Laryssa Haigh


Being born a few years after Sabiel put Laryssa Haigh solidly in her sister's shadow. On the one hand, she had nowhere to go but up provided she was even halfway interested in becoming a proper lady. On the other hand, if she did behave… it meant much less parental (or even House) attention.

Laryssa Haigh was both of these things.

Even from a young age, she had a dislike of going out into nature. That plant made her sneeze. That bug stung her. A dog once even tried to attack her (it was just running up to say hello, but to a prissy 4-year-old, there was no difference). Horses were the only thing the family was able to get her interested in and perhaps only then because she loved the idea of being an elegant lady with gowns flowing down a dark flank.

In the years that followed as she reached those more formulative childhood years, Laryssa was happy to focus on the trappings of being a proper Lady. From embroidery to singing. Knowledge of heraldry and history to the intricacies of running a household. Laryssa excelled at it all.

She often felt a resentment towards things with her sister. It was never at Sabriel directly she felt this, but more at their family. So much time and focus went into Sabriel as the eldest and a wildchild, that Laryssa felt she could pass unnoticed. She began to use this to her advantage over time: listening in on conversations because everyone was too focused elsewhere. Sneaking out at night to overhear her father meeting with other local Lords because it was simply taken for granted that she would be in bed, like a proper Lady.

Subterfuge became Laryssa's solace. She began to wrap herself in it, to fancy herself a spy amongst the noblefolk. She was caught at her games once when younger; attiring herself as a kitchen maid, having bribed the actual girl meant to serve the meal with some coin. She'd forgotten to remove a favorite piece of jewelry and embarassed the whole of dinner by serving at the lower tables. Fortunately, there were no visitors and it was all the usual Household. They had a laugh about the frivolities of girls at such a young age and moved on.

Laryssa just took it as a need to improve. She's never been caught since, though she rarely does things so bold- she's learned the art of biding her time and doing things step by step and piece by piece.

This style has been primarily used in more recent years to begin finding herself a good husband. She knows, as the second (and more well-behaved) daughter that she won't have much help from the family. They're all focused on marrying Sabriel off to someone who will manage her, while being a suitable fit for her station.


Lord Raldon Haigh - Father
Lady Amellia Haigh nee Terrick - Mother
Lady Sabriel Haigh - Sister

Physical Features

This young woman is still coming into her own. Her frame is sleight, built for grace rather than strength. Slim shoulders build into long arms, with lithe fingers. Most of her — fairly petite — height is in her legs, though she has little definition between waist and hips. There's a gentle curve to her bust, but little else that speaks of true feminity in her build. Her skin is a soft olive, but shows little sign of time spent out in the sun. Dirty blonde hair is left long, falling into gentle waves to mid-back: undertones of brown, but blonde in the outer layers. She has round features with a snub little nose above bow lips. Her eyes are a bit wide-set, but a very pale, steely blue.

Allies and Foes

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