Page 514: Known by Everyone?
Known by everyone?
Summary: Lord Perrin, Ladies Joceleyn & Nedra, Deputy Sheriff Mortimer gather to discuss current events. Freya joins, Perrin departs, Alric joins, and things are said.
Date: 19/December/2012
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Market Place ~ Terrick's Roost
Residents of the town and surrounding area bring their wares to sell here among small tables built upon the slate grey stone flooring of the outdoor expanse. The area is surrounded by thatched roof buildings and shops on all sides with roads and paths winding their way in and out of this thriving part of town. Most of the commercial capacity of Terrick's Roost can be found here with the storefronts attracting the attention of those among all classes
Wed Dec 19, 289

A small group of musicians is set up at the center of the market, taking advantage of the paved area to busk for coins as they stroll in and around the booths set up. Their music draws the attention of those already in the market, word spreading just as easily from person to person as the sound of the music drifts above the din of voices raised in conversation or bartering. With a wicker basket carried with one arm, Nedra is moving through the marketplace toward the sound of that lively music, the basket carrying on a handful of small items, and the young maid at her side is practically dancing with each step the nearer they get.

Rest. If he gets any more rest he will go positively nuts. So when Jocelyn was away Perrin gets out and about. Where else would he go but to the market on this fine day. And so there he is. Looking fit as a fiddle as he walks along, back into his normal attire. It's the music that draws him from the booths so he turns and begins to make his way through the crowds to watch and listen. Ahead of him is a familiar duo. Lady Nedra and her maid. Not really pushing his way through he does come up behind Nedra "Well isn't this just dandy?" He asks as he takes his eyes from the Lady to watch the musicians.

It's possibly a sign that Mortimer has been doing his job too long, for while his wife is off seemingly enjoying the music as she browses the market with their son in tow. He's split off and is watching the crowd for anyone who might be taking advantage of the distraction. He's supposed to be resting too, but shopping is just not his thing, watching crowds however.. It's all looking peaceful for now though, although who knows when a little mouse will choose to strike. Both arms currently folded across his chest he leans against the side of a farmer’s cart, ostentatiously passing casual conversation with the farmer as his eyes slowly scan for the tell-tale disturbances that spell trouble.

Just on her way back to the Inn, coming from the direction of the Septa Garden, Lady Jocelyn and her maid have heard the glorious sound of music playing. Delighted with the activey that she has come upon, the Nayland stops to enjoy the music, her eyes graze over the crowd to see if who else is enjoying this music when she spots Nedra and then Perrin approaching her. Making her way to their side she greets, "Lady Nedra…" a look to Perrin, "Ser Perrin, how good to see you out of bed and not resting." she lifts a brow at him at her remark, and give a slight shake of her head in disappointment. Turning her gaze away from him and toward the musicians she comments: "Is this not a wonderful thing? They play so well. I do so enjoy music."

With a laugh, Nedra sends her maid forward, the young girl skipping ahead a few paces to join those at the edge of the crowd around the musicians. She settles the basket at her side and turns to the familiar voice of Lord Perrin, "It is, isn't it?" she agrees and gives him a curtsy to accompany her words of greeting. "How are you this fine day?" is wandered, the late afternoon sun makes the weather downright cheery, if not balmy, and 'lovely' and 'fine' are two words that fit this day. Nedra's glance around to find her maid again finds, instead, Lady Jocelyn, to whom she gives a warm smile as she nods, "it s, I quite agree. And I love music that doesn't' require a dozen intricate steps all perfectly postured and formal to enjoy," is admitted with a grin.

A simple nod of his head and a broad smile is Perrin's answer to Nedra's question. He's about to say something when he spots Mortimer just a few folks away. When he catches the man's eye he will nod his head as it's a bit to loud with the music and those clapping along to actually say something. He turns back to Nedra just as Jocelyn comes up along side. "My Lady," he says enthusiastically which instantly fades as a scolded puppy would do when he hears her words "Oh, Joce, I mean Lady Jocelyn. That room was getting smaller and smaller by the minute. And I feel fine." He takes a half step back "You are looking rather pretty today, is that a new dress?" Then quickly to Nedra "As you are as well, My Lady." When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging so Perrin takes a deep breath and turns back to the musicians and those dancing.

Mortimer spots the nobles as they start to gather, they're not hard to miss after all really. Checking their vicinity he also spots a known face looking their way, some way off, but definitely looking their way. Waiting for the young lad to check the surroundings he's awarded moments later with eye contact and the change in expression that indicated he knows he's been rumbled. A nod of his head in the direction of the square sends the lad off and away before the Deputy pulls himself upright again and moves to mutter a few words in the ear of one of the guards who is actually supposed to be working.
Then, and only then does he give any indication of having seen Perrin's nod and head over. Bows all round and his usual, "m'Lord, m'Ladies," then to Perrin, "sorry m'Lord, just dealing with something minor." The only part of the conversation he actually catches is about dresses, and oddly enough, he doesn't have much to say on that subject so he keeps quiet for now. Still, he should provide a good deterrent for any others with light fingers who might be feeling lucky.

"Intricate steps?" Jocelyn asks Nedra, lifting her hands to applaud when the rest do. "Do you mean in dance or in the actual note of the music itself?" the Nayland maid moves away from her lady and moves a few paces up to stand with Nedra's. Nobles were so boring sometimes, especially when you couldn’t speak out of turn. Perrins reply has her looking back to him, giving a single nod. Giving nothing away of her feeling towards the fact that his left his small room, and just simply moving to "Thank you, My Lord." when he compliments her look of the day, "No, it is the same dress I have had." the compliments were obviously not going to work.
The arrival of Mortimer causes her to incline her head to him. "Good day, Deputy, are you enjoying the music as much as we are? What an unexpected treat to come upon." having remembered his movements from the previous day she looks him over, "I hope you are heeling from your injures." a side glance is given to Perrin and then back to Mortimer, "Rest is so important for ones recovery. I hope you have been trying your best to get some."

Nedra's expression is one of unfettered amusement when Perrin does that quick-spoken compliment (aimed, after thought like) in her direction. "Why, thank you, Lord Perrin," said in a dry tone of voice. The dry tone of voice, the gleam of humor making her eyes sparkle, and she glances from Perrin to Joce (that is, the Lady Jocelyn Nayland, at that), "He's right, though, you do look lovely," she says, "do you recall that evening when we were both wearing a new dress made by Miss Penelope and we made Lord Alric come up with unique praise instead of just 'how pretty'?" she wonders, quiet laughter following her words even as she turns slightly and tips her head in a polite nod of greeting to Mortimer. "Master Trevelyan, good day to you as well, and how are you faring?" is wondered. "Both," she admits in a quieter aside to Jocelyn, "I'm always worried I'll step on toes and it'll be a catastrophe."

"Oh," Perrin replies to Jocelyn when she comments on having had the dress. "Well I agree with Lady Nedra you look great." He listens to Nedra talking about Alric and the half smile of his gets put into place. Whatever his thoughts on the matter are well hidden. Oh good! Another male! "Good day to you, Master Trevelyan. Hows the," he wiggles his fingers as he asks "The hand doing?" Yet when Jocelyn brings up the rest part again he can't help but catch the dig and the cringe is felt but not shown. "Yes, rest is very important to those such as yourself that took the brunt of the fight."
He chuckles at Nedra "That's how I feel. I am always so fearful that I will step on someone's toes. It's hard to get me to dance."

Mortimer glances between Jocelyn and Perrin for a moment, mentally filling gaps with what he hopes is the right assumptions. It's to the Nayland Lady he speaks first though, "I'm told they're healing well m'Lady, thank you. An' aye, I've been taking advantage of being able to sleep in these past two days. Makes a nice change." Given he'd spent the last month up before dawn practically every day, he's enjoying it while he can. There's only so much time he can spend in bed though. He figures he's probably answered Nedra's question so instead of repeating himself he simply offers her a nod and since he can't yet mirror Perrin's finger waggling he instead just lifts the splinted hand up a fraction. "Sore m'Lord, and swollen, but I'm told that'll pass soon enough." Or he hopes it will at least.

"Well, I think you both for the compliment." Jocelyn smiles softly, running her hands over the front of her dress since she was compliment, it made her nervous for some reason, it even required that she focus so that she did not blush at them. Nedra's laugh had always been contagious, and so to start Jocelyn joined in the with bubbly laughter of the beginning part of the story. But when Alric's name is mentioned her smile lowers considerable, and she just smirks and simply nods. "I do remember. Yes. It was here, I do believe. Just before… well, its not important." Because she felt an odd pause in herself, she quickly moved on to a safer topic of conversation: Dancing. "You need to take my advice and wrap your feet as I do before every event. It helps loads, when the Lords and Knights alike step on your feet during the dance. You barely notice it."

To the men she puts her own feeling in on the matter, "Rest is needed no matter the size of the injury. It’s why most go have a rest with a headache. Its the cure all. Nothing heals better than rest and sleep itself." Hearing Mortimers reply, she again inclines her head to him, only this time in agreement with his words. "I'm so glad to hear it. Take as much of that as you can."

Freya Caul enters the marketplace. She is in her azure gown again and looking rather classy for a common girl. Her gait in the clothing has improved recently - so she must finally be getting used to wearing the dress. She joins some of the dancing off to the side for a moment or two as she crosses that part of the market before reaching the assembled array of nobility. Curtseying politely the blonde says simply, "Lords and Ladies," rather than greeet everyone individually.

"Well now, there's a wee bit of a difference between having your toes trod upon, my lord, than having ours trod upon," Nedra replies, extending one leg slightly so that the toes of her soft boots are visible for a moment. "I do imagine that your boots versus mine are a bit.. weightier," she surmises with a grin. "Really? Wrap my feet, I hadn't thought to do so, I'll have to try that next time, or just jot down a list in advance of the dance partners most likely to murder my toes and find polite reasons to avoid dancing with same," she muses with a laugh that fades as her thoughts take a sobering turn. "How is the Lady Hafwen, does anyone know?" she wonders before her eyes alight upon the silk clad Freya Caul, her expression conveying that fine trace of disapproval, subtle though it is.

Perrin looks at the arm as it is shown to him then meets Mortimer's eyes "Well you took a very serious injury Deputy. Take it slow and easy and before you know it it shall be healed." Yes, he can dish it out but… Perrin can only chuckle as Nedra shows him her footwear "Well I promise not to step on any toes, My Lady." He turns next to Jocelyn and nods "Rest is good, most certainly. But when the injury is so slight that not even any herbs are given by the Maester then a day or two should suffice, yes, My Lady?" He says softly to her, a brow raised.
A nod of his head "Mistress Caul. How are you this day? Enjoying the music?"
He smiles to Nedra "I don't think my sister is letting Hafwen out of her sight. I checked on them the other day but her Septa said that both were resting," Oh great, here we go again "and would tell them I had stopped by."

"I will m'Lady," Mortimer answers Jocelyn with a polite nod, "I'm under strict instructions to do so." From both his wife and his Young Lord as it happens, even the healers too actually so he figures he has at least a couple more lazy mornings ahead of him. Freya's arrival is greeted with a brief nod and the now familiar, "Mistress," before his attention is pulled elsewhere by Nedra's query about the Erenford child. He hasn't heard any update himself either, not since they walked out of the woods, so turns to listen as Perrin answers. There's a smile as he hears everything is going well before he offers his own, "I'm glad to hear that m'Lord. They've both been through a trying time I know."

"It really does save your feet, Lady Nedra. I'll show you how when we are in Stonebridge, then you'll know how to prepare for the next dance." a soft laugh is heard coming the Nayland when it mentioned about a list. "If you make a list, I venture to say that it will be come a thing. And all will strive not to be put on… "the list."" When she looks at Nedra's feet, her own wiggle in her soft fabric shoes.
"Good." Jocelyn says, when Mortimer at least takes her words for their face value. When the deputy turns his head to greet Freya on her arrival, Jocelyn takes that moment to look at Perrin at his own question posed to her. Her shoulder lifts and then falls, giving him a shrug and not replying verbally to his question. "Good day, Mistress Caul." comes Jocelyns greeting to her finally. The sudden quiet of Nedra, has Jocelyn looking back at her and seeing the trace of disapproval. Though she doesn’t quite understand it, she links her arm with Nedra and gives a reassuring squeeze.

Freya smiles weakly at Nedra guessing the source of her disapproval but gives it the same transitory treatment that the noblewoman does. After all she is used to being outright hated in the Roost and not too long ago caught a severe beating to remind her.
"Mi'Lord good to see you all hale and hearty," Freya says smiling at her own fatuity. "Been awhile since I had the inclination or opportunity to dance my Lord. Would any of you be up for a turn? I'll take a boy or a girl…" indeed she often has.
"Never much understood the soft felt arrangement around ladies feet," she adds uselessly to the conversation. And glancing at her own.

"I appreciate that, my lord," Nedra says with a glimpse of a grin, her arm linked with Jocelyn's as she gives another slow nod. "I can well understand your sister's wish to not let Lady Hafwen out of her sight. I imagine that, were I in the same position, I would be inclined to do the same," she admits in a quieter murmur. Her head shakes subtly then at Jocelyn, " 'The List' indeed," she agrees with another glimpse of a smile. "Though, I must admit, I think we all have a short list of people we'd prefer not to dance with. Like, say, the ones who indulge in to much snuff and have a tendency to sneeze all over the front of ones perfectly nice gown," the mere memory/example makes Nedra twitch just a little.

Only a shoulder. Huh. Well. Confusion is clear on his face. This is water's he hasn't swam in before it would seem. Perrin crosses his arms over his chest before he shakes his head at Freya "It' really wouldn't be proper, Mistress Caul, to dance in the street." Meaning he at least. He turns back to listen to the music as another tune strikes up again. To Mortimer he looks "I was meaning to offer you, at any time you wish, to come visit us at Broadmoor. It's only a few days ride and in my humble way a chance to say thank you for all you have done in bringing the," he pauses a moment, thinking of the right term it would seem "situation back from where it was headed. As well as your gallantry in the fight we had."

Humor is evidently on Jocelyn's face when Nedra makes mention of the short list of dancers. Since Perrin and Mortimer were engaged in a conversation together, Jocelyn takes that opportunity to learn and say something to Nedra quietly. There a mix of emotions that cross the ladies face. One of humor and then a blush creeps up onto her cheeks. But its more of agitation then embarrassment. Nodding something to Nedra in agreement.
The question of dancing given by Freya makes Jocelyn's head shake, "I thank you, No. I do not wish to dance just today."
A flicker is given to Perrin, but then her attention is distracted by a quiet gesture of Nedra, again her head nods slowly. "We've much to catch up, my friend. So very much."

Mortimer shakes his head slightly at Freya's general offer, raising his hand to emphasises the point. "I'm sure there's plenty lads around would be willing," he offers though, should she feel a particular need to dance, ather than it simply being a conversational point. Perrin's offer distracts him then and he turns to the other man. "Thank you m'Lord," he starts, struggling for a moment to find the right words before he continues, "I'll admit that I don't generally travel, been as far as Stonebridge twice," and both of those were due to war, "but should I ever find myself out that way I'll remember your kind offer."

Nedra's own expression is a mixture of curiosity and agreement as she nods slowly in return, "Indeed we do, I quite agree," she says. "But, as luck would have it, we'll have a good bit of time to do so at Stonebridge," she promises, a touch of a smile returning to her face. "And I promise, my solemn vow, not to try to drag you out with me at dawn to capture the right light so I can paint this or that," she adds, a faint grin tugging at her lips now. "My goodsister Saffron thinks I'm quite mad, I know. But there's only so many kerchiefs I can embroider or cuffs I can fuss with before I start to go a trifle stir crazy myself. Painting gives me such good reasons to be in any one place at any given time. Plus," and she offers a conspiratorial smile, "talk long enough about pigments to some oaf of a boor and eventually - I promise - the good gent in question will find reason to go pay ale-laden compliments to someone else."

Freya as such is the odd one out - Perrin taking the opportunity to speak with Mortimer about invitations and other business. The the noblewomen whispering in relatively conspiratorial tones - she hoped not about her. But then it had been hard for her to be a small target.
Clearing her throat - large blue eyes widening somewhat - her expression reflecting exasperation, "I guess I must be pretty high on that list for everybody then Mi'Lady Nedra," a sort of a sad jape. Her mind wanders briefly to the ongoing task of driving bandits from the roads around Broadmoor. Things being simpler on the road.

It is just about the time that Perrin is going to answer Mortimer that one of his guards approaches and whispers into Perrin's ear. With a nod he looks to the others, each in turn "It seems that a message has come from Broadmoor and I should attend to it. If you all will excuse me?" He cuts his eyes to Jocelyn. Seeming to want to say something then just shrugs "Then some rest might be a good thing." Resigned.

There was much that Jocelyn was leaving unrevealed this day, and it did not stop with the person that she considered her closest friend. Nodding in agreement with her, but then she breaks into laughter. "Aw, you've gone and vowed that now. and I was so going to ask if if you'd help me with my painting. I'm not very good, and I wish to get better. I thought perhaps we could go paint together and you could advise me on what I'm doing wrong. I think I could learn much from you." The guard that comes to Perrins side takes Jocelyns attention, there is a bit of sadness on her face that he is being called off, but business was business. She lowers into a small curtsey towards him, tilting her head to him. "I hope you mean what you say, My Lord, and rest when you have a the chance. Good Day to you, Ser Perrin."

"Good evening to you, Lord Perrin, and do rest well," Nedra says before her eyes, and then her entire focus, briefly alights upon Freya. "Everybody, Ms Caul?" she wonders aloud in return, one eyebrow arching subtly upward. "I haven't met 'Everybody' myself, so I can't speak to a honest sampling of such opinion, collective or otherwise. It would be a rather grand thing, I should imagine, to not only have met Everyone but to also have made a significant impact - upon meeting - to be thought of, at large, by Everyone." She casts a glance toward Jocelyn, "That would be something, wouldn't it, to be known by Everyone, here or otherwise. Why, I don't think I, personally, can put name to everyone even in this market alone." Nedra skims her gaze slowly around the crowd, only picking out a handful of faces to which she can reliably place name, "No, I dare say only a fraction of this number could I greet properly. To think that you would be on a list for Everybody, Ms Caul, does hint that you have such a high regard for yourself. A former thief that consorted with bandits, nay, I doubt that only a few in this city proper recognize you on sight, let alone know your proper name and mode of polite address. Now, as to any list.. I would imagine that you are, perhaps, on one or two, but I do not believe this topic requires that any more words be weighed upon it."

"Of course m'Lord," Mortimer offers with a slight bow to Perrin as the Lord makes his departure. Watching for a moment as the other man heads off he catches sight of the his family making their way back, obviously having finished with the shopping. "If you'll excuse me m'Ladies, Mistress," he offers, bows given to Jocelyn and Nedra, a nod to Freya. "I fear however that I must now depart." Perhaps in the nick of time as the conversation between the women takes a turn he doesn't particularly want to stick around for, not when he's supposed to be resting anyway.

Jocelyn watches as Perrin walks away with his guard, there is a tad bit of gloom that touches her eyes at his departure, but such was life and her attention needed to be on her every day affairs. Looking back to Nedra, she blinks and then listens as she starts to talk. She looks between Freya and Nedra, she opened her mouth to comment, but then closed in and remained silent, choosing at this time to not say anything. Its only Mortimer that distracts her at his leaving, and she inclines her head to the deputy. "It was good to spend a bit of time with you Deputy, I hope that you heal up well. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Your actions have been heroic and they should thus be rewarded as such."

Freya cants her head hoping that Nedra was speaking more by way of a jest - even a cruel one at her expense - would lighten the mood a little bit. "You'd be surprised how many do my Lady - I'm just not in uniform. Chains and rags tended to be my style before. And when it wasn't chains it was just simply rags. A smear of dirt and a beggar's rags and maybe half of this crowd would know me. I'd test the theory but I am fond of not having rocks thrown at me and my hair pulled - which may be the result. My family was not very popular. Infamous I believe the word is." Freya's eyes are relatively downcast and she speaks softly. But then Freya's default position when others were not looking at her was just that. A lot of forced smiles had to be stockpiled in her quiet moments for later use.

"This particular card, Ms Caul, has already been played," Nedra replies quietly, "and I would advise against trying this particular card in this particular game again. Either at my expense or the expense of those to whom you speak. You, by your actions, words and deeds, cast light upon the actions and honor of Lord Perrin and house Haigh itself. Do I make myself clear?"

Nedra was clearly making a point and so while her friend did that at her side, she remained silent. Even casting her eyes away from the scene before her. She'll have watched Mortimer walk away, and looked back toward the music. It was only after all those places that she'll look back between Nedra and Freya.

Freya looks up eyes narrowing briefly, "with respect Lady Nedra - I think you are reading me wrong. If any games are being played they ultimately would work out at my expense. Nobility such as yourself are the dragons on the cevasse board I'm just a pawn. I'm not some foolish seduce and destroy slut come to lie her way into yours or Ser Perrin's good graces. Just a simple and sad creature. Simple enough that the best thing that has happened to her in years is a dangerous job that she is grateful for. The warning isn't necessary." Freya shakes her head, "you just don't know me."

Jocelyn gasps at Dragons, but remains silent.

Soon enough Alric is moving along as well. Eyes wandering and he soon enough finds himself coming towards the group. A smile "My ladies. Freya." He offers and tilts his head.

Nedra laughs quietly, the sound rich with amusement, as she rests one hand lightly on Jocelyn's arm, hearing the gasp that her friend makes. "My. To compare me to a dragon. Would that I had wings, Ms Caul, to take flight and see the world for all it's glory. Sadly, wings are not mine to have. Nor the ability to breathe fire or anything else that would be vastly entertaining to have, as power, at my command." She lifts her free hand and ticks off the adjectives that Freya has offered. "Pawn, foolish, seduce, destroy, simple, sad," she pauses and delicately does not reiterate every word, "these are your words, not mine. And no, Ms Caul, I do not. Nor do I have any .. burning desire," fire breathing dragon reference enabled, "to know more than what I already know. Your manner is unseemly, your attire is inappropriate, and I find your actions questionable if somewhat dubious at times. But, then, I am a Mallister, not a Haigh or any other house. I can't speak to how other houses rank politeness or proper decorum for their retainers," and it's now that Alric arrives and Nedra gives him a polite nod of greeting before she shifts her attention - briefly - back to Freya. "I do not say what I do not mean, and if you feel that it was a unnecessary warning, then I would clearly disagree." She turns to Jocelyn, "I seem to have a burning desire for some fresh air, would you care to join me?"

"My…." Freya looks at the gown, "attire?" Freya says looking a little insecure. Lacking the vocabulary to really asks for clarification of the point Freya being too lowborn to know. "So I should dress down?" A notion that hadn't occurred to her. She only had to open her mouth and speak to distinguish herself as a tier or two below the nobles. "Conduct… oh you mean the other night? That girl was necking me - I didn't do anything to her. Save for tell her privately not to do it again." Freya shrugs, "Well for what it's worth sorry my Lady - I can't afford any more antipathy from the noblewomen of the cape beyond Lady Anais burning desire to see me hanged. So I pray that I can make you look more kindly upon me in future…" There's no fight in Freya at the moment and she's back in the manacles pleading with Ser Kell to spare her life for a moment. Good to be reminded of your place in the scheme of things once in awhile.
"Lord Alric," she says curtseying but not smiling. "Think I'll belay that dance - suddenly I am not in the mood."

Alric has a brow raised. Not having heard a lot of the talk, but he could perhaps see something wrong between them and able to guess. Bowing to them all. "Ladies, I hope you are both alright?" He asks of them and smiles a bit. As for Freya's words to him, he furrows his brows. "Hmm?" Not knowing what she speaks of.

To say that Jocelyn was starting to get uncomfortable might be an understatment. Though she tries to hide it as best she can. Her eyes move to Alric when he joins them, and never did she think that she would happy to see him again, but he was there and she looked to him. "Ah, Hello." but then Nedra is suggesting that they leave, and she is far from argueing that point. "Yes, I will follow you."

"Why don't we go check on Lady Saffron?" Nedra suggests, having decided that the conversation - such as it is or was - has had more then enough words poured on to it. "She likes to take evening tea, and it tends to soothe her temper somewhat if she has someone to fight with, I think. Don't tell her I said that, of course," Nedra murmurs with a smile as she waves her free hand to Shalla and waits while her maid joins herself and Jocelyn's entourage. "Sometimes it's just fun to see her spark," she adds with a quiet laugh, offering Alric a polite curtsy as well before she and Jocelyn head through the crowd and away from where the musicians are still entertaining the crowd.