Kerrigan Groves



Lord Ser Campbell Groves, father. NPC
Lady Ada (Grafton) Groves, mother. NPC
Young Lord Stafford Groves, older brother.
Ser Nicodemus Groves, older brother.
Ser Kittridge Groves, older brother.
Lady Roslyn (Nayland) Groves, sister-in-law.
Lady Rosanna Groves, older sister.
Lady Adelina Groves, younger sister.

Physical Features

Broad-shouldered and muscular, this man has a confident swagger that suggests, yes, he knows exactly how handsome he is, and yes, he knows exactly how to use the sword he wears. His reddish-brown hair is often a disheveled mess, curls constantly falling into his eyes, with the look of someone that's only just dragged himself out of bed no matter what the hour is. The fact that he's rarely clean-shaven doesn't help this, and stubble darkens his cheeks. His nose sits somewhat off-center, and he has an easy, infectious grin. But his eyes — well, they are hazel, and seem to miss very little.

Over his clothes, Kerrigan wears a leather jacket, then his ringmail. His surcoat, above it all, is black. Likewise, his leather pants. Not a lot of attention is given to his clothes, it would seem, but his armor and sword — often, all that stands between him and death — is polished and well-cared for.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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