Ser Kamron Mallister


Kamron is of not of the main branch of House Mallister. His father holds a watchtower named Talon Point for Lord Mallister, although the holding is not hereditary. The tower watches over a small fishing settlement, and serves as part of the warning system should raiders be sighted. Born in 263, Kam mostly grew up at Talon Point, although he spent some time at Seagard between 270 and 273 to get acclimated to other children of good breeding, and was eventually squired off to Ser Efram Bracken.

He was knighted at 18 in 281, participated in the melee at the Tourney at Harrenhal, and rode off to war with the rest of the Mallisters when Lord Tully called his banners. He fought with the Mallister forces at the Battle of the Bells and the Battle of the Trident, riding with Lord Jason Mallister's van in that battle and seeing Robert kill Rhaegar. He rode on with Eddard Stark's forces to King's Landing and Storm's End, and then went with Stannis to Dragonstone since he was a rare knight who knew something of sailing.

Kam returned to Talon Point and Seagard after the Rebellion, and was betrothed to a lady of House Keath, but the betrothal was broken by sudden evidence of the lady's unfitness to wed. When the ironborn attacked, he stayed at Talon Point long enough to ensure it wouldn't be attacked directly, then rode to Seagard with three armsmen. He joined the Mallister forces inside the castle, and fought throughout the battle. He was wounded seriously enough in the arm that he could not be among the first wave to land on Harlaw, but had to come with a resupply ship.

He "distinguished" himself at the Grey Garden by stopping Lord Harlaw from killing his cousin Martyn Mallister after the latter had been defeated in single combat. Although he was able to save Ser Martyn, Kam lost the Mallister banner he had been carrying, and some say that he lost his honor as well.

At the final assault on Pyke, he found the 'Iron Prince,' Rodrik Greyjoy, in combat and fought him to a standstill. Eventually, Kam was driven back, and other Riverlanders joined in the combat, assisting Kamron in finally finishing off the Greyjoy heir. Kamron collected Rodrik Greyjoy's greatsword, and presented it to King Robert after the Greyjoy surrender, much to the King's delight.

After the Greyjoy Rebellion was quashed, he went to Terrick's Roost to assist House Terrick in their rebuilding, and showed himself willing to help out however possible, from riding patrols along the roads to assisting with the building of cottages.

Kamron showed poorly at the tournament at the Twins to celebrate the victory over the Iron Islands. Although he went three tilts with Ser Hosteen Frey, he was unhorsed violently enough to injure his shoulder. Despite that injury, he attempted to take part in the melee, only to be the first out, as he re-injured his shoulder.

With his shoulder still healing, Kamron led the efforts to recover the kidnapped women of the Cape alongside Ser Kittridge Groves and Ser Riordan Nayland. He was most often seen in the makeshift command center in Tordane Hall, although he was part of both the errant rescue attempt and the eventual, successful one.

At the tourney to celebrate the betrothal of Lord Patrek Mallister and Lady Syrah Redwyne, Ser Kamron won the individual melee, defeating Ser Garett Westerling to claim the title. At that point, Lord Mallister announced the betrothal of Kamron and Lady Saffron Banefort.

The next day, Kamron sold the barrel of fine Arbor wine he won, and rumor has it that he gave the vast majority of the proceeds to the Terricks to help with their rebuilding efforts.

As tensions rose between Charltons and Naylands, Kamron found himself riding between them, trying to limit the damage to Stonebridge and its citizens should war explode between the two houses.

On September 1, 289, Kamron Mallister married Saffron Banefort in a (relatively) simple wedding in the Sept at Seagard, followed by feast and dancing only somewhat tarnished by the budding conflict between houses Chartlon, Haigh, and Nayland.


Father: Ser Arvan Mallister, holder of Talon Point
Mother: Collette Mallister
Sister: Nedra Idalia Mallister
Wife: Saffron Mallister nee Banefort
Third Cousin Once Removed: Lord Patrek Mallister

Physical Features

This twenty-something man has apparently lived a somewhat violent life. His skin is tanned and weathered from sun and wind, a regular tracery of faint scars touch his left cheek, and a long scar, much more recent, runs above his right eyebrow and two inches beyond. He is well-built, with broad shoulders and strong limbs, but without the excessive bulk or height of some men. Gray-blue eyes topped with thick, expressive eyebrows dominate the man's face. Mischief is rarely far from those eyes, or from the corners of his generous lips. His nose is unremarkable, his jaw broad, and his chin sharp. The hair atop his head is scarcely long enough to grasp, cut short to be worn beneath a helmet, and does absolutely nothing to disguise ears that are just a bit too large for the rest of his face.

Personal Connections

Patrek_icon.jpg Liege Lord Lord Mallister will always hold my loyalty. He has gotten for me a betrothal to a lovely woman. I will do what it takes to help him protect his people and the people of his bannerhouses.
Saffron_icon.jpg Lady Wife My new wife. She is intelligent, caring, charming, beautiful, and more. I never would have imagined that love would have come so closely with marriage.
Nedra_icon.jpg Lady My dear sister. She has always done what was requested and required of her, and has always done it with easy grace and good cheer. Her presence at The Roost brightens the place greatly, and I am glad that she has found friends in some of the ladies here.
Martyn_icon.jpg Noble Knight He's gotten more withdrawn than I like since the Iron Isles, but my cousin is a good man, honest, brave, and true. I hope that the match he seeks can bring a bit more laughter to his lips — or at least a smile now and again.
Muirenn_icon.jpg Lady Martyn's sister, a vivacious lady of good heart and sound — if sometimes sentimental — mind. I am glad she has found a match that suits her well.
Keelin_icon.jpg Common Knight A solid man, good in a fight and good company outside of one.
Percival_icon.jpg Squire My squire, all elbows and knees and clumsy enough for three young men. He shows flashes of coordination when he's not thinking about it.

Musical Inspirations

Combat: Sick Puppies, "You're Going Down"
Politics: Elvis Presley, "A Little Less Conversation"
The Cape of Eagles: Concrete Blonde, "Everybody Knows"
Saffron Banefort: Seal, "Kiss from a Rose"

Kamron can be caught singing himself from time to time, particularly humorous or boisterous songs, although he certainly knows a ballad or two. One of his favorite songs, however, is Recruiting Serjeant, a song of Robert's Rebellion and the men of the Cape of Eagles.

Recent Activity

Memoirs and Correspondence