Page 442: Lady Ambassador
Lady Ambassador
Summary: Tyroan and the new Frey Ambassador, Lady Firth, sit down to talk.
Date: 8/October/2012
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Tyroan Firth 
Map Room, Tordane Tower
In the first pose
8 September, 289

Tyroan let the new Frey Ambassador a day to get settled in. Perhaps it was too much, but there's a lot to do trying to claw a holding out of a hole. But today he sent a note with the servants bringing breakfast to let the Ambassador know that the Steward was open to seeing her any time during the day, and that he could be found in the map room. This was a new designation for the room, which was once the smallest of the guest rooms. Now the old furniture has been cleared out, and a high table — built to be stood around — and chairs to match have replaced it. The table is covered in maps and ledgers, and the Steward works at them, facing the door. Evidently, he means to stay shoulder-deep in the day-to-day working of the castle, town, and land.

Firth is dressed in rich grey velvet again; the gown shows little in the way of ornamentation but the fabric itself makes up for it. Her hair is simply done and is covered with a gauzy veil. She is as always walking slowly with her cane. Reaching the door she pauses and leans her weight on the cane as she raps her knuckles against the heavy door. Patiently she waits for him to give her the okay to enter.

Tyroan looks up at the rap on the door, calling out, "Enter." He doesn't look up from his ledger, however, until the door is actually open. Recognizing the newcomer, he bows his head, coming around the table to make a welcoming gesture toward the table and high chairs, "Lady Firth. Please come in. I was hoping we'd get to talk today."

"As was I, I hope your day is going well?" Firth says to him as she offers him warm smile and a bow of her head. Her green eyes take in everything in. She moves to take the seat that he had gestured towards. Slow stiff movements bring her to the chair. Once she is settled she hangs her cane on the edge of the table. "I like this room it is functional, and is a good meeting room." Another smile is given while she arranges her skirts around her. "I have a feeling you may have some questions, our first meeting though very pleasant was not fruitful in the sense of business."

Tyroan gestures toward the ledgers at her query about his day, snorting softly but not speaking further on that particular point. He moves back around the table as she takes her seat, leaning his forearms on the high surface, "You'll find I'm like the room, Lady Ambassador. Functional, not pretty." A dry smirk cuts across his features, "Looks empty inside, but surprisingly cluttered with dry-ass knowledge." He nods his head sharply at her statement, "You said Lord Frey wants more out of Stonebridge than taxes. Would you expand on that?"

"You have been given a chance to make this place shine again. There are waterways for trade and the soil is not bad for farming. He wants this place to thrive and be strong. It was at one point the pride of the Terricks. But, the Terricks as we know are not good custodians of their land. Under the Tordanes it did not thrive. The Lady of Stonebridge, my niece was off to a good start. But, you sir can take this land polish and make it yours and make it the jewel among all the other Frey Vassals. You have the abilities or else he would not put in this place. He has confidence in your skill. Do not get me wrong he does want taxes from this land, like he wants taxes from all his lands. But, as I said before he also wants this place to thrive." Firth says to him as she slowly shifts her weight in her seat as she stretches her leg out. "When we first met I had told you that I was here only as advisor and I mean that. I do have some skills or my Lord Father would not have requested me to be here. You are free to utilize those skills if you wish. But, this is your charge, your jewel to polish at this moment. Prove him right."

She pauses and smiles. "I am here to help you make that progress and to ensure you are able to make that progress."

Tyroan nods his bald head at the first statement, although that smirk returns just a little as the Frey Lady continues onward. "Ana and I've already started that. Rebuilding relationships as well as the town." He grunts softly, "Once we get things settled with the wolfshead in Highfield, we'll bring the citizens back, and then we can really rebuild." Pushing up with his forearms, he settles himself with the heels of his hands bracing on the edge of the high table, "Lady Isolde wasn't much better with coin than Rickart's favorite boy, and we're gonna have to raise tariffs. If you've got input on how much we should raise it, I'll take the advice." He holds up one hand, "I may not end up doing what you suggest, but I'll always listen."

"How much trade do you think you will be getting from the roads and how much from the water way? I would suggest starting only to tax goods coming in and slowly increasing the taxes for goods going out. It will allow your merchants and farmers a chance to rebuild and a chance to sell their own goods at a decent price. There is no sense in causing more issues with smallfolk, local merchants and craftsman. You need them on your side. I would also suggest that you try and get more trade with the Roost and Heronshurst. Money is money but I can guarantee you that Charltons will be figuring out way to increase your tariffs for anything coming out of here. If they did not I would be surprised." Firth tells him. "My suggestion of an actual number would be dependent on your importing and exporting of goods. You have been handed a mess." She says gently. "How are you thinking of handling the talks with the Charltons?"

Tyroan grunts softly, hauling over one of the ledgers so he can refer to it, "Most of the tariffs come from water traffic, Lady Firth. Not by a lot, but by enough. With only the Terricks and Groves beyond us by land, the land traffic can't keep up with the river." He's quiet for a moment at the suggestion, but nods, "Most of the tariffs come from cargo moving from ships to barges. That costs the merchants bringing the cargo in, not the bargemen. We'll be raising our tariffs on everyone, but Heronhurst'll get the best deal." There's a pause, and his little smirk goes very dry indeed, "Besides The Twins, of course. We'll use the tariffs to gain some friends at The Roost and Kingsgrove, and maybe even try for Lord Haystacks. But prices will go up for everyone. They have to, if we're getting back on our feet." Cracking the knuckles of his right hand against his left, he adds, "The Charltons… all I care about is getting an end to this. If I have to throw one of Rickart's idiot sons under a wagon, I'll do it."

"I have spoken to Lord Aliester and Harold a time or two. They were thinking they were the favored of Lord Walder. Because of a marriage between Harold and one of my half-sisters, to be honest he is not. He has made mistakes but will not see it. He also is high handed with his people. I believe that his people will turn on him in a heartbeat. He is also prideful and has a missed placed sense of honor. He wants this land and the waterways." She tells him. "Be prepared, he has already taken control of some of the Tall oaks lands from my understanding. My advice to you would be to think. What is short term for him and you will have long reaching affects later, do not agree to his terms hastily think them out and think them out in terms of years not days." She frowns a little. "He no issues of biting the hand that feeds or turning on people, he is in my eyes an uncomfortable bed mate."