Page 211: Just Sign Here
Just Sign Here
Summary: Ser Gedeon Rivers puts his plans for Stonebridge in writing.
Date: 13/02/289
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Throne Room — Four Eagles Tower
Great pillars rise above the occupants of the room, the ceiling arching across the structural supports in a lovely feat of construction. The north and south walls have expansive windows that filter in sunshine during the day while ornately designed torches provide light at night. The room is large enough to host a great feast for quite a number of people but the tables are typically kept elsewhere. The Lord's Throne is at the west end of the room on a dais with a high, circular window that brings in the setting sun with the late afternoons.
13 February 289

The throne room of Four Eagles Tower is set up for business this day, the long table set with quill and ink and surrounded by several chairs. And set with a flagon of wine and a plate of apple slices, for refreshment, apparent. Ser Jarod Rivers has shown up early for the appointed hour of this bit of business. He's using the time to get himself some wine - and nibble a bit of apple - as he idly eyes the throne room door.

Gedeon Rivers, current guest of the Roost, arrives next, washed and tidily dressed in the simple, neutral colors he prefers. "Look at that," he murmurs upon spying Jarod sipping wine and nibbling apples. "You're on time."

Lady Danae Westerling, also recently of the Roost, arrives third to the throne room. The small blonde lady is a pale lavender gown, blonde hair braided and bound high in the Western fashion with her necklace hanging low on her breast. "Good day, Sers," she greets gently, hands folded at her waist.

Last to join the small party is the slowest amongst the quartet, Jacsen arriving and leaning heavily on his cane, dressed in the black of mourning he's worn since the Roost's siege. Despite his gait, which seems to eyes at all familiar with him to be worse of late, his smile is warm. "Seven, Ged," he calls, "It's good to see you again."

"I've not just fought at a battle. Of any sort. I'm rested and chipper," Jarod replies to Gedeon with a grin. It's got too much of an edge to be called boyish, but it's not precisely unfriendly. Precisely. He eyes the other Rivers with no small trace of weighing. To Jacsen he offers a warmer, if still official, "Lord Jacsen. Let's get this sealed, then." He's all businesslike. Though not too much so to flourish a deep, sweeping bow to Danae, that one he probably practices in the mirror. "M'Lady Westerling." He straightens. "Good of you to make the trip. Care for a glass of wine? Apple?" The last asked with a crook of his grin, for some reason.

Gedeon's bow lacks Jarod's flourish, though its respectfully deep. "My Lady Westerling, a pleasure to see you once again, and my thanks for agreeing to witness." As Jacsen arrives, the Young Lord's warm smile is returned as Gedeon walks over to greet him. "And you, my lord. Seems an age since last we spoke, though… seven. Who was lost?"

"Good Sers, my Lord Terrick," Danae geets with a smile, smoothly sinking into a lower curtsey than she might for the knights alone, gently encompassing all in her greeting with a wave of her hand. Jarod's bow causes one corner of her mouth to cant higher in good humor, a familiar greeting as it stands at this point. Whatever humor there is shared in her eyes at his offering. "I shall ever have an apple, Ser. Those look particularly fine." She turns to Gedeon and dips her head, "It is my honor for you to be so assked on such a matter. It is just as well to see you so hale, Ser Gedeon."

"My lady," Jacsen offers to Danae as he nears the table, his warm expression turned upon her and his brother Jarod in kind. "We're fortunate for such a friend, willing to indulge us on this and other matters. Thank you for your presence…" The warmth fades in the Young Lord when he turns to face Gedeon and answer the question, observing, "Our Uncle, Lord Revyn. He died in the initial attack," he says, drawing a small breath. "But let us not dwell just now on such things," he adds, putting an arm on the man's shoulder. "I'm glad for the chance to put my eyes on you again, Ged."

"It's fine fruit," Jarod remarks to Danae, though whatever humor underlies the banter sobers at Jacsen's words. He nods grave. "It is a wound that's becoming old now, but this house still misses him. Misses too many these days. Anyhow. Perhaps we'd best get this done." There's an air of impatience about the Terrick Rivers. "Do you still have the…err…draft we discussed in Stonebridge, Ser Gedeon?"

"It is good to be able to stand upright, again," Gedeon replies to Lady Danae with a quick grin, though it goes away as his question is answered. "I am sorry to hear of Lord Revyn. He was a fine man and a brave warrior." With a soft breath, he reaches into the pouch on his belt to withdraw a carefully folded piece of parchment. "I do indeed, Ser Jarod. I have become much improved in the matter of misplacing letters."

All humor dulls in the face of such matters, Danae offers the men a final smile before turning her pale gaze towards Jacsen and the dour news. "Gods keep him," she murmurs respectfully sobered for a Lord that she knew by reputation alone. The Westerling lady shifts closer, equally curious to see the document.

"Forgive me if I sit?" Jacsen asks no one in particular as the document is produced, moving a few steps and drawing out a chair that he might ease himself down into it, pleased for eyes to be elsewhere.

"Practice makes perfect," Jarod replies wryly to Gedeon. He seats himself after his brother's done so. "It's only, like I said in Stonebridge, suggested language. If you could look it over, Lord Jacsen, and you m'lady as you're here to witness, that'd be best. I figure Ser Gedeon can copy the finished product in his own hand…" He gestures to the ink and parchment. "…and, well, we'll get it sealed. Unbroken even." He smirks.

Said document reads: I, Ser Gedeon Rivers, natural son of Lord Geoffrey Tordane, do pledge that, in the event I am made lawful and legitimate heir to and/or lord of Stonebridge, I shall return vassalage of all Stonebridge lands to loyalty and liege of Lord Terrick of Terrick's Roost, directly upon my taking lordship of aforementioned town and lands.

The suggested agreement is unfolded and set flat so the others might peruse it as they like. "They all start unbroken," he replies to Jarod. "Then carry the thing about with you in your pocket for five years, and see how well it fares."

"Ah…" Danae murmurs softly, leaning a palm onto the table as she bends to read the document as it stands. She turns the piece once she is finished, offering it over to Lord Jacsen for his own perusal from his seat. Long fingers tuck a piece of hair back behind her ear as she looks from Jacsen to Jarod to Gedeon. "And this is what you all wish? Yes."

"Thank you," Jacsen says, grateful as he lifts a hand to claim the document from Danae. He lifts the parchment and scans it with a careful, considering glance, reading it over once and then again, his fingers drumming almost soundlessly on the surface of the table. "The language seems clear and concise," he decides, looking up at the others.

"Everything starts unbroken," Jarod notes in a philosophical bastard sort of way to Gedeon. "Trick is keeping it that way." He seems to figure he has little more to do than add that sort of commentary now, slouching in his chair, drinking his wine, and eating apple slices. To Danae he notes, "My lord brother may see fit to add something. He and the perhaps-to-be-legitimized Rivers can work that out. I figured best to keep it simple. Easier to know precisely what you're promising if you don't promise too much."

"My only comment is that the bit about becoming 'heir' is superfluous, but otherwise, it seems a simple and honest enough statement to me," Gedeon offers, glancing around at the others. To Jacsen he asks, "Have you anything you should like to see added, my lord?"

Danae taps her lower lip, the high collar of her gown brushing against her throat. "It is a fine thing to keep it simple, yes. You did well to begin Ser Rivers," she approves gently, shooting Jarod a mild smile. "I would agree with Ser Gedeon in that regard. He could make no legal changes to to the hold until he was fully Lord, including returning it to Terrick vassalage."

"Perhaps better to alter that bit of language, though I appreciate the sentiment," Jacsen remarks, as he glances over at Gedeon. He sets the parchment down on the table and slips it towards the would-be Lord of Stonebridge. "Amend it to something like… I, Ser Gedeon Rivers, natural son of Lord Geoffrey Tordane, do affirm the natural vassalage of Stonebridge to Lord Terrick of Terrick's Roost, and do pledge that, in the event I am made Lord of Stoneridge…" He waves his hand, "And the rest might be the same from there. It makes clear that this is not simply you repaying what some might see as a debt, but rather rectifying a mistake that should never have been made."

Jarod shrugs to Danae. "Matters little to me, m'lady, now. It's between Lord Terrick and Maybe Lord Tordane." He winks at her. "I'm deeply unimportant." He's content to add no more than that, eyeing Gedeon as he sips his wine.

"Maybe lord," Gedeon chuckles with a faint smirk. "Thrice curse the Ironborn and their miserable timing." He peers over the short bit of script a final time, considering the amendments before he nods. "That's agreeable to me. He reaches for a piece of blank parchment and ink, pausing as he dips the quill to frown. "I haven't a seal. We shall have to use the Terrick one."

"No seal of your own," Jacsen shakes his head in mock disapproval, "Maybe Lord indeed." He waves a hand at Danae, his lips quirking at the corners, "It shall then fall upon the Lady Westerling to vouchsafe your signature, then. I think we can serve well enough with the Terrick seal, then?" He flicks a look over at the 'unimportant' Jarod, brow rising.

Jarod's wink causes the lady's lips to quirk slightly, a shake of her fair head greeting it. Unimportant, indeed. "Ah…that is a well thought amendment, my lord," Danae agrees lowly, lifting her head to regard Jacsen and Gedeon in turn. "I stand here to witness, as my lord or potentially lords shall have me do." She folds her hands at her waist, clasping them daintily as the gentlement see to the writing and seal of the message.

Jarod is content to unimportantly drink his wine. And watch Gedeon. His contribution, such as it is, seems finished.

Gedeon glances over to offer Danae a quick smile for her comments before he notes to Jacsen, dipping the quill a second time, "We could wait, if you prefer. Until I do have one. Ser Rivers seemed rather eager to see it done, however."

"We can see to a second drafting, done with seals if need be later," Jacsen remarks, shaking his head a fraction. "Best that we put this to bed, as it were, that we might move on to more pleasant matters, such as catching up and sharing drinks." He smirks at the last, and motions for Gedeon to go right ahead and keep on writing.

Danae raises her brows slightly at that, expression remaining softly pleasant as she listens silently.

"I was rather hoping to get this done quick," Jarod says, for his part, apparently no longer just content to be unimportant. "No point putting it off, after all, aye?" His grin crooks just a touch at Gedeon. "No point, really, we all know what we want it to say. But, if we want to drink a bit more, I'm never opposed to that. Just make sure Lady Danae can truthfully say we didn't get Ser Gedeon drunk and take advantage of his virtue."

"A touch too early, yet, for proper drinking," Gedeon notes, smiling faintly as he sets quill to paper and begins to write in a clean, tidy hand.

I, Ser Gedeon Rivers, natural son of Lord Geoffrey Tordane, do affirm the natural vassalage of Stonebridge to Lord Terrick of Terrick's Roost. I do pledge that, in the event I am made Lord of Stoneridge, I shall return vassalage of all Stonebridge lands to loyalty and liege of Lord Terrick of Terrick's Roost, directly upon my taking lordship of aforementioned town and lands. Written and signed in my own hand, this day, the thirteenth of February, in the year 289.

"Well now," Gedeon says, setting the quill back into the ink, "I think that should about do it."

Jacsen pushes up out of his chair, and draws back his sleeve on the arm that bears the signet of the Roost, cinching it high enough that when the time comes it might not get in the way of his work. He holds out a hand to claim the quill from Gedeon, and after a quick scan of the document, proceeds with ascribing his signature to the page.

"Ser, I cannot decide if you mean to suggest that I should not drink so I might swear so or if I absolutely shall have to to seal the contract," Danae muses, looking to Jarod with arched brows and bright eyes. Drunken contracts indeed. The levity is short as she turns to more serious matters. "Then I shall add my signature to it as witness, if that is how you also do it in the Riverlands?" Smile soft, the Westerling lady steps forward to take the quill from Jacsen, adding her own curled script beneath his as witness.

"I think requiring a little drinking might improve most affairs of this nature, m'lady," Jarod says to Danae, flashing her a boyish grin. "But, your lordly and near-lordly folk are all good and sober, so this should be above-board as it stands." He's not signing, of course, so he tops off his wine glass.

"Ser Jarod seems inclined to enjoy wine for the lot of us," Gedeon chuckles, leaning back so others might read and sign. "Have we wax?"

Another glance is spared his brother, before Jacsen is handing off the quill to Danae with a small smile. "Yes, we've wax," he remarks, motioning a servant in the periphery to bring it forward for their use.

"Perhaps, Ser Jarod…but the signatures would be far more illegible," Danae opines wryly. She pushes her sleeve back up her slim, freckled wrist with a light touch to keep it from dragging the ink along with it. Her scrawl is brief. "There. Witnessed and seen." She smiles gently.

Jarod grins at the table, though he looks as much thoughtful as pleased. And he drinks, of course, raising a hand to waggle his fingers. He doesn't need to sign anything.

Gedeon accepts the wax, taking up the candle and softening the stuff until a thick gob drops down near the trio of signatures. "My lord, if you would?" the bastard knight requests, gesturing to the ring Jacsen wears.

Jacsen glances up at Gedeon for a moment, before he nods. "Yes, of course," he says, his fist curling as he angles the ring down and into the wax that puddles near the names scrawled upon the page.

Gathering her skirts in a hand, Danae slips away from the table as wax is being laid and carries herself over to where Jarod and the wine are settled. As she pours her glass, she watches Jacsen set his ring into the wax. "It is done."

"Guess it is at that…" Jarod mutters to himself. Drinking and reflecting on…whatever it is he's reflecting on.

Gedeon nods as the wax is shaped, stepping away from the table to offer Danae a bow. "I thank you for your assistance in this matter, my lady. It is a pleasure to see you again when I am not sporting quasi-mortal wounds."

"And good to know you're not sporting quasi-mortal wounds," Jacsen affirms for Gedeon's sake, before he offers a small bow to the Lady in the room. "You are kind to spare your time for this matter of the Riverlands. Thank you, my Lady."

"I hope you find the Roost comfortable, m'lady, though I wish you could've seen it in better times," Jarod says. Finishing the last of his wine, and standing. "Anyhow. That done, I've duties to attend to. I'll see you later, Jace. Ser Gedeon…thanks for making the trip."

Smiling gently, Danae inclines her head to the gentlemen and raises her newly poured wine in a toast. "It is a pleasure to have you not bleeding so near at hand," she acknowledges softly. "I am happy to help with such important matters."

Gedeon chuckles for Danae's words before looking over to Jarod. "Of course I came," he replies with a small shrug. "Have a good morning, Ser Rivers." To Jacsen he notes, "Well, I'm not very keen on wine in the morning, but I could do with a bit of breakfast."

Jacsen reaches for his own wine, lifting it up in a similar toast with Danae, before taking a small sip. "I'll see you soon, Jarod," he says, by way of parting with his brother. To the rest, he offers, "Why don't I send for a little something for the both of you? I've a few matters waiting on me, but perhaps later on I can claim a bit of your time, Gedeon?"

Jarod bows in that flourishing sort of way of his in parting to Danae, and then he's off.