Page 198: Knights and Lordships
Knights and Lordships
Summary: Ser Kell goes to see Lord Jerold Terrick and offer his thanks for the loan of a slightly-used war horse. He, along with Ser Jarod and Ser Hollister, make some plans for their ride back to the Roost. Patrek Mallister is called 'my lord' by a bunch of men several years his senior, just one of the many strange things to get used to as Lord of Seagard now that his father is slain.
Date: 31/01/2012
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Seagard Castle — Seagard
Courtyards, great halls.
Tue Jan 31, 289

With the Ironborn defeated at Seagard and repelled back to their boats, there hasn't been much deadly combat for Kell to worry about so he was able to take some time to rest and recover from his wounds. With his wound healed enough where he can move freely again, the Hedge Knight makes his way up to Seagard Castle, where the legendary duel took place between Lord Jason Mallister and Prince Rodrick Greyjoy. He does have a purpose here today, eyes searching and preparing to ask a passing guard if Lord Jerold is here and available, perhaps assuming the Terrick Lord is with the new Lord of Mallister.

Jarod has been keeping busy, since he came through the final battle for Seagard largely unbloodied. Mostly volunteering to lead his small band of Terrick volunteers into the city to haul out the wreckage - human and otherwise. He's taken some rest today, however, spending it in the castle among some of the other retainers of his father's house. So he's around to be asked things. Though he notices Kell before Kell notices him. "Ser Drakmoor?" He strides over to meet the hedge knight, offering him a quick grin. "How're you faring? That Valyrian sword looked…sharp and rather painful."

Lord Jerold has indeed been a fixture at Seagard Castle since the siege was broken. Some time after Kell had sent a page with word to the Lord of the Roost, the aging patriarch can be seen approaching from the direction of the great hall, amidst a spreading crowd of courtiers, knights, and retainers. Lord Patrek's conference appears to have let out, until after dinner.

Kell is glad to see Jarod when the Rivers Knight approaches as he is someone he recognizes and has spoken at length with before, back before the Seagard Campaign. Nodding his head respectfuly to the other knight, he manages a grin at the question, "Healing, Ser Rivers, and have been resting. As for Valyrian Steel, you are right on that, very sharp, not sure if I was wearing paper armor or chainmail when I ran into Ser Harras. The only boon I think is that the steel is so sharp, it's a cleaner cut for easier healer and perhaps less chance of something lodged inside for infection." Now Kell wouldn't admit to having fear in his heart during that battle, but neither did he shy away from combat. "I had asked to see your Lord Father if he has time to spare."

The timing seems to work out as after Kell had said that, the Lord of the Roost appears which Kell spots, due to the activity at the entrance of the Great Hall with people exiting. "Looks likes a meeting has just concluded." The Hedge Knight says before nodding his head towards the Lord's direction at Jarod, as if to show where he is heading. Boots crossing the castle grounds, Kell approaches Lord Jerold and then slows to a stop as he nears, bowing his head respectfully, "Lord Terrick."

"Not sure there's much that'd stop a sword like that, save the Seven Themselves," Jarod replies dry to Kell. "You look alive, though. That's the important bit. And you can say you crossed swords with the Knight of Grey Garden." Speaking of Lord Jerold. Jarod pivots as his father approaches, offering him a deep bow. It's not as flourishy as he bothers with when it comes to ladies, but it's all of respect. "M'Lord." The Terrick bastard observes all formalities in public.

"Ser Jarod," Jerold greets his son first, before his solemn eye is turned to "Ser Kell. Well met, good Sers," he offers in greeting, with a dip of his chin to each of the men in turn. "I understand you wish a word, Ser Drakemoor?" he prompts, visibly worn by the passage of recent days, weeks, and months.

Kell can see the strain that has been placed on LOrd Jerold so it looks like the Hedge Knight won't be purposely taking up too much of the Lord of the Roost's time. "Yes, M'Lord, thank you for seeing me. I wanted to thank you for generosity in lending me such a well trained warhorse. Seems like he did more damage to the fleeing Ironborn than I was able to and his swiftness kept me alive against Ser Harras." Which is true, after taking the wounds from Ser Harras's Nightfall, Kell still rode on after the fleeing reavers but with his wounds, his strikes weren't lethal. The warhorse's hooves and bites were though.

There is a brief pause before Kell continues as he looks briefly at the other departing lords and retainers, "I also was hoping to ask what the plans for the next couple of weeks will be, while preparations are made for bringing the Ironmen to justice." The Hedge Knight is apparently a little restless, and without a horse of his own, walking back up north even for a week does not seem like a very pleasant ordeal, neither is walking back. There is a slight hesitation before Kell also asks, "And… how is Lord Patrek holding up?"

"I can excuse myself if you'd prefer to consult privately, m'lord. Ser," Jarod offers to Jerold and Kell in turn. Though, as Kell launches into it, he doesn't rush off. He fingers, arms crossing along his chest. He listens particularly close when future plans are brought up. And his face grows somber at mention of Lord Patrek.

"You may remain, Jarod," the Lord of the Roost answers his son's offer to depart before turning his eye to Kell. Lord Jerold answers Kell's inquiries in order, "I am pleased to hear that the steed served you well, Ser. Was the courser injured at all in the day's fighting?" As to the coming weeks, "The full weight of Lord Tully's banners will arrive here within the coming fortnight, to prepare for the crossing. It is not yet determined for which of the Iron Islands the banners of the Riverland will make, but Lord Patrek comports himself with all of the courage and dignity one could expect of Jason Mallister's son."

"No, it was smart enough not to get itself cut, unlike it's rider, M'Lord." Kell answers somewhat sheepishly and he had looked over the courser after the battle finally ended, walking it back to the makeshift stables that the Terricks have been utilizing, taking care of the steed like it was his own. As Lord Jerold gives a brief explanation of what is to come, the Hedge Knight listens in silence before nodding, as it will get even busier it seems here at Seagard. As for Patrek's status, Kell can only nod again, "The loss of Lord Jason Mallister was a great blow to the Realm… a tragic loss." He does glance towards Jarod, to see if the other knight has questions of his own about the upcoming mustering of the Tully banners or whatnot.

Jarod nods to Lord Jerold, remaining, a largely quiet presence as he listens to the exchange between the hedge knight and Lord of the Roost. His head bows as mention of Lord Mallister. "Shall Lord Patrek lead the Mallister forces when we push to the Iron Isles, m'lord?" He pauses and adds, "He's very young yet."

Lord Jerold makes a token effort to smile at Kell's jest about the charger's intellect. "It would please me were you to accept the steed as your own, Ser. You have done good service to my house, and I do not wish a knight of your worth to endure the lot of common footman." As for the loss of Lord Jason, he simply lowers his head briefly, and makes a pious motion of his right hand. "May the Seven recieve him well. There are but a handful of such men in a generation." To Jarod's query, Jerold voices, "I know not, Jarod, though I do not suspect so. Lord Patrek has expressed a wish to continue his work toward knighthood, but there is so much work that awaits him."

At first Kell doesn't seem to understand what Lord Jerold is saying but when it dawns on him, his eyes do widen it surprise. "M'Lord… you, you do me much honor. I truly thank you for the gift, it certainly will make my life less troublesome." There is a pause before the Hedge Knight inclines his head to Lord Jerold, "If you need anything done while we wait for the banners to muster and before we set sail to the Iron Islands, I am at your service, M'Lord. And I would be honored to fight under the Terrick's banner when we reach the home of those reavers." Kell then grows quiet as Jerold speaks of Lord Patrek's plans as the young man is still so very young, with much to learn and heavy responsibilities already weighing down on inexperienced shoulders. "Is there anything that can be done to help ease Lord Patrek into his Lordship?"

"Aye, m'Lord. Lord Patrek's many other duties, and I can't think any man'd think less of him for dedicating himself to them instead of his squiring. He's already led men in battle twice, or thrice or more, his age when Lord Jason fell. Ser or no, he is his father's son." Jarod's expression brightens some when the horse is offered to Kell. "Only honorable repayment for riding with Terrick men, particularly through the siege of Four Eagles." At that from the hedge knight he nods and adds, "Aye, m'Lord. Anything you require you need only ask of me, and your other knights. We came not badly through the battle, and are ready and able."

"Sers," Jerold voices at the offers of both knights, "There shall be perhaps a fortnight, before the galleys and cogs of the Crown fleet arrive to bear us across the water. I invite the both of you to see to your own affairs in the time between this day and that." To Kell he adds, "As Ser Jarod has said, Ser. A place under my banner is yours, Ser Drakemoor." He draws a breath before answering the query about Patrek.

Kell nods as the people who he will be fighting next to is once against confirmed, his mind then does go to what could be accomplished in a fortnight. With a new steed gifted to him, his range of travel is certainly a lot farther now. He could return to the Roost or even Stonebridge, as there are still unfinished business at both locations but he will have time to think on it. "Thank you, M'Lord. I'm not exactly looking forward to sailing over deep waters but the reavers have much to pay for with what they have done. I pray we deliver swift and unforgettable justice to them."

"Never been to sea myself," Jarod says. He does sound like he's looking forward to that part. And there's a grim sort of eagerness about him for the task they'll be sailing to. "I should return to the Roost, and Stonebridge after, if we've some time. There're some matters there I'd like to see settled before we depart. And I'd just like to see those lands again." He looks to Jerold, "Shall you be returning to the Roost as well, m'lord?"

"The Seven will judge as they see fit," Jerold voices evenly to Kell's voiced hope. To his son's question the Lord of the Roost draws a long breath. "I know not, Jarod. I suspect that I shall remain in Seagard for the fortnight, as a leal vassal must in such days."

The doors to the great hall open and several men, as well as one young Lord, steps out into the courtyard. Patrek Mallister, when he arrived at Terrick's Roost, was a lad quick to laugh and (too) quick to run. This boy, dressed now in black, save for a sash in Mallister colors, holds a somber expression as he walks slowly with the steward and Seagard's maester. Patrek has several parchments with numbers and tallies that his hands are distractedly rolling into a loose tube. "Thank you," the boy says to the men, "As soon as you can get me the rest, we'll speak again." The men nod, murmurs a couple courteous "My Lords"s and consider themselves dismissed as Patrek Mallister turns his attention to the sers and Lord standing so close to the doors. He offers a bow to the trio of men. "Sers. My lord," They are given a nod and a smile that is too small, too old and too tired to belong to a boy so young. "Is there something you require of me?"

Given how rumors can swell amongst camp followers and men at arms, thicker than flies on shit and spread just as quickly, it comes as no surprise when another finds his way inside the confines of the entrance hall. The long shadow of Ser Hollister Slane, doesn't spread as far as rumors go, nor does it give the knight in his livery any more of a grim look than those outside the doors of the Great Hall.

"Ser Jarod." comes the gruff call, from the older knight as he nighs in his steps towards the gathering of men. Eyes squinting for a moment, before there's a check on his part. Though-Kell is not known, the other with he and Ser Rivers are with. There is a pause in stride and a moving out of the way to allow a member of the staff to head past, before the lords broke from their conference inside. And now, for once the gruff bastard does show some manners as he dares not speak up as Patrek Mallister greets the man that gave him pause in the first place. Finally, a quiet "My Lord." is ushered in Lord Jerold's direction, as Hollis is content to find a nice place to hold up quietly. Like a post, or a column.

Kell can feel the sense of duty that Lord Jerold has as he has chosen to remain here in Seagard before most likely sailing across the sea to their next campaign. The Hedge Knight does glance over to Ser Rivers as the other knight mentions returning to the Roost and even Stonebridge for a short period of time, "I may accompany you on the ride north then, Ser Rivers, as I have some business I should look into as well."

As the doors to the great hall open once more, Kell turns his attention to the young Lord Patrek who approaches, bowing his head respectfully to the young man. "M'Lord." The brief greeting for now is given as the Hedge Knight is unsure what else to say. He would think to give his condolences and speak of how great Lord Jason was but he is sure Patrek has heard that more than enough times, to the point where speaking of it, may just cause Patrek more pain.

Any other words are put on hold for now as another knight approaches, one Kell has not met yet, though perhaps only in passing on the battlefields. A respectful nod is offered to Hollister though with an added, "Ser" to the greeting.

Jarod watches Lord Jerold with a touch of concern he can't quite conceal, but he only nods to his father. "Understood, m'Lord. Perhaps when I return to Seagard, Lord Jacsen shall accompany me. I am sure he'd want to pay his respects in person to Lord Jason, close as they were, and it may be simpler to discuss some matters as they relate to the Roost with him present." A nod to Kell, affirmative about the ride, and he seems about to say more, but two things make him pause. Firstly, he turns to offer a raised-hand wave to Hollister and a friendly, "Ser Slane" in kind. Though it's the appearance of Patrek that soon captures his attention. He drops into a bow, not flourishy but deep, as one would give their upper-liege lord. "My Lord Mallister."

Jerold Terrick greets Patrek with the title and bow to one of higher station which he had deliberately withheld, when the young Mallister were being taught a squire's lot. "Lord Patrek," rising from the bow after the appropriate moment, he answers the young lord of Seagard, "Sers Kell and Jarod," both men well known to Patrek and requiring no further introduction, "Were discussing a journey to the Roost in the next fortnight."

So much propriety and formality. Patrek honors each bow with a small nod to the man who offers it, though the nod offered to Jerold, with his greeting so different from the one he gave when Patrek was the man's squire, hides a sharp swallow and a hard blink. The young Mallister clears his throat softly as he listens and then nods. "I see. Certainly, there are things that must be attended there. Seagard was not the only lands ravaged by the Ironmen. Lord Jerold, I expect you should wish to see the Roost as well, before we sail?"

The older knight again remains silent, only to offer a bow and a hastily growled out. "My Lord Mallister." in rapid succession towards Patrek. Though, with any luck, Ser Hollister will remain unmarked as a person of interest. One gloved hand hitches hastily to his belt, while the other sets itself in a lazy lean on the hilt of his blade. Eyes keep a quiet study of the young Lord, only daring to flick back to Lord Jerold curious as to the answer. But, it is not as if Ser Slane has a hand in these decisions. No. He merely shows where he is needed. Though in this one time? It seems he happened in, by accident.

As Lord Jerold lets Patrek know what the conversation at hand is about, Kell only nods to confirm what he and Jarod just talked about before turning from the Jerold to Patrek as the question is asked. The Hedge Knight does voice a question for both Patrek and Jerold, in case the latter reaffirms his earlier decision of staying in Seagard, "Do M'Lords wish Ser Rivers and I to carry a message or letters back to the Roost when we ride north? Or perhaps to provide escort to those you wish to come south?" No doubt ravens and messengers have been sent north after Seagard was freed of Ironborn presence but sometimes more words come to mind after messages are sent.

"I'm sure the Lady Evangeline would take it very well to see you at home again, m'lord, before we're bound for the Iron Islands," Jarod says to his natural father. "Though if you're needed here, your men can see to whatever you may require of us." He nods toward Hollister to include the older man in this. Whether he particularly wanted the attention or not. He adds to Kell's offer, "I shall be passing some time in Stonebridge as well, if m'lords would like word or business done there in their names."

"It is my intention to remain at Seagard," Lord Jerold answer Patrek, evenly. "I have utmost faith in those of my household to attend matters at the Roost, in my absence. Until my lord intends to send me away, I shall remain." A solemn look is turned aside to Kell at the free lance's offer. "I would send with you the ravens flown from the Roost to Seagard," in one of the minor administrative details of keeping up communication. Jarod receives a look and nod. "My Lady wife will understand the duties I must uphold, Jarod. I shall send a letter with you when you ride."

"Ser Slane," Patrek greets the gruff older knight by name, but as the man seems content to observe, he is left to his studies. To Kell he says, "Thank you, Ser. I am sure my cousin will have received word by now of the doings here, but if you might carry a letter to her, I should be grateful. And, Ser Jarod, I await the final reports of what has been lost and what of our farmlands yet remain, but I expect there will be need to consider purchases from some of the traders that frequent Stonebridge." Lord Jerold is given another nod. "If the Roost will not suffer for your absence, my lord, I should be grateful for your company."

Hollister looks back to Jarod as he is indeed counted as one of the Terrick men. A nod is given all the same. After all, it was part of the reason he had made the trip to the castle in the first place. "I'll come with you Ser Rivers, if you like? I was meaning to return to the Roost before we made for the ships." Which it seems is true, and so any question upon if they were going to take the fight to the ironbastards is moot. Though, three knights may not be needed for such a journey, and there is no telling if there is another duty that Hollister could undertake beyond making sure Ravens made it to their rookery. A half smile finally finds itself on Slane's visage for a moment, relaxed. Yes, a better way to describe it-or perhaps it is something seen in the interaction of the nobles. Either way, he approves.

As the task of delivering messenger ravens is given, Kell nods in acceptance, "I will ensure that they are delivered to the Roost safely, M'Lord." A simple enough task which shouldn't be a problem unless the two knights riding back to the Roost loses their food for the trip and end up really hungry. The Hedge Knight then inclines his head to Patrek, nodding, "Of course M'Lord, I would be honored to carry a message to Lady Muirenn for you." As Ser Slane joins the pair of knights on their planned journey north, the group grows to three. A couple more and they could swim to the Iron Islands first and end the reaver menance once and for all.

"Understood, m'lord. We shall see it done," Jarod promises Lord Jerold simply. "I shall deliver the missive to the Lady of the Roost personally." If the bastard Terrick has any discomfort at taking notes from his father to his not-mother, it's not apparent. "Is there anything you'd like taken to the Roost on your behalf, Lord Patrek? Either in words or otherwise." When the boy was a squire, Jarod had a rather casual manner with him that made it seem he wasn't acutely aware the lad was a highlord's son. Now, Patrek is very much addressed as his liege lord. To Hollister, he nods. "Scattered Ironborn fled into the countryside, Ser, another sword would be appreciated. Ser Hardwicke may wish to return to the Roost before we set sail as well, to set his affairs with the Guard in order." And see his pretty new wife, though he doesn't come out and say that part. "I shall ask him if he wishes to ride along. We'll make a merry party of it. While we're at it, given our number, perhaps we can get a better idea of the status of the Roost's outlying holdings. See how much damage the Ironers did to the farmsteads and such."

Lord Jerold nods once to Patrek. He does not comment upon the issue further, allowing the subject to move on. "It would well behoove us to seek out any friendly presence among the merchants of Stonebridge," he adds to his natural son. "I will rely on the judgement of yourself, and the lady Lucienne in that, Jarod. As well, seek out those among the Groves who are present. We have had word that their fields are largely intact."

"Thank you, Ser Drakmoor, I shall see it delivered to you shortly. When do you and the others expect to depart?" Patrek asks. For Jarod's query, there is a small shake of his head. "Only my thanks for making me so welcome while I stayed there and my intent to see Terrick's Roost restored to its full strength." Glancing over at Jerold for that last name, the boy's brows lift and then lower in a faint frown. "Groves," he repeats softly, sounding a little less than pleased.

"And I would surmise that he would like to see his pretty wife." Hollister adds in for Jarod, as it seems the both of them were sharing of the same mind. Still there's a nod from the older knight. "If any of them are straggling, they'll wish their asses for water.." A grunt, as means of a laugh, but then he is nodding back, before looking over towards Kell, eyes squinting as if indeed trying to place beyond the random encounters in passing along the field of battle. But, that short jaunt down memory lane is squashed, as with a clearing of his throat, and the tact not to spit, Ser Hollister plainly swallows down whatever it was caught there.

"My Lord," Hollister begins in the direction of Lord Jerold. "If you like, we can check to see if any looters or bandits have settled in in the brief interim of the Bastards' departure." and only then does Ser Hollister turn his head to cough, in a short hacking bark. At least he has the forethought to direct it to his elbow. "We might not be able to oust them, if any there, but it would be something we could pass on, so that we may return in haste to make way-Specially if the Groves have fields intact, I imagine they'd make a ripe target for someone wanting an advantage.." One way or the other. "Though, if there's nothing there- then at least the Groves will have a handful of knights looking for answers, which may pressure an answer out."

Kell does nod at the idea of asking Ser Blayne if he wishes to travel north as well, no doubt Jarod is correct about the new husband and wife couple not having much time before the Seagard campaign began. As for Patrek's question about when the group will be leaving, the Hedge Knight defers the decision to Ser Rivers as Kell could leave at about anytime. The subject that Ser Slane brings up is an interesting one as well, no doubt with the men at arms of each territory focused on the Ironborn, the unsavory types may be out on the prowl for helpless victims.

"Many bastards in the countryside these days, Ser," Jarod remarks under his breath to Hollister. Though he says it with a crooking grin, making a joke. He knows enough about the man's own spotty parentage to take some amusement in the remark. If he takes anything of Patrek's slight disapproval at the name Groves, he makes no remark on it. Just nodding to Lord Mallister and Lord Terrick both. "I shall seek out those who might be favorable to us in Stonebridge as I can, along with the Groves. This does seem an opportunity to see if Ironers are lingering on the outskirts of our borders, or if the situation's emboldened what bandits plague the countryside." As for when, he answers Patrek, "We should ride from Seagard in…the day after morrow, I think?" He looks between Kell and Hollister to see how that sits with them.

"A strong and active patrol of the Cape is quite necessary, Ser Slane," Lord Jerold opines with a nod. "There shall be brigands and broken men, as follow any battles, and the smallfolk must see that their lords yet stand to their defense." His look to Jarod's jest doesnt carry a smile, but he does nod approval to the offered timetable.

With Jerold's nod of approval, Patrek offers his own, "Very well. Ser Kell, I will be sure my letter is delivered to you before then." To the three knights planning to ride out he offers, "I wish you all safe travel and success in your tasks. Warrior watch over each of you until we meet again. If there is nothing else, Lord Jerold, I would ask to speak to you in private when you are free for such."

"I agree My Lord." Slane parrots back, before there's a look over towards Jarod. A faint grumble, even if the smile is hard to fight off. "Yes, that's the passing rumor-gods help them" Whether he means their own endeavors or the Ironers, yet remains to be seen. Still he rolls a shoulder. "I can ride as soon as I am told. There is no business here that keeps me." So he will wait for word on when they go, and move then. "Either way, if something unsavory lingers, I bet we'll flush them out in good order." Which if it's Ironers, to the older knight-the time cannot come sooner.

The day after tomorrow seems just fine to Kell as he nods his head to the other knight, agreeing with the timetable. As for the brigands and broken men, the Hedge Knight has easy words for what to do with them, "We will remind them that the Realm is still a peaceful one and that their actions will not be tolerated." Brigands and bandits can easily be cut down, having done so in the past.

Patrek's words does have Kell turn his attention to the young Lord, nodding to him, "And I will see it to the Lady's hands personally, and perhaps a letter in return." No doubt Muirenn will want to send words to her cousin, especially with everything that has happened. The request from Patrek to Jerold is noted by Kell who decides this is a good time to excuse himself, having spoken to Lord Jerold as he had wanted with surprising results, very good results. Bowing his head first to Lord Jerold, the Hedge Knight says, "Thank you, M'Lord, for the steed. I am most grateful." He then bows to Lord Patrek next, "I shall wait for your letter, M'Lord."

Jarod looks just a touch abashed at the non-humor expressed from Jerold at his bastard remark. He clears his throat. Nodding to Kell and Hollister. "See if you can find Ser Hardwicke, if I'm not able to first, tell him we intend to depart. We'll make a merry ride of it." As Kell departs he says, "I should be seeing if our volunteers require anything before I get to packing. Will you be free this evening, m'Lord?" This to Jerold. "If you've time, perhaps we can dine together."

Lord Jerold nods once to Patrek's latter request. "I am free for such at present," he notes, before looking to his son. "I will expect to join your for dinner then, Jarod." A drawn breath and he looks between Kell and Hollister. "Sers, I bid you a good day."

"A good day to you then, sers. Rest well until your departure. I am sure you will offer any Ironmen you may find on your travels a Riverlands welcome," Patrek says before glancing to Jerold and offering a small nod. "Thank you, my lord." He lifts the hand still holding the rolled papers, gesturing towards that space in which he's spent so much time as of late: the Great Hall.

"I'll go spying for him. I've been meaning to find him anyway, since we cleaned out the streets an made sure there were no lotting.." A beat 'Was no looting occurring once the siege was lifted." A grimace for a moment before Hollister shifts his weight. A glance is given to Ser Jerold, to which the knight bows. "Good day My Lord." and with that the older Knight turns to make his way about his own errands as well. "Enjoy your dinner, Ser Rivers." A faint grin riding upon Holliste's face. "And find better jokes by then, or I feel it will be cooler weather." A chuckle before a dip of his head is given to young Patrek. "My Lord Mallister. A good day to you." the grin remains for Patrek as well before Hollis is wheeling off.

"I always have the best jokes, Ser. Not my fault my subtle wit goes unappreciated by the masses," Jarod quips in parting to Hollister. Though his bow to Lord Jerold and Lord Patrek is all of respectful. And his father is offered a slight smile. "I shall see you later then, m'lord." And off he goes.