjoy fine company and beautiful weather." She looks up at Tiaryn's approach and her smile brightens. "Lady Tiaryn, it is so good to see you," she says warmly. "I do hope you plan to join us for this afternoon outing."

"There are no cliffs in the Mire," Roslyn counters warmly to Saffron, a smile touching her lips as she finally frees the wine from its seal. Her gaze slides over Justin as he moves from the protection of the water back to the cliff, but then she is busying herself with pouring glasses for the ladies—and Jacsen. "Would you like a glass, Lady Tiaryn?" she says by way of greeting, polite in her tone. "Now, now, Lady Katrin, that is cheating. You must pick one to watch and tell us who."

Tia gives a warm smile for everyone who greets her. "I would love a glass of wine, if there is enough for everyone," she says. Alcohol comes first, it seems. Though her head tilts slightly. "We can only watch one? Not all of them?" she asks, letting amusement colour her voice, as she gives Roslyn a mischievous glance. "Lady Katrin, it is nice to see you as well. I am perfectly willing to join you all, so long as it doesn't involve me getting wet." She offers a grin to Saffron. "I have arrived at just the perfect time, is that it? You are most kind." She moves to help Roslyn with the wine, if needed, making sure that everyone has some.

The gulls are bold, some having landed and sneaking up to try and snatch away any food that is carelessly laid out where they might get to it. That's another game the ladies can play, feeding the gulls and then chasing them to fly up in white clouds of wings.

It's a most excellant day to relax and enjoy themselves. An all too rare day. Justin goes up the cliff with gusto, loving the climbing upon the rocks as much as the diving and swimming. When he gets up there this time he stops and looks all around at the splendid view, the ladies spread out over the sand with their colorful clothes and blankets, the menfolk moving around in various places, the water so clear and turquoise where it's shallower, deeper blue further out. The rocks of the cove are a dark contrast. Justin shields his eyes against the glare and then he points out at the water, "Look! Shipfish! There!" Yes, out past the rocks a trio of dolphins frolic. That means there will be no nasty big things in the water to take a bite out of anyone. But then dolphins frequent where ships put in.

After a good look and pointing the shipfish out to any who will look, Justin leaps off of the cliff a second time for another dive. He lets out a whoop, fakes a silly crazy fall but manages to hit straight and smoothly at the last without any fancy flips this time.

Kamron waits out in the water for the next pair of men to jump, treading water a goodly distant from the landing pool and just watching to make sure that everything's going alright. And then he comes swimming in, wiping water from his face and bagging his pants out again so they don't cling too tightly as he walks up out of the waves. Shaking his head to clear water from his short hair, he makes his way over to where the watchers wait, "Wow… that's colder than I thought it would be." With his shirt clinging to his torso, a raised, almost puckered scar can be seen crossing nearly the full width of his stomach. He watches Justin leap, shaking his head and looking back to the group, "That man is going to kill himself if he's not careful…" Yes… because they're here to be careful.

Reaching the jumping spot now, Martyn humms a little to himself. Looking down for a few moments, especially to see that the area he'd be landing in is clear. "Ah, wonderful day to take a jump," he comments to himself, before he takes a few steps back, and then the same few steps forward rather quickly, before he jumps out from the cliff. There's a shout of excitement, as he's coming down through the air almost in a running motion, before getting into the good position for the splash as he lands. He's far from an expert, it would seem, but at least he's done something like this enough to know what to do. Staying underwater for a while, swimming a little bit out from the landing pool before he resurfaces. "Wonderful!" is his short comment as he looks around now.

Saffron happily takes a glass of wine, and it better not be any of that watered stuff! Even if it is, she will sip it with happiness. Her gaze shifts over to Katrin and obvious interest flashes in those pale eyes. "And we will even promise not to bring up that name again if you wish it be a one-day thing." She grins broadly to the woman before her gaze shifts over to Tiaryn. "I'm surprised Lord Saethwyr is not with you, Tiaryn. At least we'd know who you'd be watching." Because she's not daft enough not to notice how no one else exists when Saethwyr is in Tiaryn's line of sight! Speaking of line of sight, Kamron's gotten out of the water and Saffron is definitely looking his way…

<FS3> Kittridge rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"Well, to be fair, my lady, Lady Katrin started it by already pointing out that I would be watching Lord Justin. Saffron, of course—," Roslyn trails off with a soft laugh as Saffron makes her point by looking towards Kamron. "Now, we must know who Lady Katrin would be watching with a keen interest. Would it be, hm, Lord Matryn?" She glances over to Matryn as he starts climbing, considering the man. There is enough wine to go around, and she settles back with her own glass.

Kittridge swims eventually back to shore, striding out of the shallows to get back in line. After Martyn and Justin he's quick up the cliff again, this time walking up to the cliff edge and turning around, leaping off backwards. He tries to two flips, but only manages one and a half before he hits the water with a tremendous splash, and surfaces laughing to swim back again.

Katrin laughs with delight, "Oh, but Lady Roslyn, if I were simply to lie, how would you know the fact from fiction?" she counters. Her mentioning Martyn does bring a slight blush to her cheeks. "He is a very kind man and quite handsome, but many of the men here today are handsome." She giggles a little, "Why in the name of the Seven would you think I would come here to watch him?"

"Aha," Tia says with amusement. Her cheeks do go just a tad bit pink at Saffron's comment, but she chuckles nonetheless. "I can't even possibly begin to deny that plausibly, can I?" she asks. "Though I can say I've not seen Ser Saethwyr at all today, as yet. Perhaps he will show up yet." She doesn't have to say anything about Saffron, given that she's already looking at Kamron. Tia settles down in an available spot, with her glass of wine, once everyone is settled, and then she looks over to Katrin. "Perhaps Lord Kittridge? He dances very well," Tia suggests idly to Katrin, as she denies that she's here to watch Martyn. "I think it might be nice of us to watch them all, you know. So none of them are left out, what with all the splashing and jumping and such. I'm sure it must take talent." Or something. Maybe she'll just have a sip of wine.

<FS3> Kamron rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"I suppose that can be done then, Lady Tiaryn. It would be unfair to make the Lady Katrin choose in any case, since she seems to against it," Roslyn agrees with a quiet warmth, her lips lifting in a smile. She turns to watch Kittridge jump for that fairness, the slightest tightening to her lips at that backwards jump. "That seems rather dangerous," she only points out mildly.

Kamron watches the other gentlemen roll and turn through the air as they leap, moving over to Jacsen as he heads back to the cliff. Gesturing to the latest leaper flipping and twisting, he chuckles, "I feel like a bit of a piker for just jumping straight down now." Keeping the grin on his lips, he lowers his voice, "If you want to jump… just let me know. I'll jump first and stay nearby." He's serious in the offer, and in keeping the offer quiet. He waits a moment for a response, and then he's bounding up the trail. He advances to the edge to make sure that the landing is clear, then turns his back to the water. Taking in a deep breath, he leaps backwards, out and away from the cliff, turning head down and twisting once in the air to dive arms-first into the water. The force of the dive drives him down, and he kicks harder, finally reaching the bottom with a bit of effort. When he rises again, he holds up a curled white shell with a laugh.

Staying in the water for a while longer, Martyn finally swims the rest of the direction to the shore. Getting back on the shore, he smiles a little as he watches the next few jumpers. Offering a nod and a smile to the ladies, he moves back to the top of the cliff again, whistling a bit as he does.

"Oh, I am certainly here to watch them all," Saffron guarantees with a warm grin even if her gaze lingers on Kamron. The little things give her away, it seems. Then she is looking back to the rest of the ladies, her legs folding under her to straighten up her poise a bit. At the the Lords begin getting a bit more exciting with their jumps, Saffron keeps her eyes on each with a curious tilt of her head. "They're going to break their necks," she says offhandedly, and only once its said does she realize she just used her mother's tone!

Kittridge applauds Kamron's backflip as he exits the water, heading this time not back to the cliff, but up the grass where the ladies and others are seated. He keeps well back so he doesn't drip on the blanket and asks, "Would one of you be kind enough to pass me a glass of wine?"

Tia waves to Martyn, as she spies him waving their way. She grins at the rest of the Ladies. "There's the spirit," she applauds. "Who was so kind as to bring us wine?" she asks, though as Kitt arrives, asking for a glass, she pauses, checking to see if Roslyn still has the wine or not. At the moment, she's comfortable enough to not move very much, letting someone else deal with the wine requests. She drinks a bit more wine, quietly enjoying the view and being outdoors.

Kamron works his way back to the shore side-stroke, still holding that spiralling shell. He nods to Kittridge at the applause, even if his broad grin gains a slightly strained quality. Still, he's here to entertain, not to argue, and so he merely nods, shaking the water out of his newfound shiny before offering it out to Saffron, "You'll need that if you're to be Lady Sea Spirit, My Lady." He collects one of the thick weaves of cloth brought along for drying purposes, and uses it for just that purpose, looking up at Martyn on the cliff, "He certainly seems to be enjoying himself."

"Lord Kittridge did, though I do not know if we should reward him with so reckless of behavior," Roslyn muses even as Kittridge stands by, finally pushing herself up again to bring a glass of wine close enough for him with a polite smile. "It is lovely wine, my lord. I am sure we all agree that we are glad for it." She glances back to the other ladies, her attention lingering on Saffron with fond interest as Kamron approaches her with such a gift.

"Equal opportunity watching," Katrin says with a nod. "All of the lovely men are deserving of our gaze," she says, but her cheeks do redden again slightly as she watches Martyn post-jump. "Ser Kittridge /is/ quite handsome, Lady Tiaryn," she agrees. ""And quite agile." Oops. He's apparently standing right behind them now as well. She beams up at him. "Quite a lovely jump, Ser Kittridge," she says overly brightly.

<FS3> Martyn rolls Reaction: Good Success.

"That's kind of you to say, Lady Katrin," Kittridge grins, not quiiite winking at her, but that sort of mood plain in his expression. He accepts the wine Roslyn offers with a smile, shrugging at the thanks, "Think nothing of it, lady. I thought I ought to bring something to thank our hosts for arranging this and inviting me, but wasn't sure how many would be here." And so brought lots. Wheeee. He drinks deeply, and then flops down to sit in the grass, letting the sun do the drying.

At the sound of Kamron's voice, Saffron turns her head up to him. Again, her hand lifts to her eyes to guard off a bit of sun. There is something admiring in her gaze as she looks over the wet that shines in his hair and on his skin. Its enough to draw a small blush onto her cheeks, only redoubling in its hue at the gift. She is all dimples as she palms the shell, bringing it down to look over the spiral. "Ser Kamron… its lovely. Thank you." She looks after him as he goes to fetch a drying cloth, and she immediately turns to look at Roslyn with one of those girlish looks.

Time for a new jump now. As he's about to jump, Martyn spreads his arms as if they were the wings of a bird, holding that position as he flies through the air, before getting into the right movements to hit the water, with a rather large splash. Like the last time, he swims off a bit under the surface now, staying under there for a bit longer than the last time. Resurfacing a bit of a distance away, as he shakes his head a bit as he gets his head above the water again.

Kamron grins at Saffron crookedly, "A lovely shell for a lovely lady…" and then he draws his eyes around the little group, ostentatiously counting each and every lady, "Three more shells." Oh he can't help it, and he looks to Kittridge, keeping his voice light, "Would you like one as well, Ser Kittridge? I may have to widen my search to find so many." Letting the toweling hang about his neck, Kamron crouches down alongside the picnic blankets, collecting a glass of watered wine from one of the attendants as he does.

"Lady Sea Spirit indeed," Tia says, letting her own amusement show. "And thank you kindly, Ser Kittridge. Such a gift is well appreciated." She at least is drinking her own wine, though whether the rest of the women are, that's up to them. She then turns to watch Martyn's next jump. "It certainly seems as if everyone has been enjoying themselves jumping," she says. "I think that's reason enough for such an event. And from what I saw, all of you are quite talented. I am impressed."

"I could never refuse such a kind offer, Ser Kamron," Kittridge grins in reply, joking, "And if you find one that's a little pinkish, maybe slightly shiny? Well that would be just lovely." He toasts with his wine glass, and rolls onto his side to take the bottle and pour himself a refill. Jumping is thirsty work! or something.

"Certainly a very gracious gesture, however," Lady Roslyn answers simply, amusement caught in her gaze as she looks to Katrin as the other lady is caught at gossiping. She crosses back to Saffron, however, when Kamron leaves her, her voice dropping in conspiratorial whispers to the other woman, "How very kind of him." She glances towards Kamron as he counts, shaking her head politely. "You may give mine to Lord Kittridge if you wish, my lord, but I shall wait for Lord Justin to perhaps decide to fetch one himself if he thinks of it." If he hasn't been pulled away from the ocean yet.

"Oh, Ser Kamron, you ought save all of the shells you find for the Lady Sea Spirit herself," Katrin replies with a laugh and a slightly raised brow in Saffron's direction. But she smiles with delight. "The other Ladies and I should just hope that there are other gentlemen with your gallant gestures here today." Looking back at Roslyn, she seems amused. "How fare your siblings, Lady Roslyn?" she asks politely.

Kamron can't help chuckling at Kittridge's reply, raising his glass in salute, "I'll do what I can." He shakes his head a bit at Tiaryn, "It's the exhilaration of the fall. It goes right to your head like strongwine. And, as you've been seeing, makes you do foolish things." Roslyn's words draw a mock frown, "Ah, Lady Roslyn, you must not be jealous. Justin has known the sea far longer than you, and been away from it for far longer as well." Katrin's words draw a deep nod, and then he drops back onto his butt, sitting down and sprawling out a bit, one leg raised and his head back on the gathered towel, "If you don't mind, I might enjoy the sun a bit before my next leap… Well, the sun and the conversation."

Saffron is beaming, though she definitely tries to smooth her expression by clearing her throat. At Roslyn's whispers, she tries to hide a small grin behind her hand and she whispers back to her, "Very kind." And then she laughs softly at Roslyn's gesture for Kittridge. She sets the spiral shell in her lap, smiling down to it before she takes another sip of her wine. A small glance is given to Katrin and she tries not to blush as she involves herself once more in her wine. If she doesn't get bread in her stomach, she's going to be flushed enough to mask further blushing. "Not foolish things," Saffron corrects Kamron. "Thoughtful things. And Lady Sea Spirit is quite thankful for your thoughtfulness." She glances over toward Tiaryn, offering the Flint woman a private smile. Then she focuses on the question Katrin poses, looking to Roslyn to hear news.

Having made his way back to land now, Martyn gets back to his feet, and shakes his head a little bit, as he moves his way over to the rest. He doesn't say anything at the moment, just looking between the others with a nod and a smile as he finds himself a place to seat himself.

"You're quite welcome, Lady Roslyn," Kittridge replies for the wine before laughing as she offers her shell, "And that's very kind of you." He chuckles, and drinks, like Kamron seeming content to take a bit of a break from the water and lounge in the sun with the girls for a spell. "What is this Lady Sea Spirit?" he asks curiously.

Tia tilts her head, and then she sips more wine, slowly working through her first glass. Or maybe not quite so slowly. She nods, in agreement with Roslyn. "Very thoughtful," she says. "With such gallant men to provide entertainment, it is a wonder we can tear our eyes away." Though she's not exactly staring at anyone more than another. "And by all means, relax, enjoy the sun, and the company of the beautiful ladies -" her hand sweeps out to gesture towards the other women, "- who have come to cheer you on." She didn't include herself in there, of course. That would be presumptuous.

"Quite well, my Lady Katrin. Lady Rowenna is rather happy with her new marriage, and Lord Rutger with his courtship," a slight nod towards the Groves currently present, "Though the Lord Regent has been rather—occupied, as you must imagine. The Charlton contingent coming with bare blades in his town was quite surprising, of course." Lady Roslyn pauses to smile politely at Katrin, a thoughtful study made of the younger woman even as she adds casually, "And I have heard word that Lord Rafferdy has been to the Mire in recent days to speak with our father." She pauses to drink from her wine, wincing slightly. "I am sorry, I did not mean to ramble on. Perhaps I should go to Lord Justin then, to share him with his first love."

"It must be difficult to keep up with so many siblings, Lady Roslyn," Katrin replies lightly, her expression never wavering as Nayland lists her different relations. "I had heard that the Lord Regent had been feeling under the weather. I do hope he will make a full recovery, especially given the strain he has been put under of late." She dips her head and sips at the wine she had so easily forgotten about in her hand. "Quite an impressive few leaps, Ser Martyn," she offers the Mallister man with a smile as he approaches. And she is mostly good at not staring at the soaking clothes that hang off of him.

Kamron grins up at Saffron from his sprawl, "Thoughtful things once the water shocks some sense into us. Foolish things are for up there." And he gestures languidly with his wineglass toward the flight zone. Tiaryn's non-inclusive gesture draws a laugh from the man, "I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks you beautiful, Lady Tiaryn." He lets that hang for a heartbeat, and then closes one eye in a wink, "Besides all of us here, of course." And then Kittridge's question gives him reason to look back to Saffron, and he raises up on one elbow to listen to her explanation, giving Martyn a nod as his cousin approaches. That doesn't mean he's not paying attention to what Roslyn's saying, of course, because she's talking good gossip that he hasn't had a chance to hear yet.

Saffron shakes her head, almost apologetically. "I'm sorry, Ser Kittridge… Ser Inigo Vance coined the name after I wandered into the courtyard looking as though I had come straight out of the sea itself. I had been involved in a high-speed pursuit of one of the smallfolk children I often look after, and I couldn't very well let her go running into the sea without a chaperone." And that's the story she's sticking too! Unconsciously, she draws a fingertip around the spiral groove of the shell. Her gaze also drifts to Roslyn, and she raises her brows meaningfully over her eyes. "Has he?" She inquires on Lord Rafferdy. "He was the fellow speaking to Lady Rowenna at Lord Frey's dance, wasn't he?" Though she is graceful enough not to point out it was yelling and the consequences that followed.

"Thank you, Lady Katrin," Martyn offers to the Haigh lady, bowing his head a little bit as he answers. "It's been a long time since the last time I've gotten to jump from cliffs, but it's still rather fun." Looking between the others for the moment, he otherwise keeps silent now. Just enjoying the chance for the weather to dry his clothes a bit.

"He was at the Lord Frey's feast, yes, my lady," Roslyn answers with a simple nod, her smile slightly strained at the memory before she moves on quickly. "The Lord Regent had recovered by the time I had left, Lady Katrin, and certainly will be fine." She drinks deeply again from her wine glass, flushing a bit as she glances consideringly to the ocean.

Jacsen has been sitting and watching, making idle conversation while distracted by the jumping. Saffron's apple accepted and mostly eaten in one hand and the wine poured by Roslyn in the other, he has a faraway look in his eyes as he stands up, the conversation around him just background noise to his thoughts. "I'm going to jump," he says quietly, sounding surprised by his own words. And once he's said it, there's no going back. "I'm going to jump," he repeats with more confidence, putting down his things and making his way to hobble up to the cliff.

The very mention of the Frey dance has Katrin's cheeks turning a deep red. "I do recall Lord Rafferdy at that particular dance," to say nothing of her leaving with him for the commoner dance instead. She smiles, "I do hope all will resolve itself in Stonebridge soon. I admit to missing home, as much as I do enjoy Terrick's Roost and the present company." She gestures around with her wine glass to those present. "You seemed to enjoy yourself quite a bit, Ser Martyn. It is quite good that none of you managed to hit a rock on your way down. How skilled you all must be." Jacsen's sudden declaration makes her lift her brows but she says nothing.

Kamron shakes his head slightly at Saffron's description of the Nayland encounter at the Twins, but he doesn't comment further on it. Instead, he hauls himself back up to sitting, and then standing, dropping off the towel. Just in time, too, as Jacsen makes his pronouncement. His eyes flicker up to the launching pad, and then he turns his gaze back to the Young Lord, a grin coming back to his lips, "Not before I go again, Lord Jacsen." Just light teasing, although perhaps with a little bit of seriousness behind it. And then he's moving toward the cliff as well, keeping the grin on his face, but mentioning a little quieter as they step away, "Do you want to leave your cane here and get a hand up, Lord Jacsen, so you don't lose it on the jump, or would you rather chance it?"

Tia recalls the incident with Rafferdy and Rowenna, though she doesn't add anything further to the discussion there. She does flash Kamron a big smile for his compliment, but then is distracted from all else as Jacsen decides he wants to jump. Her eyes widen, and she finishes her glass of wine. Now her attention is definitely on the men. Though as Kamron goes along with, she relaxes just a tad. "It does rather look like fun," she says softly.

Saffron nods her head to Roslyn, though she does offer a worrying look. "I know when I had seen the Lord Regent after we were safely back at Stonebridge he looked quite tired. I imagine his duties are quite taxing, especially with the Charltons." She frowns then. "I hope Lady Cherise and her babe are faring well. It can be hard on anyone even with the hospitality your family is surely giving her, Roslyn." But then, Jacsen has her attention. She joins Katrin in lifting up her brows, but she also is not about to tell the Young Lord he shouldn't. Kamron's quickness to join Jacsen does relax her a bit — at least he'll have someone with him. Isn't it lucky Anais isn't here…?

Roslyn will voice what the other women will not, a steadiness to her tone, firmly polite where she says, "This seems rather ill-advised, my lord. We do not want to mar this outing as well." She glances towards Saffron, nodding distractedly, before her gaze traces back to Jacsen.

Martyn looks about to comment on something when he hears Jacsen's announcement. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but nods a bit at Kamron's words. He then nods a little bit at Katrin's words. "One of the most important parts would be to jump out from the cliff," he offers. Looking back to Jacsen and Kamron now, he pauses for a few moments at Roslyn's words, looking about to say something, but going quiet once more. Looking around for a drink, since this means such a thing is needed.

Anais may be late to the party, thanks to a matter of disagreement between cooks on the best way to combine water and what remains of the food supply to make something resembling a real meal for guests, but she's determined not to miss an outing that involves both swimming and climbing. And so she arrives on a borrowed horse, followed by guard and handmaid and wearing a simple, old gown over a dark shift. Late, but here!

Roslyn's words make him pause for a moment, but he's determined. "Fear not, Lady Roslyn. I'll be in excellent hands." Grip tightening on his cane, he continues on. "I'll make it, Ser Kamron," Jacsen says, his voice edged. He sounds tired from the climb up. But then he continues after a deep breath, voice softening a bit. "I appreciate your concern, but I… want to make it to the top on my own," he explains, grunting a bit with the effort of the incline. Once at the top, he positions himself near the edge, looking down at the steep drop with an awed look.

"The struggle to find the Ladies must have been quite a trial for him, Lady Saffron," Katrin says. "I can only imagine the long hours and work he must have put in, and I am eternally grateful to him and the other men who helped find you all." She takes a nice long gulp of her wine though. "You could not fault him for wanting to partake as well, Lady Roslyn. Sometimes we must all take risks."

At Roslyn's words, perhaps spurred on by her tone, she starts to nod her head a bit in agreement — though she admits to be in conflict. She tightens her lips a bit, and she starts to worry at the shell in her lap. Her gaze moves toward Roslyn as she offers quietly, "It will do his spirit well." Though she refrains from adding 'if he makes it…' As she hears the sound of a horse arriving behind them, she turns her head toward Anais with a slgiht smile appearing on her lips. It is a bit strained though, even as she tries to sound offhanded. "Your husband is about to jump."

Kamron nods his head at Jacsen's words for him, "I completely understand." He reaches out to give the Young Lord a squeeze on the shoulder, "Just remember to cross your legs when you get in the air, or you won't be able to even think about your lovely lady wife." Laughter bubbles up, making it a joking statement, and then he's moving ahead up the path. He's totally not clearing out loose rocks and gravel as he goes up. Absolutely not. He does, however, get up to the launching point, take a deep breath, and then leap himself. Nothing fancy, nothing flashy, just a straight jump out and down that has him whooping in excitement before he splashes down into the sea depths.

"He what?" Anais' smile fades to confusion when someone says her husband is about to jump, looking up to the cliffs and blinking in surprise. "That should. Ah. Is someone going with him?" And then Kamron /jumps/, because he's crazy like that, and she slips down from her horse. "Do you think letting him know I'm here would make it better or worse?" she asks of the ladies, trying to keep a smile. In case he looks. She's totally encouraging.

"It seems an unnecessary risk, however, and not one any of them have thought out truly, Lady Katrin," Roslyn murmurs quietly, watching Jacsen for a moment. "It is not their hands that I worry about, but their minds." She falls silent at the Lady Anais's arrival, however, and looks to Saffron briefly.

Saffron purses her lips a bit as she looks to Roslyn. There is almost noting she can say at this point, because she's not going to be the one to convince Jacsen he might be doing something rash. That's his wife's job. So, she looks beseechingly to Anais to see what her cousin decides to do. She is perhaps not surprised that Anais seems to be in support.

"I think at this point, leave it, Anais. And once he's done, you can tell him how wonderful he is," Tia says. "Also, welcome to the party. We have wine, you might want to have some quickly?" She is teasing, yes. And for some reason, she just isn't suggesting he /not/ do it. If he wants to, if he can, why not? All the other boys are playing. And where did the wine go again?

"If you thinks about it, it's probably something he feels the need to do," Martyn offers after a few moments. "Maybe it will help him with…" He goes quiet for a few moments, and shrugs. "With life, I guess," he finally says, before looking between the others. Unable to hold back a nod at Tia's words.

Katrin chuckles quietly at Martyn. "I am sure that Ser Kamron will keep him safe, Lady Roslyn. From what I have seen, the Mallisters can be surprisingly trustworthy." This is said in a teasing tone with a grin pointed in the remaining Mallister knight's direction. She dips her head in greeting as she takes note of Anais.

Close up, Anais doesn't actually look encouraging. Close up, Anais looks very concerned. She reaches up to shade her eyes, fidgeting as she watches. "I can't call him down now," she murmurs to Roslyn. "He's more likely to do something even more stupid, rather than come down because his wife called for him."

"Perhaps," Roslyn mumurs, watches, remains neutral as she drinks her wine slowly. She glances towards Anais, but she doesn't actually press at that.

Kamron bobs up to the surface, not bothering to collect another shell this time. Instead, he carefully swims back out of range of just about any jumpers and begins to tread water, looking up and shading his eyes with one hand to keep an eye for Jacsen appearing at the promontory.

<FS3> Jacsen rolls Body: Failure.

"Well, now that he's made the top there's no so much to worry about," Kittridge points out, "It was whether he could manage the climb up I wasn't sure about. Ser Kamron's down there in case he has trouble with the swimming back bit." He drinks his wine, sprawled soaking wet in the grass, and sits up to pull another bottle out of the crate at the blanket and pour a glass to offer to Anais, greeting her, "Lady, afternoon."

Kamron jumps, leaving Jacsen alone on that quiet cliff with his thoughts for a moment. "Haven't done this since Justin and I were boys," he murmurs to himself, taking another look down. It didn't look so high when they were young and invincible. "Had two more brothers with me then, though." Deep breath. One… two… three… He leaps off that edge, pushing off with both legs, leaving him flailing and twisted as he hurls downward. The water coming closer at a rapid rate, he pulls his arms in and cross his legs - or tries to, the legs not quite coming together in time before he splashes into the water. It's not quite a belly-flop, but at the angle that he hit the waves, it looks like it hurt.

"Afternoon, Lord Kittridge," Anais murmurs absently, without looking away from the cliffs. And then Jacsen hits the water in a most unpleasant way, and she winces, watching tensely for signs of movement. One step toward the water, two, three…

Martyn nods a bit in agreement with Kittridge now. Turning to offer a nod and a smile to Anais as well. "Lady Anais," he offers in greeting, before he looks up to see Jacsen's jump, wincing a bit as he sees the way he hits the water. Keeping quiet, since that seems to be the safest thing to do.

Saffron couldn't will herself to close her eyes as the Young Lord jumps, and falls, and splashes. She winces in pure reaction to the way in which he hits the water, and she tightens her hand on that shell in her lap. She looks toward Anais as her cousin seems to be prepared to go lunging in after her husband if he doesn't soon surface. "At least he hit the water," she offers weakly in a soft voice.

Kamron nods up at the man as he treads water below, drawing in a breath as the Young Lord throws himself into the abyss. Halfway down it's looking good, and the Mallister raises one arm in triumph… and then the man tips and doesn't get his legs crossed, and Kam winces hard, "Oh fuck me…" He drops his arm and immediately starts swimming toward the impact spot. He's not going to dive down after the Young Lord, not yet, but he's certainly watching for movement toward the surface from the man.

Roslyn draws to her feet, a frown etched faintly at the corners of her lips as she catches sight of the way the Lord Jacsen hits, but then she is only finishing off the last of the wine in her glass. Flushed slightly with it, she turns to Saffron and questions, "Shall we go jump as well, my lady? I would not wish to stay to watch this further." And she she does start for the direction of the other, girlier cliff.

<FS3> Jacsen rolls Body: Failure.

Tia has to watch the cartwreck, unable to not. She actually goes all tense as she watches, holding her breath as Jacsen jumps, without even realizing. As he hits the water, she's perhaps not familiar enough to realize that he's hit incorrectly. Or badly. Or … well, but the reaction of the others, that gives her a clue that something is up. She glances at Roslyn, but simply shakes her head, without saying a word. She's not planning on leaving until she finds out whether or not Lord Jacsen is okay.

As Jacsen hits the water like that, Kittridge winces and drains the rest of his wine. As he doesn't immediately surface and Anais begins to step for the shore he gets quickly to his feet and overtakes her, advising, "You won't be much help in skirts, lady." Into the water he goes, calling, "Ser Kamron, is he alright?"

There's nothing in the waters, no sign of Jacsen. He can't have gone that deep down, not the way he hit the water. Then, a few seconds later, his cane floats up near Kamron, resting on the waves. And then Jacsen's hand -or at least the tips of his fingers - break through for a moment before slipping back under again. He's trying to get back up to the surface, but it just isn't happening with that bad leg.

<FS3> Anais rolls Swimming: Good Success.
<FS3> Kamron rolls Swimming: Success.

Jacsen doesn't surface, and Anais doesn't seem inclined to wait and find out what might happen next. There's a reason she wore that old dress, and Kittridge's warning only serves to remind her to shrug out of it before she runs into the surf. Once she's deep enough, she dives under, swimming with swift, powerful strokes toward where Jacsen went under. WIFE TO THE RESCUE!

Kamron doesn't wait seconds. He waits maybe one second, and then he takes a breath, not even bothering to answer Kittridge's call before he ducks under the water, moving to wrap an arm around Jacsen's waist from behind and drag them both to the surface, aiming to haul the man up above the water and support him on his hip so that he can side-stroke toward the shore.

Katrin winces visibly, her gaze moving immediately toward Anais, then back at Roslyn. "Lady Anais," she protests, rising to her feet. Especially as the woman drops her dress. But who is going to listen to the Haigh in this situation. But at least she's keeping her clothes on.

"Really?" is Kittridge's response to Anais swimming out to try to save Jacsen. Kamron pulls Jacsen above the water and seems to have the matter in hand, so he heads back to the beach, muttering, "That won't emasculate him at ALL," as he pours himself more wine and takes his seat once again.

It takes a moment for Saffron to register Roslyn's question. "I have to see if he's alright, Roslyn," she says worriedly. "He's like a brother." And from a family of nothing but girls, that means something. Especially since Kittridge just told Anais she couldn't do something because she's in skirts. That's like a pig trying to fly. She watches her cousin go diving into the water, but she is starting to get to her feet as if her subconscious totally agrees with Roslyn.

<FS3> Jacsen rolls Swimming: Good Success.

Getting to his feet as well, Martyn looks like he's about to head out there as well, blinking a bit as Anais heads out there. Like Kittridge, he stays on the shore then, looking around for a few moments. "Ah…" Not much other things to say at the moment, as he remains standing, watching the happening out there.

The women's cliff is a longer walk, surely, and that is what Roslyn is doing this round. Walking, escaping, fleeing the scene.

Once Kamron gets his airway clear of the water, Jacsen sputters and gasps for breath. It takes him a while to get his breath back, but once he does, he tries to at least help push toward the shore so that Kamron isn't pulling his dead weight all the way. "Good thing… you went first," he coughs.

Kamron blows out a mouthful of water, a chuckle bubbling along behind it, "I can be smart. Sometimes." The short statements come between watery exhalations, "How fun. Was that?" He's not the strongest swimmer, but he seems to be holding up alright thus far. As another swimmer comes splashing out toward him and Jacsen, he stops to tread water a moment to identify the newcomer. Said identity causes him to swallow a bit of water and cough it up in surprise, "Hells… Uh… Lady Anais… his cane… back there somewhere."

Anais meets Jacsen and Kamron halfway to the shore, drawing up short and letting out a sob of relief when Jacsen is swimming himself. "You're all right. He's all right, isn't he?" she looks to Kamron, treading water next to them. Cane, right. But husband first.

As she spies Jacsen being hauled up safely, she releases a small breath of relief. Saffron turns to talk to Roslyn only to see the woman begin walking. She wears a face of conflict before she starts off after the Nayland until she can meet the woman stride for stride. "You were right," she murmurs to Roslyn, but at least he's not dead!

Tia glances as Roslyn decides she wants to go jump - cause it's such a great idea after Jacsen jumped, right? She stays where she is, staring until she sees that Kamron has Jacsen's head out of the water, and there is movement to the shore. That's promising. Then she gets to her feet, a little reluctantly. She doesn't follow immediately after Roslyn and Saffron though, staying to make sure that Jacsen is okay first.

Jacsen seems all right. He's conscious and he's not drowning, though he's going to have some bad bruising at the very least. "Haven't done… that in… years," he answers, continuing to push for the shore with one arm and one leg. "…Anais?" He seems taken aback to see her in the water. "I'm fine… Ser Kamron… got me… all to… plan," he says, coughing out the water he takes in between words.

Now that Jacsen is seen as alive, Katrin tears her gaze away, back to those on the beach. She smiles briefly and then starts to follow the other ladies toward their wimpy cliff. She has to jog a few steps to catch up to Saffron and Roslyn but she does so and smiles. "Do you truly plan to jump?" she asks curiously.

Roslyn slows her pace to allow Saffron to catch up, but only just. "They never listen," she sighs back to Saffron, a quiet annoyance to the words as she indicates all men ever. Drawing into the privacy of their own cliff, she stills and stops, gaze sliding back in the direction of the others before she begins unpinning curls to allow them to cascade over her shoulder. "Yes," she answers Katrin when the other lady catches up and determinedly starts tugging at her stays.

Kamron lets Jacsen do the frantic-wife-thing while he treads water, but then he realizes that some of those words were directed at him. "He's fine. Lady Anais." He looses his grip on Jacsen a moment, then gathers him up again, swimming toward shore once more. As soon as they're what Kamron considers out of earshot of Anais, he chuckles a breath of water out, "Didn't think. She'd go in. The water." As he closes with the shallows of the beach, Kamron stops to tread water again, then releases Jacsen so he can swim the last little bit in on his own. Even if it's only a couple of feet before he should be able to touch the bottom.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he sees the ladies head off to that other cliff, remaining where he is for the moment, as he looks between the others. Looking a little lost in thought, as he looks around for a few moments now.

Anais lets out a soft sigh when Jacsen speaks, resisting the urge to swim any closer. Instead, she dives under, swimming out to where Jacsen's cane floats before she's swimming back out after the pair. Most of those on the beach may be surprised that she dove in, but Kincaid is waiting at the shoreline with a cloak. One gets the sense that this is not unusual behavior for the daughters of the Banefort.

"Especially not when there's a high jump involved," Saffron points out to the stubborn nature of men. She laughs to Katrin. "I'm not sure if we can all jump together," she points out gently before she glances over her shoulders as if to see if the men have gotten out of the water yet. She follows Roslyn's example as she starts to undo the buttons that ride up the front of her dress. This loosens it around her shoulders. "Just remember what Ser Kamron advised," she says to Katrin. "Keep your ankles crossed." And as ladies, they should all know how to do that under most circumstances.

"Didn't know… she was here," Jacsen sputters. But he doesn't sound all that happy that his wife came in the water after him, either. He swims the last leg, only a couple seconds before his foot's able to hit ground. "Ser Kamron," he says quietly before they lose their bro-moment. Broment. "Thank you." No amount of inhaled water can dull the excitement behind his eyes - he considers that jump a victory, flop and all, even if his body's going to be paying for it.

Right, that's one Jacsen still alive. Tia glances over at Kittridge and Martyn and then sighs. "I'll go make sure they're okay," she says, before she follows after Saffron, Katrin and Roslyn. No, she's not going to jump, but in case there's trouble, someone has to know. Right? Sounds good to her. She at least can follow after them, cautiously.

Katrin laughs with amusement, "I do not think I plan to jump," she replies. "I am merely curious to watch. Best to keep eyes out, especially since the men are not nearby to offer aid should there be a problem." She smiles nervously. "I have never jumped from such a high position."

It is too bad the men cannot see this private little cove, as Roslyn slides out from her gown and leaves it in a pool of yellow fabric, undoing her corset and even pulling off her shift at the last moment on an impetuous whim. "Better to leave it dry, if it is only us women, and we will not return to the men with our clothing damp," she announces firmly, as if her declaring it so can make it all right and proper. Then she begins to scale the cliff carefully, though she will wait on the top for Saffron.

Kamron hauls himself out of the water alongside Jacsen, leaning forward with his hands on his knees and laughing softly, "I didn't either." His laughter grows a moment, Glad you did it now?" The thanks, however, quiets his humor, and he looks up to the other man, his hands still on his knees. "You're welcome, Lord Jacsen. Glad you enjoyed it." Then he's looking up to the women — to where the women should be. "Uh…" he raises his voice, "Where are Lady Saffron and Lady Roslyn?" And then he's straightening up, looking around.

Saffron laughs at Roslyn's boldness. "You bring up a good point," she says pointedly. Its not like these ladies haven't seen Saffron naked before — okay, Katrin might not have. Joining the pool of yellow is a pool of blue, as well as the white shift as its pulled over her head. The bruises that she has been hiding under her clothes are evident now, but all are healing nicely. "Only if you're comfortable," Saffron says to Katrin — and even Tiaryn even if she is a ways off. And off she goes after Roslyn.

Tia glances back, briefly. "They've gone to jump," she says, pitching her voice to be heard by Kamron. "And I'm just going to go make sure they're okay." Cause she's totally not going to jump, still insisting on that one. But she does pick her skirts up a bit, so she can travel faster along the path to the second jump point.

Kincaid is waiting at the edge of the surf, and so Anais is well-swathed in a cloak before anyone who shouldn't see her can get a glimpse. And then she wades through the shallows to offer the cane back to her husband, searching his features closely. "That was amazing," she informs him. "And if you ever scare me like that again, I swear, I'll…" But she trails off, and instead tries to distract him from the swimming out with a nice, solid kiss.

Jacsen flops himself down on the beach, still half in the water - he can't exactly get up and walk into shore without his cane. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," he echoes his previous words with a little laugh, adrenaline still coursing through his veins. He props himself up on his elbows and pulls himself up a little farther, leaving just his feet in the water. "Go again?" he jokes, laughing again until he coughs some more. When Anais comes up to him, he almost starts to protest before he's cut off by the kiss. "That was amazing," he says with a grin.

"You should try, Lady Katrin. You are hale and hearty," Roslyn calls, her tone all warm and easy and polite. Her fingers rake through dark, chocolate curls, drawing them over her shoulder to cover at least one breast where she waits at the top of the cliff. She considers it, and then glances towards Saffron, waiting.

"Fuck me sideways." Luckily, Kamron's cursing response to Tiaryn's words is muttered rather than spoken aloud. He glances over to Jacsen a moment, but he's mostly on shore, and… oh look, Anais is pouncing him. He turns away, calling up to Tiaryn, "Call out if you need help! I'll be around the point." And he points out to the little spit of land that hides the men's view of the ladies' jump spot, and then he's turning about to dive back out into the waves, swimming strongly out toward the indicated point.

Not too far away Jiae followed the faint trail of commotion coming from the cliffs. A tawny linen satchel bobbed against her thigh as she climbed the jagged path to observe from a reasonably safe, though not concealing, distance of women folk splashing and floating in the water.

Saffron boldly clasps Roslyn's hand, as she promised. She glances over toward Katrin with a grin before she gestures the girl to come forward. "We shouldn't jump as a set, but one of us can come jump with you once we're done." She grins to Roslyn. "Ready when you are," she announces with a squeeze to Roslyn's hand.

Tia comes round in time to find the clothes and spy the women at the top, ready to jump. She comes to a halt, watching.

<FS3> Roslyn rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Saffron rolls Reaction: Success.

Her fingers twining through Saffron's, Roslyn's gaze meets hers and then she moves to push off in a jump. A laugh is stolen from her lips, remembering to cross her legs as she lands. Only when she must catch herself to swim to the surface does she let go of Saffron's hand.

"And I'm the crazy one," Anais chuckles to Jacsen, dropping down to the sand next to him and setting the cane between them. "You scared the hells out of me. You did that on purpose, didn't you? Crafty cad." Yes. Jacsen is not the least bit injured and did not almost drown. It was all just a test to see how much his wife cared about his safety.

When the pair of women launch themselves off of the cliff, Katrin lets out a little squeak and immediately moves over to peer over its edge to try and make sure both women are alright.

And Saffron meets Roslyn's stride as they both go jumping off the cliff together. She releases a whoop that is a bit similar to the rest of the men, and she laughs until she slices through the water, her legs crossed before impact. Her fingers slip from her Nayland friend so she can push her way to the surface. She breaks the water with a bright smile on her face, treading water with both arm and leg. She looks up at the top of the cliff, shouting, "Katrin! Its perfectly safe!"

Having remained quiet at the moment, Martyn has gotten himself something to drink, shrugging a little bit to himself. Remaining where he is for the moment, but looking ready to head out into the water again should it be needed. But for now, he's sitting, and thinking. Because he does that.

The whoop draws Kamron's head out of the water, and then he's thrashing forward more quickly, swimming hard to stop just shy of the point protecting the women's diving board (cliff), at which point he starts treading water again, calling out, "Everyone alright?" That worry in his tone is just because he's the party host. Totally.

Tia is just watching but glad to see that both SAffron and Roslyn make it safely. She takes a breath, cause really - one nearly drowned is enough. "Oh, that was exciting," she calls out, as she moves a little bit closer.

"You should try it," Roslyn adds to Saffron's call, excitement still touching her words as she starts paddling for the shore. And then abruptly stops at Kamron's voice. She waits. She is not getting out of this water naked if he is going to appear any moment.

"Well, I didn't do it by accident," Jacsen says dryly. Actually, it's said more wetly, as he's still not completely finished with the coughing. "You shouldn't have come out after me, though," he says - as an afterthought, not a reprimand. "Ser Kamron had me, that was the plan. And had me he did." He gives the man a thankful nod, though he's likely not looking his way, no longer nearby. "I've had my excitement for the day - you should go jump, if you wish to."

At the sound of Kamron's voice, she turns about in the water, kicking her feet to give her enough rise so she can cup her hands around her mouth. "We're fine! Do not come around the bend!" And she makes this very clear by adding. "We are not presentable!" And then she winks to Roslyn before she also starts swimming toward the edge.

The corner of Jiae's lips coil skywards over the view of collected guardsmen in a livery of colors. The small woman crouched lowly, knees pressed against her chest and arms would fold atop of them. Naturally curious and seemingly not trying to gain too much attention to herself should the guards be overtly protective.

"Ser Kamron, move out of viewing distance!" Katrin insists, her voice aghast. "The ladies are fine but they are in quite a state of undress. Away with you at once! We will call if there is a problem." She looks down at the ladies and laughs. "Perhaps I /will/ jump," she muses.

Tia's at the bottom, not at the top of the cliff, but she's laughing now. She does pause to look to see if there's maybe enough shallow water for her to wade. Curious, that. She moves right to the edge, taking a look. Obviously the water must be deep where they are jumping, but perhaps not so much so nearby?

Kamron coughs out water swallowed at Saffron's clarification, letting the waves bring him up to a rock jutting out on the mens' side of the point, where he climbs out of the water to cling there so he doesn't have to keep treading water. That also gives him time to make his brain work again. "I wouldn't think of coming around the corner unless there was a problem, Ladies." He forces a bit of a laugh, "You're all quite safe over there." Must not think of undress, must not think of undress.

"Perhaps I should have thought more on the idea to strip even our shifts," Roslyn murmurs, not thinking of the waves carrying her words before she steps out of the sea to allow the ocean to sluice off naked flesh as she looks around for cloth to dry. Oh, they didn't remember to bring those.

As the Banefort pulls herself onto the shore, she heads toward her clothes. "I don't think we were putting much thought into anything, Roslyn," she offers with warm laughter in her voice. She snatches up her shift so she can mop up a bit of her skin. The sun warms her, and she relishes in. Something plays in her eyes — freedom, exhilaration. She smiles toward Tiaryn as she starts to debate whether or not to wade. "There's a bit of a shallow pool over here, Tiaryn!"

"It's a siren's duty to pull drowning men out of the water," Anais informs Jacsen, leaning in for one more kiss before she pushes up out of the surf. "See you shortly," she grins, then takes off to join the women.

Either out of hearing range or simply just lost in thought at the moment, Martyn is just sipping his drink now, looking a bit lost in thought. Humming something to himself at the moment.

Tia smiles over at Saffron. "Thank you," she calls out. That's enough that she will take her boots and stockings off. She hesitates, and then unfastens the stays to remove her dress, so she's just in her shift. Just in case. She moves to step into the water, where Saffron is indicating, slowly and cautiously padding her way into the shallow water.

Saffron wrings out her hair with a twist of her hands, pulling it into a rope that she then knots up so its no longer a bother. She will let the sun warm her for a bit longer as she looks around at the rest. As she begins to move about their side of the beach. Thoughtfully, she begins to gather small bits of wood and pebble, gathering up some artillery.

Katrin peeks over the edge of the cliff again but decides against it and instead takes the longer way down to the beach reserved for the ladies and eyes the jumpers curiously. "How is the water?" she asks cheerfully.

Kamron shifts his position on the rock out at sea, trying to get comfortable while he listens for more shouts, more splashes, or most anything from the other side of the promontory. He lifts his head a bit, opening his mouth as if to say something, then subsides. Best not to surprise the women if one of them is standing ready to jump. And really, really, really best not to think about what 'not presentable' and 'a state of undress' means.

"The sand is warm, Roslyn," Saffron states as she gathers up a handful of small projectiles. "If you lay in it and dry, we can brush you off but you will at least be warm." Then she regards the little items in her hand with a grin. "Have you ever tried to make stones skip?" She inquires to Roslyn before the question draws her head upward. "Its cool, but not terrible. You should jump, Katrin!"

Kittridge finishes lazing about drinking, and abruptly gets to his feet, shaking out his shirt, which is drying wrinkly and salty. Because he is a rebel, he tugs it off and abandons it on the shore before returning to the water, swimming out towards Kamron and his rock. "No disasters yet, I take it?" he asks, treading water before the Mallister's perch.

Jacsen flops onto his back on the shore after the second kiss, resting there a moment to contemplate the clear sky with his cane resting on his chest. What a day. When a stronger wave forces its way past his feet up to his neck, he reluctantly gets back up with a groan, finally feeling that impact - or what of it can be felt, anyway - and lurches slowly up toward his things. Very slowly.

Tia is in the water, just up to her knees, enjoying the coolness, as she wades. She looks up to see where Katrin is, but for sure, Tia is not going up there. She glances back over to Saffron and Roslyn, chuckling softly, as she wriggles her toes in the water, enjoying the feel of the salt water and sand on her feet. "I tried once or twice," she replies back to Saffron, "but wasn't very successful at it." She is slowly going a bit deeper, enjoying the small waves as they splash up and get her a little more wet.

"I would think that bare skin on sand would have unfortunate consequences," Roslyn suggests with a laugh, shaking her head to the second question. Nope, never. To Katrin, she adds helpfully, "I shall jump with you if you like."

Kamron looks up at the sound of splashing from the near side of the just of cliffs, blinking a bit to spot Kittridge — and beyond that, Shirtless Kittridge — swimming up. He shrugs one shoulder, "No trouble yet, Ser Kittridge. Only a single jump though. Unless I missed something swimming out here." He nods his head toward the rock face, "Apparently, they're not presentable over there, so don't go swimming too much further out." Which would, of course, give Kittridge a view right into the little cove.

"Oh, I don't know…" Katrin says to Saffron, looking at the cliff. When Roslyn offers to jump with her though, she smiles. "I suppose if I don't have to do it alone, I could try," she decides. "But only if you /wanted/ to jump again, Lady Roslyn."

"My mother taught me how, to my father's surprise. I remember he thought he was the first to teach us girls how to do it, but my sister Claira proclaimed different," she says to Tiaryn. She continues to gather up stones and bits of wood until there is a neat pile of suspectable skippers — stones a tleast, who knows what she's plotting with the bits of drift wood. She looks back up to Katrin with a grin. "I'm coming to jump again!" She announces, though she slips on her shift this time. "Roslyn?" She inquires as she begins to step forward. Katrin has given her an excuse to try again.

"I would not mind it, my lady," Roslyn admits, a wry smile touching her lips as she moves for the cliff again to climb it with extra care. It wouldn't be good to scrape herself now. "Think we could all try to jump together? It did not seem too crowded last time."

"I think so, Ser Martyn," Jacsen says with a wince, leaning on his cane with both hands as he stops. "At least, nothing I haven't survived a dozen times when I would jump as a boy." Of course, he had two healthy legs then. "Though I don't think I'll be doing that again for a little while."

"What's the worse that could happen," Saffron says as she scales up beside Roslyn. She grins to the woman as they arrive on the launch point once more, and she steps up to Katrin. She brushes a bit of dirt off her bottom as she does.

Tia stays where she is, just playing a bit in the shallow water. She's careful to stay where she thinks it's shallow, not at all going anwhere that even looks like it might get deep. A larger wave splashes her up to her waist, so that she definitely gets very wet. And that brings laughter out of her, a sound that perhaps carries on the wind.

Kittridge has arrested his forward progress, just swimming in place, still out of sight of the ladies. Though he lifts a brow at Kamron's warning, and leans as if he might peek, not that the movement alone would allow him to anyway. "Tempting, Ser Kamron, but I'll stay back, don't worry." Plus he's already seen like half of them naked anyway. He half-floats on his back, arms and legs moving lazily in the water, his one shoulder marked with scars as it bobs above the surface. "This was a good idea," he says to the other man, "Are there cliffs around Seagard somewhere, or at your home at Talon Point?"

<FS3> Roslyn rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Saffron rolls Reaction: Failure.
<FS3> Katrin rolls Reaction: Success.

Kamron can hear the voices drifting out of the little cove as the ladies call to one another from bottom of the cliff to top, and he sits up a bit straighter on his chosen lifeguard rock, gathering his legs under himself and generally preparing to jump back into the water if need be. He half-turns his head at Kittridge's question, "Some south of Seagard. Last time I lept anywhere near that far, it was from a ship's mast though."

Katrin laughs a little as she begins to disrobe, tossing her clothes aside. And then she makes her way up to join them at the edge. "I'm not so sure about this…" she murmurs.

<FS3> Saffron rolls Swimming: Failure.
<FS3> Tiaryn rolls Swimming: Good Success.
<FS3> Katrin rolls Swimming: Good Success.
<FS3> Tiaryn rolls Reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Roslyn rolls Swimming: Failure.

It is too late for second thoughts, as Roslyn is already taking a few running steps and then flinging herself off the cliff with another energetic laugh. She manages, at least, to get her legs under herself as she lands.

Martyn nods a bit at Jacsen's words. "Quite a feeling, the time you spend going through the air, before you hit the water," he offers after a few moments, a bit thoughtfully at the moments. Glancing out at the sea now.

As Saffron jumps with the ladies, she feels that strange swell of exhilaration once more as the wind whips around her. She releases whoevers hand she happened to be holding as she fights to right herself. She is unable to balance herself in the air, kicking and flailing her arms as something catches in her chest. She has swallowed her own voice as the sea comes rushing at her vision. She has enough smarts to close her eyes tight at least. Her knees are bent and her body curved inward as she slams into the water with an impressive amount of splash.

Kittridge turns as well as the ladies call for more jumping, a little surprised by how easily they can be heard. He can't see them, though, so he turns back to Kamron, and brows rise, "A ship's mast? I did that once when I was squiring in Gulltown," he says, "A million years ago. I'd forgotten about it til now. Did you do a lot of sailing?" he asks, "Or was this just a one time outing?"

Tia pauses to watch as the trio jumps all at the same time. She is standing in the water, sort of up to just over her knees, but her gaze is on the jumpers. She winces a bit as she watches, though she's not sure if there's any problem at first, still just watching, but taking a step forward, towards the jump spot.

"But then you hit the water," Jacsen says with a crooked, self-deprecating smile. "Still…" He looks back up to the cliff. "It's all worth it for those few seconds of flight, isn't it?"

Taking a deep breath, Katrin runs and propels herself off of the cliff with an energetic push. A loud shriek escapes her lips in those brief moments of free fall before she meets with the water, her legs crossing as necessary. She cuts through the ocean, emerging with a loud shout of delight and looks around for her jumping companions as she treads water.

For all that Roslyn manages to land correctly, she cannot seem to fight her way to the surface, though she breaks through once before the water drags her back down. Unfortunately, this means she cannot go save Saffron.

Kamron nods to Kittridge, "Talon Point is a fishing village. There was always some little boat going in or out. I spent a good bit of time on them. And that's besides all the ships at Seagard." At the whooping and splashing from the other side of the point, he straightens up a little, tilting his head as if that might help him hear what's going on across the way a little better. He waits, three laugh-screams down, only one back up… maybe?

Martyn nods a bit at Jacsen's words, "It is." A brief pause, as he looks back to the Terrick lord, "Every now and then, I find myself wishing I could fly for much longer than only those few moments." He shrugs a little bit as his gaze moves back to the sea. "That's probably why high places are some of my favorites when I need somewhere to think."

"Oh, right," Kittridge nods, "I've been out there, to Talon Point, I mean." As Kamron pauses, he does as well, frowning. "I heard three jumping and only one coming back up," he says. He frowns some more, and looks back to Kam, "Should we?"

And as Katrin comes up fast and cheering, but the others don't, Tia's eyes go wide. "Help!" she calls out, rather wanting to be safe than sorry. Though only that word gets out before she is actually propelling herself forward to try to help, herself. Only … she can't swim, and so as soon as she gets to the deeper water, she goes right under water, completely soaked, from tip to toe. But she struggles to the surface and paddles madly to keep her head above, somehow managing that much.

Water rushes in all around Saffron, and she swears she can feel it pulling her under — or is that just the fact she can't seem to get her legs to move and she's sinking. Something about the impact must have caused her legs to become useless, and she can feel the sting from the impact blazing up her skin. As she gives an attempt at a kick, but her shift has become more of a bother as her toe gets caught in a hole in the old fabric. In her panic, the cloth tears soundlessly beneath the waves. She releases a sputter of bubbles.

The laughter in Katrin's throat dies down as neither Saffron nor Roslyn appear. "Tiaryn!" she immediately screams. "Help! Someone help!" Her words echo as loudly as she can make them before she goes under to try and find either woman. No such luck on the first try. She ducks down again, and the bright red of Saffron's hair makes it easier to locate the Banefort lady. The Haigh reaches out, desperately trying to grasp at her hand and pull her back above.

'Help.' That's Kamron's cue. Without responding to Kittridge's question, he throws himself into a dive, using the rock to send him slipping beneath the waves. As soon as his head breaks the surface again, he's stroking hard around the point. In fact, he might be cutting it a little close to the rocks, as a wave sweeps him inward and causes one foot to slap down into stone, driving a bit of his breath from his lips beneath the water. Next stroke, he's gathering air again, however, and now he's turned the corner, swimming hard toward the landing spot.

What a coincidence, Jacsen likes getting high too. "I used to hate them," the Young Lord admits to Martyn. "Heights, I mean. Looking down from them, well, that was… dizzying." He looks back down over the waters, his gaze settling on the horizon. "The first jump, I almost had to be pushed off. The second one came easier. Then after the third - " Storytime stops when he hears Tia's cry for help, his head snapping around in the ladies' direction.

Well, that answers that question. As soon as Tiaryn shouts for help, Kittridge is off, swimming around towards the cove after Kamron, though he's somewhat behind, not having gotten that diving start.

Unfortunately, Tia's not much help. But she's at least not needing a rescue of her own. She manages to claw her way, with the help of a wave or two, to shallower water. Where she stands, panting, and staring over at Katrin. "I can't swim!" she calls out, since it's just been forcibly reminded. So yeah, drenched kitten, spitting fur, but she can't actually go out any further than she is. With her voice at least, they will know there's one of them still okay. Two, if they're hearing Katrin.

Martyn nods a bit as he hears Jacsen's words, and looks about to say something, before he hears the cries for help as well, and gets to his feet quickly. Making his way out into the water at a run for as long as he manages, before he starts swimming, moving as fast as he can out where he saw the other knights move round the point.

<FS3> Saffron rolls Swimming: Good Success.
<FS3> Roslyn rolls Swimming: Success.

Roslyn breaks the surface for a moment, a brief moment that has her gasping in air into burning lungs. Tired from the struggle, she remains there for a moment before slipping back under the next large wave.

Stubborn and unwilling to just let the sea take her, Saffron twists about in the water and gives it a firm kick. A nimbus of red hair blooms around her head as finally gets herself in at least the direction of the sunlit surface. She recognizes a shadow over her, and she stretches her hands out to snatch at Katrin's fingers, and she finally breaks the surface with a sputtering.

Tia has to cough now, having swallowed water in her panicked almost doggy paddling. Her hands are fisted, as she stares out, spying heads surfacing and sinking. "Roslyn!" she calls out as she sees that lady surface and then sink again. "Oh, no! Roslyn!"

Kamron slows as he nears the group, just enough to raise his head up out of the water. He sees strawberry blonde hair, dark brown, one by the shore, and then fingers. Taking in a deep breath, he curves over, diving deeper toward Roslyn. He attempts to perform the same loop-an-arm-around-the-waist move he did on Jacsen, only to start and blurt out half his air as he realizes that she's not wearing any clothes. Determined, however, he resumes his efforts to get an arm around her and pull her up to the surface.

While on the shores Jiae perked onto her toes, her head turning and tilting to see what had caused all the commotion. Eventually the woman is on her feet, eyes glued to the hurried movements of those darting for the coves or diving. It grants her the opportunity to duck in closer.

Using all of the strength within her, Katrin pulls Saffron up toward the surface, breaking with a loud gasp for air. "Rosl-" A wave slaps her in the face as she's trying to call around for the Nayland. She tries again. "Roslyn!" The Haigh has managed to drag one person to the surface but she's by no means a strong swimmer, especially when faced with the struggle of the ocean for the first time. It's all she can manage to help keep the Banefort above the surface.

Kittridge swims in after Kamron, kicking himself above the waves and shoving hair out of his face to look around. Kamron is after whoever is sinking, so he heads towards Katrin and Saffron, swimming up beside them and, deciding that it is better to be forward than risk letting a woman drown, wraps an arm about Saffron's waist and assists her to the surface.

Roslyn will cling to that arm around her for a moment, despite the inappropriateness of her dress. When she breaks the surface again with a gasp, she might be too distracted to flush, though she does look immediately for Katrin and Saffron.

"I'm fine," Saffron chokes as she manages to get her feet under her, kicking with familiar motions, but they are weakened by her own scramble to find the air once more. Her heart still panics in her chest, and she starts to look around desperately as Katrin calls Roslyn's name. As she twists around in the water, she comes face to face with Kittridge Groves only moments after his arm comes around her waist. She instinctively places her hand on his shoulder to steady herself "Where's Roslyn?" She asks instantly.

Kamron draws in his own gasp of air as his head breaks surface, and then sputters as once again he's helping support someone else. It's not like he's taken lifeguard classes or anything. Still, he gets up to the surface, "Everyone. Breathing?" Because this is in no sense 'alright.' Not thinking about just what his arm is around. "S — Lady Saffron? Lady Roslyn? Lady Katrin?" There are only three he knew about in the deeper water, they're the only ones in danger, right?

Coming around and into the cove now, Martyn keeps on swiming towards the women there. Seeing Kamron and Kittridge working on saving Roslyn and Saffron, he hurries towards Katrin now, as she's the first he sees. Keeping quiet as he comes swimming, especially as he hears Kamron's words.

"I dunno," Kittridge says to Saffron, releasing her once she's got a hand securely on his shoulder, and reaching out for Katrin's shoulder, giving her a bit of a shove towards the air as well. It's all he can do to keep his chin above water as he does it. As Matryn swims up he says, "Oh good," and gratefully releases Katrin into his care.

Oh yes. Tia is in shallow water and not in danger. "Katrin, Roslyn and Saffron," she calls out. "If you got them, I'm fine." And if not, don't stop looking, damn it! She's now back to knee deep, watching, and not even aware that her shift is drenched, her hair is falling out of it's pins, and the scars from the ironborn weapons are at least a bit visible through the nigh seethrough shift.

"I am fine," Roslyn manages through choking coughs to Saffron where she hears her name, though she tiredly lets Kamron do most of the work in getting them back to shore. Maybe she will kick a bit to help. "Get my clothes please, Lady Tia." That last is called to the shore with a blush, finally having a moment to think about her state and definitely not wanting to get out of the water naked.

Lucienne is safely upon the shore, looking on with concern as the scene plays out before her. She gathers up the blanket she's been sitting on with her book, the latter tumbling ungracefully to the ground, and hurries toward Tiaryn in the shallows. "My lady," she calls, gesturing with arms full of fabric. "Here, come get dry!"

At the sight of Roslyn and her voice, Saffron looks relieved — which soon is replaced with surprise. "Right! Excuse me, Ser Groves," she says suddenly as she pushes off his shoulder with a weaker stroke toward the shore so she can help Tiaryn get Roslyn's clothes. Her shift has been ripped down one side at the knee to the hem, though it clings to her instead of fluttering like it should.

Clothes! Right! Tia turns to rush to the shore, feet finding their way. She pauses to give Lucienne a thankful look. "Clothes. They - Roslyn and Saffron will need that more than me." Cause they don't even have shifts on, so obviously they're in worse shape. "Thank you," she says to Luci. "That will help too." The pile of blue and yellow isn't far, and neither is Tia's grey and black. She goes for the yellow and blue first though.

She can see clearly that Saffron is breathing, but Katrin is still looking anxiously for Roslyn. Hearing the woman call out, she's more than happy to let Martyn be her savior. She hangs on to the Mallister as she intakes several deep breathes. But at least she was the one who wasn't almost drowning during this little adventure so she's able to get back to the shoreline with relatively little issue. Stumbling against the tugging waves at her waist and legs, she realizes with absolute mortification that she is completely naked. "My clothes as well!" she immediately squeaks out, trying to cover herself, cheeks flaming with embarrassment.

Kamron isn't thinking of clothes at all. Hells no. Not a chance. Instead, he rolls onto his side again, supporting Roslyn's back with his hip, and starts to slowly swim in toward shore. Luckily, it's not too far, because the Mallister is definitely slowing down now with the adrenaline starting to drain out of his system. "Just a. Moment, Lady Roslyn." And then his feet touch down, and he immediately turns back out to sea, releasing her to her own feet, although his arm shifts up to grasp her arm to support her. His head half-turns toward Saffron's voice, but he's not going to be looking back toward the shore, his features already ruddy with a blush.

YOU'RE WELCOME SAFFRON. Kit turns and looks to make sure that Katrin and Roslyn are accounted for and sufficiently helped, and then swims back alongside Saffron, striding up to shore and saying, "Do we need to bring them sheets or something?" he holds out his hands for whatever clothing or cloth is being rustled up, to bring back out to the ladies if needed.

"Easy," Martyn offers a bit quietly to Katrin as he helps her back to the shore. "Are you okay?" he asks, before hearing the part about the clothes. Blinking once, he hurries to turn away a bit, since that seems to be the right thing to do at the moment. Hurrying to remove his wet shirt now, and pass it over to her. Because that's at least far better than nothing, right?

"Thank you, Ser Kamron," Roslyn murmurs quietly, though she is already on the shore when Kittridge looks and apparently attempting to hop-skip in an awkward movement to get to Lucienne and those blankets. "Oh gods," is repeated multiple times under her breath.

Tia has the yellow dress and the blue one, so that's Saffron and Roslyn's. She brings them over, pausing a moment, before she passes the both to Kittridge. "Here, Ser Kittridge. I'll go get Lady Katrin's." She can guess where it is, at least.

"They'll need something," Saffron says to Kittridge, though she does offer him a small smile of thanks all the same. She definitely does not want to spoil reputations — beyond her own of course. There is a soft thud onto the sand as Tiaryn gathers up Saffron's dress. The shell catches Saffron's eye as she comes up to the Flint lady, and she drops immediately to palm it so it does not get lost in the panic. She accepts her own dress as Roslyn is embraced in the blankets, and she pulls it against her front. Her eyes move over to Kamron.

There must be another blanket around here somewhere. Lucienne finds it quickly and gathers it up, sending picnic supplies tumbling clumsily. She rushes forward past Kittridge, wading into the shallows to meet Roslyn and Katrin as Tiaryn gathers dresses. "Here, my ladies, quickly," she says, pressing one length of fabric to Roslyn and beckoning Katrin over for the other. Huddle, girls! Let's protect that modesty!
leaning his hands on his knees again, standing shin-deep in water and looking out to sea.

Katrin is more than happy to wiggle in to Martyn's shirt, even though the wet clothing clings to her slender form in certain angles and the light makes the white fabric more than a little translucent. But it's better than nothing. "Thank you," she breathes out softly to the Mallister, looking up at him with grateful green eyes. She reaches out to lightly touch his bare arm before staggering the rest of the way up the sandy shore and into the warm and dry embrace of a blanket.

Once Roslyn is onto solid ground and away from his support, Kamron reaches up, stripping off his own shirt to reveal the tangled mess of scars on his left shoulder, and a more on his arms and back. Thankfully, the nasty scar across his stomach is hidden because he's still facing out to sea. He holds out the shirt behind him, in case anyone still needs to protect their modest. Besides him, of course.

Kittridge takes the dresses offered and brings them over to the huddling-in-blankets ladies. He remembers which was whose from earlier, and hands one to Katrin and one to Roslyn and then says, "Well, that was exciting. I'll just go stand over there somewhere with my back to all of you." He grins, and heads away. (If we are cataloging scars, it should be said that Kit's are both less extensive and less impressive than Kamron's - a slice across the left side of his chest at the ribs, and a tangle of much older scarring on his right shoulder and upper arm.)

"Thank you, Ser Kittridge," Saffron finally says now that all the girls are mostly proper again. It takes her a moment, but Saffron finally offers a small laugh. "Well, I think we've provided our lovely Lords with plenty of excitement today," she says, good-naturedly, ignoring the fact her heart is still coming down from the panicked high. "I think… I'm going to have a sit," she announces idly as she steps away a few strides and promptly drops onto the sand with her dress she pulled against her. Ah, but the sand is warm.

Tia makes her way up to where the girls jumped from. She has to pause to look down, shake her head, and then collect Katrin's clothing, bringing it back down the safe way. No way - she's not going to jump. Nope. She loses a couple more pins from her hair, which hates confinement anyway, so that by the time she gets back down with Katrin's clothing, her hair is pretty much hanging down her back, and a hand up to where a pin digs into her head finishes the job, letting that mass of sopping curls and waves hang down almost to her knees. "Here you go, Katrin." Uhm, course now she's the one who isn't properly modest. Oops.

"Yes, because if I didn't do it quickly I would be embarassed." This is murmured under her breath to Lucienne dryly as she wraps herself into the blanket offered, though her gaze reflects gratitude where it is turned on the other woman. She flushes as a dress is handed to her, nodding her thanks without meeting Kittridge's eyes. Maybe she is too afraid she will laugh if she does. "Hold the blanket for me please, Lady Lucienne?" she questions of the other woman with a gesture to indicate maybe shielding her with it before she wriggles into her clothes. Those are at least dry and proper, even if wet and messy curls hanging over her shoulders aren't.

Martyn has his own share of scars, of course. Most of them are around his sides and his neck area. He looks over to Katrin again as his arm is touched, offering her a bit of a smile. "You're welcome," he offers after a few moments of pause. His gaze follows her as she moves to the blanket, but that's just to make sure she's okay, naturally.

When no one takes up Kamron's shirt, he pulls it back on, finally straightening up, "What in the name of the Seven happened, anyway?" It's not anger driving the question, but worry and perhaps a bit of embarrassment. "Did you all jump at once?" Sure, he's talking to the dishevelled women on the shore, but he's still standing with waves washing over his shins and ankles, looking out to sea. If it had been invented, he would probably be thinking about baseball. He reaches out with one hand to shove Martyn lightly in the shoulder, "Thanks for coming after us so quick, coz." Ahem. Eyes to the sea. Ahem.

With the three naked ladies dealt with, Tia moves to her own dress. She then ducks behind the blanket too, her cheeks a bit pink. Being as she's a bit behind the others, she'll be a few more minutes getting dressed. And she certainly is going to let them answer Kam's question.

Lucienne can't help but to turn a smile at Roslyn's dry comment, though she holds back on her amused giggle. "I'm just glad you're safe," she replies, arms spreading wide to provide a makeshift dressing room for Roslyn and whoever else needs.

"I'm not sure," Saffron confesses toward Kamron. "We all jumped, and I somehow got twisted about in the air and landed poorly. I just couldn't get back to the surface." She is going to be drying out a bit first before she goes and puts her dress back on, but at least she has found a way to fold her knees in to her chest to create a mask of modesty. "Thank you… for your prompt rescue, though." And she smiles to both knights.

"As am I, my lady," Roslyn answers, wiggling quickly into her dress and then moving to wring out her hair. She glances to Saffron as she tells the story, remaining quiet for her own part.

Better late than never is the motto of our Lord Frey, and it seems that it applies sometimes to the Frey's vassals. As it is, coming from the long walk over the coastline and from the Green, one Lord is the last to attend. As such he finds himself coming along the cove's way. careful as where he walks. A cloak draped over bare shoulders, or some thing long-after all he came to swim. Though, by the looks of things.

"I'm late." mutters Ser Rutger.

Tia is back behind the blanket that Luci is holding up, as she is trying to get into her dress. Her shift is sopping wet, and the clothing is not cooperating. Also, she's the last one, so she's behind those who already wriggled quickly into clothing. Her hair is down, and also sopping wet, which doesn't help. She mutters something unladylike which only Luci and Roslyn are probably close enough to hear.

Katrin is happy to stay silent and focus on changing into her own clothes again. Her hair gets pulled back into a knot at the nape of her neck, keeping the wayward strands from her eyes. She looks up at the woman now acting as a buffer between them and the rest of the people. "Lady Lucienne," she greets, recognizing the woman. "Certainly not the first impression I wished to make upon you, My Lady," she manages with an embarrassed smile as she begins lacing up her gown.

The original cove is all but deserted, in fact, with a few guards and attendants standing around picnic baskets and bottles of wine. Just over the first rise to the east, however, the gaggle of nobles has gathered.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Kamron's words, and slowly turns, both to look at his cousin, and out to the sea. "Hey, I couldn't let you drown while trying to save them, cousin." It's offered a bit lightly, as he adds, "Your sister would probably kill me if I did, right?" Turning a bit more serious for a few moments, he adds, "Besides, I still owe you, right?" Reaching out to offer Kamron a light punch near the shoulder now.

Kamron bows his head at Saffron's thanks, half-turning his head, but not quite letting it get all the way around. No one has said it's safe to look, after all. "I'm sorry that you all had such a fright. I feel horrible about it." He lets out a breath, a faint smile creeping onto his face, "I'm glad you're all alright." He rocks slightly under Martyn's punch, chuckling, "Nedra would never do that." There's a pause, "You would just wind up dead somewhere with her nowhere nearby."

"Of course," Kittridge says belatedly in reply to Saffron's thanks. He smiles, and then lifts a brow as Rutger arrives. "Quite," he says simply, before turning back over his shoulder, "And what happened to you, Lady Roslyn?" he asks curiously, "I thought I'd heard you were a strong swimmer."

Saffron laughs at Kamron's shy look, and she shakes her head. "We are all mostly presentable, Ser Kamron." She gives him a meaningful look, and then she wriggles her toes into the sand she continues to let the sun do its part to warm and dry her shift. She glances over toward Roslyn as she has no idea what might have happened to her.

"There's a good reason I don't dive," says the girl whose homeland this is, Luci's smile twisting apologetically. Maybe she should have said this… you know. Yonks ago. "Nonsense, my lady Katrin. Everyone is safe now, it's all in good fun." If she hears Tiaryn's improper comment, it doesn't show. "Once you're dressed, we can sit in the sun for awhile to warm back up?"

Tia finally manages to finish squirming into her dress, though it's not as tight as it should be. And of course it's also not as comfortable as it should be, what with sopping wet. But unlike Saffron, she's not staying in her shift, as she's not quite so comfortable with these fine and handsome gentlemen. She reaches her hands to her hair next, and then just chuckles. Not much point. It just gets pushed back out of her face, and left to hand down her back for the moment. She slips around the blanket and then goes to sit down next to Saffron, settling in for a moment, as she listens.

Though it seems that Rutger missed the diving, he doesn't miss the gaggle of nobles trying to get dressed, which in and of itself, amuses him. Keeping the cloak around his shoulders, and perhaps drawing it closer to him, so as to not embarrass the Mallisters- the Nayland knight takes himself closer, and closer to the others. "Ser Kitt." the Groves knight is easy to spot- and there eyes slide to the two Mallister boys as a cheeky enough grin is passed to them. "Ser Kamron, and Ser Martyn. I see the expedition to the top and down again, are quite done. A pity, I wish I could have made it on time."

Roslyn certainly does not look happy for Kittridge to bring such up, her cheeks flushing with color again. "I think it was only the difference between the ocean and the rivers at Hag's Mire, my lord," she explains, a look cast towards Rutger as he arrives on the scene of her embarassment. Too-brightly, Roslyn agrees with Lucienne, "Sitting in the sun would be wonderful." Yes, let's talk about something else.

Kamron laughs softly at Saffron's words, "Mostly?" Still, he turns around and starts to slog out of the shallows. Gesturing up over the little rise, he adds, "If we head back to the main site, there's even wine and snacks, as well as sun." He nods to Rutger as the man joins in the group, moving over to offer his hand after a moment, "The cliffs are still there." His free hand gestures up to the taller cliff to the west, "There's a chalk X up there, about sixty feet above the water. Jump when the waves are low, you'll hit when they're high." His grin goes very crooked indeed, "Oh, and remember to cross your ankles before you hit."

Katrin smoothes her dress down, ensuring that everything looks somewhat presentable. The water from her skin seeps somewhat through the dress and it's undoubtably ruined from further use but for now it at least covers her up. Hands touch at her hair again. It's probably a mess and not much she can do besides keep it out of her way, so it stays in the knot. Stepping out from behind the blanket, she smiles grimly. "My thanks, Lady Lucienne," she replies. "I do know that my sister was very much looking forward to tea with you." She stretches out a little, though she holds Martyn's shirt in one hand. Her fingers tighten on it for a moment before she gives a little curtsey to the Terrick woman and goes back toward the Mallister group.

Once the ladies are all as decent as they are going to get, and people are settling on the shore once more, Kittridge turns back around, and suggests, "Would everyone like a drink? I don't know about the ladies, but I could use a glass of wine after that." And he is willing to fetch and pour, it seems, if there are any takers. And if there are not.

"Good point," Martyn replies to Kamron at the mention of the other Mallister's sister, before he looks over at Rutger, offering the man a bit of a nod. "And don't forget swimming when you hit the water, of course." Keeping his attention on the Nayland knight for a few moments, before he hears Kittridge's question. "I think everyone would need one about now."

"Thank you Mallisters. I'm sure I'll try to remember that at some point. I know it had to be hard for you." the last is said with a grin towards Martyn, before he is removing his cloak, and looking towards the cliffs. "I'll be back.." eyes sliding to Roslyn. a faint smile there, either at her condition, or..who knows. "Save a cup for me, Lyn?" he asks before he's trudging off to tame the cliffs and hopefully not impale himself on a rock. Rutger does manage to waggle fingers at Saffron and Lady Flint as he moves on. "Lady Tiaryn." called out, before he's got some scrambling and posing to do.

"I could rebraid your hair once it dries a little, if you like," Lucienne offers, though exactly who she's talking to is unclear. Katrin? Roslyn? Could she even manage to braid Tiaryn's unruly locks? Once the girls are dressed, she folds the blanket over her arm. She hovers, since it becomes apparent that Lord Rutger is going to try his luck on the cliffs. "A drink would be lovely, Lord Kittridge."

"None for me, thank you, Ser Kittridge." Saffron glances over toward Kamron at his suggestion, and she offers him a bright smile even with her arms around her knees and the dress held against her chest. "I would, Ser Kamron… but I'm going to sit and dry for a bit more." She glances over toward Lucienne a moment before she begins to artfully pile sand up over her feet as she remains relaxed and seated.

"It seems my lord brother and I can use some, ser," Roslyn answers to Kittridge, even if her gaze is currently occupied with narrowing on Rutger so that she cannot appropriately appreciate the shirtless knight offering her wine. "Please," she speaks up, the first to take Lucienne up on her offer with a flash of a smile to the lady.

"A drink does sound lovely, Ser Kittridge," Katrin says with a nod. She dips a little curtsey to Martyn and holds out his shirt. "Thank you, Ser Martyn," she says quietly. "I do not know what I would have done without you."

<FS3> Rutger rolls Reaction: Success.

Kamron had been moving over to offer Saffron a hand up, but her words draw his smile down a bit, and he nods, "I'll send one of the maids over to help you with your dress, if you like, Lady Saffron." Rutger stripping off his cloak to display his shirtless self draws a grimace from the Mallister, but he doesn't comment. After all, most of them were at least half undressed not so long ago. There's a pause, and then he gestures up to the climbing Rutger, "If he falls, someone else gets to swim out and get him." A dry, self-deprecating laugh rises to his lips, "I think I've had enough excitement for one day."

Accompanied by a pair of armsmen and Anathe, Nedra carries a small basket looped over one arm as they walk toward where word has been left that a small gathering is being held. Late to arrive, as is her usual luck, Nedra is gathering small handfuls of what greenery she can find along the way, bits of herb and things of the like. She has a flower tucked through the top of braid that's wound in a knot at the nape of her neck and is speaking rather animatedly to her Septa about the greenery she's found thus far. Spotting the gathering of maids and guards that are keeping watch where the food and drink and such are arranged, Nedra gives a cheery wave as she approaches.

Once to the top, The Nayland surveys the waves, as he remains placed at the chalk marked spot. A tilt of his head, as if studying everything, before he aloofly scratches his chin. Without much ado, he rubs down his arms, and legs, before he is watching the waves. And he jumps. It is not exquisite or fancy, but he does have decent form and makes a neat splash, like an arrow being shot into the earth-well if the earth swallowed arrows. It seems he's down for a moment, before up he comes, with a slight gasp of air, followed by laughter, lost in the waves. Swimming ashore? Done. Rutger will be by shortly.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Katrin, and turns to study her rather carefully, to make sure she's okay. Bowing his head a little as he offers her a smile. "I'm just happy to see that you're safe, Lady Katrin," he says, before he takes his shirt again, nodding a little bit. "Thank you." At least someone's giving him back his shirts, right? Starting to put on the shirt again now, at least as much as he can, since it's probably too wet to fully button up, or anything.

Kittridge has meanwhile wandered off a bit, returning now with two bottles of wine and an armful of cups. He takes a seat near the others, unstoppering a bottle and pouring, passing out cups to those that want them once they're filled. When everyone (except Rutger, of course) has one, he pours for himself, and lifts it in a toast. "To not drowning," he says, grinning crookedly, and then drinks.

The Banefort laughs up at the Mallister at his offer to get a maid, and she gives him a small nod of her head to the man. "If you insist, Ser Kamron…" Saffron offers him with a small smile before she looks after Rutger with a tilt of her head. At the sight of another approaching figure, she looks over her shoulder to spy Nedra. Kamron's sister is a given a wide smile and a small wave from her spot on the sandy bit of beach.

Lucienne dithers, before finally moving a little closer to Roslyn. It's her brother risking his neck, after all. She times a glance to Saffron so that eye contact is never risked - how awkward - and then her attention is all on that shirtless dream up on the cliff. It is not improper to watch in case he breaks his neck, right? She accepts her cup absently, and lifts it just as distractedly for the toast.

Roslyn accepts her glass with a polite smile to Kittridge, her gaze lingering a moment as he proposes that toast. Her brow may curve up subtly, but she only drinks of her glass and falls awkwardly quiet.

Kamron takes a cup, raising it up and draining it down. None of this sipping nonsense now that he's out of the water and done with jumping for the day. He nods to Saffron, "It wouldn't exactly be appropriate for me to offer myself, or I would, My Lady." And then he's heading up and over the little rise, headed back down to the main picnic site. He watches Rutger's jump, frowning a bit until the man pops up and laughs, then nods to himself, collecting one of the maids and starting back over the hill to 'the lady's cove' with her in tow. As Nedra and her entourage approach, he gives a wave, gesturing ahead of him to what appears to have become the new party site.

Aside from still being a little pale from the entire ordeal, Katrin looks perfectly healthy. "I believe I was the luckiest of the three of us," she replies. "I just was not strong enough to pull up Lady Saffron and keep myself afloat. It was very fortunate that you men were just on the other side or who knows what might have happened." She smiles. "Will you sit and join us for a bit to help dry off?" She smiles and herself walks back to where everyone else is taking a seat and partakes in a glass of wine. "A very… accurate toast, Ser Kittridge," she says with a laugh.

Nedra shades her eyes with one hand, peering toward the beach as Anathe takes the basket that Nedra had been carrying and joins the maids keeping the dust and such from drifting into the food. Nedra heads toward the beach, waving to Lady Saffron in return and then Kamron as she spots her brother as well, following his gesture to ascertain the actual location of the beach side gathering.

Out of the waves comes Rutger, pausing long enough of the sparse beach to shake out his hair, as the water clings to his muscled form, and shakes off in little drips. The wind that comes with the sea, teases at wet, ruffled hair. Standing and letting the sun hit him, Rutger plods back over to where the group has commands of the warm sands, after all he has a roughspun cloak he can dry off with. Someone came prepared. Still steps bring him closer to the cloak, and then that's snatched up to rub into his hair and over his shoulders. What little granules of sand there are, are not bothersome. A glance to his sister, as it seems everyone is moving. "Drink?" asked breathlessly.

Nodding a little bit, Martyn offers another smile. "Good that we were able to come and help you," he offers, before he nods a bit at the mention of sitting. "Sounds like a good idea," he offers, after a few moments of pause, moving to join the others. Looking back towards where they were before, he seems to decide that his cloak, which he left there, is safe for now. Getting hold of the cup of wine as they are being passed out, he nods a bit to the toast now. When he sees Nedra arriving, he offers her a smile and a half-wave as well.

Lucienne clears her throat as the sea spits Rutger up again, averting her eyes before she can stare too long. She looks brightly to Katrin, her smile in place, and laughs along quietly. "Hear, hear."

"Staying nearby certainly proved to be a wise choice by Ser Kamron," Kittridge agrees with a nod. He smiles at Roslyn as she takes the wine, oblivious to lingering awkwardness in any around him, or just willfully ignoring it, perhaps. He drinks his wine, and passes a cup to Rutger before grinning at Katrin. He leans back on an elbow in the warm sand, looking perfectly content.

Katrin seems pleased with herself as she sits and enjoys her wine. "I hear that you have very recently returned to Terrick's Roost, Lady Lucienne," she muses to the Terrick woman. "Are you pleased to be home?"
Kamron has disconnected.

Anais has been out beyond the curve of the cove off and on, enjoying the diving, the swimming, and the intermittent company. Now she's back in dry things, though her feet are bare, as she makes her way back to the main group. They day in the sun has painted a spray of freckles across her nose, and her cheeks and shoulders are already a pink that's likely to deepen into red by the evening, but she looks supremely content.

Rutger offers a grin back towards Kittridge, before he is drawing the cloak around his shoulders. A sip of wine and eyes slide off towards Lucienne who is given a brief nod, but he doesn't greet just yet. Instead, it's a grin full of life to be shared between his sister and Ser Groves. "I never knew soemthing could make you feel alive." -beyond strangling people- Rutger grins, back before sighing full. "I think though, that is a once in a lifetime thing.."

Martyn keeps quiet for the moment, sipping his wine and listening to what's being said at the moment. Looking rather relaxed now.

"I spent some time at my mother's maiden home of Middlemarch, Seven rest her," Lucienne confirms, drawing a sip from her cup as she glances to Katrin again. "Cataloguing our resources in the area. It was lovely to see the manor, and our people there are very loyal, but I can't deny that it is far more comforting to be with my family again. Have you enjoyed your stay here so far, my lady? I assure you, the wine tastes far better than the seawater." She offers Rutger a nod not dissimilar in style to his own.

Making her way lightly along the warm sand, Nedra crosses to where Lady Saffron and Lady Tiaryn are seated, pausing alongside Martyn along the way. "Cousin," she says in greeting, her voice quiet but a quick smile forming on her face as she nods to Martyn and casts a friendly glance around those arranged on blankets or cloaks and such. "I trust no one had any mishaps in the diving?" she wonders even as she dips a curtsy of greeting to Lady Anais

"That," Anais declares with a contented sigh and a warm smile as she drops into the sand, "May have been the best day ever." She soon finds a glass of wine in her hands, and starts to swallow back a good deal of it before she realizes it's not water, laughing. "Oh, please, Lady Nedra," she smiles swiftly to the Mallister lady's curtsey. "Your brother was kind enough to pull my husband out of the water. I think that excuses any need for formality for today. Thankfully, everything was fine, and a good time was had by all. Unless I missed a gory accident in the meantime?" she asks, glancing to the others.

Rutger steps past Kittridge and Roslyn, giving them some space to talk. A sip of wine and he's coughing lightly, a crackled out laugh as teeth flash in a grin. "Yes, I can agree that wine is definitely sweeter, than salt water." added as he looks towards Lucienne. A brief bow given the woman as she sits and dries. "Ser Rutger Nayland. I do not believe we've met yet." he states with a grin over the rim of his cup.

Nedra smiles in return to Lady Anais, "Kamron is a really good swimmer, Lady Anais, so I'm glad that he was here to help." She smooths errant strands of hair back from her face that are tugged free by the wind coming across the oceans surface and glances around subtly, doing her best to put names to faces.

"Yes," Martyn offers to the part about Kamron getting Jacsen out of the water. "Do you think your brother has ever caught an uglier fish, cousin?" he asks Nedra, a bit of a grin on his face as he offers that lightly. Taking another sip as he turns to look between the others again.

Tia is sitting quietly, sipping wine and just enjoying a bit of quiet time while she dries out.

Katrin lifts the wine to her lips for a taste and does nod. "The wine is delightful," she says with a smile. "But it must be so good to be home, and surrounded by family once again," she muses lightly. "I have found Terrick's Roost to be a lovely place, even in the wake of the destruction." She smiles, warmly. "I had begun to think of Stonebridge as my home, but I suppose given enough time here, I would just as easily see this place as a home as well."

Luci, possibly the only lady not to have swum, spends a moment fanning out the hem of her skirts, which ended up a little wet wading in to save the modesty of her companions. She Looks up again as Rutger introduces himself, bestowing upon him a polite smile. "My Lord Nayland, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She lays a hand upon her chest to indicate herself: "Lady Lucienne Terrick. Have you occasioned to meet Lady Katrin Haigh, here?" Glancing back to the Haigh girl, she bobs her head. "It is well that you can adapt so easily, my lady. I always seem to have a difficult time of being away."

"Ser Martyn!" Anais protests, though she laughs as she does. "I will note that my husband is a /handsome/ fish, for the record." Still, she winks, in fine spirits. She slows down her drinking, but when her glass is empty, she asks for water instead.

Nedra laughs at Martyn and nods, "Yes," she confirms with a glimpse of a impish grin. "He taught me how to swim, he used to have to fish me out all the time at first. I'm positive I qualified as a uglier fish as a tadpole," she admits with a wink that conveys amusement. Lady Anais's words make her laugh even more, shaking her head in pure amusement.

A smile remaining on the Lord's features, Rutger moves to take a seat close by towards Lady Lucienne. After all, it is a bit more polite than standing- and Lady Katrin is nearby so not entirely forward or inappropriate. CHECK. "I believe I have met her once before in Stonebridge, but briefly." Rutger notes before he is looking to the Haigh girl and nodding in turn. "To Lady Lucienne's point, I will agree. I always find travel to keep me from being rested. To my potential, at least."

Perhaps it's the sound of voices to lure him further along, or perhaps it's just that he's wandering anyways. Either way, Saethwyr makes his way along the seashore, his dark gaze attentive to his surroundings. As he happens upon the group of folk who are, at least for the most part, showing signs of having been liberally doused in seawater, he draws closer before bowing. "Good day, my Ladies and my Lords," he offers by way of greeting.

Katrin dips her head down to Rutger, "Yes, of course, My Lord," she replies politely. "But I of course know of you by reputation," she says. A pause. That might have come out wrong. "Your siblings have never had anything but good things to say about you," she clarifies. It is a pleasure to finally be formally introduced." Yeah, probably best is she just shuts up now and drinks her wine.

Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he looks to Anais, offering her a bit of a nod. "I stand corrected, Lady Anais," he offers, although it's still with a grin. "I hope you can forgive me." Offering a grin to Nedra as well, "Perhaps…" He then takes another sip of his wine, and looks between the others for the moment, looking to Katrin, Rutger and Lucienne for a few moments now.

Lucienne blinks a few times at Katrin's response to Rutger, hiding any other imperfection in her expression behind her cup as she sips. "You will inform us if there is aught we might to do ease your stay, my lord?" Luci is trying her best not to dip her eyes below Rutger's face as she looks back to him. Eye contact. Eye contact. Chin up. Her smile is a gentle little curve, all polite and proper.

"I am a benevolent ruler. I shall forgive you," Anais replies archly to Martyn, though coming from a sunburned girl with salt-damp hair, it lacks something in dignity, perhaps owing to the grin that follows after it. "My father taught me how to swim," she adds to Nedra. "Although there wasn't so much teaching involve as take a deep breath, Anais. All right, now close your eyes. Splash!" she declares, laughing once more. "Followed by panic until I figured out I could /just/ reach the bottom."

"Indeed, my reputation?" He asks with a raised brow before he is chuckling to the rest. "I see, well, my siblings are kinder to me, than others are. But I thank you." And there some of the light breeze catches Rutger's cloak and pulls at it, causing some flesh to bare, before he is reaching for it and pulling it closed again. Eyes sliding back towards Lucienne and Rutger grins. " I can think of a few things, but mainly they involve." a pause as he sips his wine "Good drink and good company. The rest can even itself out. For instance I can say today has to be the highlight of any stay in your lands. I have never jumped from a cliff before." And there is a look as he spies Anais with Martyn and a grin is passed along.

Nedra laughs even harder, "At least you could reach the bottom!" she replies, almost but not quite laughing herself silly. "If I recall correctly I sunk like a rock before being fished out, admonished against trying that again without proper supervision and THEN being taught to swim properly."

Yep, Katrin is working hard at that wine, finishing the cup in no time. She stays relatively quiet, smoothing the edges of her skirts out. She looks across to the other people on the beach, letting her gaze wander across those present.

"I don't think I could have been older than three," Anais admits with a wry smile for Nedra, shaking her head. "But it's one of my father's favorite stories. Apparently my expression was priceless." She takes a drink, looking fondly out toward the water. "Once we knew how to swim, we were allowed on the yearly sailing trip. The whole family, close and extended, and our closest knights and their families. We'd all load up on a ship and sail the coast. We'd have clam bakes, and we'd dive from the rigging into the water, then stop at one of the villages for the night to sleep somewhere new. Papa does it to check the defenses, of course, but he always said there was no reason not to enjoy it. Evening, Lord Rutger," she adds with a smile for the Nayland, raising one hand in a wave.

Martyn bows his head a little to Anais, unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "Thank you," he offers. Pausing a bit as he hears what Rutger was saying. "What? You haven't jumped from a cliff before?" Sounding a little surprised, before he drains the rest of his wine, and starts getting to his feet now. "I should be heading back. I have a few things I need to take care of now…"

There might be a frog caught in Lucienne's throat, for she lids her eyes briefly to try and dislodge it with a soft rumble as Rutger's cloak splays open. She takes a deep breath, and continues to put on her best show of politeness toward the Nayland. "We like to think ourselves pleasant enough," she jokes lightly, raising her cup to speak for the drink. "I must admit, it's been a good while since I contemplated jumping. The Lady Katrin might better understand why." A sympathetic smile is offered back toward the Haigh. "Is your hair dry enough to braid yet, my lady?"

Katrin smiles to Lucienne, though it doesn't quite hide the embarrassment on her features. "It was certainly a worthwhile experience," she admits. "And perhaps one day I will be brave enough to try it again. But not for a while yet." She looks back in Martyn's direction. "Ser Martyn, perhaps you might be kind enough to escort my maid and myself back to town?" she inquires. Yes, her maid is probably running around somewhere, watching all of the men without their shirts on and happily oggling them. The Haigh rises to her feet, brushing the sand off of her clothing and dips down into a polite curtsey to everyone. "Thank you all for the… interesting afternoon," she says with a smile. "Please excuse my departure, but I should return to check on my sister."

Rutger glances at Anais and waves. "Lady Terrick." called cheerily enough before he is looking towards Martyn. "No, I live in wetlands. We do not have cliffs there, Ser." the Nayland explains before he is looking back towards Lucienne and Lady Katrin. "Are you alright, Lady? Should I get your more to drink?" And with that he slightly rises, letting more of the cloak slip while an arm comes out to take hers, if she needs more wine. If not, he will sit and rebundle soon enough.
"Well, it was exhilarating. I am glad I was able to participate, lady. " he adds on there with a smile. "As for you being pleasant enough, I have been well recieved since coming. So Yes, I would agree."

Nedra shares another smile with Anais as she nods, "I see the sense in that, and there must be many stories of those sailing trips. I know that father made the decision early on that there was no safe way to keep either of us from venturing into the water," Nedra says with a small shake of her head, her eyes taking on a bit of a distant look as she recalls the actual incident of mention. "Which is to say, my sinking like a rock after dashing into the water before I could be stopped." A rueful chuckle, "And since, as he said, we were bound to act like a pair of fish then we'd best learn to swim properly so that we don't drown like a pair of daft fish and have to be netted to safety." Once again she lifts one hand to brush her hair back from her face, "My lady, may I join you? That is," and another glimpse of impish humor, "is this sand taken?"

Pausing as he hears Katrin's words, Martyn nods a little as he offers her a bit of a smile, "Of course, Lady Katrin. I'd be honored to escort you back to town." Looking between the others for now, he offers them a bit of a smile and a bow. "Thank you all for a very interesting time," he offers to them, with a bit of a smile.

"Good day, Lady Katrin, Ser Martyn," bids Luci, slender hand lifting in a friendly wave. And then, I suppose, she's left talking to rippling Rutger. She glances down into her cup and lifts it to drain some more wine. "I should very much appreciate another drink, my lord," says she, a little unsure of where to look. At the cup? At the cup. The cup is not shirtless, peeking out from under a cloak. What an entirely proper cup! "Is there a skin just here, somewhere? I can fetch another, if not…"

"This sand is wide open," Anais invites Nedra with a gracious gesture to the space next to herself, smile easy. "Good evening, Ser Martyn," she adds to the Mallister knight. She draws a deep breath, eyes half closing as she releases it in a happy sigh. "We should have more days like this," she declares. "As often as possible. Especially once there are little ones," she adds. "So that we can pass on the noble tradition of seeing if they'll drown on their own."

"I spy some by your Lady goodsister. Allow me." he offers taking the cup, and standing allowing that cloak to flutter down and away, OOPS. And there he is turning and moving back towards where Martyn, Nedra and Anais are. Obviously about the wine-which he hears as reported as good. "Good!" exclaims the Nayland as he reaches down to snag up the skin there. "Please do not mind me.." And Martyn leaves, which allows more room for stealing.

Nedra waves cheerfully to her cousin Martyn as he prepares to take his leave, "Good eve to you, cousin," she calls out, tilting her head in a pleasant nod to Lady Katrin as well as she seats herself in the sand, smoothing her skirts as she settles on the warm sand and tucking her knees up beneath her skirt, wiggling her feet in the sand until the tips of her shoes are buried. "Days like this are a treasure," she agrees with a nod, resting one arm across her knees then her elbow against the back of one hand in order to prop her chin in the palm of that hand, looking quite comfortable once settled. A quiet but merry laugh escapes as she grins at Anais, "Sink or swim, noble tradition and familial right of passage, perhaps."

Lucienne hands over her cup then, with a small thankyou, and watches after Rutger as the Nayland knight moves to claim that skin of wine. Her jaw may gape open a little as his cloak flutters away, and she lifts a hand to her lips. Oh, my. There's a decidedly pink flush in her cheeks that may not be sunburn, nor the effects of one glass of wine.

Anais does not mind Rutger at all. And sunburn is /awesome/ blush cover. She'll try to hide the watching until his back is turned, though. Because there's nothing wrong with the back view, either. Smile quirking, she casts a sidelong glance toward Nedra, nudging the other woman with her knee. "This might be more fun than tournaments, even," she muses. "Less blood, at least. And black eyes."

Rutger goes about the business of pouring wine before he is glancing between Anais and Nedra, a faint chuckle on his lips. "PArdon, but I do not wear a shirt while swimming. As much of a scandal as it is." he adds on before he is rising up and moving to take the drink back over towards Lucienne. He'll introduce himself later- right now he's looking to pick up his cloak. "My pardon, ladies."

Nedra smiles as she makes a hum of sound, thoughtful, returning the subtle nudge with one of her own, "Less black eyes, no injured horses, broken lances, teeth to try to press back into place, broken bones, and the lack of wagering upon the outcome of every pass, hmmm…." she adopts her most pensive expression. "By all measures, i would say this is a great deal less traumatic. All that's left is to teach everyone to swim," she suggests with a grin, "perhaps not in the best of the sink or swim fashion, but my goodness it would be fun to observe!" Lacking a sun tan or sun burn to hide behind she simply is very very studious of the sand that's covering the toes of her shoes, not that the tips of her ears don't turn pink all the same.

While Rutger makes his stir, Lucienne simply sits quietly, contemplating her empty hands. Are her skirt hems still damp? Perhaps she should check. She bends to do so. No, they are dry. Gosh, that was quick! Her brows arch with surprise, and she smooths the fabric needlessly one more time before straightening. And making another study of her hands. Her blush is fading, at least.

Anais arches a brow to Rutger with her best innocent expression. "Why, how else would you swim, Lord Rutger?" she asks lightly, propping her chin up in one hand. "Oh, would you mind refilling me on your way?" she asks, holding out her cup. Whatever keeps him away from the blanket longer. YOU'RE WELCOME, LADIES.

By this time, Tia's cup is empty, so she stirs. She's not all the way dry, though mostly, no doubt. She gets to her feet, still bare, and pads over to get a drink. At least she's had the chance to see what Rutger is doing, so she doesn't just stop and stare like a poor virginal teenager. Instead, she gets a nice eyeful. Something to be said for a shirtless man with that sort of sixpack after all. She does smile a bit, and then glances over at Nedra, briefly. "I should perhaps learn to swim, though I don't think it would be fun to observe at all. Though so long as nobody drowns, I suppose it would be okay."

And There's a pause as he releases the cloak in hand, and he is turning to head back over to grab up the wine skin again, so as to refill Anais' cup and then offer the same over towards Tiaryn. "Ladies. I feel as if you're having sport with me." Or just oggling him like some piece of meat. A PIECE OF GRADE A MIRE MEAT. Still he goes about to refilling cups, corking the wine, and then he is putting his cloak on with a slight spray of sand. A shake of his head. "If there's not much else, I believe I might retire, ladies. And seek a change of clothing.

"Who, me? I would never dare to have sport with a visiting dignitary such as yourself, my lord. I'm simply parched, though. All the sun." Anais waves a hand at her face, then takes a sip of the wine. "Thank you, Lord Rutger." Those who remain on the beach have settled on the grass and the sand, partaking of food and drink as the sun starts to work its way toward the horizon. Many are damp, or sunburned, and all seem to be in good spirits. Rutger's totally shirtless.

Nedra smiles as she casts a sidelong glance to Lady Tiaryn, "Swimming is such wonderfully fun, Lady Tiaryn, it's so exhilarating as well, truth be told. Though there is much difference between swimming in fresh water and the ocean," she admits. "For one thing, the ocean has such strong tides, even a strong swimmer can get caught in the out going tide and have a hard time reaching shore again. It's best, if you're going to swim in the ocean, to pick a time when the tide is coming in, not the reverse," she advises with a small nod to accompany her words. "But knowing how to swim is so very useful, one never knows when it'll come in handy." Lacking a cup to pour wine into, she shakes her head politely at Lord Rutger's offer to refill drinks, "Thank you, sir, none for me," is said politely but quietly.

Justin has, alas, gotten called away after he only got to dive a few times and therefor didn't get to mingle and relax. Something or another that required his attention for several hours in town. But as it starts into evening, he finds that the party at the cover hasn't slacked off and ended, it has grown! He makes his way down from the bluff above and has his doublet loosely on, unclasped.

Retiring sounds like a fine idea, come to it! Lucienne stretches to reclaim her book from earlier, and hops to her feet. "I might do the same," she announces, dropping a slight curtsy to those gathered. "There are some matters I'd like to see to at home. My lords, ladies." Two of the assembled guard and her handmaiden will accompany her. OBVS.

Stepping up behind Tiaryn, Saethwyr softly clears his throat. "Good day, my Lady," he says softly, raising an eyebrow slightly. Understandably, he doesn't admire the shirtless man. Instead, well… he does get momentarily distracted by the length of her hair. "Perhaps I could teach you to swim, my Lady. One day," he muses, a thoughtful note to his voice.

Tia inclines her head to Rutger, bringing her cup to get some of the wine he's offering. "Thank you, m'Lord," is all she says, before she turns, heading back to her seat. Hey, her hair is blocking any sort of rear view so that's perhaps a good thing. She takes a sip of the good wine, enjoying the opportunity while the scowly faced guard is … well, far enough away that she can't see him, even if he is somewhere around. "Good day, Lady Lucienne. Lord Rutger." She starts, though then she can feel a shiver up her spine, and she turns a little too swiftly to face Saethwyr. "Lord Saethwyr," she says, sounding a bit startled, as she had managed in her thoughtfulness to not realize he'd joined the group. "Did you dive?" And she missed it? that would be tragic. Sorry, Nedra, she does know you were offering her advice, but at the moment, her attention seems to have been sideswiped. Not even Rutger's shirtlessness can keep her attention.

Huh, Lord Rutger is shirtless and here they all kept their shirts on to dive earlier? Bah! Who wants to swim in a shirt anyway, unless you are a gal? Justin scrapes a hand through his sweaty hair and offers Lucienne a smile as he walks up, pausing to shrug out of his doublet, "Leaving already, when I only just got back?" He looks around but notes several people who are no longer here, "Did Jacsen ever get into the water? Lady Roslyn went back to the keep?" He tosses his doublet onto the pebbled beach and then looks his sister over, "I hope you have been enjoying yourself, Lucienne."

Rutger glances towards Lady Lucienne, and he bobs his head, it seems he'll follow her back, lest he gets lost. Still though, the cloak is clasped closed by his hands. And there's a chuckle. "Of course not, Lady Anais." he replies softly, before looking to Nedra. A brief glance over the girl, before he is grinning "Lady." offered to her, before he is shrugging as to Lord Justin's questions. The Nayland has naught to say, save: "Good day to you all." And on he trudges.

"Good day, Lord Rutger," Anais chuckles softly, raising her glass in a salute to the Nayland lord. "Justin, come join us," she invites with an easy smile. Her cheeks are pink now, and likely to be red tomorrow, but she's in possibly the best spirits she's been in since she arrived on the Cape of Eagles. "Jacsen jumped. And survived. So a toast to him," she raises her glass, drinking after.

The Charlton Knight chuckles softly at Tiaryn's mild startle, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. "My Lady, no… I did not dive," he replies, quirking a smile. He's still dressed, and still dry, after all. "At least, I've not yet done so," he adds, giving a nod to her. At least the scowly guard of hers isn't within sight. "I apologize, Lady Tiaryn, if I startled you at all," Saethwyr says, inclining his head towards her.

Luci pauses, smiling in return to Justin as he addresses her. "It was a lovely day to read by the beach," she replies smoothly, her attire as dry as her hair - no swimming for Lulu. "I'll see you back at the keep, brother?"

Nedra tilts her head again in a polite if somewhat shy nod in return to Lord Rutger, glancing up at Lady Tiaryn and Ser Saethwyr to see how swiftly Lady Tiaryn is side tracked, conversationally at least. She doesn't quite conceal the smile of amusement, her eyes sparkling again with faintly impish humor before turning back to Lady Anais and nods, "Hear hear," she says with a quick smile. She starts to say more but spots Anathe waving to her from where the rest of the maids and other armsmen and guards are stationed and sighs, rising to her feet and stepping back carefully to dust the sand from her skirts so that the wind tugs it away instead of toward those nearest her. "I do apologize," she says quiet, "I must away as well, but it was lovely while it lasted," she admits before giving a cheerful wave and heading up the beach once more.

Well, as he's addressed, Justin gives the Nayland a polite nod, "Lord Rutger," but as the man doesn't seem to be interested in speaking to himself, Justin only watches him go and doesn't chat him up. He looks back to his sibling and nods though she didn't answer most of his questions, "Yes, I'll be back in a while. Probably swim first to cool off." And as she moves to go, Justin turns to raise a hand to stop her to add, "Oh, and got a trio of pheasants this morning. Asked the cooks to prepare one each for you, Lady Roslyn, and Lady Anais for supper." Oh, wait, there's Anais now. Justin beams, "He did? I tried to get him to! Wait! I'll drink to that if you give me a glass."

"I didn't jump, but - swimming," Tia says softly. A moment, and then she says, "I'm not quite sure it would be proper for you to teach me to swim, Lord Saethwyr." There is amusement in her eyes though, and a quirk of her lips that is nearly a smile. She might be tempted indeed, though she certainly can't admit to any such thing with an audience. "You should go try jumping off the cliff. I have heard it is quite enjoyable for those who swim." And now she has a moment to look to Nedra, who is departing. "Thank you for the advice, Lady Nedra," she says. "And good day to you as well." She settles down again, back to her seat. And listens to Justin. "And I can say that Ladies Roslyn, Saffron and Katrin were brave enough to jump from the private cliff, and seemed to find it exhilerating." At least the first jump, anyway.

Anais waits for Justin to get a drink before drinking herself, laughing. "Well, to be fair, I showed up just in time to watch him jump, and it took him a moment to come back up. I was so scared I was halfway out to him before I realized Ser Kamron had him. But he swam back to shore on his own power, and was in fine shape when he went back to the keep. And then there was more swimming and diving all around."

"Oh," says Lucienne, her attention on her brother even as his flits about those assembled. "That's so very thoughtful of you, Justin — thankyou. I shall have to think of something equally kind to do for my brother dear." Her smile is warm, and dips her chin a little. "If you'll excuse me?"

"Perhaps one day, my Lady, for teaching you to swim… but not this one, I think," Saethwyr says, a bit of amusement to his voice and showing in his eyes as well. He lifts a hand, catching a curl and giving it a faint tug before letting his hand fall back to his side. He falls quiet for a moment, and he gives a small nod to her. "Perhaps I will, my Lady," he muses, a thoughtful note creeping to his voice. He looks briefly to those who are departing, offering a half a bow. Though his attention returns to Tiaryn when she mentions about the ladies jumping as well.

Yes, glass of wine in hand, watered down or not and Justin raises his glass to drink to her toast. After downing the entire glass, he drops it into the sand and starts pulling off his boots, "That's outstanding. I told him he could and should. Swimming will be good for him, his leg, and morale. He could do with getting out and enjoying himself more." All of them could! Boots dragged off, Justin looks back to Lucienne and smiles, looking considerably happier today himself, "You needn't do anything for me. I'll send you pheasant or whatever else I can hunt up, when I can find it." Are you kidding? Her brother loves to slip away for a few hours hunting. "Ehm, did we decide shirts off was all right or …?" Justin looks after Lord Rutger walking off, not yet tugging his off but you can tell he'd like to be rid of it before he climbs the cliff again.

Lucienne smiles fondly again at Justin. "Well. Thankyou the same." Assuming she has his leave to go, she does. With her guards and her handmaid.

Tia inclines her head to Saethwyr, stepping back. "Perhaps one day. And maybe you could go with Lord Justin, see where the mark is and so on?" She glances over at Justin and then chuckles. "I think by now, do feel free to take your shirt off, Lord Justin. I don't think anyone will mind." She certainly isn't going to complain, so long as nobody tells Einar. Or Anders.

"I promise not to complain if you want to take your shirt off, Justin," Anais offers, ever so helpful, as she takes another sip of her wine. "It'll be dark soon, it's probably smarter. Elsewise your shirt will stay wet all night, and the laundry will be put out."

"I don't care much about the shirt. Just not used to swimming with it … but didn't want to be rude or offend anyone, either." Justin gestures to Saethwyr, "Come on, Lord Charlton. Off with your shirt and come climb the cliff with me. I'll show you where to dive from. Been generations of us diving off these cliffs. The hand and foot holds are well worn." Justin sets his hands to his own sweaty shirt and off it comes. It'll need washing anyway and by the moderate bit of tan he's got over his fair skin, he's had some sun before out here. He rolls up his pant legs and then turns to head for the rocks, a darkish scar marking his left side ribs where some blade had got him months back, a smaller one on his left forearm.

Saethwyr half bows to Tiaryn, his dark eyes showing a sparkle. "I think perhaps I could do that, my Lady," he says, giving a nod. His hands lift to his shirt, untucking it and then shucking it off easily before he lets it fall to the ground, and he gives a nod to Justin. If he's nervous about jumping off a cliff, it doesn't show. He looks briefly to Tiaryn, and then he starts to head towards Justin. "I'll be glad to," he says, giving a nod.

Scary how much a little encouragement can lead a man to. Tia's smile is bright, especially as both men take their shirts off and then head up the cliff. She moves to where she can see. Just in case. Though hopefully she's not the only one cause if they need a rescue - she can't swim. "Good luck, my lords," she calls. "And have fun!" She raises her glass up in a bit of a salute, and takes a drink.

Anais chuckles softly as the lords take off their shirts and make for the cliffs, moving a little closer to Tiaryn. "Definitely more beach days," she declares as she joins the other woman, making herself comfortable. "For any number of reasons. Are you planning on going to the Seagard tournament?" she asks as she watches the men start the climb.

Justin leads the way, turning his head to glance back to make sure Saethwyr doesn't have any trouble with the climbing. It's a sixty foot drop from the diving point so you don't want to have a mishap, though some of the cliffs are much higher at points. "Only thing you need to make sure you do, is hit the water as straight as you can with your hands out front to split the water first. Maybe lock your ankles too, so you don't loose your pants. If you hit face first it could break your neck, or if you landed on your back, break your spine. Water doesn't feel soft at all when you hit it wrong."

Once up to the top, white sea gulls wheel overhead, shrieking. It's turning into a beautiful evening, the sun lowering in the west and throwing up the most magnifiscent colors lighting up the clouds in brilliant oranges and pinks against the turquoise sky. A light breeze coming in off of the water hasn't turned yet, ruffling Justin's dark hair. He looks out over the spread of water below and smiles, "Gods, I missed the sea when I was in Riverrun." And with that, he takes a quick running start and off he goes! No yell, no fancy flip this time, a plain and simple pure dive with a nice long arc before he straightens up and pierces the water with barely a splash!

As he heads off after Justin, he pauses a moment to look back to Tiaryn, and he quirks a smile at her before giving a nod. "Of course, my Lady," he agrees, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He rather intends to have fun, after all. He follows Justin up, not having a problem with the climbing at all. "I expect not, from this height," he muses, a thoughtful not to his voice. He watches Justin take flight, and he chuckles softly before lifting a hand to pull his fingers through his hair. How hard can it be, right? He takes a moment to look over the cliff and towards the water, waiting for Justin to clear from the landing area. Stepping back, he takes a quick running start as well before leaping off the cliff. The instructions aren't very hard to remember, and he chooses to keep it nice and simple since it's his first time to take the dive. Though it seems a bit last minute that he gets his arms out in front of him in order to cut through the water.

Tia grins at Anais. "It has definitely been mostly a good day. Though I could have done without the sheer terror when I thought that Saffron and Roslyn weren't going to come up after their jump," she admits softly. "I even tried to go catch them, but thankfully I remembered I can't swim." Which is how Tia got so wet. She pauses for a moment, considering the next question. "I think so. Anders doesn't take part in tourneys, near as I can tell, but I would like to go watch. I think there might be a knight for me to cheer on this time." Even if she's still in mourning. But those days are ticking down, just under three weeks to go. "Are you going to go?" She pauses to watch Justin's dive, impressed by the lack of splash. "They made far bigger splashes earlier, didn't they?" Though perhaps Saeth makes a bigger splash, to ease Tia's concern. Maybe.

Justin comes up to break the water and a wave rolls in just as he sucks for a breath, getting pushed back down beneath the swell as it breaks over him. He comes back up coughing, but stays up, starting to swim back in towards the rocky shore and out of Saethwyr's way before that man dives. Justin pulls himself up onto the rocks and coughs a few times, muttering something or another to himself. A hand lifts to stick a finger in his ear and wiggle it to break the water preasure to leak back out. Stupid wave.

"Smaller splashes mean a cleaner dive," Anais explains as she watches. "But boys sometimes like things bigger," she adds with a low laugh. "Anyhow, I'm hoping Jacsen and I can both go to Seagard. I used to think…Well, before everything happened, I used to think it would be for Jacsen and I to spend some time in Seagard. He could still work with Lord Jason, I could enjoy the city. That's not likely to happen now, but it would be nice to visit, I think."

The dive that Saethwyr did does, in fact, give a bigger splash than what Justin's did. Though maybe just to make Tiaryn worry — but more likely just because he wants to — the Charlton Knight stays beneath the surface a bit longer before rising to take a breath. Lifting his left hand, he lightly brushes his hair from his face. Then he starts to swim back towards the shore before climbing out on the rocks.

Tia does worry a little bit, of course. Especially as Saeth seems to take a bit of time to get to the surface. She keeps her gaze where she saw him go under, even as she answers Anais. "Oh, that makes sense. Looks like Lord Justin is pretty good at that diving thing." Even if he forgets to breathe occasionally, but at least he surfaced. "I think it will be nice to see Seagard in better circumstances. I'd like to go, but I'm not sure how much travelling Anders and Cordelya will be doing. Hopefully."

Ah, much better not to be hot and sweaty. Justin watches Saethwyr's dive and the man coming up to swim back. He grins, "So you do know how to swim!" You never know about those Charltons. He gets himself up and makes his way to the beach to find the path for the cliffs once more. Ere he might start climbing, Justin looks back, "Do either of you know if Lady Roslyn enjoyed herself today? Did you ladies swim or dive?"

"Well, if you come, see me," Anais insists with an easy smile. "I suspect I'll appreciate the company. I did some swimming and diving both," she calls back to Justin. "But I was seeing to Jacsen when most of the others did their turn. Maybe Tiaryn can answer that for you," she suggests, flashing a grin at the other woman.

"Yes, Ladies Roslyn, Katrin and Saffron jumped. Saffron and Roslyn twice. But the second time, they jumped, with Katrin, all three at the same time and we had to get help. Lords Kittridge, Kamron and Martyn came over to rescue them, around the point. Which was good, since I can't swim. I did actually try to get to them, but I didn't get very far." She sips at her wine and watches the two brave divers, happy once she sees Saethwyr surface. Anais gets a grin. "I will do so for sure. I wonder if I can go, even if Anders and Corrie don't."

Saethwyr laughs lightly as he looks to Justin, and then he gives a nod. "Aye, I do know how," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle of amusement to them. "You going up for another?" he asks, raising an eyebrow slightly. He glances towards the womenfolk, then brings his attention back to Justin. Lifting his left hand, he lightly combs his fingers through his hair, tussling it a bit. Looking back towards the women, he smiles brightly at Tiaryn, half bowing towards them.

Justin starts getting up the cliff but he notices the sun is touching the horizon, starting to melt into the sea, "Yeah, but only one more. Shouldn't be diving at night unless there's a lot of moonlight. Sun'll go down kind of sudden when it goes out here." At least they are west facing so they can use the very last light of day without trees to diffuse or block it. Justin gets up to the top and pauses to study the glorious colors of the sky, fully painted now and rich in hues, clouds rising up like sculptures or rippled silk. "Sad to see it go. It's been a good day." A damn fine, all too rare day. The weight of every concern will all too soon be back. He smiles a little though, feeling the cooling air against his wet skin up here. Then he steps off lightly and dives.

"You're welcome to travel with us, if they decide not to go," Anais invites Tiaryn, draining the last of her drink as she looks out over the water. "I really would like that," she adds as she turns back to the other woman. "I know we haven't always had the time to really sit and talk, but I'd like to. Things are…I mean, it would be nice to have a friend who isn't- who-" She pauses, making a bit of a face as she tries to choose her words. "The sort of friend you can trust not to give you dirty looks," she finally decides, smile quirking.

Tia grins at Anais, that thought brightening her expression. "That might work well. Better than if Ser Saethwyr escorts me." Or at least better than if only Saeth does. She eyes the men as they go scampering up the cliff again. "Looks like they're going to try again," she says. Though she's kind of impressed, even if she is a bit concerned. "Is there more wine?" She's definitely working on tipsy.

Saethwyr glances towards the horizon with the sun sinking to it, and he gives a nod to agree with Justin's words. Yet there's more good days to come, one would hope. He watches the other man climb, and then he starts to climb as well. Might as well have another go at it, right? And it was fun — definitely fun enough to do again.

Somebody clearly didn't hear Tiaryn as he was busy climbing the cliff. When Justin comes up, he shakes water from his hair and wipes his face, then swims in. "Hey! What did you say about the women's diving? They dived together … are they all right, Lady Tiaryn?" He drags himself up out of the water and walks up the pebbled beach to be certain he hears rightly this time. The wind up there on the cliffs snatched most of what she said. Justin glances to Anais and then studying her, he adds, "You look like you've had a good day yourself, Goodsister Pinkcheeks."

Anais follows Tiaryn's gaze to Saethwyr, a brow arching slightly as a mischievous smile curves. "You are welcome to travel with us," she reiterates, chuckling softly. As Justin approaches, she lets that topic go, reaching up to brush a hand at her cheek. "Oh dear," she laughs. "Well, I may regret it tomorrow, but right now, Justin, I think this may be the best day since I came here. Everything was just…perfect. I think everyone came out all right, though. I'm sure I'd have heard if anyone was seriously injured."

Once to the top of the cliff, Saethwyr takes a moment to simply admire the view of the sea with the sun setting across it. Then he looks out over the landing area, to make sure Justin's not there. And then he takes a flying leap off the cliff. There's still nothing fancy that he puts into it, but he seems to like getting his hands out in front of him within the last possible moments to do so. And much like the first time, he stays under the water just that little bit longer before surfacing and swimming towards the shore.

"Nobody got hurt, other than dignity," Tia says. "And propriety. Katrin was a little worried about jumping, so Saffron and Roslyn jumped with her, only after they jumped, Saffron and Roslyn had a little trouble. Enough so that Katrin and I yelled for help, and Sers Kamron, Kittridge and Martyn came around the point to help out. Of course, we were none of us fully dressed at the time," she admits, though she leaves it at that, for the moment. "But nobody was hurt thankfully. And Lady Lucienne was here with a blanket to help cover modesty." She watches to see how Saeth makes out on his secondjump.

Whoa, wait, back it up! "Wait, what were you wearing if …." Justin just /looks/ at Lady Tiaryn, "And I wasn't here?!?" Seven forbid but the gods have a very nasty sense of humor, dragging him off when they did! Sone of a bitch. And here he missed half naked, or maybe even totally naked women and rescues and Lady Roslyn and … Justin blinks and stares at her, looks to Anais, then back to Tiaryn, "And they were all right? Did it scare them? Lady Roslyn told me she could swim!"

"Like I said, I was with Jacsen," Anais shrugs to Justin, though she can't help looking a little amused at his dismay. "Don't worry, Justin. I'm sure everyone will have a chance to go swimming again. I certainly won't complain," she adds, teasing with a gesture to his bare torso.

"I think Anais, that if Anders and Corrie are not going to Seagard, I will take you up on that offer," Tia says. "WEll, assuming Anders will let me go of course." She nods once to that, and then she gives Justin an amused glance. "Well, we didn't want to get our dresses all wet, you know. And the men were back over here where they couldn't see us. So, they did jump without any clothing on at all. I was not so brave. I didn't jump and I kept my shift on." So there. Her cheeks might go a little pink, but not a lot. And she wouldn't probably say that much but she's been drinking wine for a while now.

OK, so well… Justin picks his cup out of the sand and takes a seat, wiping it out before he pours himself the last of whatever he can get out of that wine bottle. "I am sorry to have missed it. As long as they are all right, that's what matters. Safer to swim in your shifts or nothing at all. Night time is better for that though and you'd not want to go out very far incase the current is strong." Anais's comment makes him glance down at himself and maybe he's a little embarassed with that scar snaking through his ribs, for Justin sticks the cup into the sand and reaches over to pick up his dry shirt and pull it on. "I should be getting back. I can help carry things if you like." He got some sand in the wine he'd poured but he drinks it off anyway and doesn't care.

Climbing out on the rocks, Saethwyr pauses a moment to lift a hand to tussle his hair, getting a bit of the water out of it. He starts to head towards where the folks are, catching the tale end of the conversation. "Well, I would hope that Lord Anders would let you go, my Lady," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. Then he tilts his head slightly to one side as he listens to the rest of what Tiaryn says. Naked jumping? Tiaryn in just a shift? It's a very good thing that no one can hold his thoughts against him, really it is! There are comments that could be made, and none that he will make. "I'll help as well, if it's needed," he offers, giving a nod. He heads over to where he had left his shirt, reaching down to snag it up, though he doesn't pull it on just yet.

"I suppose I should get back as well," Anais sighs, though it's a contented sound as she pushes up. "Make sure Jacsen is holding up all right." She brushes the sand off her skirts, taking one last look out over the water. "Perfect," she declares. "Just perfect."

Tia finishes her wine, and then she clasps her hands on her lap. Her gaze goes to Justin and then over to Saethwyr, who is still not dressed over there. Tempting. "They are all fine, and I managed to not drown myself, so all's well that ends well." She gives Anais a glance, and nods. "Thank you, Anais. I have to agree. It's been a wonderful day." And look at all the friendships blossoming - it's enough to make the place start to feel like home. Course, Tia's gaze does stray back to Saeth, given he's still looking all wet and handsome. "And the sunset is absolutely gorgeous."

Justin should get up, but instead, he just lays himself down on the sand for a few minutes to rest. It would be so easy to sleep out here on the beach as he's certainly done before. But then he'd be all ichy and a proper bath would be nice, a clean non gritty bed without the wind to blow sand into your eyes. But he lays there for a few minutes, not caring about sand in his wet hair. Eventually he gets himself up, dusts a hand vigorously through his hair and pulls on his boots, "OK, I'm heading back. I finally feel like I can get a good night's sleep and I'm not going to put it off for long." Justin picks up whatever he can help carry, handing whatever he might off to servants, guards, handmaidens and whoever, and carrying a thing or two himself. He starts the climb back up the trail that will take them up to the bluffs and back to the tower. Time for that bath, a meal, and sacking out.

Saethwyr turns to look towards the sunset when Tiaryn mentions it, admiring it in turn. Yet his attention returns to her, and he gives a nod. "Aye, my Lady… the sunset is quite lovely," he says, a smile coming to his features. His dark gaze turns to her, and he tilts his head a little to one side. He stays bare-chested for a lingering moment more, but then he pulls his shirt on over his head, the fabric clinging to his wet skin. Then he approaches Tiaryn, offering her his left hand to help her up. "If I may, my Lady?" he offers, raising an eyebrow slightly. Her guard is probably soon to come looking for her, knowing his luck.