Katrin Haigh


As the eldest daughter of her family, Katrin was raised under the knowledge that her sole purpose was the betterment of her House. Even as a young child, her father saw the potential in his daughter, and sought to exploit it for his own personal gains. Delicate and gentle, he molded her to become the perfect puppet for his own ambitions. Using her sharp wit and keen observational skills, he taught her how to disappear into any role.

At the age of fifteen, Belmor Haigh betrothed his daughter to a minor Frey Lord, wanting to use this as a stepping stone to his own greatness. She was sent from home to the Twins to learn her future role. This grieved Katrin a great deal for she was parted from her sister, younger by two years, whom she had always watched over and protected. Fearing for her sister's future, all she could do was continue to write letters and pray.

At seventeen, just months before their intended wedding, Katrin's future Lord rode out on a hunt which he never returned. Grieved, she was sent back to the Haighs. But there was at least a silver lining in that she was reunited with her sister.

After having been able to taste the sweetness of freedom from her father's manipulations, returning to her family was a difficult feat, sweetened only Ilaria's presence. Upon her return, Katrin was forced to realize that her father may be an ambitious man, but he lacked the wisdom and wit to ever achieve much of anything.

On the exterior, Katrin returned home a grieving young woman for the loss of her betrothed, but she immediately began focusing on creating connections that would help her keep an eye on her family and hear of any changes before they were made public, especially in regards to Ilaria.


Katrin's immediate family consists of her father, Lord Belmor, her mother Lady Raina, and her siblings Lord Ian (older) and Lady Ilaria (younger). Her father is brother to Lord Brynmor and Lord Ser Leslyn - making Lady Briallyn and her brothers Katrin's cousins, as well as Lady Ceinlys and her siblings as well. She is also direct cousin to Heir to Broadmoor, the Young Lord Ser Harys Haigh.

Physical Features

This girl of her later teen years looks as though she belongs to the forests with her coloring. Pale skin, only lightly kissed by the sun is smooth was once free of any blemishes but is now marred by a burn scar that works its way from under her right eye, wrapping its way along her cheek bone to the corner of her ear. Despite this, her features are delicate, emphasizing the youthful beauty. Smooth, full lips, a small nose and eyes framed by thick lashes. Those eyes are certainly the most striking feature, a deep green flecked with streaks of gold. They are inquisitively bright, marking the intelligence of the woman behind them. Her hair is a rich mahogany shade, thick and silky. Contrary to many young noblewomen, her hair is short. While layered and longer in the back, hanging just above her shoulders, the front is made up of fringy wisps to frame her face.

Tragedy has marked this face, leaving behind echoes of her former self. Scars criss-cross their way across her features, slashing over her forehead, across the bridge of her nose and over the corner of her mouth. They still look fairly recent, but as if they are starting to heal. But it does not change the fact that each and every scar will remain present for the remainder of her life.

While only standing at an even five feet tall, Katrin carries herself with the grace and dignity of a true noble woman. Her frame is slender, teetering on just outright wiry. There is a hint of curve at her breasts and hips, but still subtle. But it looks as though she is still growing, at least in figure. Her limbs are long and smooth in lines, toned from exercise, but slender from lack of muscle definition. She could easily be an agile and athletic young woman without being a threat physically.

Recent History

Shortly before her nineteenth birthday, Katrin convinced her father of the wiseness of sending both Ilaria and herself to the nearby Stonebridge, under the careful eye of their elder brother, Ian, who had taken on many of the responsibilities of the family and now lived there full time. Belmor was pleased with the idea, hoping to see the girls well-placed and forging new connections by the year's end. Here, Katrin began to make many new friends and potential allies.

Experiencing freedom once again, Katrin was often outspoken in her own beliefs and much of her words and actions seemed to be sent back to her father, who was upset by these happenings. She was recalled to Broadmoor for a few weeks. The first time she was seen after this was at the Tourney at the Twins where Katrin made a brief appearance. At the closing gala she caused quite a bit of scandal when she and Lord Rafferdy Nayland were seen leaving the nobles' event together in favor of the common fare. The two have very rarely been seen together in public but whispers speak of clandestine meetings in the middle of the night. However Katrin has of course denied all of these rumors.

Returning to Stonebridge, she was once again seen wandering about and making new acquaintances and occasionally taking trips on behalf of her brother. When several noblewomen were kidnapped at a picnic hosted by Rosanna Groves, Katrin immediately returned home from her trip to Terrick's Roost and spent several sleepless nights awaiting word as her cherished sister had been amongst those taken. Ilaria was finally returned home safely, much to her relief, but it was short-lived. Katrin and Ilaria were ordered from Stonebridge to Terrick's Roost by their father just as the Naylands arrested the Charltons. Fleeing with their cousin, Briallyn, her betrothed, Ser Garret Westerling and a party of Mallisters, the girls have begun to make the Roost their home.

They traveled south to Seagard in the company of Ser Martyn Mallister for the Tourney in honor of Lord Patrek's betrothal. On the first day, the mysterious Knight of Arrows goaded Ser Martyn into challenging him to the joust while rumor has it it was due to the favor Ser Martyn carried of Katrin's. While attending Lady Saffron Banefort's Starlight Tea, she was injured when a flaming piece of sugared confection (think marshmallow) was "accidentally" flung across the room and striking her in the face. The burns mark her face from beneath one eye back toward her ear and forced the Lady to cut her long locks.

Shortly after her nineteenth nameday, she left Terrick's Roost for Highfield - land held by the closest allies of House Haigh. Just days after her arrival, Ser Martyn Mallister joined her there, where they have frequently been seen in each other's company.

Allies and Foes

House Haigh


My House, and my life. Recent events have made me question my family's decisions, but I know that my greatest loyalty should always be to them.

Lady Ilaria Haigh My younger sister. Ever since we were children, I have made it my duty to protect her from possible dangerous influences and hope that she will grow in to the woman she wishes to be, not what our father has deemed in his own mind. I admit that I am a little jealous that she will better serve our House in her betrothal. But I hope she will keep her sweetness.
Lord Harlyn Haigh I remember my cousin from our youths together at Broadmoor. He is not the same man I once knew, or perhaps he is. He is incredibly thoughtful and intelligent. I have a feeling that his mind for politics may be one of the House and I would do well to remember it. It would certainly be better to have him on my side for whatever may come.
Lady Ceinlys Erenford nee Haigh She is a formidable woman that could easily turn toward enemy or ally. I have hopes that it will be the latter as in my current state and with my skills, I have no doubt she could squash me beneath her boot without even trying. But I would like to learn from her if she would have me.