Kain Audron
Kain Audron
David Duchovny
David Duchovny as Kain Audron
name: Kain Audron
father: Bartholomew Audron
mother: Nehe Sand(Martell?!)
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 29
height: 6' 2"
weight: 185 pds.
eyes: Cerulean
hair: Black
honorific: Master
house: Terrick
position: Huntsman


To say that Kain Audron grew up in one particular place would be slightly inaccurate. A region would be more apt to label where he was raised. His father, Bartholomew, was a hunter in service to House Terrick, as was his father and his father before. It was a tradition, and a good one, given his family never went hungry, which when looking at what their family prides itself in, isn’t all that surprising.

Kain barely knew his mother, and while his father has been known to spin quite the yarns over his life, he did always seem to be adamant that his mother was a noblewoman from Dorne. Well, that was partly true. His mother, Nehe Sand, was the offspring of a noblewoman from House Martell, but not an honest one, it was just something that Bart told his son to make him feel important. His mother may of been a bastard and in reality this would mean nothing to Kain. They had met in seaport, he was trading skins and meat and she herself was a merchant, traveling on ships. After having numerous dalliances, Nehe realized she was expecting and stayed only long enough in Seaguard to give birth to Kain and name him. She left shortly after, claiming she could not be what Bart wanted her to be. She didn’t want to be tied down and while she asked Bart to come with her, they both knew that a child on a ship was not a pleasant life.

They left on somewhat positive terms, promising she would see them both again. In the time since, Kain has never met his mother, his only keepsake a pendant of a radiant sun. While it is the only trinket of his mother, he did share her same sense of wanderlust. Which was useful, since as hunters, they would be on the move quite often, traveling between Seaguard, Terrick’s Roose, Stonebridge, Kingsgrove and places inbetween but mainly staying in the Riverlands area.

Kain took on the family business rather quickly. Bart was an excellent teacher. How to hunt, to move without a sound, to set traps, to snipe a turkey from a hundred paces with a bow, and how to survive for long as you wish out in the wilderness. There would be times when the two of them would not return to the Roost for weeks, but they would always come back with a wagonfull of, meat, bone, skins, and other resources they found in the wild, salted and preserved. So thankfully, they were treated rather well by the Terricks, or at least, as well as any appreciated retainers.

And it went on this until Kain was twenty-three years of age, and things were content to continue on like such, hunting and gathering with his father. Until the day came where Bart and Kain were surprised attacked by large bear. They managed to get back to their camp, but by that point, the damage was already done. While Bart would live, he would always walk with a heavy limp, and Kain received a healthy scar down the right side of his neck for it.

At that point, it was up to Kain to keep the family afloat, which really, was just him and his father. Bart had no living brother or sisters and Kain was the only child, so it there wasn’t many mouths to feed. To help make up for the finacial loss of only bringing in half as much money to live on, Bart took up tanning in Terrick’s Roost, while Kain did the majority of the hunting. He wouldn’t stay out in the wilderness for nearly as long now if only out of worry for his father, but he still the job well enough that he was still valued somewhat by the Terricks. And that has been good enough for him. And in the five years since, he hasn’t heard any complaints about his abilities or skills. Which is probably for the best, since to this day he’s still rather intimidated by the nobility and when given the choice, would rather be out in the woods or playing cards with his father or working his marksmanship skills, which his has become rather good with.


Physical Features

A tall man with a sinewy build and long shoulders, angular features and black hair that's unruly, long, looking like he's never seen an actual hairbrush, and almost always tied back in a ponytail. Kain stands at 6'2" - taller than your average man, but not enough to stick out in a crowd. Unnaturally bright and luminous cerulean-hued eyes compliment his quite tanned skin from a lifetime being outdoors, with a neatly trimmed and short black goatee surronding the man's lips and chin, which is stark contrast to the bundle of mess his hair is. All in all, he gives off a very 'lithe' appearence while the spark in his eyes suggests betray his perhaps meek outward look. There are imperfection on face, sunspots on his cheeks and lines around his eyes from squinting. There's also the beiginnings of a scar that runs down the right side of his neck which gives the hint of a bear's claw marks before the collar of his armor hides the rest.

More often than not, Kain wears what he wears when he's off in the woods or parire, which is a well used and well loved set of leathers, most likely made from hides he gathered himself. The jerkin, bracers, and greaves all seem to be made from a collection of deer and bear hide; tanned, hardened, and treated. However, when he's in town or selling his game, he tends to remove at least the jerkin and wear the brown dublet underneath. A light brown cloak is draped over his shoulders which seem to have purposefully given a multi-hued look of browns, black, and greens. If there is anything out of ordinary on his person, it's the bronze pendant of a radiant star that sometimes manages to find it's way out into the open.
++RP Hooks

  • Kain was told by his father his mother was a noblewoman of Hose Martell. This may or not be true(most likely not), but Kain beleives it is. He doesn't consider himself a noble bastard, never knowing his mother.
  • Kain is very uneasy around nobility and therefore quite shy around them.
  • He never seems to make any sound when he walks on the ground. It might be the way he walks, or it just might be years of training, but more often than not his steps are silent.
  • He loves to whittle soapstone into various shapes.

Allies and Foes

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