Page 498: Kingsgrove Offers Aid
Kingsgrove Offers Aid
Summary: Nikolus has a chat with Brennart about the plans laid to discover the cause of the missing children.
Date: 7/12/2012
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Brennart Nikolus 
Study, Heronhurst
Cool river stone tiles of the same sort found in the entrance hall and elsewhere stretch the length of this large room with smaller areas decorated and warmed by the placement of thick rugs to surround groupings of chairs, reading tables, and brass lanterns which are arranged throughout the room and above the large fireplace. A large desk commands space near the north end of the room, the desk itself proves to be a masterpiece of hand crafted wood work with intricate panels, hidden drawers and cabinets, little nooks and crannies that can only be accessed by those with the knowledge and the key. The chair that is paired with this desk is a heavy affair of hard wood lined with leather cushions studded with brass buttons, the leather still soft and supple to the touch. Shelves that run from floor to ceiling are recessed slightly into the walls and fronted with thick glass panels that are hinged to allow the contents to be accessed and remain as dust free and protected as possible. Spaced between the shelves are canvases and tapestries that hold images clearly done by the same hand and artistic eye as those found in the foyer and elsewhere in this house. Along one of the shelves is a collection of bottles holding a variety of liquors, wines, spirits and cordials favored by the lord and lady of Heronhurst.
Dec 3, 289

Brennart is sitting at the desk in the study, reams of reports sitting in front of him from patrols in the area a goblet of wine, with a pitcher to refill it from on the desk as well.
A servant knocks at the door, "M'lord there's a Ser Nikolus requesting to see you?"
Brennart glances back and nods, "Send him in then and bring up some more refreshments please."

Aided by his cane, Nikolus entered the study shortly after permission had been granted. A few of the guests remained after the wedding only to linger for another cause. Within the man issued a muted bow of his head, "Lord Brennart." A inward grin curled in the corner of his mouth. "These walls have changed a great deal."

Brennart nods as he motions towards a chair, "They have indeed Ser, please have a seat, I heard you were looking for me?"

"Indeed." He starts. Nikolus watched as the door closed behind him, affording the pair some privacy. The three legged man limped forward in accepting the invited seat. "Your father is well I trust? It has been quite some time since we spoke last." Lowering into the seat the Groves noble rests his cane beside it. "My cousin, Stafford sends his regards, being unwell. Boar speared and all."

Brennart nods his head, "My father is well, and it has been a while I've been meaning to get out to Kingsgrove but with all thats going on here I felt this was the best place to keep me. Perhaps a visit soon though. I hope your cousin heals soon."

"Time will tell, our maester remains dedicated." Rather than a dependency on prayer, Nikolus continues. "Perhaps soon following the discovered cause as for why so many young have been stolen from their homes." He interlocks both hands with one another, laying them across the dark grey fabric over his abdomen. "How might Kingsgrove offer aid in the hunt for all those common children?"

Brennart shrugs, "I've patrols out but honestly I've no idea where to start searching for a myth. If you've any suggestions I'm willing to listen to anything."

Nikolus stole some moments to ponder, eyeing the surface of Brennart's desk as the wheels churned in his mind. "Patrols will prove to be wasted effort." He comments, "What might these children all have in common? From different lands which means who ever or what ever is the cause is moving. Patrols will only chase dead or cold trails. Maybe even their tails." Lord Groves sits upright a touch, "Start at the beginning, the first stolen and when. What might be learned of their families? Their friends? Children hold many secrets so their companions must also not be overlooked."

Brennart nods, "But I've heard that the first went missing near the Roost? And I really have no idea what they have in common perhaps not enough love from their parents?"

"Then we begin there." He states as a suggestion. "By the children stolen thus far we might be able to predict their next destination or at least have a more informed course of action." Nikolus reached a hand forward, grasping onto his thigh thickly bandaged and stitched beneath his pants for some small comfort. "I've heard very little. I know my cousin would be here instead of I, pledging aid from Kingsgrove. And he would suggest a man is sent to the Roost to make these inquiries. To all those that have been afflicted with this unfortunate occurrence." He squeezed at the injury, biting back the urge to grimace. "They are unwanted children or perhaps there is no common ground other than they are children. I hear your niece was among them, the … woman's get."

Brennart nods, "Diarmund's child well… We assume her to be Diarmund's get. Well I suppose we could go to the Roost or send folks to the start, although it looks like they've been heading east so the next areas hit should be the east of us?"

Nikolus displays a look of understanding, having been present during Diarmund's unfortunate desmise and shortly after seeking permission to depart from Heronhurst. "Only seeming to be east from the Roost. Highfield… Heronhurst. Broadmoor may be on their path though I suspect north or south may also be choice courses as well." The Groves man removes his hand, no longer needing to comfort his leg. "I'll volunteer myself to make inquiries at the Roost, as I am returning to Kingsgrove later this day and to keep my cousin abreast of the situation as it occurs." The half blind male reaches for the cane and at the same time presses to his chair in an attempt to rise. "Not the sort of start I'd imagine following my wedding night."

Brennart chuckles and shrugs, "It's not like the needs of the land will wait for me to be ready for it all. Duty first right?"

"That is why you have men under your command Ser. Able men and plenty of them to carry out the overflow of duties." Nikolus smirks. "I wouldn't say I'd carry myself any better. The seat for an heir is not one of my choosing. Too constricting." A soft burst of amusement escapes him, "I'll return in a few days. Until then, try to put some work into that new wife of yours."

Brennart chuckles and nods, "I've got a very competent courier by the name of Kalira if she's sent to you it's because the message is of important that I want it to be delivered. She's also a skilled tracker and hunter she's been a blessing from the seven for us."

"Excellent. As you can see I am less than satisfactory in both those skills." He motions to the injury sustained from the hunt hosted on Groves lands a little over a week ago. "I'll see that she is not turned away if she bears your seal Ser." Beginning to depart Nikolus states, "I'll send word when I return to Kingsgrove."

Brennart nods, "Thank you for the visit and I pray to the seven that we find these children."

He simply nods as a lesser man of faith. "Yes, of course." Nikolus returns while limping for the door, his cane thudding against the hardened ground. "When I return I expect to see your wife walking with a limp, otherwise Marvish would be sorely disappointed." The seat of the Heronhurst heir was cursed, something the Groves man kept to himself on his departure.