Kell Drakmoor
Kell Drakmoor
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper as Ser Kell Drakmoor
name: Ser Kell Drakmoor
father: Tomis Drakmoor
mother: Aeris Drakmoor
spouse: Unwed
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 24
height: 6'0"
weight: 200 lbs
eyes: Green
hair: Brown
honorific: Ser
house: Terrick
position: Sworn Sword


Kell Drakmoor was born not a noble but to a smith and a seamstress, nineteen years before Robert Baratheon won the Seven Kingdoms and his crown. Both father and mother were commoners of the North. Kell's father was a weaponsmith, a profession the son did not follow much to his father's dismay. Instead, while growing up the youngster spent more time running around with friends near his age, horsing around and playing pretend-soldiers.

One day, his father accidently left a small sword out after finish working on it and Kell came upon the weapon. Taking it, he was proud to show it off to his friends and after playing around some more, he was accidently cut on his right cheek. It was more or a less a superficial cut but it definitely put an impression on the youngster, teaching him to respect the weapons.

As Kell grows into a young man, he would help his father out from time to time in the smithy but only doing mundane jobs, not learning the trade, just an extra pair of hands and extra muscle. He enjoyed doing some casual hunting with his friends more out in the woods when the weather isn't too cold but his true enjoyment was trying to learn the art of the blade. However, without the guidance of a true instructor, Kell did not make progression a professional swordsman would have.

Lady Luck seems to have noticed and on a chance encounter, the young man ran into a passing Knight. The Knight was kind enough to teach the youngster some basics of swordsmanship while he stayed in the same town, either taking pity on the young man or because Kell reminded him of himself when he was once young. But this chance encounter was what helped set Kell on his path for the future.

The Knight wasn't able to take Kell on as a squire though and after he departed the town, the young man was left to his own devices. However, he continues his self training at earnest, having ingrained every word the Knight imparted on him and following it closely. He also continued with odd jobs around town, never really giving any of it his focused opposed to working with the sword.

Eventually, Robert's Rebellion began and Kell felt that this was something he had to be a part of. His parents supported Robert Baratheon, the father putting his smithing work for the soldiers of the Rebellion. Kell himself decided to become a soldier in Robert's Army, something his father finally accepted.

It was in one of the battles where the young man gained recognition with his hard fighting and above average martial skills, for a commoner. Starting with his bow and the spear, he survived harsh and hectic fighting, eventually being able to find a sword during one of the battles. Perhaps by chance or because he is one of Lady Luck's favorites, Kell found himself fighting side by side with a Knight of a notable house. The fighting itself was brutal and they were able to fend off their enemies, despite many of their compatriots falling. Kell took a wound for the Knight by launching himself and tackling a pair of Targaryen soldiers, buying the Knight enough time to dispatch the enemies.

After the war was over, Kell was rewarded for his bravery on the field of battle by the Knight and was himself Knighted despite being just a commoner. One of the Knight's family members also had fallen in battle and with no heirs, Kell was gifted with the fallen Knight's Full Maile and horse, a gift seen as more precious than gold to the young man, one he would never forget. It seems like his dream as a youngster finally came true as he has officially become a Knight. Now it is five years after the war and Kell had spent most of his years as a sell sword, a Hedge Knight traveling Westeros for adventure and also to maintain his personal upkeep to support himself with the only skills he knows.

Physical Features

Standing before you is a man that is about six feet tall. He has the build of a fighter though not overly bulky, more like toned athletic strength. He sports shortly cut brown hair and has a pair of green eyes. His well-defined jaw usually sports a some unshaven stubble and he has a short, thin scar running down his right cheek.

Allies and Foes

To be determined.

Recent Activity