Page 328: Just a Moment
Just a Moment
Summary: Tia and Saethwyr share a quiet moment after the cliff jumping event.
Date: 14/06/2012
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Saethwyr Tiaryn 
Terrick's Roost Coastline
Beach! Rocks! Water.
June 12, 289

Sunset, and the beach is finally cleaned up. The Terricks and most of the guests have made their way back to the Roost. Tia, her guard, her maid, and perhaps a certain knight, have gone for a bit of a walk away from the cliffs, so that they're not anywhere near where Kam and Saff are. Walking along the water in silence for a bit, and then as she comes to a big rock, Tia moves to sit on it. At least that way, her hair is not dragging on the ground. "Did you have a good day today?" she asks, finally moving to speak.

The Charlton Knight has lingered with Tiaryn and her retinue. He's still wet — or at least, his pants are still wet, but his shirt has stopped clinging to his muscular chest. As Tiaryn settles on the rock, he moves to be facing her, admiring her, his dark gaze resting on her. Though his gaze shifts to her hair, looking over the length of it, yet the look is brief before his attention returns to Tiaryn's face. "It was a good day. Quite a good day, though I'd have to say that the best part of the day has been the time I've spent with you," he says softly, keeping his voice low so that it won't carry to her guard. "And what of your day, my Lady?" he asks, tilting his head slightly to one side.

Tia's hair is wild, given it's all salty and tangled. She reaches a hand to push it away, and smiles, her gaze now on Saethwyr's face. But then, she's had ample opportunity to watch the men, as they did their manly cliff jumping and then wandered around shirtless. She leans back a bit, looking up at the sky, and then she nods her head, her blue eyes returning to Sae's face. "It was a good day," she agrees after a moment. Her cheeks brighten just a tiny bit, tinging pink. "And spending time with you is a good part of that, but - why is it that it feels so? I mean, we barely know each other."

Saethwyr's gaze follows the movement of her hand as he brushes some of her hair away. He would have liked to do that himself, but he keeps his hands to himself. He chuckles softly to her words, and then he lifts one of his shoulders in a faint shrug. "Ah, my Lady. I wish I had an explanation to offer for that. But in truth, I've been trying to figure that out myself… to no avail. As you said, we barely know each other, and yet… it feels as though we've known each other for a very long time," he says softly, watching her. A bit of colour is in his cheeks, but it could be from either her words or time spent in the sun. "You're a beautiful woman, and a skilled lady. I find myself looking forward to the times when I might cross your path again just to be able to see you," he adds, his chin ducking slightly with the admission.

Tia knows, since Saeth told her, that Einar's condition was no improper behaviour. She also knows that she trusts the man, strange though it seems. She glances over to Scowly McScowl. "Lucas, if you would go get some wine, and two glasses, please. I shall be safe enough with Ser Saethwyr here, and Bethy." See she's still got the maid, so that's all good, right? Bethy's eyebrows shoot up, and then she manages a smile. Scowly has little choice but to do what he's told, all things considered. Tia doesn't watch him go, instead turning back to Saeth. "It does, and I - thank you. I wonder if maybe we should talk somewhat, just to see if this feeling persists as we do get to know each other better?"

A brief glance is given towards the guard, then the maid, and then his dark gaze comes back to Tiaryn, a smile coming to his features. He doesn't watch the guard leave, too occupied with watching Tiaryn. "It is but the truth, my Lady," he says softly, inclining his head to her. "I think there is value to doing that, to getting to know each other better. Though… if I may be bold enough to say, I rather think — and hope — that the feeling will persist," Saethwyr offers, colour creeping to his cheeks. "I look forward to getting to know you better, Lady Tiaryn. And for you to do likewise with me," he adds, giving a small nod. "You are truly a wonder, my Lady," he says softly, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He is, as he always has been, sincere with her.

The maid doesn't go anywhere, so Saeth doesn't get total freedom. But scowly face isn't there to watch. Tia inclines her head briefly, a smile crossing her face. "A wonder? What did I do now?" she asks, almost chuckling. She reaches a hand out, hoping to just touch the man's fingers. "I suppose we will see if the feeling persists, but in the meantime, I don't even know how we start getting to know each other. What should we talk about?"

The maid has never been much of a cause of concern for Saethwyr. It's always been the guard to give him trouble. Softly, he reaches a hand out to bring his fingers near to her own so that her fingers will touch his own. "You are, simply, you, my Lady. And it is all you need to do, all you need to be," he says softly, his dark gaze upon her. "I would expect that we should talk about anything and everything… from the little things to the big things," Saethwyr says softly, a smile coming to his features.

Tia is not entirely looking to be inappropriate, but she is craving a touch, it seems. She twines her fingers with his, looking at their hands together, before she looks up to meet his gaze. "True. Is there anything you want to know?" she asks softly, letting him start with the first topic. The water laps against the shore, and there is a light breeze blowing, causing those wild curls to stir gently.

Tiaryn isn't the only one who wants a touch, otherwise he wouldn't have offered his hand for one. He smiles warmly at her as he gives her hand a light squeeze, content with that. His gaze drifts to watch the tussling of her curlsby the breeze, and he lifts his free hand to capture one of them and tuck it behind one of her ears. "I want to know anything and everything about you, my Lady," Saethwyr says softly, a smile coming to his features. "Hmm. I suppose it might be best to start with something small. What's your favourite colour?" he asks, watching her. And keeping her hand, if she's willing.

Tia is perfectly content to keep her hand in Saeth's, as it at least eases that sense of needing to touch him, and is a particularly innocent way to do so. She blinks as he reaches to tuch that lock of hair behind her ear, lips curving briefly in a smile. "It needs to be braided, but that is a task of more than a couple moments," she says, maknig a face at it. "I shudder to think of the tangles." And then she does laugh outright, if a little bit softly. "My favourite colour? You would not say it must be black or grey, to judge by my usual attire?"

"I do not mind if you wish to take the time to braid it, my Lady. I would offer to help, alas… I have a feeling such a thing is not entirely proper to do," Saethwyr says, a thoughtful note to his voice. He takes a moment to look over her hair, since she's been talking about it, admiring it for not the first time. "Your hair is lovely, my Lady. Much longer than I had thought," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. He chuckles softly, and then he lightly shakes his head. "Nay, my Lady, I would not say it to be either black or grey. Though you wear those colours well enough, I do not think they are your favourite," he says softly, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them.

Tia chuckles softly, reaching her free hand again to her hair. "It can stay down for now. I think I will need Bethy's assistance to braid it and I would rather spend some time with you than with her, if you don't mind my saying so." She does pull her hair over her shoulder, looking at it, and then she adds, "It's grown a little longer in the past months. I wonder if it would be silly to try to grow it down to my ankles or if it would even grow that long. Perhaps it would be excessive." She pauses, squeezing his fingers gently. "No, the grey and black are nice enough, but I think that my favourite colour is blue. And you? What is your favourite colour?"

"Mmm… aye, it can stay down," Saethwyr says softly, his dark gaze wandering to her hair once again. It's a distraction, to be sure, but one that he certainly doesn't mind. He chuckles softly, a blush coming to his cheeks, and then he gives a small nod. "I can understand that, my Lady. She has much of your time," he says softly, tilting his head slightly to one side. He raises an eyebrow slightly at her suggestion, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "That long, hmm? Well, if it is as long as you would wish to grow it, then I see no reason not to," he says softly, inclining his head slightly to her. He believes it should be her choice, clearly. "Blue is a good colour… I think it would look good on you. For me? I think I would choose green, for myself," he muses, a thoughtful note to his voice. The pad of his thumb lightly brushes over the back of her hand which he yet keeps.

It's a sweet moment, the two holding hands and just chatting as they are. "You know, I am certain that green is a good colour. It is one of your household colours, after all." And then, blue is one of the Camden colours. No surprises there. "I do not know if I can manage hair that long, it is already perhaps too long," she says, though she ignores her hair now, her attention moving to Saethwyr. "Does this mean it is my turn to ask a question? Tell me about your family? Have you siblings? What are your parents like?"

What Saethwyr would give to have many more such moments to share with Tiaryn. "I've always liked green. Because it's the colour of the living growing things," he says, quirking a smile. "True enough, it is that… but I liked green even before I knew it was one of the House colours," he comments, winking at her with amusement. "I think it is a suitable length, my Lady. Shorter or longer, well… it is best for it to be your choice," he says, quirking a smile. "We had a small holding, where I was born and raised. I have older siblings, and younger siblings, so… I was teased and teased in return. When I was young, I was sent to Hollyholt. My parents were very understanding of a young boy's distractions of outdoors when he should be concentrating on studies. Or the shirking of chores for other fun, as well," he muses, chuckling softly. "You will meet them, I would hope."

That gets a bit of a wistful smile from Tia. "I would like that, I think," she replies, considering the words he's said. "I hope they won't mind if I am still a little bit sad at times." She shifts a bit, offering a small nod. "I am certain that I will enjoy meeting your family. You I think have already met mine, well, most of it. Perhaps not my niece Liliana, as yet." She looks up to see if the guard is returning, but he doesn't seem to be making his way back just yet, perhaps sidetracked by the difficulty of finding wine that has not been wattered. Whatever the reason, Tia is not complaining.

"Ah, my Lady, I don't think that they would mind you having moments of sadness. With what you have been through, it is entirely understandable," Saethwyr says gently, understanding in his voice. He certainly understands her moments of sadness. "I'm sure that they would just be glad to meet you," he adds, inclining his head to her. "Liliana? The name does not sound familiar, so it is likely that I have not yet met her," he says softly, watching her. His fingers give hers a gentle squeeze, enjoying the fact that the guard is gone for longer. "Once I was in Hollyholt, I was kept busier, and I tried to keep myself out of trouble. Though I think I will have to take a trip to Hollyholt sometime soon," he muses, a thoughtful note in his voice.

Tia grins a bit, as she looks over at Saeth. "Keeping out of trouble is a good thing," she decides. "Might I ask - how many ladies you've introduced to your family?" She is startled by the pang of jealousy that brings to the fore, even if they have only just met. Wait a moment - how can that be? She pauses a moment, and then she asks, "How long did Einar say you had to behave with all propriety? Not that I am disagreeing, or anything, but it would be good to know."

Saethwyr tilts his head slightly to one side, and a bit of colour creeps to his cheeks at her question before he softly shakes his head. "You may ask, my Lady… though the answer, I think, might surprise you," he begins, a small smile touching at the corners of his lips. "I've not introduced any ladies to my family, in all honesty," he replies, giving her the truth. It's what good relationships are built on, after all. Then he chuckles softly at her latter question before lifting one of his shoulders in a slight shrug. "Lord Einar did not say for how long, and I thought it prudent to not press the issue. At least until your mourning period is ended, I would expect. I have yet to speak to Lord Anders on the matter, though I hope to do so before I make the trip to Hollyholt," he muses, a thoughtful tone to his voice. Now what could he be going to Hollyholt for?

To visit family, right? Well, that's one reason. Tia tugs at his hand, seeing if he'll come sit beside her. There's enough room on the rock, far as she is concerned. "None? I - shall be honoured, then," she says. She tilts her head. "Are you going to Hollyholt just to vis - oh, I should not ask that. Besides, I think it is your turn to ask a question." She would like to actually lean her head on his shoulder though, nice and companionably. She does pause, almost as if counting. "I think that it is not so long until my mourning period is officially over. It is ill bred of me to count the days, and yet, I find that - all of a sudden, I cannot wait to wear a dress all in green. Or blue. And to see the look it brings to your face." She reaches a hand to touch his cheek.

Naturally to visit family, but… there are more reasons to go to Hollyholt than that one. The Charlton Knight is a willing victim to her tugging, stepping closer and then settling next to her upon the rock she chose. "Aye, my Lady… none," he admits, a bit of colour still in his cheeks. "And as much as you perhaps should not ask the question, it does no mean that you cannot. So, I will tell you that I am going to Hollyholt for more reasons than to just visit family, but I will not share the other reasons," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle of amusement to them. And he has another idea to toss into the journey, as well. A dress of both blues and greens, the fabric changing from one colour to the other depending on what light strikes it. This is a pleasing notion. He chuckles softly, and would wish to put an arm around her but remains content with holding her hand. "You did, once upon a time, tell me when it ends, my Lady. And much as I should not, I would have to say that you are not the only one to be counting the days. I'm sure it will bring a smile, my Lady — though, I already smile just to see you," he comments, a smile readily coming to his features. "Do you play instruments other than the harp, my Lady?" he asks, curiosity touching his voice.

Now Tia can lean in against Saeth, improper or not, enjoying the chance to rest her head against his arm. She is a little tipsy, and it is definitely after dark. "I shall assume that you will tell me, perhaps, upon your return. Are you going to fight in the tourney at Seagard?" she asks next. The talk about the end of her mourning period has her smile, though she does hear her maid clear her throat, and so she moves to stand up, pausing to lean in and place a chaste kiss upon his cheek. "I think that is our signal that my guard is returning," she says. "Should we perhaps return to the Inn?" She doesn't seem to want to give up his hand though she knows she should.

Improper or not, Saethwyr isn't about to argue to having a beautiful woman resting her head against his arm. Turning his head a little, he breathes in the sea-scent of her hair, a smile coming to his features. "Mmm… aye, my Lady. I will likely tell you upon my return," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. "I most likely will take part in the tourney at Seagard. Perhaps the melee again, or perhaps another event. The archery, if I can," he muses in a thoughtful manner. The kiss on his cheeks catches him by surprise, and he blushes at it, looking to her through his lashes, his dark eyes bright. He smoothly rises, keeping her hand in order to help her up and be the gentleman. "It seems to be, aye. We likely should return to the Inn," he agrees, giving a small nod.