Kittridge Groves


Kittridge Groves was born four minutes apart from his fraternal twin brother Nicodemus. They looked enough alike as newborns that nobody has ever been quite sure whether that was four minutes before or four minutes after, and the uncertainty about their birth order has been a running joke in the family ever since, one they could afford to make with the existence of a still-older brother as their father's heir.

Kit grew up at Kingsgrove and was a page there before he and Nicodemus were both sent to Gulltown at 14 to squire under knights of their mother's House Grafton. He achieved knighthood after his 18th birthday, some time behind his brother, and returned back to Kingsgrove. He took up no particular position upon his return there, serving as an unofficial advisor to his father and occasionally helping out with various odds and ends of business, but mostly faffing about, pursuing whatever random hobbies took his fancy and assisting Septa Day with his little sister Rosanna's unusually creative education.

When war came to the Seven Kingdoms, Kittridge rode with his father and brothers and the other men of House Groves to answer the king's call and join Prince Rhaegar's army. Though never particularly devoted to knighthood, he acquitted himself well enough in battle, all things considered. After the defeat of the Loyalist forces he and the rest of his house swore fealty to the new King Robert and were granted pardon.

The rest of his house, that is, save for Nicodemus. His twin refused to bend the knee to the usurper, and instead departed Westeros, heading to the East. His exile was handed down after he had left, but was no less official for its tardiness.

Kit and the others returned to Kingsgrove, where he has remained, continuing in much the same vein as before, if with a few more topics of conversation to be avoided at all costs. He serves as an adviser to his father and elder brother, keeps an eye on his youngest sister, and is often an unofficial ambassador of sorts to other houses and merchants in the area, owing to his generally friendly, out-going nature.

The Ironborn Invasion left the lands of House Groves comparatively untouched, but when the siege of the Roost was broken and travel possible once again, Kittridge and the other fighting men of the house rode to the support of their neighbors on the Cape. He fought at Seagard, and on the Isles, among those who broke through the Greyjoys' final line on Pyke and even assisting in taking down Rodrik Greyjoy. He served well and honorably but without enthusiasm, and was more than happy to return home when surrender was had. He is currently staying in Stonebridge with his sister Rosanna and some others of their household, looking into the many opportunities for commerce that town affords, and making new friends among the numerous nobles in the area.

Physical Features

He stands about 6'1", and looks to be in his mid-twenties. He's lankily muscular, with curly-ish brown hair that tends to flop across his forehead, and is sort of artfully unruly and difficult to imagine ever being tamed into lying flat or neat. His eyes are also brown, set beneath dark, mobile brows. His skin faintly tanned, though not rough, that of an active nobleman who likes his outdoor pursuits rather than a laborer, obviously. His angular jaw is shadowed with perpetual (but not particularly thick, and one might even [if one were being unkind] call it patchy) stubble.

In his clothing he favors forest-y shades and jewel tones, rich greens and browns, and the deep purple of his house, though he's not opposed to blues and reds and such now and then. He tends to avoid monochromatic outfits, particularly in black or grey. His clothes tend to be well made and well fitting, chosen in colors and cuts that flatter his looks, but worn with a sort of oblivious, elegant carelessness that speaks of unearned wealth and effortless good taste. His boots are fine as well, and well cared-for, though often dusty and dirty after a day. He's not much for jewelry, though if one looks closely enough (which doesn't happen often) there's a small scar on his ear from an ill-advised piercing past. A signet ring with his personal version of the family's device is his most commonly-worn ornament. He does not generally carry a sword or other weapon.


  • Lord Ser Campbell Groves - Father, Knight of Kingsgrove, head of House Groves.
  • Lady Ada Grafton - Mother, of House Grafton of Gulltown in the Vale.
  • Young Lord Ser Stafford Groves - Older brother, heir to Kingsgrove.
  • Ser Nicodemus Groves - Fraternal twin brother, an exile.
  • Lady Rosanna Groves - Youngest sister.

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