Last Testament

A letter delivered to Valda Tordane just prior to the Battle of the Trident, in 283 A.L.

HL Valda Tordane

My dear Valda,
There is to be battle within the week. My men and Jerold's are to stand together beneath Ser Robert's own banner opposite the tyrant's standard. Pray to the Seven that this fight goes well, and that the Warrior keeps our Geon safe (and spare a good thought for your old husband, as well!), but many of the men have gotten to writing home in case of the worst, and I have seen the wisdom of this.

Should the Seven deprive me of my life, I trust you to find a fitting match for Geonis, even if it ends up being that Frey girl whose eyes were too far apart.

I can hardly bring myself to consider, and forgive me if these words are unkind and unneccessary, but if our boy should be taken from us, I would see Isolde married to Jaremy Terrick (thanks be to the Father that Jerold in his wisdom spared that boy the present danger!) so that my little girl might be as happy as the loss of her father and brother could allow.

Should fate spare him, I beg you: be kind to Gedeon, though he is not of your blood, he is dear to me. For my sake, see that he is well treated and provide for his knighthood when he comes of age.

I have knighted Wayland. Your cousin has long been prepared for the honor, and I thought it only fit to see him enter battle as a knight. Thus, the treasury may be a bit thin for a time (I made him a gift of better armor), but matters of gold are trivial before those of a gentleman's honor. Wayland has agreed to remain at Stonebridge and serve as protector to my family, should the worst come to pass.

I have always wanted another tournament, ever since our wedding day. See to it that should I die, a day of jousting be held to celebrate my memory, with largesse given to our smallfolk. If the Warrior is kind, Geonis will win the tilts, I can imagine no better way for the lad to win his first tourney than on the day he becomes Lord (Bless him, but the boy would never win at the tilt while I live!).

Ser Geoffrey Tordane

Post Script:
Having read through this once after writing it, I suspect that if I die you might be angry with me for letting those be my last words to you. Think of me fondly, and know that I think fondly of you, my dear. You will need to be strong in the coming years, for Issie's sake as well as for our people. Though we had quarrelled before I left, it is forgotten. I love you.