Page 209: Knightly Diversion
Knightly Diversions
Summary: Lost Flints find their way into the Charlton camp. (Back dated)
Date: 13/02/2012
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Quellyan Tiaryn Pariston 
Charlton Encampment
Around the centre fire in the Charlton encampent. Tents and soldiers are all nearby
Feb 11th, 289AL

A cool night, cool enough to warrant more than watch fires- and those not on the watch find themselves either in their pavilions, or huddled around fired for warmth. Such is the case for things nigh the Charlton camp, though one man is enjoying the freedom enough of the night, to see that his horse has been walked, and seen to before he is ambling along the fires a plain cup held in his hand. "Eyes up, gentlemasters.." crooned to a few drooping men at arms. "Don't let your ass fall into the fire- a horrible way to go, burning is. Specially when one is asleep." a few chuckles are issued, but otherwise no one really addresses Ser Quellyan, as he manuvers along the lines. "I will say this, fellows. It's a fine night when clouds don't hang o'er. We can see the stars.." A motion to some collection. "That is the smith, I believe..Or maybe something else…I was never fine at astronomy." A grin given to the men at arms, before he's moving on to the next fire-though it seems a destination is being worked to, even if he stops for idle chit chat here and there.

For soon enough, the tall knight finds his place close to the centre at camp- and more importantly an era holding a cask of something, perhaps whatever Quell is drinking for warmth..well besides drinking in the nearby flames, that is.

Such a cool night is not always welcomed in the south. Or perhaps anywhere. The northern Flints might mind it less than some, but Tia is from the south originally, and doesn't have that thick northern blood to keep her warm. In any case, she's dressed warmly, an extra cloak wrapping her against the chill as she makes her way back from the city towards the Flint camp. It's a step at a time, of course, having left it a little too late, so that it's now dark, and she has to use the various campfires to point her way, like landed stars to navigate the landscape. She has her usual company with her, maid, sworn, and man-at-arms. The extra along as this is not the first time she's been late returning to the camp, just through losing track of time. "I'm sure it's this way," she says, with a bit of a laugh, heading off to the next camp fire.

Pariston is always wearing the same clothes. He doesn't mind the very much, both being a northerner as well as a hunter. Used to the climates. A blade and leather jerkin, as usual when he is accompanying someone to the city. And this time he is the extra man-at-arms, moving silently behind Tiaryn. He could probably find his way along if he needed, but it does not seem like they are in a hurry at the moment. And he is still tired from all the drills from earlier on during the day. So for now he just looks around as he follows the lady.

There's a turn of his head, perhaps it's the murmur of the mean nearby, or it's just because Quell has nigh a full cup. Still it's not hard to spot the 'outsiders' picking their way through the camp. An amused smirk quirking up on the knight's lips, however he does let it drop for a moment. After all, there are not many who wear Black and Grey as the Flints do. And if they are not the Flints, then it's even more amusing to have such a party trying to get where they are going. Still, Quellyan only watches for a moment, turning with a muted- 'Fuck me' escaping his lips as his cup runneth over.

"Lady Flint?" comes the hopefully recognizable voice, as they come close to the main fire. "I assume that it's you.." A grin settling on the knight's lips as he moves from the table. "I will have to say, you are a bit off from your encampment…Though." a look is passed in Pariston's direction. "But, I won't say it's not welcome. Are you and your company, lost?" the grin settling there before he is sipping from his cup. "If you all wish, warm yourselves before moving on?" and then a pause. "However, if you are not of the good house Flint- I would hope there's a good reason you're this far in my encampment." Well-more or less his cousin's, but that's semantics.

Tiaryn glances back at Pariston who is being no help at all really. She figures he's just laughing at her as she took a somewhat wrong turn. She stops her course to turn and face him, about to ask him a question, though the call of her name does in fact arrest her course. She turns again, looking prhaps like a yoyo, if such a thing can be imagined. "Ser Charlton?" she calls out, recognizing the voice, as well as the loquacious temperament. "It might be a good thing to warm up before heading back out to our own camp," she says, obviously a Flint, and accompanied by more of the same. "It seems I have lead us a bit off kilter, though I think the camps moved while we were in town today." That is said mostly solemnly, only her eyes giving away that she is not serious.

Pariston grins as he notices her looking back to him. Perhaps a bit more playful than usual, around nobles that is. Brows raising as she turns to him but then he sees her turn and he also turns. Spotting the knight. A nod of his head offered ans his grin turn to a more polite and respectful smile. Staying silet and still. Though his mouth does twitch to her last few words. Eyes going to study the man, as well as camp. Somehow it feels a bit more layed back than the Flint camp, though he might be mistaken.

The grin remains on his face, and in the firelight one can make out Quell's ruddy cheeks. Another sip of the wine therein before, his free arm merely gestures out, as if to saying come and spread. It's inviting at least. Still Eyes watch Tiaryn for a moment, before he is snorting into his next sip. "Well, My lady." the knight begins, "They tend to do that. It is a riverlander custom done in order to throw off our enemies." a beat as he is looking perhaps for free cups to be about. "Or unwary northmen." A wink thrown behind his words before he's shifting about the cask. His hand coming up with a couple of a wooden cups, left for the tap. "Would you or any of yours care for a drink? I think I would be rude-if I did not offer you some cup of kindness with my fire." And eyes slide over towards Pariston.

"Ah, Master Vis?" Did Quellyan get the man's name right. "I hope you're not lost as well-And how did you sneak in this far? Sentries not stop you?" Layed back? Well- Aleister runs a tight ship-though as for Quell? Ah, he's a bit of a looser fellow.

Sentries. "Oh, you mean those nice fellows who asked what the password was and laughed when I told them "Flint?" Tia asks. She's doubtless recognizeable as one of the ladies who's been here for a while and yet still managing to look proper - mostly - and not stir up a fuss. no gossip about her, no sideglances and slippery tongues, because there's naught to say. "Oh, unfair, Ser Charlton. But alas, I must call foul, given that I am a Riverlander, myself," she admits, this time not going all sour and sad with it. At least briefly. "I think that Master Vis knows well enough the way to camp and is just humouring me in this walk about, as we need not be in a hurry to get back to our own pavilion." She moves in a bit, glancing around to see who is there, how crowded and to guage the state of inebriation. "Thank you, Ser. I would appreciate a drink." Her maid and sworn promptly decline, being as they are on duty until they get Tia back, but that does leave Vis free to make his own choice.

Pariston listens as the man speaks, putting the small details in mind. When he is addressed he just shakes his head. "I was just escorting the lady, wasn't sure if she was really headed for camp or if she felt like a stroll first." A playful smirk as he glances to Tiaryn. Explaining it to her as well. Though her words did amuse him a bit. Some truth to them perhaps. Then it's back to Quellyan. Letting Tiaryn answer any other question that the man had. Though about the drink he just shakes his head. "I'm fine without it. I tend to let the other men drink before I do." And seeing as this isn't even his camp, it makes even more sense to decline.

"The very same." Quellyan replies quickly, with a sharp grin. Still there is a nod as he moves back over to the cask. Careful in filling the cup, as opposed to his own, which now sits precariously on the top. "Remind me, to tell them, giggles are not the appropriate response." His chiding though seems more of a joke than a serious breach of conduct. A glance over his shoulder before he's pressing the cork in place. "That's what it is supposed to be, m'lady." a grin eased, before he's turning back for his own drink. "After all, we cannot allow anyone to know our secrets-even pretty ladies such as yourself who pose no threat." And with that he saunters over-though his swagger is not as pronounced as when they first met. Relaxed-comfort and in his element. The cup is passed over "Aye, you are Lady. But, this is your first war camp right? I would not expect you to know all of the strange ways of men."

A look is given back to Pariston as an amused smirk quirks back up. "Is that so Master Vis?" a nod allowed before he is taking a drink. "Afraid of a man slipping something tasteless into your drink?" curious-there.

Tia nods her head, answering the last first. "It is my very first, and likely the last, I hope," she replies. "No disrespect meant, but I think - this is not the sort of place for anyone, if there are any choices." The camps in general are something out of her range of experience and though she is learning about them, still, it's not ideal. "Really? The password is really Flint? I had not known that, until now," she says next, diverted momentarily. Not that it lasts very long. "I do understand that they are meant to keep the camps safe, but I very much doubt that I would recognize a secret if it bit me." Which it probably would need to do. She'd be far more likely to draw pictures all over it without realizing what she had. She takes the ale, but as she's about to take a sip, Quell puts his line in about something tasteless in the drink, and she pauses, giving him a horrified look.

Pariston stays quiet as usual, unless spoken to. So for now he let the two nobles talk. Eyes continuing to move around as usual. When Quellyan does speak to him he nods. Then smirking as the man goes on. A slow shrug, "Not really. I'm just not greedy. Is there anything left after the others has enjoyed it, then I might consider it." He says before looking over to Tiaryn, "I do not believe he would do so to your drink, m'lady." Teasing and grinning.

There's a look over towards Lady Tiaryn for a moment, a confused look passing on his features, before he is taking a sip of his own cup. And then a look down before looking back to her. "Oh, nothing is in there, my lady. Besides wine. I did slip wine into that cup." A chuckle there before he is nodding in Pariston's direction. "Ah, well sadly I am greedy- it seems, but I will at least share my greed with others." A faint chuckle before he is looking back to Tiaryn.

"None has been taken, I can assure you my lady. Despite being a knight- I've seen my shares of war and it's harsh realities. I do not care for wars. There's no glory in it. But, it is a necessity I believe. Sometimes-sadly." A shake of his head for a moment, before he allows a slight wink as he steps in closer towards Tiaryn "I can assure you, Lady Tiaryn-that only tonight was the password Flint. Tomorrow it may be something fetching like salt, or fish." A chuckle at his own joke, but then Quellyan is able to amuse himself it seems. "So besides, enjoying a nightly stroll, what else is on the horizon for you my lady?" a change of subjects from poison.
DUMP: Lucienne makes a bracelet of bones for the database.

Tia blinks and then she smiles at Quellyan, a gentle smile that does reach her eyes. They're starting to do that every so often once more, something that has at least eased the hearts of those around her somewhat. "You are a kind soul, bless you," she says, though she does not say which gods she hopes will do the blessing. She doesn't laugh, but there is that smile that hints at it. "On the horizon for me? I believe we have a trip to the Roost planned at some point, in the not so distant future. Anders has some business there, and I would like to see my niece Liliana if I have the opportunity. Other than that, I am - well, I'm not exactly sure what I am doing other than providing - what was it, Vis? Morale support?"

Pariston smirks at the man. He would most likely be more casual and talkative. And be a bit more playful, as the knight is, had they not been nobles. He just doesn't act the same way around them. Staying quiet until he hear his name. He think about it at first, not having heard the entire conversation between her and Anders. "I think it was so. The supportive person that lady Cordelya would perhaps need." He says, with a kind smile. But then falling silent again.

Quellyan allows the smile to infect and let's his own grin broaden and widen out there. "Thank you." Quellyan does not ask about which gods, nor does it entirely matter to him. A raise of his cup in her direction "May your trip be safe. I know the Roost was hit hard, as was much of the countryside." And whatever is left in his cup is drained down. "Oh I don't know Lady." Quell says as both hands cradle his cup. " I am sure your presence there will be good for your niece. I pray you both find solace in it." a half grin there. " I had hoped we would have a chance to have dined though before we all left." Quellyan says with a grin. "Perhaps when everything has calmed down, our Houses will have a chance to indulge in that." There's a glance back towards the propped up cask, but the knight does not move. Instead he remains close to the flames and in the good company "I must say- I am glad we could enjoy this distraction-though late." his smile back up in an easy flash. "I see it's doing you some good as well." A nod there. "Your smile is good on you- I hope you get to keep it a bit longer, and share it with your niece, lady."

And then he looks back towards Pariston "Master Vis, tell me are you excited to see the Roost? Have you been before, or is this as far South, as you've seen?"

Tia nods to Vis, as he confirms her note of the assignment. She tests the wine, tasting it and then sipping a bit more. "I am not certain what has happened there, but I am certain that said formal meal will happen eventually." She ducks her head slightly, her cheeks going a little bit pink, but not exceptionally so. "Thank you. It will take time," is all she says, though she has to agree it is doing her some good. She sips more at the wine, relaxing somewhat, though she does after a moment or two of warming up realize she is in danger of falling asleep right there by the fire. Which … her expression turns a bit rueful. "I should perhaps head back to the Flint campsite," she says softly. "Before I disgrace myself and fall asleep right where I am." An appealing look to Vis - he'll get her home safely won't he?

Pariston still has a small smile on his lips. Looking to Quell and shakes his head. "Haven't been to many places other than Flint's finger. Although I was away during the war awhile back. Not really the most pleasant of trips." He says, then it's over to Tiaryn. Bowing to the knight "A pleasure Ser Quellyan." Then looking to Tia again. "Shall we move perhaps?" Then smirking as he heard her talk. "Not so much disgrace as a hassle for us to carry you back to camp." He offers before starting to walk, taking lead. Seeing to it that they should go in the right direction this time.

"Then I hope, I have the honor to see it again." Quellyan says before he is nodding with the smile still resting easily. Clearing his throat softly, the knight moves over and offer his hand out for Tia's cup. "Of course, and I have my own rounds in the morning as well. As I am loathe to part with wonderful company-I would rather you find yourself in your own tent as opposed to sleeping by our fire." a chuckle there "Horrible foot traffic- it would not be ideal for a good night's slumber." And once he has the cup he will step back, and offer a short bow. "I wouldn't worry, my lady. You are not entirely too far from where you need to be. I have no doubt that good master Vis will be able to find you home."

And with a step back as if not to bar them or hold them any longer. "Rest ye well, Lady Tiaryn. And I hope to see you again." A nod to Pariston. "Always a pleasure, Master Vis. Thank you both for the wonderful distraction this evening." And he would easily draw back, to watch them as they leave.

Tiaryn passes the cup back into Quellyan's care, and then she gets to her feet, solid enough, but definitely tiring. The warmth of the fire doesn't hurt either, truthfully. "Thank you for the diversion, Ser Charlton," she says, with a mostly graceful curtsey. And then she does start walking, turning in mostly the right way, though she can perhaps be heard by the Charlton knight to say, "a hassle? Vis, did you really say I'm a hassle?" though her tone is obviously teasing, as their friendship starts to settle in.

Pariston chuckles, "Only if I'm forced to carry you." He offers in an equal playful tone. As they start to head away from the Charlton camp. One last nod offered to Quellyan as well. "Be well, Ser."