Page 320: Laying Waste to Bandits Afoot
Laying Waste to Bandits Afoot
Summary: The boys take the Bandit Hole! Attack!
Date: 04/06/2012
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Outside the Bandit Hole — Terrick Lands
A camp by a hole. Ladies go down the hole.
Mon Jun 04, 289

The hoofbeats of the departing ladies and their captors have long since faded into the thick trees and underbrush beyond the Bandit Hole Camp. The area is just clear enough to be called such with a small fire just beyond a rocky outcrop, covered with lichen and mud. Men mill around the camp with crude weapons at their belts, but the ladies are nowhere in sight. Scouts reports detailed that they have been seen coming out of that muddy hole, torn and tatted and near indistinguishable as nobility. A man with a moustache sits neat the fire, picking at his teeth with a knife, while others mingle about. Sentries have also been seen passing through the trees, so look out!

The party of knights and associates have left their horses a ways back, and creep now through the forest with careful silence as they approach the camp. The plan is more or less the same as the night before. The two best archers will be sent to sneak up and take out the sentry, the rest will rush in, unless having gotten a peek at the present layout, the leaders care to make adjustments on the fly.

Kamron crouches in the trees and underbrush just out of sight of the sentry's patrol route, along with the majority of the group. He holds his axe down low at his right side, his left arm still clasped tightly to his stomach to keep it as immoble as possible. He runs over the words he spoke back where they left their horses under light guard, "Remember. Speed is the essence. As soon as the sentry is down or gives a warning, we rush directly for the cave's entrance. Holding that is paramount." And that's all the instructions that should be needed, with the 'rescue' of the previous day gone over and over for everyone's benefit. Now he waits, the knuckles of his right hand clenching and unclenching on the haft of his axe, but otherwise utterly motionless.

The Seven and their most unmentionable parts, you better bet your mother that /this/ time they want to see some sign of the women about. Not that armed bandits are desirable in any case, but time is running out. Justin is yet again among the party planning to assault yet another camp with a cave. This time he isn't required as an archer so his bow has been left with his horse. He comes now as quietly as his woodcraft allows, better rested for the hours of sleep he managed the night before. Pale grey eyes are watchful, his ears sharp.

When was the last time Kain slept? He really can't remember, but at least he's awake. The moving bush is settled in and crouched down, slwoly watching the sentries as they make their rounds, memorizing their patterns of movement. He's still as he waits in silence, bow knocked with arrow in hand. He's ready at a moments notice to draw back and fire, waiting only for the signal with the go ahead.

<FS3> Kain rolls Stealth: Amazing Success.

Keeping out of sight near Kamron, Martyn's expression currently is all focus. Ducking down a bit further as he growls a bit quietly as he watches the people nearby. Nodding a bit at Kamron's words, but he doesn't speak at the moment. All focus here.

<FS3> Dmitry rolls Stealth: Success.

Jarod hangs back with 'the rest,' being only a middling archer himself. He waits as quietly as he can, his movements are careful and his posture firmed by a sort of controlled tension. He listens close to Kamron, offering him a short, affirmative nod. He'll be ready. He shifts a glance at Justin, making some effort to keep an eye on his younger half-brother. He tries to be subtle about it but…Ser Jarod is not a subtle fellow.

"Keep the bowmen back.. At least they can cover us if folks come in on our back.." Rutger hisses back towards Kamron from his position. Still the knight keeps his eyes down to the cavern, as he keeps his blade low. Luckily he drew that before getting into the hiding from sentry's position, which at the current has him crouched in some brush and suitably hidden. The soft creaking of his leather gauntlet as he keeps a tight grasp on his sword., one hand ghosts back to where his dirk is secured, before he is placing it down onto the nettled earth.

Kittridge is near the head of the column, just behind the scouts. He keeps low, like the others, spear at the ready, waiting for the moment to charge.

The sentry slips by Kain on his round, feet breaking twigs on the ground as he walks, unawares of anything untoward in the bushes. His bow is in his hands, eyes alert but not intent on anything as he moves.

Not much of a marksman, Inigo is one of several knights that will be rushing in, currently crouching behind some brush to keep out of sight of any roving sentries or otherwise alert bandits. Pared-down to just leather armor for stealth, he nods his head ever so slightly as Kamron goes over the plan, more or less the same as the other day, though hopefully with better results this time.

Nicodemus is near and a bit behind Kittridge, quiet and alert, his blade drawn but held low as he waits for the bowmen to do their work.

Justin perhaps notices Jarod's look, or he's simply glancing over their group. He draws his own old, much nicked up blade that is much rust pocked, though Justin has tried to clean it up and hone it sharp since it came into his possession, polished and oiled as best it can be. Keeping it held low in the greenery, he meets Jarod's look and thinly smiles to his bastard sibling. Justin looks eager to do this, yet he remains quiet, turning his head back to watching and listening.

There's hardly any movement from Kain, gilly cloak allowing him to blend in with the observable forestry like a chameleon. As the sentry nears, he silently sets his bow around his shoulders, instead pulling the hunting dagger from his boot. Creeping forward, there's no noise, not a sound, not even the smallest of twigsnap. Then suddenly, apart of the forest itself appears to reach forward with two arms toward the sentry. One hand comes up and around the man's mouth to cover up anyh possible cry of alert. There's no time for that, as there's a flicker of movement, the dagger slicing open the man's neck. Even as he falls backward, the ranger eases him down to the ground quietly, the only sound could possibly be his lifeblood spurting onto the nearby leaves.

Pacing with cautious quiet on his advance, Dmitry prowls on slow, careful steps with arrow knocked to his bow and an eye to the ground; in no small part avoidant of all those dire tree roots that loathe him so well.

Kamron remains crouched and waiting, unware that his original plan has actually been put into place by the huntsman. He glances around the little group once, just to make sure they're all focused, and then his head turns forward again, his eyes unfocused as he listens for any sound that they've been discovered.

Blood is not terribly vocal so far as ringing out through the trees. The sentry stiffens and grits his teeth as Kain's hand covers his mouth, near-biting into the tender flesh of a palm, but the the blade comes to swiftly for him to make more than a muffled Heinlein shriek. Body slack of life, he'll make good compost for the forest. One down…

Two of the bandits are stationed in the middle of the clearing, having a loud argument about who gets to go smack around a noble lady next. "Me," says the taller of the two, a big barrel-chested man. "It's my bloody turn, ya selfish pig!" The shorter runs his chubby, short fingers through his beard and argues, "I never got t'hear em sing me a song, damn ye. I want my song!"

Jarod catches Justin's smile, smiling grimly back in kind. And then it's just eyes forward, waiting coiled for an excuse to release all that tension he's building.

Sheathing his dagger back into his boot, Kain retakes his bow back into hand, not giving the sentry an extra look besides to make sure he's dead. Which he is. That does, he puts his free hand over his mouth, reusing the same call that Justin had used yesterday as the signal that the sentry was down that agreed upon ahead of time. He mimics the sound of a pheasant's call taking flight back towards the other men that stand by, waiting in the thicker brush.

Remaining quiet, Martyn's eyes narrows a bit as he looks out there, expression still rather focused. Shifting his weight as quietly as he can so that he can have as fast a start as possible when they need to go out there. But for now only waiting. Like a predator lurking, waiting for its prey to be caught unaware.

Rutger remains silent as he inches closer towards Kittridge and Nicodemus. Keeping low, there's a brief glance towards Kamron as he tries to get into a better position. Breathing easy, like the others-Rutger opts for silence over idle chit chat.

Kittridge waits, fingers clenched white-knuckle tight around his spear as he waits for the seemingly inevitable moment when the bandits are alerted to their presence. But it doesn't come. Instead, after suspense-filled seconds seeming like hours, there's that pheasant call. He looks to Kamron, and nods. Ready.

"Get that one out you hads earlier, she was pretty. Didn't know the words wit a damn though," another man comments with a grin, adjusting his moustache. "My brothers, my brothers…oooh. Make her sing someone good-like."

Crouched with one knee down, Justin's attention is for marking out obsticals between his current position and a dead run for that cave entrance. Fallen tree there, he'll need to leap over but it's low. Low branch there to duck, got it. When he hears Kain using the same signal he had used the day before, Justin can't help but grimly smile. His attention refocuses upon the positions of the bandits, awaiting Ser Kamron's signal to go. One sentry down, one to go?

Kamron looks up at the call, glancing over to Kittridge and nodding again. He hisses, "Now!" And then he's up and running, not worried about stealth anymore, just speed. Must get to the cave entrance before any of the bandits. Must. Get. There. Now. The Mallister holds his axe in his right hand, ready to defend himself if necessary, but more concerned with sprinting than attacking anyone.

At Kamron's whispered order, Kittridge makes another answering pheasant call, and a hand gesture to those near enough to see, and takes off running as well, like Kamron, headed straight for the cave and Seven help anyone in his way.

Kittridge's squire, having put in his efforts to help with tracking, hangs back as the party advances. This is not a rescue to entrust into the hands of squires, after all.

Right-And with Kamron come up Rutger's springing up and moving his sword clasped in hand as he charges in step with the others. both hands coming to the hilt of his sword, as he raises back-nearing his desired target. There is no yell. No shout. Just a ready swing of all vengeance and all.

Nodding a bit at his cousin's word, Martyn gets out at as fast a pace as he can manage, going straight for the cave as well. Keeping his left shoulder slightly in front of the other, so he can slam it into anyone in his way over. Getting out his sword as he moves forward.

With Kain's sentry down and the signal whistled, Dmitry sights carefully from his own vantage in the concealing shadow of his tree, and lets fly with his arrow with the intention of letting it sing for the music enthusiast as the others begin their charge.

This is easier than waiting. This is familiar. Nicodemus moves forward as Kittridge does, running with the other men, sword at the ready, eyes hard. For what these men have tried to take, there is little reason to offer mercy.

Whether there was only the one sentry or two, here they go! Bared blade in his right hand, shield in his left, Justin springs up and starts running in. He is moving with reasonable quiet for all of his rush, leaping the fallen tree with ease, ducking the low branch and breaking into the clearing! He doesn't utter a word nor cry, gaze sharp and grim to head directly for the head of the cave to try and block any of the bandits reaching it before them.

Inigo glances towards the direction of the pheasant call as it sounds, clenching his teeth briefly before looking towards Kamron for the signal to go. After the shout, with a sudden rustle of foliage, he leaps to his feet and bursts forth from the surrounding trees. Sword gleaming in hand, he charges towards the cave with a determined look etched into the hard lines of his face.

Hearing Kamron and the others starting to make noise at their run and then the return pheasant call, that's Kain's signal to give the charging men the cover fire that the'll need. Hiding from his position for the time being, he quickly knocks an arrow to his bow, before drawing it back, taking a bead on the closest looking bandit or the first one he sees that's holding a bow. Either of which that'll be his first target. He found his target. He lets his breath out one more time, then fires.

Now it is. Jarod springs on the word, sword raised. No piercing whistles today. Not for the likes of these.

The sudden breaking of bodies through the trees alerts even the simplest of the bandit crew, with Rolf, playing sentry on the opposite side of his clearing, lifting his bow with butterfingers to ready for attack, taking aim at the first of the on-rushing knights. Of the three men around the fire, Barrelchest and Fatfingers, the arguing pair, are closest to the cave's mouth, while Jensen across from them hesitates only a moment before taking off at a run, the only one of the bandits making to flee entirely. From farther back in the camp, Rodrygo steps out with his embroidry laden chest and very fine moustache and with him a Wannabemustache. Somar, hearing the noise, enters from the trees, readying his bow as well.

Fat Fingers looks over at the moustached-man, and jerks his thumb toward him. "See," he tells Barrelchest, "My turn still. Piss off, you had your chance last night." And with that, he's turning to stride off in the opposite direction. He positively scurries, leaping over a rocky overhang and sliding down out of sight before BarrelChest can change his mind.

<COMBAT> Somar attacks Kain with Hunting Bow - Serious wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rodrygo attacks Inigo with Dirk - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jensen passes.
<COMBAT> Fatfingers passes.
<COMBAT> Barrelchest attacks Nicodemus with Cudgel and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Wannabemustache attacks Martyn with Cudgel and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rolf attacks Kamron with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rutger attacks Barrelchest with Broadsword - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Nicodemus attacks Barrelchest with Greatsword - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Martyn attacks Wannabemustache with Sword & Shield but Wannabemustache DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kittridge attacks Barrelchest with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Kamron attacks Wannabemustache with Bludgeon - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Kain attacks Somar with Hunting Bow - Serious wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Justin attacks Rolf with Sword & Shield but Rolf DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rodrygo with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Inigo attacks Rodrygo with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Dmitry attacks Rodrygo with Longbow - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Dragon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rodrygo has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> BarrelChest has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rodrygo has joined the combat as a soldier on team 2. (Dragon)

And there's a bowman there not too far from them! Justin sees others going to the cave mouth slightly ahead of himself and nobody yet engaging Rolf, so he alters his course and keeping his blade held low at first, eyes intent on his target, he rushes the other man! Get that bowman out of action before Rolf can get off an arrow if Justin can! But the bowman is too fast, releasing an arrow at Ser Kamron ere Justin can close in to attack! Rolf though is fast, dodging the young Terrick's first jab and making Justin skid around to re-engage, face grim. At least he made the archer's arrow aimed for Kamron to miss!

Dmitry watches his first arrow soar through the air towards his mustachio'd target. It is not a perfect shot, flying as it does to bite the armored hand of his target, but he is satisfied at least that it will make for a distraction, and he is already drawing a second long shaft from his quiver's full as his breath puffs out past his teeth, dark eyes scanning for a clear shot into the rest of the human mess out there.

The broadchested bandit may have a very deep barrel chest, but he hasn't got much by way of innards, any longer. By intent or heppenstance Nicodemus strikes at him alongside two other men, and his sword sinks deeply into the bandit's stomach. Nicodemus is silent as his blade comes away red, his face expressionless save for the faintest of smiles.

Jarod waits until the arrow's off before diving and stabbing at the man with the magnificent mustache. Winged as he was by Dmitry's arrow, he's a more distracted target for a big sword-stroke to the chest. It's not a pretty hit, but it might get the job done.

Rutger's Broadsword and Nicodemus's spear tear through the fleshy coverage of Barrelchest's abodomen, gouging through the delicate surface in a spray of blood. So long and vicious are their strikes that foot after foot of intense follows the spray of the blood, hitting the ground before the man even sinks to his knees with a scream. Dead.

Under a multiple attack, Rodrygo barely escpaes the first round of assault with his wits and his life. He slashes at Inigo, then falls backwards as Dmitry's arrow takes his hand and Jarod's blade lunches at his face. He tries to scrabble to his feet again to get back into the fight. Not the moustache!

An arrow comes whipping past Kamron's face, but he only ducks lower, his boots pounding on the ground as he charges. His right hand twists, spinning the axe about in his hand to present the spike on the back of the head. This time Martyn arrives just a moment sooner than Kamron, and the younger Mallister takes advantage of the elder's distraction, sweeping the spike down and in, aiming to slam it directly into Wannabemustache's stomach. It might not have been time for calls before, but now Kamron raises his voice to bellow out, "EAGLES! Cape of Eagles!" Might as well let the ladies know that rescue is here. He presses on, trying to force his way between Rodrygo and Wannabemustache so that he can get to the cave entrance instead of them having their backs against it.

A grunt is all that leaves Rutger as the red spray of the poor bastard he's helped gut catches him in the face. Blade comes back in an extended arch upon drawing it from the big fellow, and he pivots, so as not to hit Kittridge or the other unknown Groves man. His sleeve is brought up to rub some of the life'sblood form his face before he is nodding to Kitt, as he goes to step over the other one. "One went in..

Charging forward until he's reached his target now, Martyn swings rather viciouslly for the man, while trying to duck from any incoming attack. Pausing a little after his not quite successful swing to raise his voice. "If you fucking cowards wants to hit someone I'm right here. Or is it not that fun when the target can hit back?"

Perhaps all that embroidery just makes one a great target, or maybe Inigo is just totally jealous that someone is dressed fancier than he is and won't let that stand, but he comes charging for Rodrygo, sweeping his sword to hit the other man in the chest that is stopped by armor, even as his armor deflects a stab of dirk to his hand. He sees your very fine moustache, bandit, and raises you one very fine beard.

The archer bandit and Kain appear to be exchanging pot shots at each other. And it's been a long time since he felt the pain cause by being hit with an arrow. It sinks a good two inches or so into his thigh. The pain flares up through him, but he can see that he's given advarsary something quite smiliar with his own shot. Another arrow is knocked in quick succession, not letting his injury stall him. "Suffering to the conqoured…" he mutters, pulling back his string and firing.

Kittridge charges alongside Nicodemus and Rutger, spear raised to drive into the bandit's middle, not that he has much middle left, thoroughly torn apart by the weapons of the three men. He spares not a moment to view the damage inflicted, leaping over the messy corpse to head for the cave entrance.

Jarod's eyes flash up from the bandit with the fine mustache, toward the cave, and the bandit running toward it. He then promptly does a runner himself hard after him. He will not trouble Rodroygo's mustache anymore. Just now. He might try to claim it was a war trophy if it's waiting around much longer, but not now.

Rolf, faced with a sword-wielding man running his way, shoots horribly astray. He manages to dodge Justin's first attack, and, with fumbling fingers, attempts to knock another arrow to shoot him with. He hasn't really got any other option, and it's sort of pathetic.

As Kitt leaps over, Rutger-now able to see is quick to follow behind. After all who knows if more bandits may be lurking within the hole- but Ser Nayland is not going to leave Kittridge without someone watching his back (and by proxy his wonderful hair)

As the sounds of combat ring out, Fat Fingers reappears, his head bobbing up by the mouth of the cave. He is weilding a blade that is clearly stolen, and he has no idea how to use it if his ungainly two-handed grip on the thing is any indication.

<COMBAT> Rodrygo passes.
<COMBAT> Jensen passes.
<COMBAT> Fatfingers passes.
<COMBAT> Wannabemustache attacks Martyn with Cudgel and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Somar attacks Kain with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rolf attacks Justin with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rutger attacks Rodrygo with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Nicodemus attacks Somar with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Martyn attacks Wannabemustache with Sword & Shield - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kittridge attacks Fatfingers with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kamron attacks Wannabemustache with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Kain attacks Somar with Hunting Bow - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Justin attacks Rolf with Sword & Shield but Rolf DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rolf with Greatsword but Rolf DODGES!
<COMBAT> Inigo attacks Rodrygo with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dmitry attacks Fatfingers with Longbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Dragon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Fatfingers has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> If Fatfingers was your only NPC in this combat, please switch your type to 'observer' so the pose tracking works properly.
<COMBAT> Somar has been KO'd!

"Don't even think about it," Fingers growls back into the cave, setting his eyes upon the girls poised to run. "I'll swing this sword across yer pretty lil throats!" He's not looking as the battle advances towards him, but his sword is at the ready! In an awkward fashion!

Dmitry lets fly his second arrow, whipping it out rapidfire at the new target emerging from the cave, growlish Fatfingers. It whizzes harmlessly past the man's head to lodge itself in some inoffensive stone crack that never did anybody any harm.

Justin isn't the best swordsman ever and what he needs is more experience or practice. But, a sword against a man with only a bow shouldn't be too hard, right? No time like the presant to try! Keeping his eyes sharp on Rolf who somehow or another leaps back and manages to knock another arrow very quickly to try and aim the bow at himself, Justin leaps at him! Shield up to try and block the arrow if it's fired in time, his blade licking out to try and knock the bow out of Rolf's hands! The arrow goes astray or bounces off his shield but Justin's blow misses as Rolf dodges aside again, damnit!

Kamron wrenches the backspike of his axe from Wannabemustache's stomach, then continues his push, trying to keep the bandit off-balance with a sweep across his body, aimed at the hands holding the man's rude cudgel. Casting a glance over to Martyn, he snaps, "Go! Get in there, coz! I've got this one." The knight's teeth skin back from his teeth in pain as he raises his left hand up to grasp onto the haft of his axe, providing more power at the cost of no small amount of pain from his still-healing joint.

Not for long, as Kittridge takes advantage of Fatfingers not looking where he's going to thrust a spear into his chest. Down Fatfingers goes, and over his (presumably) dead body goes Ser Groves, into the cave.

Kittridge enters Bandit Hole (and joins Search and Rescue).
Kittridge has left.

Even as Kittridge heads into the bandity hole, Rutger moves turning to the fellow who is dancing with the Vance. Again no words, as he lets Inigo keep Rodrygo's attention- and he brings his sword back to stab the other in the back, before wrenching his blade free to do it again, unless Rodyrgo turns, he is going to get quite the stabbing.

Kain sees the arrow coming at him this time, having just enough time spin out of the way just after his looses his arrow. Coming back around, he's able to see his shot sinking into Somar's shoulder, then seeing Nicodemus finish him off. Emerging out of the woods, he gives Nic a salute before surveying the field. That's when he takes note of the ones trying to make a dash for the woods. No, at least one of them is not getting away. Not if he can help it. Drawing another arrow, he only takes a moment to gauge whatever breeze there is before pulling back and firing.

A broad slash across his chest sends Somar to his knees, wheezing as blood fills his lungs. Not a very pleasant way to die, if there is such a thing. Within the mouth of the Hole, Fatfingers falls to Kittridge's speak with a pained squak like a dying partridge. Bloody, inglorious deaths in all.

Jarod curses as he too is unable to get a hit in on Rolf. Dodgey sonofabitch. He responds to this as he often does in a fight, winding up to hit him even harder the next time.

A swing and a miss from Inigo. Well, he's still got two more strikes until he's out, right? Or, maybe it's just a good thing he's got a little backup from Rutger. Literally. Backstabbing, how very Nayland of you.

Swinging his own sword for the man's chest, full swing, Martyn pauses after his hit to look over at Kamron, waiting a few seconds, before he nods, "If you need help with him, just call and I'll come back out, okay?" he offers, before he hurries on past the bandit, dodging any other attack, before he heads through the cave opening.

Charming. Rodrygo doesn't seem particularly worried about backstabbing, beyond the fact it is exceptionally painful, as he attempts to scramble away from the fighting after being set upon by three men and then two. He barely manages to dance past Inigo's blow as Rutger's scores. He'll have no choice but to fight.

With Barrelchested well and truly gutted, Nicodemus moves onto another bandit, opting for the one targeting the hunter Kain. His sword cuts into the side of Somar's head, and then, seeing that the entrance has been cleared of his fat-fingered guard, he offers Kain a brisk nod before he moves toward the little 'den' that likely holds their taken ladies.

<COMBAT> Rodrygo passes.
<COMBAT> Rolf attacks Justin with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Wannabemustache attacks Martyn with Cudgel - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jensen passes.
<COMBAT> Rutger attacks Rodrygo with Broadsword but Rodrygo DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nicodemus tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Martyn passes.
<COMBAT> Kittridge tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Kamron attacks Wannabemustache with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Kain attacks Jensen with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Justin attacks Rolf with Sword & Shield - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rolf with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Inigo attacks Rodrygo with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Dmitry attacks Jensen with Longbow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Dragon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rodrygo has been KO'd!

Lifting his attention from the melee surrounding the cave's entrance as several of his comrades storm on through, Dmitry sets his teeth against his lower lip as his eye lights instead on the man bolting from the scene. "Oh," he murmurs undervoice, possibly to his bow, "do you think so?" and fires. His arrow flies true, whistling through the trees to land with a satisfyingly meaty thunk in the man's chest.

As the Vance finishes off Rodrygo there's a nod. His sword drawn back in a nod. "Good hit, Ser." commented idly, from Rutger, before he is turning to head towards the hole and slip in.

Kain doesn't like missing. He had been having pretty good aim the last few days up until that point. "Damnit." Though he does look pleased enough that Dmitry's shot was dead on. Drawing another arrow, he focuses again on the man trying to get away. The two archers will rain death down on this man yet.

It's fair to say that the bowman Rolf dodging him a second time, -and- also dodging Jarod as his half brother moves to join in, is starting to piss off Justin! He bears his teeth, hisses something very impolite but hardly intelligable, and becomes even /more/ determined to hit the son of a bitch! And finally he does! Rolf has not one, but two men on him and it's no surprise that the arrow he tries to put to string is knocked clear off the bow before it can even be fired. Justin's rust pitted blade hacks down at an angle to cut into Rolf's neck, finally tasting blood. His heart hammering in his chest, his breath up, the young Terrick lord is intent to take out his pent up frustrations and anger on this bowman. "Feed you to the crows for what you've done!"

It is a nice hit. A curious little flit of the wrist that viciously servers an artery and deposits the moustachioed man face down into the earth. Clearly, you don't bring a moustache to a facial hair fight when death is on the line. Inigo's beard reigns superior.

Jarod continues to grapple, at least as much as men grapple with swords, against bandit Rolf with Justin. His swipe at the bandit isn't deep, but he'll give it another go.

Kamron does his best to capture Wannabemustache's attention, although he has to drop his left arm off his axe, he still manages to land a blow in the bandits gut. Gritting his teeth with a growl, he brings his left hand back up to the haft of the axe, "Get in there!" Evidently, that's directed at Rutger, Inigo, and any others around the cave entrance. "Finish them off and clear the area!" That's shouted louder, intended for the rest of those in the clearing.

Maybe it is Jarod and Justin closing in hard and fast, hammering away at Rolf, or maybe it is the site of their leader and his moustache dying horribly…but the young man simply crumbles like a craven child. Rolf throws down his shield and puts his hands over his head with a mewling whimper, "I YIELD. OH GODS. PLEASE, SERS. I yield." Please. Mercy.

Jarod stops hammering, but he doesn't lower his sword, leveling it at the bandit. Pointy-end first. He's breathing hard, and spotted with blood, but none of it appears to be his own. "You shall find justice, but no mercy. He's yours, my lord brother. Show him the hospitality of our lord father's dungeons."

Inigo watches Rodrygo a beat, sword pointed down at the body, just to make sure the man stays down this time, smiling slightly with satisfaction when the bandit does not stir again. Hey, he didn't spend the last five years building up a tolerance to mustaches for nothing. "You, as well," he says, tipping a nod in Rutger's direction, then looking around to see if all the bandits are down.

Finding he wants both hands on his blade, Justin drops his shield aside and presses his attack on the would be archer, intent to kill Rolf here and now if he can! His ire is up! However, Rolf suddenly drops to cry for mercy and Justin checks his blade at the last instant to keep from striking. He glances sharply at Jarod, then kicks out a boot hard to knock Rolf over, "Face down, now! I will bind you!" Justin would much rather kill Rolf but a yield should be respected. So he grabs Rolf's bow and cuts the string from it to use that to bind the archer's hands behind his back tightly.

Jarod keeps his sword trained in Rolf's direction while Justin binds him, but once it's clear the man's not going to offer some tricksy form of resistance, he moves toward the mouth of the cave. "We've got them! It's clear!" he shouts.

Dmitry finally emerges from beneath the shadow of the trees, sliding an arrow back into its quiver rather than continuing to hold it ready. Bow in hand, he says, "I believe we can sound the all clear, sers," with eyebrows swept high toward the dark bangs that fall across his forehead. "I put an arrow in the last man, but I'm afraid he's off to bleed out or find a maester somewhere, at best."

Kain watches Jensen hit the forest, his arrow not fast enough to catch him in time. Having no idea wether or not, he spits at the ground in annoyance, not really enjoying to let any kind of prey get away. Looking about the area, he begins to close on the others that hadn't yet entered the cave, until he himself heads near the enterance. "It's alright! The area is secure!"

As Kamron looks around the clearing, seeing everyone down, he calls out, "Come on out! It's clear!" Looking over to Justin, he frowns, "Once you're done there, grab someone and find that runner."

Rosanna looks entirely unrepentant when Nicodemus COUGHS and Kittridge TALKS LOUDLY and Rutger finally pulls back. Her eyes are fierce and bright, and her chin is lifted as she's led out.

When the word comes that they can leave the cave, Anais fairly shoots into the sunlight, an arm raised against the sun her only concession to having been inside for the better part of three days. Kittridge's tunic falls to mid-thigh, though leaves her legs bare…but while she's dirty and tired, she doesn't seem much worse for the wear otherwise, looking down at the ground and picking her way carefully over over it with bare feet.

Outside the hole, the ground has some dead, dying, a yielded bandits on it. One, the barrel chested fellow who caught Saffron when she tried to escape the other night, has been completely disembowled by several savage wounds. It is a bright sunny day, and birds are singing.

Justin is sitting on Rolf's back, his bloodied sword laying close to hand beside him on the ground while he binds Rolf's hands behind his back with his own bowstring. Justin looks up as Ser Kamron addresses him and he nods, grabbing up his sword and moving to stand. He at once looks to find Kain, but the hunter's leg looks pretty bloody with an arrow stuck in it. So Justin instead looks to his half brother, "Come with me? I can track the man who got away." The women finally start coming out and for a few seconds, Justin hesitates to look at them, trying to pick out certain faces among them. But if he's to catch that man who ran, he can't stay so he turns to start running after, blooded sword in hand and leaving his shield behind.

Lucienne drops Anais' hand so that they might fit through the mouth of the cave without squishing. The last thing we feel like is squishing. She exits somewhere towards the back of the pack of rescuers/rescuees, dark eyes blinking rapidly to adjust to the changed light. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, TERRICK BOYS.

With the all the bandits dead, dying or yielded and the all clear given, Inigo stoops to clean off his sword, giving the treeline one last look (one of them ran off, after all) before sheathing his sword. "Much better than boar," he murmurs with a quirk of a smile as the ladies begin to emerge from the cave.

Kamron stands just outside the entrance to the cave, blood spattered over his hands and arms, a bloody axe in his hands, and a dead man at his feet. But at least he's shaved, even if he has bags under his eyes and generally doesn't look like he's slept much. He is facing the opening, almost leaning toward in anticipation. As the women start pouring out, his shoulders relax, "Lady Anais, Lady Lucienne…" There's a sense of waiting, and he looks back to the hole.

Saffron Banefort is one of the last of the ladies to exit the cave. All her aches and pains have manifested into a limp that seems to be focused on minimizing the pain in her left hip. She is dressed in Martyn's woolen tunic, its hem hitting just above the mid of her thigh. Bloodied, muddied, and bruised, she has certainly had a rough few days. She has resorted to hugging her frame, though she doesn't look like she is trying to collapse in on herself. She raises a hand against the evening sun. She halts after a few steps, giving her eyes time to adjust.

For now, at least, Rosanna will hold to propriety and return to her brothers' sides. Which means they just have to sandwich her. So she can feel safe again. No more kissing, promise.

Catching sight of blood and guts, Roslyn sways on her feet, looking ready to faint again before she looks away sharply to her—feet. Dirty, bare toes in soft, bright grass. Her arms wrap around herself as well, throat working against a knot as she swallows hard. Good thing she has nothing in her stomach.

Coming free from the cave with the party of Ladies, Rutger, turns his head to look back to his sister and there he moves to see to her. "Lyn." spoken softly, after all he's not going to be doing any kissing right now. Well as long as Kittridge and the other one are here he will not. "Don't look." he says, moving quickly to block the lady's view of guts and all. "Keep eyes on me..Are you alright?"

Nicodemus steps back out with the flood of ladies and knights, peering over at his sister beneath Kittridge's arm, and taking up a spot by her other side. To protect her from the gory scene, of course, and any further, unseen bandits. Also, from more kisses with Rutger.

Jarod is standing over a tied up bandit, sword in hand, spattered in blood. None of it appears to be his, so he's got that going for him. He half-turns to half-follow Justin, but the sight of the women emerging from the cave makes him pause a beat. He blinks at the sight of Lucienne and Anais, shoulders near deflating with relief as they emerge under their own power. "Luci. Anais. Are you…I mean…did they…are you all right?" He finally oafs around to that.

Dmitry finally puts away the high length of his bow, clipped to his back as he strides forward toward the cluster of people blinking into the light. Compared to many of his comrades, he looks awfully clean and fresh. "Is everyone all right?" he asks. "Do we need medicine?"

Kain stays off to the side as the ladies emerge, along with the men that entered after them. He still hangs onto his bow for the moment, keeping an eye out should there be anyone else hiding about in the woods. Standing there in his gilly cloak, he's rather quiet as each of them exit. For the moment, the arrow that's sticking out of his leg is ignored. He can pull it out and take care of it only after the ladies are on their way to go wherever they're going.

Tia actually waits. She stays in the dang cave, waiting until everyone else is out, before she steps out and blinks in the sunlight, following behind Saffron even. She knows the Flints went after the escaping riders, so she doesn't expect them to be here, and she's not planning to break down without her family. Though as she comes out to see the blood and gore, she stops cold in her tracks, closes her eyes and now it's her turn to count, to catch her breath and to force herself to stay calm.

"Ser Dmitry, Ser Inigo, or Master Kain," Kittridge calls over from Rosanna's side, "Can you see the horses and the supplies brought up? The ladies shouldn't be walking far like this. And yes, they're all alright here, it seems," he offers.

Justin angles right into the woods where Jensen dissappeared and in a moment, he's gone as well, swallowed up by the trees as he ran after the man with his sword - with or without Jarod to follow.

Dania is dirty, but her hair is still pinned up and she is carefully making her way out as her stiff joints protest. She also looks strained and exhausted. Once she is out of the hole she blinks as her eyes adjust to the bright light. She for once does not give curtsies. Instead she stands there in the open air taking deep breaths of air as she fills her lungs, cleansing them of the stench of the cave. She brings her arms above her head and you can hear joints popping. There is a gusty sigh of relief as she rolls her neck and then she stretches again. Her eyes are closed and she is barefoot and dressed in just a linen chemise that looks like it has seen better days. She finally opens her eyes again and then she offers a proper stiff unbalanced curtsey as her whole body is stiff. "Thank you, milord and good masters." She says to them. The carnage does nothing to her instead. Blinks again. "I need to find my supplies unless Good lords you brought supplies for healing with you?" Her manner is formal and focused.

"I'm fine," Roslyn replies through tears, though her gaze does not lift from her feet to find her brother. She does request, quietly, "Describe the bodies; what they looked like?" She will do a tally in her thoughts.

Not paying much attention to the hugging and kissing that was happening, Martyn is still taking deep breaths now. Stepping to the side as the women gets to go outside now, he looks around the cave with narrowed eyes at the moment. Waiting until as many as possible of the women has gotten outside, hopefully all of them, before turning towards one of the walls, and after a little while those outside can hear the sound of a sword rather violently striking said wall, a number of times. And then silence for a while, still without him stepping back outside, until he finally appears in the opening again, expression stony for the moment.

Jocelyn comes slowly out of the mouth of the cave, limping along. As daylight reaches her, her eyes squint and shut, pausing in her movement, blinded by it. Being in the dark for so long, the natural light hurts! Slowly her eyes peak open, only seeing a blurry mess at first, and then lots of people all around. Her undergarments are dirtied white and clutches one hand around the front of them to keep them from appearing too see through in the daylight.

"I'm fine," Anais assures Jarod, though it seems as much for herself as for him. Slowly, she lowers her arm, though she still squints in the sunlight. "They took our shifts on…the second day, but that's all." Well. For her at least. And indeed, despite some dirt and the fact that she's rather lacking in clothing, she doesn't appear to be injured.

What the hell, Jarod. As soon as Lucienne spots her half brother, her paces picks up; she comes at him at a run, wincing as debris on the ground crunches and stings her bare feet. Be careful with that sword, for Luci intends on claiming a hug - she throws herself bodily at her half-brother, a muddy mess of lady with tears streaming down her cheeks. She sobs.

Inigo is not a Terrick boy, but he's happy to see you, Lucienne? More than not happy, anyway. "Lady Lucienne," he greets, followed by. "Lady Anais." He pauses and squints, looking around at faces and finding a few missing. "Are you alright? Where are the others—?" He begins in question, before he hears Kittridge call out. Brows knitting slightly, he nods. "Yeah, I can do that, ser," he calls back to the other man, and sets off to see the horses and the supplies brought up.

The ranger nods to Kittridge and is about to turn and leave to do just as requrested. That is until he see Dania. "Dania…" he murmurs, apparently not expecting the healer to be amoung those the captured. Walking a slight limp, he unclips the gilly cloak he's so fond of, it's multiple colors of greens, browns, blacks, and golds blended together in a camoflauged pattern. If she'll let him, he'll drape it over her shoulders. "Mistress Dania…are you alright?" he asks earnestly, before he looks back towards the area where the horses are kept. "Actually hold, that thought. I'll be right back. But hang onto that cloak if you could." Offering a small smile he moves off to retrive the supplies, slowed by his limp, arrow stuck in his leg.

"Joce, come here.." he calls over to his cousin, and there he is looks back to his sister. Sword placed down as arms then move to crumple her in. Let her eyes look to his shoulder, which might have some blood, though with the dark leather, it will probably appear as almost nothing. "Dear Seven and mother I am glad you are alive." Rutger says softly as one hand goes to catch her hair and cradle her head. As for the descriptions, the Nayland gives his best quieted remarks on the subject. Being sure to note things like mustaches and fingers.

Kamron relaxes a degree more as Saffron exits, "Lady Saffron." And then looks back to the opening, "Lady Muirenn… she was one of those taken away?" He waits just long enough to get a response, then turns back to the Baneforts (including the nee Banefort), hooking his axe into his belt-loop and starting to strip off his leather jerkin to reveal the neutral-colored linen shirt beneath, "Lady Anais, Lady Saffron. You're hurt…" For once, the Mallister man's words fail him, and then he blinks, ignoring the half-open jerkin to fumble a few rolls from his belt-pouch and a waterskin from the back of his belt, offering them out silently to the women.

Cherise exits the bandit hole with help from Darra. Instantly she raises a hand to shield her eyes against the sun's bright glare. She has one arm braced along her handmaiden's shoulder's for help. That ugly bruise from being struck with a bow had colored a bit more apparently. She does search the group of men and their banners that do not belong to her. "Where is my husband?" She asked softly, her voice scratched and dry. "WHERE IS MY HUSBAND!?" Very unlike her.

Saffron lingers near Tiaryn, and she reaches to give the woman's hand a gentle squeeze. She watches almost enviously as the Naylands and Terricks reunite, and there is a sudden longing in the center of her chest that slides down to her gut. The Banefort feels suddenly so far away. Then she hears her name, and she looks over toward Kamron with a tilt of her bruised face. A strange nervousness comes over her, but she frowns it down. She steps forward just a bit, but does not seem willing to leave Tiaryn's side completely. She takes the roll first and foremost, and offers half of it to Tiaryn.

Jarod very hastily puts his sword away so Lucienne doesn't impale herself - or possibly him - when she hugs him. He also a mess - a bloody one in his case - so they will both only be more gross when they're done hugging. Not that he cares, enveloping her tight. "Luci…thank the Seven…it's all right…it'll be all right now…" He repeats that a few times, as it's just one of those things you say. He nods along with Anais as she claims to be all right. Then reaches out an arm and, awkwardly, attempts to pull her into the hugging.

Rosanna mostly just — attaches herself to Kittridge's side. She is not letting go anytime soon.

At the call of her name, Jocelyn look up, wincing again at the light. She moves slowly and carefully toward her Cousin. "Rutger." She says only the name in a soft rasped voice, and then a small smile blooms on her face. Without invitation, she falls against his side, shaking still as she clings to the side of her male cousin, feeling her throat contract she says nothing else, her eyes begin to fill with tears once again at the contact.

What with the other two off managing the horses, Ser Dmitry sidles up to the rest of the Terrick contingent, although he does not attempt to join in the hug circle of his cousins for whatever reason. For once smiling in a way that is neither sharp nor sly, he slants a look over the tearful reunion with twitched-up eyebrows, and lifts his gaze to Jarod's, something warmer than his ordinary caustic humor lighting his dark eyes. "Should have brought brandy with us, cousin," he opines. Helpful Dima.

"Thank you Master Kain." Dania says to him as she wraps the cloak around herself. From her tone she is grateful for this. She moves to stiffly follow him. "You should sit tell me where it is Master Kain and I will get it." She says as she follows after him. She is still and that cloak is the best thing since slice bread at the moment it hides her. With every step she takes she swears her joints are creaking.

Shoulders tight with stress and lingering tension, it finally softens as her brother's arms wrap around her for a true hug. Roslyn's arms sneak back around him, but she listens carefully to those details. She makes a displeased, choking noise at some missing, answering quietly, "They are not all dead." They should be, every last damn one, obviously. She adds quieter, finally tearing her gaze to look at Jocelyn, "We did not fight them. Others talked back, and tried to—." She shakes her head, simply.

"Please don't." Anais sidesteps Jarod's attempt at a hug with those quiet words, shaking her head slightly. "They left with Muirenn, Cordelya, and Ilaria shortly before you arrived," she adds in answer to the question of where the others are. "Muirenn is feverish, Cordelya is strained, but no one has suffered any permanent damage yet, to my knowledge." She recites the information like a soldier, though there's a certain detachment there as well. Shock? Maybe.

"It's not all right, you big… you big… you poxy-feathered goose!" That's Lucienne, ranting at Jarod as she wraps her arms tightly about him. "Everyone else was first in to save us, and I didn't even know if you were coming! You're a terrible brother. The most terrible brother that ever was terrible and a brother." Despite his terrible brotherness, she isn't letting go, smooshing her face up against his chest like a terrible (scared) sister.

Martyn steps away from the entrance after a few more pauses, looking around carefully before he spots Dania, heading over in the woman's direction now, a bit slowly. Not paying much attention to the others at the moment.

One arm moves from Roslyn, as he is quick to bring the other woman in with him, and his sister, and slide his arm protectively around her. There. All Nayland women are accounted for and Rutger has them. "It's alright. We will get you both home. Safe and sound..I am so terribly sorry." Rutger seems apt to ramble. No longer the polished courtier in these circumstances. "Did they? I mean to ask…Did any one of them…to you?"

"They did not touch any of us in that way," Roslyn answers, her words taking on a keen edge of frustration at having to reply at all to that question, for all the necessity of it. She also answers in a voice that carries, as if to spare the other women having to speak up on it. At least, certainly her cousin.

"And you're as mean and ungrateful a sister as anyone ever had," Jarod mutters thickly to Lucienne, hugging her tighter. He might snuffle a little. He just might. "Justin's here. He's off killing the last of them. He'll do it slow and painful." Which he seems to mean to be comforting. A look over her head at Anais, more worried by that response, but he just nods. "We've horses enough to get them back, I think. There're healers back at Tordane Tower who can see to all of you."

Sniffling, Jocelyn tilts her head up to look at Rutger, blinking away more tears so that they fall down her face. "They made me sing." she says, as if it was terrible and then they struck, Lady Rosanna and Lady Saffron… Because.." she sniffles some more. "Well, because they could." Which is why she has the cut on her face and accounts for some of the stratches that are all over her body.

"Did you bring food?" Rosanna asks Kittridge a little pathetically. Okay you rescued us now feed us. What have you done for me lately?

Kamron looks over at Anais' straight-forward announcement of the others, offering out the other roll to her. His eyes curl slowly back to Saffron, however, and then past her to Tiaryn — and then right back to the Banefort. The shout from Cherise causes one tired cheek to jump, and he reaches back with his right hand to run it through his hair a bit nervously. "Um." Very eloquent. "That is… we have food and a healer coming. And horses." Yup, still eloquent, repeating Jarod, and not awkward at all. "Oh. Right." And then he's digging into his belt-pouch again, pulling out a small cloth-wrapped bundle and offering it out to Saffron, "From Mistress Morla." And then he assays a tiny bit of a grin, "I like your new dress. Much better."

Sniffling, Jocelyn tilts her head up to look at Rutger, blinking away more tears so that they fall down her face. "They made me sing." she says, as if it was terrible "…and then they struck me, Lady Rosanna and Lady Saffron… Because.." she sniffles some more. "Well, because they could." Which is why she has the cut on her face and accounts for some of the stratches that are all over her body. (fixed this)

Kittridge hugs his sister tight again, and grumbles against her hair, "You are never leaving Kingsgrove ever, EVER again. And yes, there'll be food with the blankets and horses."

Rutger nods to his sister, coughing awkwardly there before he holds the pair of them all the more tighter. "Good." said softly, before he is looking back towards Jocelyn at her proclamation. "Of those alive- do you see any of the offenders now?" Because the night will be long for them. And full of terrors. Or torture. One of the two.

"I just want to go home, please," Anais says quietly to Jarod, not quite looking at anything as she takes the offered roll from Kamron with a gracious nod that would be much more in place in a grand hall than in the middle of the woods. She takes a small, measured bite of the roll, then almost focuses on Jarod for a moment. Almost. "Has anyone told Jacsen yet?" she asks with careful neutrality.

"Mistress Dania." Kain replies, stopping in his walk. "I think you've been through enough, haven't you?" he asks her, voice as soft and quiet as it ever is. "Please, allow me to return the favor to take care of you for spell. You are sore and tired, the least I can do is make sure you are looked after. Everyone else is…" he looks past her to the nobility looking after each other. "…is taking care of their family."

"Except to go to Lannisport. But one of us is going with you. Maybe both of us," Nicodemus adds to Kitt's words. "Are you all right, Rosanna? Did any of them try to strike you?"

Luci looks up, tears streaking pale paths down her dirty (and now somewhat bloodied) face. "Stonebridge?" She sounds confused, and a little disappointed. "Why Stonebridge? I want to go home." She pouts at Jarod, an expression last worn during their childhood.

Tia pauses as Saffron squeezes her hand, and she gives her a quick smile, tired as it is. The offer of half the roll gets a bigger smile. "Saffron, thank you," she says simply. She holds the roll for a moment, looking to make sure everyone has someone taking care of them.

From the corner of her Dania see's she is being followed she stops in her tacks and she stiffs for a moment. "May I help you Lord Ser?" She then looks to Kain as he speaks to her. "I need work then I will rest you are hurt, let me help you. Please I need this and I need to find my horse. I have been idle for three days. Please, you can care for me by letting me care for you. You do not want that wound turning septic."

Rosanna swallows hard against Nicodemus's question, even as she hugs Kittridge back. "He told me to sing," she says. "So I sang about how my brothers were going to kill him. He knocked me down."

"Which one did?" Kittridge asks his sister, looking at Nicodemus. Hopefully one they killed.

Saffron has remembered her father's words, and slowly nibbles on the half roll as her stomach aches for the sustenance. She smiles over at Tiaryn at her word of thanks. "You're welcome," she says softly. An observer now, she watches all the interactions as she nibbles on the plain bread. Her gaze shifts over toward Cherise with a slight startlement, but it is soothed almost instantly as she hears the calm voice of the Mallister once more. She blinks in surprise at the words from the knight, and finally she speaks in a small, croakish voice — a result of her bruised throat. "Thank you," she says softly, and in somewhat surprise. She feels the package cautiously with her fingers before she offers Kamron to hold the half-eaten roll. And damnit, he'll do it. Then she opens up the little parcel. There inside nestled in the white fabric is a small apple bundt cake — something that the Banefort cooks always made for the girls.

"I'd think it'd be reasonably practical to get us home proper," Dmitry says, with a distant look of calculation briefly infiltrating his expression. He tips his head. "After such accomodations as these, would you be in the mood for hospitality?"

At Rutgers question, Jocelyn looks around them, her constant shaking has stopped, but she is trembling now and again against him. Seeing the bandit tied up near the caves mouth, she lifts a trembling hand and points. "That one." frowning, "Thats one of them!" tells her cousin. "He put his hand on a number of us."

"The one who made me dance—he is missing," Roslyn replies quietly, bursting out into fresh tears as she admits that. Anger also flushes her cheeks, her fingers balling into fists against Rutger's chest.

"Jacsen's waiting for you at Tordane Tower, Anais," Jarod replies to that. "He came down from the Roost when he heard you were taken." He sounds very much like he'd like to add more, but it's left at that. Kamron's awkwarding at Saffron might prompt a blink of surprise. Not something he's used to seeing in the Mallister man. But he's got too many other things, and women, on his mind to dwell too much just now. Whatever he said before, Lucienne's proclamation about wanting to go home draws a smile. "Ser Hardwicke and Ser Kell'll take you. You can go home."

If they haven't killed him yet, the way Nicodemus's eyes narrows promises they will do, shortly. "Which one?" he

Rosanna turns her gaze over to poor Fat Fingers. Who is dead at the cave entrance. Looking grimly satisfied, she says, "Him."

There's a momentary pause as Martyn looks between Dania and Kain, before he looks straight to the woman. "My sister… How was she…?" Seems like he's having trouble getting the sentence properly together at the moment. Looking away, he takes a few deep breaths, before he looks back to the woman again. "Please… Tell me…"

And Rutger's eyes slide to poor Rolf who was named for whatever thing he did. There's a grimace as he picks up his sword-releasing the the two women briefly. And then he sheathes it. "Ser Jarod." called out to the other Nayland knight. "Make sure that one is brought with us to Stonebridge. He has crimes he needs to atone for." And he will have a long night of atonement to be sure.

"Ah," Kittridge nods as Rosanna points out Fat Fingers and he nods back at his twin. "Good," he says simply. At Rutger's call, he sighs. "Ser Rutger, this is Terrick land," he says, "The prisoner, or prisoners, if that other one lives, will go to the Roost."

"I suspect your horse, along with the other ladies' were either killed or taken off to be sold." Kain supplies to Dania carefully, not looking all that pleased that she's so determined to come along. His limp is light, even though the arrow is bobbing along, sticking out of his thigh. Still, it's ignored. Because it has to be. Seeing Martyn appear and talk Dania, he continues on, the Mallister a good distraction so he can help bring the horses and supplies back. Which isn't all that far away. With the others, he helps walk back a pair of horses, one he happened to pick out that had particular supplies Dania was looking for in one of it's saddle bags.

"Good," Nicodemus agrees, glaring over at the corpse of Fat Fingers as if he might be tempted to trudge over there and kick it just for good measure. BEING DEAD ISN'T ENOUGH.

Tia actually hears Martyn's question this time. She gives Saffron a smile and she moves over to him, reaching a hand to his shoulder. "Muirenn is sick, but she'll be okay. She just needs to rest and be treated. And Mistress Dorsey, please. We're all going to the same place. There's a camp with a maester to take care of us. All of us. And that includes you."

Anais blinks at Jarod's answer, that news breaking through some of the shock. "He did?" Maybe someone will be able to pass that surprise off as an effect of her ordeal later. As the tears start to fall around her, Anais closes her eyes, one shoulder rising almost defensively. After a deep breath, and one more look around the crowd, she walks toward Dmitry, leveling a steady eye on the Terrick lord. "Would you please take me to wherever I have to go to leave this place?" she asks in a low tone.

Kamron seems to have picked up the strays — Saffron and Tiaryn — but he doesn't seem to be complaining in the slightest. He takes the half-eaten roll from Saffron, leaning forward a little to look at what's inside the parcel. And then he manages to grin just a bit more, "Very practical." Now with both of the women he's apparently shepherding having something to eat, and left with a bit more food, he looks over to Jarod, trying to catch his eye for a moment. Once he does, he tosses the roll over to the other man. His half-sister's probably hungry too. Looking back to Saffron and Tiaryn, he starts to reach out a hand to touch the Banefort's arm, then immediately stops, letting his hand drop back to his side. "Do you want to get started? Or wait for the horses?" He blinks again, shifting his attention to include Tiaryn again in the questions, "Your family will be there in Stonebridge."

Through this reunion of kin not her own Cherise is beginning to stumble as she wanders off in search of familiarity.

"He's for the hangman's noose, my lord, but there may be more of his kind in these woods. Should be questioned first." Jarod replies to Rutger, nodding in agreement with Kittridge. "What's more, he yielded to Lord Justin. That's his prisoner. I suspect we…" He has to stop himself and amend. "…I suspect if you offered a Nayland man to…assist…in the questioning of him, it'd be welcomed most heartily." He watches Anais go, again looking like he has more to say, but he doesn't just now.

And lo, the horses arrive! So everyone can get food and blankets and mount up and ride off to wherever they are going at their leisure.

Dania looks to Martyn. "She is sick, her lungs are compromised and she has a fever. I tried to barter for my supplies that I had brought with me. But they would not give them. She was starting to cough up blood from her throat being raw. We used the water to keep her fever down but she is very weak and she needs right away. Do you know where she is? I am sorry would have done more but there was little I could do." She tells him and she looks down at the ground. She looks over at Tia and nods a little. Her gaze goes to Kain next.

"I expect so, my lady," Dmitry says with the sketch of a little bow. He is being terribly good and making no terrible jokes at all! Strange. "I believe the horses are being fetched now; but it will be my honor to escort you, naturally."

Kamron is awkwarding, Saffron is awkwarding. At least they are providing an equal amount of awkwarding, and will probably continue to awkward for a little while longer. "I want to get started," she says in a hoarse little voice, though something in her tone suggests there is something more to that statement. Then as the horses arrive, she looks back up at him with those pale eyes. "Will you ride with me?" Then she pauses. "Did Lord Walden… send someone along?" She adds, as if that is an important initial question.

Gathering her shift around her as dignified as she can, Roslyn moves to claim a horse, the better to get out of here quicker and to find the hottest bath she can. She only waits long enough for her cousin, for her brother to escort her.

At hearing Rugters taking care of the nasty Bandit, Jocelyn smiles to herself and glances over at Roslyn. She glances towards the horses. Home. Thats what those horses him to signify for her and thats the only reason she is able to pull herself away from Rutger and follow after her cousin towards them. To go home.

Being one of the bearer of horses, he gestures at one of the saddlebags for Dania. "There's healer supplies in that bag." he offers her, only now taking a moment to reach down and pull the arrow from his leg. Thankfully it just hit the meat of his thigh, no arteries or anything cause him to start spurting blood. Looking the arrow over, like the ranger that he is, he doesn't waste anything, wiping his own blood on his pant let and inserting in his quiver with the others. "I would be happey to escourt you whenever you wished to you, Mistress."

Anais looks intensely grateful for Dmitry's easy formality, nodding to him in return before taking another small bite of bread. "I am going to need a little bit of help getting onto my horse with any dignity," she informs the man. Wearing nothing but a tunic will do that, after all.

Rutger mainly shrugs at Kittridge's words before he is looking to seeing his Sister and Cousin, as Lucamore and the other squires show with horses and all for the ladies and knights. It appears the Nayland knight is not pressing the issue on the lone bandit for right now.

Martyn pauses for a few moments at that hand on his shoulder, and hearing his sister's state. "I knew it…" he mutters under his breath. "Mother's going to be furious…" He then nods at Dania, offering her a weak attempt at a smile. "I know you did your best," he offers, before he leans towards her for a few moments, to whisper something. That done he looks to that bound bandit, eyes narrowing a bit, but he doesn't move in that direction.

"I am terribly helpful," Dmitry assures Anais with a crisp almost-but-not-qutie cheer as he flanks her up to the horse. "Ah — leg, m'lady? Arm? One of each?" (Collect all — oh, never mind.)

Jarod sticks with Lucienne, and the prisoner, who're presumably all going in the same direction to start things off. He'll help save Rolf for Hardwicke and Justin and company to deal with.