Braeburn House at Kingsgrove
Ruling House: Groves
Wealth: Moderate
Population: 500
Fortification: Braeburn House
Knights: 10
Men At Arms: 20
Primary Revenue: Agriculture
the arms of House Groves

Kingsgrove is the seat of House Groves, located west of Terrick's Roost out the Cape of Eagles. Founded, it is said, after one of the old River Kings of House Mudd took shelter in a grove that still stands near the house seat, the lands have seen many ups and downs. Long a prosperous house, they were severely punished for their participation in the Blackfyre Rebellion in the last 100s AL, their keep torn down in punishment for their poor choice to side with the rebels in that war. And again more recently, for the choice to honor their oath to King Aerys II in Robert's Rebellion, they were punished with the loss of several fiefs, given by their overlord House Mallister to House Terrick. Lately, their lack of wealth and standing have finally paid off, the lands of House Groves having suffered relatively little destruction at the hands of the Ironborn, in comparison to their hard-hit neighbors.

Kingsgrove and the surrounding fiefs are primarily agricultural lands: tilled fields and tended orchards, plus forests hunted for game. There is some small trade in lumber, and fishing along the coast, but unlike House Terrick they have yet to make any attempt to develop a port for trade.

The seat of House Groves is called Braeburn House. Built not far from the ruins of the former Groves keep, Braeburn is a fortified manor house consisting of four stone sides, each several stories high, around a central courtyard, within a narrow moat. The grounds around the house are well-tended gardens and parklands, leading into the famed orchards and the forest itself where the titular 'groves' are presumably to be found. Not far east of it is Kingsgrove proper, a picturesquely bustling town of 500 people, neither as big as the Roost nor as busy as Stonebridge but, it is said, prettier than both.