Page 075: Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through
Summary: Ser Jarod encounters Ser Rygar while in Stonebridge, and lies poorly about his reasons for being there.
Date: 28/09/2011
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Jarod Rygar 
Stone Walk — Tordane Tower
Set at a slight incline, the stone pathway leads up a slight rise northeast out of the town square towards the single tower of House Tordane. Grass grows thick and plush along the side though it is well maintained. Private shops and stables are located up closer to the manor with the family's private stables attached directly to the exterior wall of the small castle.
Wed Sep 28, 288

Ser Jarod Rivers is in town. On foot presently as he takes something too purposeful to be called a stroll along the Stone Walk. He's presently by the smithies, talking outside it with a journeyman smith. Asking a lot of questions about horse shoes and the sort of steeds serviced recently, if one is terribly interested in their conversation.

From the direction of Tordane Tower steps a trio of men. One carries the quartered standard of Stonebridge, while his fellow retainer (identifiable by the sashes which cross their torsos in the heraldic colors of the Stonebridge Naylands) simply keeps step. The two men flank the foremost: Ser Rygar Nayland, stepping with his habitual purposeful gait toward the visiting Rivers knight.

Jarod is wearing a leather jerkin over his green tunic but, apart from that, is unarmored. Though he still wears his standard sash in Terrick colors at his swordbelt. He can't really miss the approaching men, so he ends his conversation with the young smith with a simple, "Thank you, Master." And leans against a post, to wait for them. "Ser Rygar. Good afternoon. Sort of. I think it might start raining against soon."

"Ser Rivers," Rygar returns, just before drawing his steps to a stop and passing a brief look about the area where Jarod stands. "Had we known of your approach, an honor guard would have been prepared at the border. You have come with no company, Ser?" the lean knight wonders evenly aloud as his eye settled anew upon Jarod.

"None save a young man named Caytiv Hill, m'lord, who is doing squiring duties for me on this little trip," Jarod replies, eyes going between Rygar and his armed companions. "I'm on no official business. Didn't intend to stop in at the Tower at all, in fact, but I met up with your Ser Bruce at Crane's Crossing this morning, and I said I'd pay him a call later in the day. When he had finished with some early business."

"I see," Rygar returns cooly, raising one hand to make a dismissive motion backward over one shoulder, without turning his eye away from Jarod. Both of the retainers manage short bows and withdraw, leaving the two knights to their conversation. "What then is your unofficial business, Ser?"

"I was hoping to meet my half-brother here," Jarod replies. "The elder one. He's off on an errand for our lord father down in Fairmarket. I wanted to travel with him, though he had to leave a few days before me. I thought I might catch up with him here, if he'd been delayed catching a boat at the river, but it seems that's not to be. Your men've not seen sign of him still in town, have you?"

"It is a terrible thing to misplace a Young Lord, Ser," Rygar notes, deadpan. "I can offer your luck no improvement, Captain," he answers Jarod's comment of catching Jaremy 'not meant to be'. Cold blue eyes hold steady on Jarod as the stern Nayland adds, "I find it curious that you did not elect to ride directly for Seagard, to meet your brother upon the river. Yet, I suppose that any relaxing of your family's avoidance of Stonebridge ought to be considered a welcome development."

"That was part of the idea as well, Ser," Jarod says. "We are still neighbors, after all, and many of our smallfolk share family and business arrangements and the like. It would be a shame if we avoided these lands entirely, and impractical besides. I was actually considering, since I have no hope of catching up with him now, to go overland and down the road through your family's Hag's Mire. I have never been to the Mire, and I must admit I'm curious."

"The King's Roads are of course open to all of good faith and honest intention, Ser," Rygar states, a bit briskly, as his eye narrows ever so slightly on the Captain of Four Eagles Tower. He draws a slow breath through the nose as his countenance relaxes back into the comfort of a stern frown.

Jarod returns Rygar's stern frown with a cheeky grin. "Of course they are, Ser. Lands's at peace, after all. No reason to avoid trafficking certain parts of it." Though his expression moderates some as he says, "I had half-thought to pay a call on the Lord and Lady of the House while I was here, but I'm told Lord Ryker and Lady Isolde are not at home in Tordane Tower."

"The minor, day-to-day governance of the town is well entrusted to their castellan. The Lord and Lady continue to take their ease at the court of Lord Rickart, their overlord and father." the cheeky smile doesn't warm Rygar's expression. "Is there aught else your family wishes to communicate, in sending Jaremy Terrick here, Ser?"

Jarod shakes his head. "No, Ser, can't think of anything else," he replies. "He was simply…passing through. As am I. Though your Ser Bruce was kind enough offer me the escort of a couple of men on the roads to the Mire, which I've accepted. Don't misunderstand. I've no business at Lord Rickart's house, nor intention of stopping. But, given the temperature of relations between my lord father's house and your lord uncle's, figured traveling in with Stonebridge men wasn't a poor idea."

"Quite," is Rygar's response to the sentiments of the Rivers knight. "I do not doubt you will be as safe and protected as were your brother, on his way to- Fairmarket, wasn't it?" Those last words are pointed.

"Fairmarket, Ser, aye," Jarod replies without any hesitation, though he can't miss the pointed quality of the words. "That's the place. I've not been in that part of the Riverlands for many years, myself, but it's a fine enough town. Much trade to be had. Ever been?"

"No," is Rygar's cool response to that last query. He looks aside, and makes a summoning motion to the two retainers who had waited outside of earshot. Although his words are for Jarod, it is a moment before his regard returns to the Terrick-sworn knight. "Ser Rivers has been promised escort while within Nayalnd territories. This is to begin immediately." His eye then returns to Jarod.

Jarod shifts his eyes between the two men Rygar motioned to. "That's…very kind of you, Lord Ser Nayland, but that's not really necessary. I've no need of men to follow me about in Stonebridge. Though I've no intention of lingering here long, I assure you."

"I am no more deserving of the honorific 'Lord Ser' than are you, Ser Jarod," Rygar corrects crisply, before answering, "Though you are safe in Stonebridge, I cannot permit you to pass about without escort, Ser. Any crossroads may be- at times- a stopover for men of violence."

"My apologies, Ser. It all gets very intricate at times, when it comes to your lordships and who gets titled when," Jarod replies. There's no great cheek in the answer, though it's certainly glib enough. "And I hope to pass in and out of your lands without any violence, but I thank you all the same." That cheeky grin is directed at the two men now. "And thank you lads as well. I'll not be too much trouble. Promises."

"Promises," Rygar echoes, dryly. "I bid you a good day, Ser, such as it is. If you find yourself yet within Stonebridge after dark, I am sure the Castellan would wish to welcome you to the Tower table for dinner."

"I think we'll want to be getting on the road post-haste, Ser, but my thanks for the offer. Could do with lunch at the Crane, though." Jarod adds to the pair of men who're now shadowing him, "You gents will have to take care of yourself where food and drink's concerned. I'm not so charitable as all that." On that note, he offers Rygar a jaunty bow and turns to head back toward town proper.