Keelin Dorsey
Keelin Dorsey
James Robinson
James Robinson as Keelin Dorsey
name: Keelin Dorsey
father: Zachariah Dorsey
mother: Yolanda Dorsey
spouse: None yet
issue: None he knows about
gender: Male
age: 27
height: 6'1"
weight: 175lbs
eyes: blue
hair: dark brown
honorific: Ser
house: Mallister
position: Sworn Sword


Born Dec 22, 261, Keelin Dorsey was the eldest son of Hedge Knight and sworn sword Zachariah Dorsey and his wife Yolanda, a seamstress and lady's maid, in the city of Riverrun. Zachariah was sworn to the Tully family, a sworn sword who instructed many a new man learning the ropes and his wife was lady's maid to a younger cousin of the Tully's. While young, Keelin spent time learning as much as he could from his father, to his mother's chagrin. She'd have been happier had he picked up armoursmithing from her brother Sean, but Keelin didn't quite have an appetite for such things. His family was reasonably happy, with enough to eat, clothing to wear and a little extra for special occasions. Keelin ended up with younger sister, Dania and two younger brothers (to be named later).

Keelin was well on his way to becoming an excellent warrior, concentrating on the blade as so many do, but also learning as many other weapons as he was able, time permitted and there were instructors for. He was entirely focused on becoming a Knight like his father, almost to the exclusion of all else. Almost, for his work with weapons and training ensured he was well built enough and fortune favored him with a face comely enough that he found it no difficulty to learn about sex at least, starting from his fifteenth birthday. Though perhaps he has not learned so much about the strange thinking processes possessed by women. It was around the same time that he discovered that he has no head for games of chance, or perhaps just entirely ill luck.

Due to his determination and focus, at the age of 16 he came to the attention of one of the many Tully cousins - perhaps not so much in a good way as it was in a sparring match which Keelin won, to the chagrin of the Tully squire he was facing and the amusement of the lady that said squire was hoping to impress. The squire started to make spiteful comments and agitate for getting rid of Keelin, wanting no reminder of his to-him humiliating defeat by a younger lad. There were in general no hard feelings, except with Iain Tully (the squire) and Keelin's father was still a well respected Knight and Sword to the family. Instead of just being kicked out, Keelin was given an opportunity (or forced to take?) to go to Seagard as a squire to a Mallister sworn sword and a friend of his father's, Ser Matthias Greencloak. He was sent off with a mount (though it still needed training) a sword, a dagger, and a bow, given by his father so that he would not disgrace the Tully's (despite them sending him away, which was as much for his benefit as to shut up Iain's whining) upon his arrival to Seagard.

Once in Seagard, he found his stride, working well with Ser Matthias. He attended many a joust, added to his training and generally had the opportunity to get to know various fighting men and women of ill repute. His poor gambling kept him from gaining too much silver though, as he often enough lost at gaming, whenever he had any silver to spend. After a particular night of whoring, drinking and gambling, he found himself flat broke and hungover, with bruises aplenty due to the bar room brawl that he'd taken part in. And in the lockup, for the night to sober up. The lockup wasn't so bad, but the punishment Ser Matthias meted out was far more to the point. For this reason he rarely if ever gambles. He does drink but he has learned his limits and it takes a lot to have him go past them, given his generally calm and steady personality. Steadfast and loyal, he is slow to anger and doesn't hold grudges.

He was still at Seagard when Robert's Rebellion started and he, along with his knight, fought with the Mallisters. This put him in the Rebel Center at the Battle of the Trident, along with many others. He was about 21 at that time, and wearing a mishmash of armour that he had gained over time and effort. He was with the Mallister Knights and their squires as they charged the Royal Center, fighting to the best of his ability. He was wounded during that fight and bears the scar to this day, upon his abdomen, along with a multitude of smaller scars from various battles and training sessions. Keelin's wound came after Prince Rhaegar rallied the Royalists to stand and fight, his sword skill behind the scenes but noticed as he fought to keep the Royalists off balance and to keep the ground gained by the charge of the Mallister Knights.

After the battle, along with apparently many other squires, Keelin was Knighted for his outstanding effort and loyalty. During the fighting, Ser Matthias was killed, leaving his gear to his squire, as he had no remaining family. This is where Keelin got his full maile armour and helm, as well as a better sword than he previously had. With the many deaths that happened due to the war, it is no surprise that most every Great Family was looking to fill their ranks of sworn swords and though Keelin was approached by the Tully's, given his father's service there, he chose to swear his loyalty to the Mallisters who, to his way of thinking, had treated him somewhat better. He has been in Seagard for most of the remaining years, though recently he was sent to Riverrun on a courier run with packages and messages to be delivered to the Mallister Lieges. When the Ironborn attacked, Keelin was at Riverrun. His instructions, when they came, were to join up with the forces massing at Stonebridge and then to join the Young Lord Patrek's retinue, when able. And thus, his tale begins.


Keelin has a younger sister, Dania, and two younger brothers (Not yet named.)

Physical Features

Six foot one and rugged, mid twenties, with an athletic build, Keelin has dark brown hair cut short to keep it neat and prevent it from curling. He's fair skinned, with blue eyes and thick brows. His handsome mug has so far managed to keep unscarrd and is often littered with heavy stubble. He's wearing full maile armour, by the looks of which one might assume him to be a knight, though not a noble one. A steel helm with a nasal, coif, hauberk, mittens, and leggings, serviceable and well taken care of, with a surcoat in simple browns, with no livery to identify the man. He has a serviceable broadsword, not fancy but efficient, sheathed at his waist for a left handed draw and a dagger at the other side, both weapons looking well taken care of.

Allies and Foes

Iain Tully (npc) — Iain, one of the many Tully cousins, dispises Keelin because Keelin dealt him a resounding defeat in a sparring match when they were both 16.

Recent Activity