Kathryna Harlaw


Being born and bred on the Iron Islands is not exactly what most men would consider a paradise. Even as a nobleman's child, life was not easy. It was cold, wet, hard and threatening. I was the middle child and surrounded by brothers all stronger of body, if not of mind, than I was. Even the Drowned God is no religion of comfort. In those conditions, noble lady or not, a girl learns to fight. She learns to survive. Childhood was a constant battle to prove myself worthy of the Harlaw name. I think my mother had other ambitions, hopes that I might be a touch more feminine, lovely, catch the eye of one of the Greyjoys and marry into power instead of fight for it. But she was outnumbered by men, and my upbringing was mostly in their care. I learned to sail, to fight, to survive in the worst of circumstances. They even tried to send me off to the Drowned God at least twice, but I was too damned stubborn to go. I still don't like water to this day. I like sailing, I love watching it along the distance, but I realize the sea is entirely more powerful and eternal than I could ever hope to be. I do not like to fight losing battles.

I suppose that is how I ended up with the Greyjoys anyway. My mother still had dreams of my being a part of their house hold, and I sure as hells wasn't going to inherit the anything in the Harlaw family. So, once of an appropriate age, I fought my way into a position with House Greyjoy. Perhaps I could have used a milder technique, but I doubt a polite debate would have gotten my point across. I snuck into the Greyjoy's castle rather easily. Three levels of guards fought unconscious, and I found myself in Young Lady Asha's chamber. When back up finally arrived, I explained they could either kill me, or use me to do what their guard's could not. Eventually, they saw my way. We all ended the day bloodied, but stronger for it.

Four years I have stood guard at that petulant little brat's side. Mouthy and pouty, I wish I had realized that fighting one of the most bloodied battles of my life would only get me into the position of playing nurse maid for the foreseeable future. I've been going half mad in boredom. Fortunately, after the death of Svarta Pyke at Westerosi hands, it was decided that it'd do to have an Iron Islander in the court on the main land. In a need for adventure and travel, I stepped up to take the somewhat dangerous diplomatic mission. I have never been one for pretty words, but perhaps I can barker an understanding with the Westerosi and ensure this sort of mistake never happens again. I have full intentions of remaining at court and doing my best to see that it doesn't.

Physical Features

Striking. Pale. Dangerous. Those might be the first words that come to mind upon viewing Lady Kathryna Harlaw. She looks like very few of the noble women of Westeros, but her markedly pale shading might clearly paint a picture of the Iron Islands blood that runs through her veins. She's got pale blonde hair, just a shade between white and gold, which falls in loosely restrained waves down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are the same arctic blue of the waters when they freeze over in the winter. Her skin is a few shades more flesh than her hair and already carries a hue of being burnt in the summer sun. She's got a slightly rounder face for her thin frame, complimented by a heart-shaped jaw and rather generous lower lip.

Kate stands about 5'4", not overly tall for a woman, but her frame makes up for the lack of height with lean, fiercely toned muscle. She's built for fighting, every inch of her lithe and practiced. There is little to nothing about her that is soft, including a small chest and narrow hips. She is not a woman to draw attention for birthing children or a proper marriage. She does not wear a dress, but instead can be found in soft, doe-skin pants and a close fitting bodice. A black long coat rests overtop of her outfit, the back marked with the Harlaw Crest - A sharp silver scythe on at the center of a black shield. A hand and a half sword hangs down heavy from a belt at her right side.

Allies and Foes

"It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top."

Hunter S. Thompson


Recent Activity


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**Both images of Axelle Carolyn and Imogen Poots have been used to properly portray the character of Kathryna Harlaw