Page 203: Just a Precaution
Just a Precaution
Summary: Cordeyla and Aleister come to check on the bed ridden Cherise.
Date: 5/2/2012
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Cherise's Tent
Pretty bland without all her pretty things.
Sun Feb 05, 289

It was Elise, one of Cherise's chambermaids that was ordered relay information concerning the status of the lady's well being to Aleister. Stating that the woman was confined to her bed and severely restricted movement in the late afternoon which may have provided a reason as to why Cherise had never visited his tent this whole day. Within the lady had very few things to occupy her time with and at the moment it was a drawing. A stick of charcoal was her medium, etched upon the parchment to capture a side profile of her own features. Features she was able to view because one of her servants, dutifully standing beside her bed, was holding up a hand held mirror. Occasionally Cherise's eyes would flip from parchment, to mirror then back again as she scratched upon the surface.

It would have taken Elise some time to find Aleister, for after a meeting with Aron and Ceinlys, the Lord had departed his tent and ventured off on a walk, one that took him by way of the Flint Campsite before he finally returned to the Charlton Camp. Upon hearing the news that Cherise was now bed-ridden, he'd given a simple nod of his head in the direction of the servant and then began the walk that lead to the pavilion in which she was using. Stepping within, there's a flit of his eyes to the servants and then to the bed, "Cherise .. what is wrong?"

Within her dull pavilion the Lady Charlton lounged against a heap of pillows as furs covered her lower extremities although the weather had proved too warm for this seclusion. At the sound of Aleister's voice breaking the silence she instantly lifts her eyes from the parchment and wooden slab upon her lap, containing the outlines and shadows of a half drawn self-portrait. "It would seem this body cannot keep up with the excitement of my travels thus far." The lady relays dejectedly. Even though bedridden she was primped and brushed as if preparing for an outing. She dropped the stick of charcoal into a metal dish nearby and reached for a cloth to cleanse her fingers. "There were concerns about the child within. Being sequestered here is a minor precaution." Downplaying the whole seriousness of it, she used a hand to wave away the servant holding the mirror. "Cordelya has given me some herbs, I will be fine Aliester."

Making his way across the floor of the tent, Aleister proceeds towards one of the chairs, to which he's promptly lowering himself down into. Her words, though, draws a cant of his head to the side, eyes coming to rest upon her as if gauging something before he's finally offering, "I am sorry to here that, Cherise." Now, his eyes drift downwards, towards her stomach, before they begin to live back up, "Did Cordelya say what concerns she might have had?"

The Lady Charlton might be downplaying it, but Corrie's worried. Quite worried. So, while she was finally getting to spend a decent amount of time in her own tent and with her husband, now she's ping ponging between the areas, trying to ensure that Cherise isn't getting any worse and that her husband doesn't miss her presence. It's a few hours later now, but Cordelya's coming by with a fresh jug of heated water so she can get Cherise another round of the tea. "Hullo?" She calls into the tent, ducking through the fabric as she hears voices and not…uh, other sounds. Looking to Aleister, she gives a brief curtsey and then turns deeply concerned eyes to Cherise. "How are you feeling?" She doesn't answer Aleister's question yet. She's studying Cherise, trying to see how much the woman wishes her to tell.

Both the wooden slab and parchment were set to the side, discarded for the time being in order to devote her attention to her husband. Hands folded upon her lap as she sat there, "The greatest concern is that the child may arrive too soon. And should it, it will most certainly not survive." While they may not have been Cordeyla's words Cherise relayed them as if for that moment she had adopted a foreign tongue. Thankfully there was another voice, her jailor. Amused the lady had smiled inwardly, "Ah, Warden of my womb, you may look upon me and judge for yourself. I am well am I not?" She extended both hands up in some grand gesture. "I feel bored Lady Flint, and hot. And hungry, sleepy and all of the above." Still Cherise smirked.

The news that Cherise comes to bare is something that any Lord would not wish to here, especially when it comes to be a firstborn child. As such, there's a frown that begins to creep upon his lips and a briefly murmered, "I see." Anything else is cut off by Cordelya's arrival and his eyes turn in her direction, his head coming to offer a slight incline, a respectful gesture, before he's offering, "Tell me, Lady Cordelya, what concerns you so about my wife?" There's something a touch different about the man and his manner, but that could be expected after suffering a week with fever that threatened to tear apart his sanity.

Cordelya takes a few more steps forward into the tent, moving towards Cherise's side instead of Aleister's, for once. She tries not to look as gravely worried as she feels, but the only way to hide that concern in her eyes is to focus on the delicate tea preparations instead of look at either husband or wife. "Cherise has it correct, Lord Charlton. I… I deeply worry the stresses have been too much. There has been some mild bleeding… That can come when labour is near, but she is… she is not nearly far enough along. A child could not survive if born now. And with the stress, the travels… It is hard on a woman not in a delicate condition." She admits quietly, pouring a large amount of fire-heated water into one of Cherise's cups so the tea can brew. "There are herbs that can stop or slow things…" And then she meets Cherise's gaze. "…Cherry, how are you feeling? Tell me in truth? Has there been cramping? Pain? How is your back?"

She loved being fussed over when the lady was free to move about on her own will. However in this manner it only pushed her frustrations. "There is no pain at all Cordeyla. No more than usual and my back could use another treatment from my husband's hands, but in truth I feel fine." Perhaps it needed more attention than she was willing to give. By the look of Aleister's face, this hiccup on their plans are disturbing him. Cherise folds down the furs just past her hips while lounging in her chemise. "Those herbs are quite wonderful, whatever it is they are capable of."

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Empathy: Good Success.

Cordelya looks up towards Aleister, especially at his silence, a worried sort of guilt in her eyes. Yes, she saved him, but what if she cannot save his heir? She then looks back to Cherise and there is a slight darkening of her features, studying the woman's lovely eyes as she responds so casually. "Cherise. I know you can normally boss me around as if I was some serving girl, and I will always and forever look up to you as a woman I wish I could even -half- emulate. But I am no girl. Right now, I am your chiurgeon and I need to know if you have bled more. If your back is worse. Sometimes the pain is not in your belly, but in the lowest part of your back. I am talking about your child's life here, so please, tell me -everything-."

Cherise exhaled slowly, "The ache was in the middle of my back." No doubt from how she carries herself. "Elise here said the bleeding has stopped as she checked every hour since your visit this morning. The child still moves, I had felt him earlier so there is still life I suppose." Now if there were complications that would remain a mystery. Her eyes glanced down to the swell of her belly. "But yes I am feeling better than before all this nonsense."

For the moment, Aleister's attention shifts between Cherise and Cordelya, listening to what each of them has to say. But, when Cherise announces that she is better, there's a look back to her, his head canting just a touch to the side before he's looking back to Cordelya, no doubt to hear her response to such a thing.

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Mind: Good Success.

Corrie is about to say something more, when her eyes flicker to the side. She frowns, staring at something in the far corner of the tent, but then she shakes off whatever it is and looks back to Cherise. Only a momentary distraction, though it's served to break some of the tension that was in her gaze. She seems to trust Cherise's words as she gives a small nod, "If you still feel the child stir that…. That is good, Cherise… a very good sign…" She admits with a half relieved sigh and hands the cup of tea over again. "Strong and bitter, but drink it all down… it seems to be working well." And then she looks back to Aleister, "And I still think she should be resting. A few days, at least. Even if we are past the worst… a child is a delicate thing."

Reaching for the mug she murmurs, "Why are all the remedies foul tasting? Could you at least add some honey in it?" Asks before bringing it to her lips and drinking as ordered, all the contents all the way down. Afterwards the lady had grimaced, using a hand to cover her mouth as she coughed in disgust. The other hand returned the mug to Corrie. Once her fits had passed Cherise resumed. "I suppose it could be worst." She looks to Aleister around the same time Corrie had, "How cruel it is that you are able to move and I am to remain bed ridden."

Aleister's lips remained curved down into the frown as the conversation continues and when he's addressed by Cordelya, he's looking to her so that a nod might be given, "Very well. I will see to it that proper instruction is given to the retainers, to ensure that she gets what rest is required." Then, he's looking to Cherise, the frown shifting to the hint of a smirk as he gives a slight shake of his head, "Quite, if I must say."

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Mind: Failure.

Cordelya relaxes a bit more as Cherise takes the whole drink without losing all her food. Cordelya knows it doesn't taste wonderful. She takes the cup back so she can wash everything out later, a rueful, but slightly more relaxed smile crossing her mouth to Cherise. "Because there is a price in everything, and you should be happy that price is simply a foul taste in your mouth. This could be so… so much worse. You were lucky… " She shares a look towards Aleister. "Both of you were." And then her eyes flicker to the side, something near to Cherise but more so into thin air. She blinks, her head tilting. For just a heartbeat, her eyes widen, an odd mix of hope and surprise in them, before she smiles at something and murmurs. "…A tea of nettles and other herbs… it will stop a child from coming… "

Cordelya says, "Well, coming too early."

"Just how many more days of that awful concoction must I endure?" A perfectly reasonable question for no matter how many times she was made to drink the remedy the taste never improved. Cherise glanced from Corrie, to Aleister and having no words to tack onto his statement concerning the duties of their retainers. In the corner of her eye she catches those odd quirks about Corrie's features, her brow raised with concern. What ever this something was that had caught the Flint's attention, Cherise turned her gaze carefully over the shoulder, seeing nothing there but the leather walls of her pavilion. "Ah… that is good. Tell me Corrie, have you been sleeping at all?"

Rising from his spot at the table, Aleister simply begins to make his way across the tent to where a table with pitchers and goblets have been placed. One of the goblets is claimed promptly filled from the pitcher before he's casting a look over his shoulder, "Then I must thank you for your .. dedication, Cordelya." He doesn't sound as relieved as he should, though. "I hope that soon, we will not have need of your services."

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Mind: Success.

Cordelya isn't really looking at either of them for a few more moments, her eyes clearly following something back across the tent. She frowns, almost chidingly at something, lips parting and not in seeming response to either husband or wife. But then she blinks, her eyes refocusing out of whatever she was staring at. She frowns, a bit of colour draining from her face as she looks between the couple she's been assisting. "…I… I'm sorry. I didn't hear… Ah… I'm glad I could help. I… I did just wish to bring that tea. You will rest for me, yes, Cherise?" She tries to guess at whatever their words were, doing her best to smooth over the moment.

"Yes…" Cherise replies to Corrie carefully assuming the woman has returned from where ever her mind had went. As a precaution, Cherise pulled the fabric blanket up to her torso. "I will have my rest after I speak with my husband Cordelya. You may return later to see if my progress is satisfactory."

Now, Aleister's attention has gone to Cordelya, his eyes narrowing just a touch before he's flitting a glance to his wife and then back again. A node of his head comes to be offered at Cherise's words and he goes so far as to echo them by saying, "You should return to your husband, Cordelya. I can have one of the retainers see to walking with you, if you wish."

Though Corrie is no longer speaking to the shadows, her fingertips reach up, slightly brushing at the side of her ear, as if she was worried something might be trickling out of it, or if she wanted to pin her ear drums shut. She begins to slowly back out of the tent, the jug of now mostly cool water, herbs and tea cup still in her hands. "Yes… yes. I should return to my husband. I have not rested near enough… or eaten. I should go. I… I am glad you are feeling better. Both of you. Lord. Lady." She curtseys shakily before turning on the ball of her foot, double timing for the tent's doors.

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Mind: Success.

"I will be here Cordelya." Cherise relays timely enough before Corrie could make her hasty exit. She then gestures for the attention of one of her chambermaids, whispering into the female's ear an command to follow the Lady Flint and see that she goes directly to her husband's tent. Either out of concern or fear for others who may just witness what she had, it is when the pair are alone that the Lady Charlton rubs at her brow. "I should be concerned that my midwife here is a madwoman. And yet I am not. Perhaps she has contaminated my tea.."

Lifting the goblet to his lips, Aleister takes a long sip of the wine within as his eyes follow the departure of Cordelya from the tent. Then, and only then, does he turn his attention towards that of Cherise, a slight shake of his head coming to be offered as he murmers, "Her behaviour is a tad concerning, I must admit."

"A tad?" It was more than that. Though how the woman is able to move about without some guardian was baffling. "She has given me reason to be suspicious though I was not… until just a few moments ago." Cherise shakes her head, combing through the lengths of her blonde loosely curled hair that frames her shoulders as if ever portrait ready. "Do not be so concerned husband, I did seek the one person who was able to heal your injuries. I doubt this will beyond her capabilities to oversee." She motioned to another chambermaid, Marya in a request for something to rid her of that tea's lingering taste. "I have heard that this is common or not so rare especially in the early months. The child is still new and given the days I have, he was bound to be upset or angered that I am not being wholly considerate of him I suppose." She does reach her and outward for Aleister, "Worry not, I will be fine. If that means I'll be sequestered in Stonebridge until our new home is ready so be it. It is not my wish to cause injury to your first born."

A simple smirk comes to address the first that she speaks and when she looks to the chambermaid, Aleister is giving a shake of his head before offering, "Leave us." Then, moving to the edge of the bed, he's lowering himself down to settle upon it as he extends the cup of wine towards that of his wife, "I will be concerned, Cherise, until I know that all is well. After all, what's to say that Cordelya is not entirely sure what is going on, and simply sequesters you to a bed, for little reason." Pause. "Though, she did only suggest rest. So it might very well be that she's not entirely sure of what is going on. If anything."

"Short of opening my belly, she may only treat the symptoms until a cause surfaces." It may be nothing or it may be something severe, a few days of rest and the monitoring of the baby's movement should provide some answers. When the wine was extended Cherise graciously accepted the kind gesture and took slow sips from the cup. "We will know in a few days time won't we?" She returns, drinking from the vintage again before allowing the cup to rest upon her thigh. "I so very desperately wished to be at your side for your first outing since taking injury. How is your head? You seem to walk alright."

"And that, I'm afraid, would serve to solve nothing but kill both you and babe." A shake of his head accompanies the words and when the wine comes to be accepted from his hand, Aleister is lowering it to clasp together with the other in his lap, "Perhaps, though I can not say. I have no experience in healing." A hint of a smile crosses his lips and then a faint chuckle as he gives a quick nod, "I am healing well, though I will have a scar that will thankfully be concealed beneath the hair, when it comes to regrown. Beyond that, it is just a matter of regaining some of the weight which I lost."

"Then you should dine with me this evening, Elise has been filling my plates as if I was feeding three persons rather than myself." Cherise rolls her eyes then, "But tell me of life beyond these walls. I grow bored husband and none of the utensils I need may be found here to entertain me daily. How have you spent your day since walking from your bed hmm? How did your men receive you?"

A bow of Aleister's head comes to be offered, along with another hint of a smile before he's offering, "Then later on, I shall see that we dine, Cherise." At the mention of how he was received and life behind the walls, there's a simple chuckle and a slight shake of his head, "I spent much time in my tent today and the only walk I took, was to the Flint Campsite and then back again. As to how I was received?" His shoulders come to lift into a slight shrug, "I believe quite well. The men seemed relieved that I am back on my feet and will soon resume training with them."

Her fingers are idly toying with the metallic engravings on the cup. "I always enjoyed observing you train with the men." Cherise complimented as she continued to lounge, "You had spoke with Lord Flint then? What has he to say and share?" The man had taken a severe injury, one that was equally damaging to his lively hood should he not heal well. Both men were extremely close to becoming dreadfully flawed.

"It is indeed a glorious sight, isn't it my dear wife?" There might just the hint of a tease concealed behind those words and when she askes of the Flint Lord, Aleister gives a quick chuckle, "I meet with him tomorrow, to dine and drink. We spoke briefly though, enough to know that he has well healed from his injury, to which I am thankful for." His own hand absently lifts to the bandage that covers his head, but no more blood seeps through, a show that it will soon be removed. "And in a matter of a day or two, I will be back to almost full strength, myself."

"Dinner with the Lord Flint hmm? What shall be the topic? Your victories over the Ironborn? His wife? Your wife? Or other interests you two may share?" She pokes back before lifting the cup to her lips once again in order to drink. "I am glad he is healed. It would have been a nightmare to console Cordelya over the death of her husband." That same fate could have been her own and it was so very close. "Perhaps then I should have his wife entertain me as she sees it necessary to confine me to this bed."

The smirk returns to Aleister's lips as he once again gives a shake of his head, "We will discuss a mutual arrangement, I am sure, of the land that surrounds that of the Fallen Oaks." Shifting a bit, he comes to lower himself partially in a lean upon the fur of the bed now. "It would indeed have been quite a nightmare, but one that has been avoided." On both accounts. "I would not trust in her entertainment, Cherise. And as for being bed ridden? She only recommended rest. If you should feel better and wish to rise, then ask our own maester what his thoughts are before you do."

The lady's brows begin to sink for a brief moment. "He desires the area for himself as well?" She knew others would wish to lay some claim to the ravished territories. This would not be ideal. Still the lady sat upon her bed, sated when the teas affects were beginning to warm the ends of her nerves. "I will have him visit, tomorrow. He may impart some wisdom that Cordeyla is lacking." She shrugged a little. "Then if not Cordelya I suppose Ceinlys should do. I trust you've already spoken with her or her brother concerning inappropriate behavior?"

A quick shake of Aleister's head is given, followed by the faint curve of his lips to a grin, "Only a small portion. He wishes to develop a port off on the coast to the west of the woods, an area that we have little interest in." Then, he's giving a quick nod of his head, "Good. I would be curious to hear what he has to say." Now, the man begins to straighten and then rise from the bed, "I have spoken to the pair of them. It shall not happen again. That much has been assured."